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White Queen at Titicaca, Peru


OSIRIS, thou art the Receptacle, the Vault of Stars that separates the Pillars of Heaven for the Initiate. To whom doth thy Word enliven, but he who is made vivid in thy Light and whose limbs become supple in the fragrance of thy breath?

~ an excerpt from The Summoning, an Egyptian Book of Holy Rites (akashic translation by Maia)


This site is an offshoot of The Crystalline Matrix, focusing specifically on a planetary ascension dynamic – Osiris Arising, and what my inner-planes mentor calls the Dweller Crystal Skulls.

In order to understand the Osiris Arising Project and Dweller Crystal Skulls, New Earth Arks should be mentioned – especially the Sacred AN, which was the true Ark of Grace within Mount Sinai. It has now become a “New Earth” Ark, translated into it’s new Thresholding Chamber within the Crest-in-the-Stone (Challenger Peak) at Crestone, Colorado – part of the Sangre de Christo mountain range.

The Dweller Crystal Skulls play a major role with the “new” AN and all the New Earth Arks. There are 72 Dwellers – not all on this planet, as the Metatrons are to be found (bi-located) in a Temple Pyramid on Mars. The rest are with the Earth, either within it’s interior, caverns or a very few given guardianship among the surface humanity. Twelve of these, which Thoth calls the LOTUS, are bi-located inside the pyramid-mountain of Kailash in the Himalayas.

I have known and written about the Dweller Crystal Skulls and the Sacred An since the 1980’s, but of course more concerning these sacred objects and the over-all dynamic which they instigate, is continually being revealed.

The whole topic is way too much to elaborate upon here. If you are interested in learning more back-history, I suggest to click on the Reference Links tab above.

I lived in Crestone, Colorado for seven years in the 1990’s. I lived on the island of Kaua’i since 2004 to 02/17.  It is here that a Dweller Crystal Skull  is sequestered within a cavern inside Mount Wai’Ale’Ale – the font of MU (Lemuria). There is also a Dweller within the Crest-in-the-Stone Retreat of ThothHorRa – my inner-planes mentor, consciously since 1977. It forms an intelligent interface with the Sacred AN in it’s current Thresholding Chamber inside the mountain.

The Kaua’i Dweller was a MU Priestess named Atu’La Hunuapepe. Her crystal skull contains the Living Light encodes making the way for the one whom Thoth calls the “Living 13th Crystal Skull.” More on her can be found on the Reference Links page.

The Crestone Dweller was a male being from Sirius who later embodies as Moses, son of Akhenaten. His name is given to me as Or’Ra Shak.

Both these Dweller Crystal Skulls cannot in the foreseeable future be taken from their cavern locations out into the “world domain” – exposed to the mass consciousness. Yet they have been awaiting their time to come forth through surrogate or what Thoth calls Host crystal skulls.

This time has now come.

The Crestone/Baca area of the San Luis Valley in Colorado and the island of Kaua’i are invisibly linked in the process of activating the Pyramidis Radius Matrix – THE Matrix that will be the bridge between the Old and the New Earth. These two locations are key to this process, both being major nodes in the “Ascension Temple” Grid of the planet….and containing their other unique etheric and physical properties as well. This is a vast topic, which again, cannot be detailed here…the Related Links page will help flesh some of it in for you.

What prompted me to create this blog site is as follows . . .

I was shown that there were two ideal Host crystal skulls in Crestone. The male (Or’Ra ’Mus – Keeper of the Way) will stay in Crestone, in the guardianship of Edie Cooper and William Buehler. The female Host skull (Atu’La Shee Lima  – White Queen) was to be hand-delivered to me here on Kaua’i in January of 2015. Before arriving here, SHE was to undergo several sacred ceremonial activations at different locations on the planet: Garden of the Gods, in Colorado; Hopi Land in Arizona; Vancouver Island, B.C. and lastly, at Lake Titicaca, Peru (where Thoth’s other of two Retreats is located).

Then, on January 21st, 2015 the White Queen would accept her final “wedding” to the Dweller in the sacred mountain here. Within the same period of time, the Keeper of the Way would unite with His Dweller counterpart in Crestone.

The marvelous young, golden Mu Priestess who was the travelling companion to Atu’La Shee Lima – the White Queen, is Lynn McCallum (as of 2016 changed name to Unity Grace), whom Thoth calls Celest’Ra.

Her remarkable journey with the Crystal Skull and the baptism of this White Queen Skull on Kaua’i has all now been accomplished.

The blog postings on this site tell the story and more…please click on the FOLLOW  button at the right top of this page to continue to read this on-going story: The Queen, Keeper, Dwellers and Arks…and related topics. You may also wish to join our Facebook group to discuss and add to these subjects.

As this entire path began to unfold, it developed into the OSIRIS ARISING PROJECT.

As more Hosts and guardians are paired, I begin to understand that there is a specific project underway being initiated and guided by Thoth and the others of the O’SIR’RIM Matrix (comprised by the 72 Dwellers / Skulls, including Thoth as one of them). I am calling this project the OSIRIS ARISING, due to it’s core component, the Osiris Fire Star Kachina Dance…the arising of the Osiris dynamic inside the Osirian Vault beneath the Great Pyramid, which will be the final ignition of the 44:44 Star Gate planetary Ascension.



February, 2017 I re-locate back to Crestone, Colorado!



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~ Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid ~

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  1. In all of the work resulting from your streamings with Thoth over the decades, Maia, it has been the Dwellers on the Threshold and the pure gems that rocked my inner knowing most strongly. In particular, as it related to the primordial feminine and the Magda ley lines. Now, you speak of the White Queen coming into your guardianship and on the eve of a message that I received that stating “it is NOW time” as it relates to one who is often called an emanation of Moses who is now walking in India in search of the pure Yoga. I wonder what more is included in the timing of these events. Thank you, Maia. I am vigilant and look for to how these events will inform our sacred task to come. Love to you!

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    1. Amazing about the “emanation of Moses” – could you send me more info or links on this please? I am hoping your planned trip here to Kaua’i in January will coincide with the White Queen’s arrival and “wedding” to the Dweller Skull here. ❤

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