Earth Genesis

The following is reprinted from my Spirit Mythos website (written as this compilation in the year 2000), which is now Archival and no longer active. I feel it is foundational for understanding the full dimensional scope of the Osiris Arising Project and its larger cosmic connections.


Various Creation stories have been told through the sacred forms of ancient cultures. In more recent times, the creational mythos has been accessed via channeled receipt as given by specific beings or directly from diverse levels of the Akashic Records of the earth. What is presented here is an encapsulation of Thoth’s version of the Earth’s Creation. In the telling of a story so vast and beyond the pale of present human experience, of necessity the knowledge is brought forth through a great deal of mythos or symbology and archetypal representation. Yet the essence revealed is nevertheless AT-One with the unfoldment of the Sacred which we have come to behold as ‘Earth,’ our celestial home.




In the expansion of Spirit into greater dimensions of experience, a sudden separation occurs in the Light grid of this and several other universes resulting in what Thoth refers to as the ‘Universal Tear.’ As a result, two Light spectrum grids are created, which could be seen in terms of sacred geometry as spirals. These are the full-Light Metatronic spiral (undescended Light) and the half-Light Oritronic spiral (descended or fallen Light).

The Universal Tear exposes the central node where all energy ley lines of this universe conjoin, which Thoth calls the Eye of Ra. The star worlds forming the sacred trinity of Orion, The Pleiades and Sirius construct a high-Light energy pyramid to act as a capstone over the Eye of Ra, somewhat like a cosmic band-aid to keep this universe from self-destructing, and appointed the Sun Lords of Sirius as guardians of this structure, which is called the Telos.Aarkhara. The Telos.Aarkhara essentially re-creates time event horizons that feed to and from the Eye of Ra so that time fractures are not magnified and perpetuated throughout the entire universal grid.



The point where all this universe’s ley lines converge. It is a pin-point of “leakage” into and from the next universe. From the Eye of Ra (also called the “Heliomar” by Thoth) is emitted the pristine, creation-substance into this universe. The double-dynamic of the “Eye” is a blinking effect that is a “flashing double-diamond,” responding to the quasar-like pulsing of the touching of the two universes.

Thoth: The ‘Eye of Ra’ is the convergence point for this and many other universes. It is the ‘Threshold’. The “outer membrane” is the actual ‘universal grid’ (both half-Light Oritronic and full-Light Metatronic) surrounding the Eye of Ra; containing the “worlds” such as Earth, that exist in the many universes.

(Q) What is the nature of the rhombic geometric of  the Eye of Ra?

Thoth: What you are asking is a complex study. Very simply, and we stress, this is a very simple definition; its function is an enfolding of time apertures along the EVENT HORIZON, the latter which is very simply defined as the moment time and space identify one another’s reality and create from that reality reference points or sequences. These sequences allow both universal continua to ‘keep track’ or respond to the other, which in turn forms variant reality packages or conic flows within which engramic codes, like receptive nerves tentacle into the fabric of matter; matter being formed through the intensifying of these ‘identity referencing’ sequences. The rhombic dynamic then, with its enfolding process, creates torus ‘holes’ around which intense magnetic fields are enfolding. When Light ships travel through dimensions, they lock onto the holes rather than the torus energy which composes our sense of matter, dimension and reality. They can then instantly slip through the holes and manifest within the desired torus field.

Excerpt from TEMPLE DOORS, Volume 2 – 1997, pg 29:“Let us briefly look at the Eye of Ra for a moment. Thoth has told us that when the Universal Tear in consciousness occurred, the Eye of Ra was exposed. It is an intersection point of universal ley lines, much as there are intersections for ley lines upon the Earth, many of which are referred to as power points or vortices. So what Thoth is indicating here is that the Aeriopax / Isis Eye holds the key to healing the Universal Tear in consciousness, for that must be healed before the Eye of Ra may “return to Source”. It is the healing of this macro-cosmic aspect of duality that will allow the universal fabric to re-assume its cohesive ebb and flow, with the Eye of Ra being returned to its greater function of passing information between the higher Light worlds freely. The current condition is such that guardian matrices such as the Telos.Aarkhara have been installed upon the Eye of Ra to prevent ‘fractured reality energy / information from moving freely through this portal into the un-violated universes.

“Thoth gives us an analogy to help us better understand the ‘wedding’ that must take place between the Aeriopax / Isis Eye and the Eye of Ra. He says that we can view the Eye of Ra as the living matter within a Nautilus, and the Isis Eye as the shell. Currently the Eye of Ra has been built a ‘nest’ where it is safe, but it is not able to take that nest with it, as does the Nautilus carry its home on its back. The ‘wedding’ of the Eye of Ra and the Eye of Isis will give the former its mobility and full range of function once again.”


TELOS.AARKHARA – Guardianed by the Lion-Headed Sun Lords of Sirius

A repository of the Light Mathermatic harmonics for the hierarchical plan of earth and it’s cosmic reality, which is positioned on the tele-plane linking various realities related to Earth’s “scroll” or spiritual time line (progression). It forms synergetic connections between various key energy points on the earth.

The Telos.Aarkhara is the ‘capstone’ over the Universal Tear exposing the ‘Eye of Ra’.



The Ranna is the true flow of time in this universe. The Earth and other worlds are created as a path for karmic resolution to prevent certain forces from building within the sacred trinity of Pleiadies, Sirius and Orion whereby the pure thresholds of Light might become violated in time. These worlds including the Earth are created within a parallel construct of the Ranna Time Flow, but still aligned to it. Once the Earth had been created further karmic forces built and eventually the Earth fractures away from its parallel track within the Ranna Time Flow and the Kali Rift is formed. This is actually a fracture in the Earth’s time grid or flow that was created as a result of inter-dimensional implosions which happened sequentially in a linear construct, but simultaneously in a true perspective on the sphere of time. In other words, as a result of sentient will pursuing its own course of action as a separate focus from that of the true time grid / consciousness of the Ranna Time Flow, certain occurrences came together in Earths time construct as a synchronous event to cause a fracture of true time in our reality, thus creating the Kali Rift. So the Kali Rift is the gap that exists between our true time flow and where we currently reside in the continuum.



All worlds in this universe have realities in both the undescended full-Light of Metatron and the descended half-Light of the Oritron. In the full Light Metatronic spectrum the constellation of Orion is the Guardian of the Gate, or the universal portal of return to the full Light Universe. The beings from the full Light matrix of the Orion star system act as a touchstone for Light Redemption, that is the return of the divine codes of evolutionized intelligence to the source. A gathering of Rigel (the blue star in Orion) human-like beings called the Blue Fire Command oversee the ongoing disparity of energetics that exist between the full-Light and half-Light intelligences in this universe, and intervene in the name of the Metatronic or full-Light consciousness when appropriate.

Now we proceed into the Earth’s Stages of Descent into matter as an extension of the macrocosm outlined briefly above. The first stage began within the Ranna Time Flow, but after the Universal Tear and the advent of the Eye of Ra and Telos.Aarkhara dynamics had manifested.

HYPERBORIAN – Pure Light Inscription

All beings in the Hyperborean Earth are amorphous and somewhat like jelly fish in form. In the first period of the Hyperborean existence there is little visual difference between these high forms of plants, animals and hue-mans, but as Adama comes into prominence, souls then take upon themselves somewhat more physical mantles of being. This first race under Adama is known as the Solomons. The Hyperborean Epoch is in the plane of pure manifestation through Light Inscription where thought can create form directly. At this point the Nephilimic fallen Lords begin their genetic manipulation, setting the stage for the angelic ones to then inter-mix with the Solomons. This divinely ordained inter-breeding created an angelic / hue-man species which Thoth calls the Nathana, and was conducted for the purposes of attempting to preserve the Metatronic full-Light orientation in the genetics of Earthbound humans.


SAMA – Trans-substantation

Adama as a nine soul unit breaks apart and the souls separate. The Earth now moves outside of its star-sun. It enters a period known as the ‘Time of the Mists, in which a fine etheric substance that can be imbued into a vaporous element is formed. This fine etheric substance is known as Azoth, and from this Prima Matra or first matter is created. Azoth is similar to Aether, but more electric in nature. Plant life now undergoes experience within pathways that open into an earthen-like sphere which is not entirely corporeal, yet not of the cloud-like quality of the Hyperborean Epoch. This earthen sphere is more like a density of tissue which is malleable and elastic in nature. The Sama is a stage in which direct manifestation of thought still occurs, but with less consistency. Other pathways are beginning to form now also, through which less direct manifestational processes can develop.


EROS – Substanstation

The Earth now receives atomic bonding. Matter and Life as we can comprehend it in a linear sense begins. The more basic living consciousness such as microbes, break away from the Greater Body of Gaia Earth-Mind. While still linked at the electrical-neural level, these basic forms create their own world within the greater World. Plants are still highly evolved Devic nature beings, yet they now find themselves becoming firmly rooted in the expanding physical matter plane of Earth. Direct manifestation from higher intelligence occurs much less frequently now. This form of creation is now reserved only for the Elohim or Master Earth-Builders, and those souls who work under them who are the Eloha. Highly evolved Devic beings who refused to take lesser living forms, now create their own passage into the Earths matter plane by combining their creative Light in a dance of unity, in order to design and inhabit the bodies of cetaceans such as Dolphins and Whales.


ADAMA – Cellular Fire

As a result of the breaking apart of the supra-being Adama, a charge is sent through the time-space of Earth, and is received as Divine Fire into the cells of the Nathana. The Solomons have all now become Nathana through the interbreeding of Angelics with the Solomon as previously described, and they are now transformed into Adamic man through the release of this Divine Fire charge. Once the Divine Fire has been received by the Nathana souls, then all of the Nature Kingdom responds by sending the Divine Fire charge into the cells of all other living things. Before this occurrence the genetic pathings and codes had been contained strictly in the Divine Light. At this point the Divine Light becomes more engendered with a response to matter through fire, and the fire is contained within fields of matter, and these fields of matter are the morphogenetic fields of the cells in all living organisms. It is important to understand that previous to the receipt of Divine Fire at the level of the cellular morphogenetic field of resonance, the cellular component contained a certain aspect of self-aware or I AM consciousness, but the individual cells were not aware that they existed as singular manifestations of a whole. With the advent of the receipt of Divine Fire, each cell then became indelibly inscribed with the I AM Presence. The cetaceans embedded Divine Fire into their cells within the earlier period of the Eros Epoch, but this was accomplished through the development of a separate entity from the rest of the Earth experience, and is not a part of the I AM individuation of the Earth as we know it. In other words, the Adama cell of consciousness was not a part of this dynamic directly.


NADMEN – Separation

The Oritronic half-Light reality has taken over Earth at this point. The Adamic Race is set aside by the Divine Hierarchy. They have broken with their Inscriptions of Light by attempting to create with their God-given powers outside the full patterning of Light consciousness. Thus the ‘Adams’ are sent from the Garden. Lesser evolutionary forms are then created from human genetics, such as the apes, and later the human-like species such as Cro-Magnon man etc.. The Nephilim at this point enter the Earth through direct physical incarnation, and further genetically manipulate the sons and daughters of the Adamic Race. The Nephilim create and then destroy a second Garden of Eden created in a separate reality zone. It is here that governmental structures come into existence to take the place of alignment to the Divine Hierarchy which has been lost. Entire kingdoms of separation evolve to develop an organizational matrix in which to define these separate paths. Lemuria and later Atlantis are examples of the early manifestations of such matrices, and thusly become powers of human Light and Will more so than the original Divine Light and Will. Lemuria is in time broken apart by cataclysms, then the Nephilimic wars take place, and next the time-crystal in Atlantis is incorrectly used, albeit with good intention to violate the pyramid-temple in the City of Lords located within the Cydonia complex on Mars. The Earth’s time tear which we refer to as the ‘Kali Rift is then created, all of which ultimately destroys Atlantis as well.


PANTHAGARA – Existing in the Time Tear

At this point the Earth is existing in a fractured time zone. It then moves on a course separate from its true pathing in time-space contained in the Ranna Time Flow. At the point of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the Earth is thrown fully into the Kali Rift or separation from ‘true course.’  We still exist within the Pathagara.


MERATH (New Earth Star) – Return to the Light Inscription of Metatron

The Earth is a highly luminous creation inside of its star-sun. In this era it exists in the spectrum of full Divine Light, although it is already in a de-evolving Universe created by the Universal Tear or separation from Source. The Adam Kadmon Template is delivered unto the Hyperborean Earth. The Seraphim Angelics usher souls into the Earth of the Hyperbora. From the Adam Kadmon, a supra-being called Adama (the nine Adam Kadmon souls) is created. This being is an intelligence in a hue-man like form of high ordinance. It is in the image of the perfect template.

The ascension of the planet  will carry us back into the true time zone of the Ranna Time Flow, in which we will be received once again into the full Light Spectrum of the Metatron.

These seven Earth stages, epochs or zones are divided further, into three main parts: From the Hyperborean through the Adama Epochs, the first four stages form what is known as the ‘ATHA,’ meaning Time of the Light.

The second envelope begins with Nadmen and continues through Pathagara. The envelope of the fifth and sixth stages is known as the ‘VELA,’ meaning the Time of the Fire Within. This is the period when matter was engendered with Divine Fire in the cells and subsequently separated from the full Light of the Metatron.

The third envelope begins with Merath, which is only the first stage in the New Earth Star. The New Earth Star is in the greater envelope of ‘ATHA-NUI,’ meaning The Return to Light. It is a re-direction of the full spectrum of Light Inscription back into the full-Light spectrum of the Metatron.


Postcript: In the late 1960’s I received from my akashic investigations as well as from my communion with Thoth, that the earth and Venus did not originate in this solar system…or even in this galaxy, but instead had been teleported from INSIDE the star-sun Rigel in the constellation of Orion to it’s current position around the sun in this galaxy / solar system. This seemed so fantastic at the time, that I rarely spoke or wrote about it. Now, in 2005 I read the book “Cracking the Bible Code” by Jeffery Satinover, M.D.. In this book Dr. Satinover is writing about quantum physics when he states: “…there is a genuine probability that the entire earth will suddenly jump its current orbit around the sun to another star.”

It was further revealed to me that Venus was the “guardian” of earth and that more advanced consciousness spheres exist within stars rather than orbit around them. In recent years quantum physics also has proven in a laboratory that two (or more?) objects can occupy the same space at the same time.