Ashoka the Great

Islands in the Stream

Symbol of Ashoka

“Ashoka the Great’s symbol, the ashoka chakra, with 24 spokes. Each spoke depicts one hour of the day, portraying the prevalence of righteousness all the 24 hours of it. It is featured in the center of the current flag of India.”

My inner planets mentor Thoth (ThothHorRa) revealed to me several years ago that one of his incarnations was as the Indian ruler, Ashoka…that the soul of Thoth entered the mortal being of Ashoka as what we now call a “walk-in.” Historically, as a King Ashoka conquered many lands and people, resulting in the slaughter of thousands. However, after he had acquired a large kingdom in this manner he suddenly renounced violence and became a buddist! It was at this point, so says ThothHorRa, that he (Thoth) entered the being Ashoka.

It was upon the great river that Askoka fell face forward from the horse’s back and…

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