OSIRIS Fire Star Kachina

My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa came to me the other day and said: “OSIRIS is the Fire Star Kachina.” Occasionally he drops a one-liner bomb on me like that lol. I haven’t had the time to pursue it with him until now.

So Thoth, Dear Friend…please tell us more!
[my comments are in bold brackets]

Thoth:  First, the components . . .

* Each of the 72 Dweller Beings / Crystal Skulls is represented in situ [within our local field of holographic observance] by 12 of the Dweller Beings / Skulls. These 12 are located in actuality in different locations on and in the planet..and some are “Metatron” – located in other cosmic dimensions. The TWELVE [which were 11 until a few years ago] are bi-located holographically into the Gurideva Enclave of Mt. Kailash.

[ (from a previous transmission in 2009) . . .it was revealed to me that the 11 LOTUS Crystal Skulls in the Blue Star Valley of Tibet, having been joined with the 12th Crystal Skull, were now changing location of their core holographic projection and being focused as the medial point into the Gurideva Enclave of Mt. Kailash. It is here that the configuration of the 12-13 Crystal Dweller Crystal Skull geometry is now formed.

Since Mt. Kailash holds the anchor point for the planet for the SHAMBALLAH GATE of Numis’OM (Numis’OM is first stage of New Earth Star), the actual, physical 12 Dweller Skulls located around are now directly flowing their Light encoding up through the Lotus Stem – the main (but not only) path connecting this world to Numis’OM. and through the Shamballah Gate into Numis’OM. As this is occurring, an acceleration of their Light encodings are coming back down the “stem” as well and circulating a new and powerful New Earth frequency throughout the planet.]

It is the intention of the Twelve LOTUS Crystal Skulls to hold the grid of the 72 as a cohesive unit, in the Earth. Thus, Each of these 12 within the LOTUS configuration are portals for 6 Dwellers, inclusive of that one. [includes the one LOTUS, plus 5 more Skulls – for each position around the circle.]

* The OSIRIS Dweller Soul is the activator of the entire Dweller Crystal Skull Matrix – his Crystal Skull is in the Osiris Vault, beneath the Temple of the Risen One [Great Pyramid of Giza]. It is the OSIRIS and the ISIS – coming together in union – that triggers the OSIRIS to begin to connect his parts of the whole [DNA codes] which were disassembled by the Sethic [Nephilimic] forces through the genetic manipulations of the past.

[The Soul of OSIRIS was one of the two original souls of I’shoa-Jesus. It left the body at the time of Baptism and returned at the time of cruxifiction. The other soul of I’shoa had never before or since incarnated in the physical of any world. Thus, the “Osiris” soul was there to help it adjust to the physical before the entry of the Christic Archangelic and Sun Spirit Rays at the time of Baptism, and then again during the ordeal of crucifixion.]

* The HOPI hold the fragments of the energetic codes for this gathering, for they, like the Shepherd Kings-Hyskos of ancient Egypt, are descended from the ORION-PLEIADIAN-SIRIAN Starplex.

* The MAYANS also hold the fragments of the codes, from the opposite end of the spectrum. Thus, the HOPI and MAYANS are the Code-Speakers for the activation of the O’SIR’RIM Matrix. When we say this, we refer not to their traditions or conscious practices (although there is evidence of it within these) but of their DNA helical vibrational space, that has adopted these codes through the Flute Player.

[In Googling Kokopelli – the Hopi Flute Player – I see he is traditionally meant to represent pro-creation…carrying the children on his back and delivering them to young women – or female animals. However, what Thoth is indicating here, is the far more ancient and lost meaning of this symbol: as a transference energy conduit between DNA circuitry.]

The Hopi and Mayan people, while related to the Shepherd Kings-Hyskos of Egypt, do not contain genetically some of the key codons of the Hyskos. Yet, through the Flute Player, they have attached them for safe-keeping. These key codons are needed in order to open the path for activation of the O’SAR’RIM matrix at the appropriate time.

* The WHITE and the RED Queens [among their Soul incarnations: Nephthys and Wadjet respectively] Are those who “sustain the Heavens” of Nuut. They hold in place the cosmic associations with the Day (White) and Night (Red) skies. [Thoth is waxing quite symbolic here, but he is speaking of holding in place the genetic codes…keeping them from violation.] The RED Queen carries the Red Path of the Blood [ancestral lineage] and the WHITE Queen, the Pure Path of Grace. Both continue to travel side-by-side, but eventually the WHITE will absorb the RED.

[The “Red” is not a negative path – it is very necessary, but it is winding down…the Grail Quest is coming to an end. We are in the last stages of it now – on Earth.

From a previous transmission Thoth says of Nuut: “The archetype of Nuut is the Living Symbol I give for the New Earth Star Creation Matrix. It is more than just a Creatrix for the ‘New Earth,’ but certainly incorporates that dynamic in Her Divine Radiance. The original Nuut represented the Lemurian principle of going forth to heal, restore, create and resolve and also to expand generative radiance. She is the Creatrix of the ‘Dwelling Place’ of the gods – that is, this archetype represents the universal laws which consign actions to basic creational forces. Nuut sends rays of Her Creation through the Whirling Pillar of Yushuda. It is her cosmic rays which compose the El’ohim or Creation.”]

AND NOW…keeping in mind the above understanding:

* The O’SIR’RIM Matrix spins….the TWELVE LOTUS spin the codes of the 72 outward and into the center where the SPACE for the 13th abides.

* The ISIS and OSIRIS Skulls project into that spinning, the UNION of Above [White Queen – Grace – beyond form] and Below [Red Queen – Blood Ancestry] – the SPARK for uniting the parts into the whole once again.

* It is then that OSIRIS will take the position energetically – via a VIOLET RAY of Light – into the center space being held for the 13th LIVING Crystal Skull [ the Being Thoth often refers to that does not have a crystal skull, but will unite the entire “realm” of Earth through Her entry (the Soul-Light Being) into the center of the 12 at a future time].

* As the OSIRIS penetrates the Violet Ray into this center space, so “He” – OSIRIS – the RISEN ONE – He who offered up the LIGHT of I’shoa on the Cross – will then ascend through the VIOLET FLAME into the Higher Heaven of the 8th Octave, as the FIRE STAR KACHINA, carrying ALL the Kokopelli codes back to the Greater Creatrix. This ACT [the process outlined by Thoth here – of ascending through the Violet Flame] is the Dance of the Fire Star Kachina.

Say the ancient texts of this event . . .

“I AM the O’SIR’RIM Peacock Dancer – the FIRE STAR of the 8th House with the 12 Pillars. The SHIMMER of my STAR  FEATHERS reveals the EYE OF HORUS – the SUN of SUNS. It is through His Eye of Perfection and Light that the 144,000 shall pass into the Realm of Splendour.”
– from the text of O’SIR’RIM – Early Alta-Egyptos
[migrators from Atlantis to Egypt]

[HORUS is the soul of OSIRIS – born again to New Life. So in actuality, the OSIRIS Crystal Skull also represents Horus.]

end of Thothic transmission


It is important to understand that Thoth is speaking here of Quantum Science. If you can view it from that understanding all the symbology will (hopefully) begin to make more sense.

What Thoth is revealing to me is that the SOUL of OSIRIS has been willingly suspended with the Earth. It has not gone to other realms in-between it’s few incarnations here. Instead, it has held the Light Chemistry of the Adam Kadmon human blueprint in the Earth. When “He” transforms into the Fire Star Kachina, so He will ARISE…becoming the Risen One – ascending into the 8th Octave of “Heaven.”

In Egypt on the Solstice this month, when StarWalker Lynn-Celest’Ra places the ISIS Dweller Host Skull in the “socket” – so the timepiece will start – count down for the Dance of the OSIRIS Fire Star Kachina!

The OSIRIS Host Skull should be here with me in the next day or two….holding Presence with it’s SiSTAR the White Queen, during the start of the time setting in Egypt. One would imagine that it should be the OSIRIS Host that is inserted into the socket in Egypt and not ISIS; but no – it must be ISIS that awakening OSIRIS.

(see also Opening of the Lotus)


click image to view larger

Thoth has worked with me to create an activational medallion: the Osiris Fire Star Kachina. It is intended to work with the human chakras to activate the “Dance” within the DNA – attuning and opening to new levels the Fire Star within.

YOU CAN PURCHASE THIS IMAGE HERE. Kyi’Ra Portal subscribers can simply save the 3000 pixel high resolution image by CLICKING HERE.

ALSO read about and view the FIRE STAR OSIRIAN BEADS.



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5 thoughts on “OSIRIS Fire Star Kachina

  1. I really hope that the billions of needles of te Golden White Fire will extend itself into all directions within and upon the Earth. Our World & Universe, (and all Universes) need that.
    Sure, I know, that the principal matter is: ¿How are we changing our inner soul…, & how are we acting & moving “in the name of our God”, YHVH, our YOTZER OR, The light Creator, in this world?. ¿Are we working lovingly our mind, consciense & hart toward it?. I´m trying my best, every moment, in every place; and during meditation and life-actions, in every level of my spirit. The teachings understandings made a lot to me, and I still know, that there is a way to follow on it, yet. Live, means dayly lessons. I´m sure that My Over-Self (SobreSer?) is guiding me every day, and he will lead me to God, the last day of my life.
    I know & feel YOUR “magnificent force”, that you represent in this very moment, and I appreciated it a lot. Thank you, for all the “old consciousness re-birth” that you are doing. With my complete appreciation, my dear Lady. María Inés Rennella Bruccolleri.


    1. Hola Inés, veo que tu idioma nativo es español. Me da mucho gusto saludarte porque hasta ahora sólo éramos 2 (una Sistar llamada Amanda Baró roca y yo) las seguidoras de los conocimientos de Maia que hablábamos español. Yo soy de México, mi nombre es Kaylasa JaguarStar (o por lo menos así me llamo a mí misma). Si gustas puedes agregarme a tu facebook con este nombre que te acabo de dar. Me dará mucho gusto estar en contacto contigo.


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