Reference Links

I have created this reference page so that those interested may find all my main information on the Dweller Crystal Skulls and Sacred An I have source translated (akashic and channeled).

Dweller Crystal Skulls

 What is this About? Understanding the Science

 Crystal Skulls – Messengers of Light (and all links on the page)

 The 13th Living Dweller Crystal Skull

 Crystal Skull on Kaua’i?

 Seraphina (SerRA’fana Adu’RA in the Chamber of Crystal Skulls

 SerRA’fana Adu’RA on the Crystal Skulls

 Basics of Dweller Crystal Skulls

 The Metatron Crystal Skulls

The Sacred An

Origins of the Sacred An as a Physical Object

The Shining Mantle

 Sacred An & The 13th Crystal Skull

 The Sacred An – Update!

 DreamVision – Tor at Glastonbury – Sacred An

Sacred AN – Ark of the Rising Dawn as MANNA SARI

Alphabet of the Ark

Gemstone Scrolls

ALSO both the An and the Dweller Crystal Skulls are an integral part of the Pryamidis Radius Matrix.

THE PLANETARY GENIUS is key to the whole Osiris Arising dynamic!

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