Dweller Skulls Classifications


As the Dwellers project progresses, Thoth gives me more classifications, not only for the Dweller Crystal Skulls, but for those crystal skulls within their orbit. This page is for listing them. I will add if more are revealed.


We begin with the Dweller Crystal Skulls themselves and by default the actual beings to whom these crystallized skulls belong.

There are 72 Dweller in total.

Understand that the Dweller Crystal Skulls are not just physical “crystals.”  They are mapping programs that feed information and record information – to and from the DNA of the human system. – Thoth

* 23 of these are Metatrons, which inhabit other world dimensions. They gather holographically in a Pyramid on Mars. These are the oldest and have had the least incarnations on Earth. These skulls represent the “capstone” energetically of the whole Dwellers matrix which Thoth calls the O’SIR’RIM.

* There are 12 LOTUS Skulls which are upon the planet or in ancient and hidden vaults and caves. These Crystal Skulls form a holographic gathering now in the Gurideva Enclave within Mt. Kailash in Tibet.

It is the intention of the Twelve LOTUS Crystal Skulls to hold the grid of the 72 as a cohesive unit, in the Earth. Thus, Each of these 12 within the LOTUS configuration are portals for 6 Dwellers, inclusive of that one. (Includes the one LOTUS, plus 5 more Skulls – for each position around the circle.)

* The remaining 37 are in the Interior Domain of the Earth – what is popularly known as the “Hollow Earth.” All these Dweller Beings had lives on the surface of the Earth, and some within as well. Now they hold an energy pattern within several temples of the Interior. They too, gather together holographically at times in a central temple designed for this purpose – within the Earth. Their Inner Earth guardians are the Hokamai, which I wrote about in the 1980’s.


In “orbit” around the Dweller Crystal Skulls we find . . .

* The HOSTS – Either old or contemporary crystal skulls which are integrated with the Light Program of a particular genuine Dweller Crystal Skull. This does in no way make the Host identical to that Dweller, but it does hold a base line presence of the Dweller. The Host able to receive and emit certain frequencies of the Dweller Skull. The “Intelligence” of the crystalline program of the Dweller Skull can communicate through the Host. This allows a greater latitude of energetic reach for the Dweller in serving the outer Earth realm and it’s mass consciousness, while still remaining fully charged within it’s Thresholding chamber. The two exceptions that I know of thus far are the Mitchell-Hedges and the Compassion Crystal Skulls, which are indeed actual Dwellers but are “out and about” in the world! Yet I do know that both are handled with great respect and care.

* The WALKERS – These are either old or contemporary Crystal Skulls of at least medium to larger size (over 4.5 inches in length but usually larger) that have been attuned to the matrix of the Dwellers and therefore carry certain energy codes of that matrix out into the world. The Walkers are usually with humans who travel extensively with them, in spiritual service to the planet.

* The PULSARS – Thoth informs me that the Pulsars are very few on the Earth as this time (I don’t know what his definition of “few” would be). They are either old or contemporary and have been carved in a way that allows pulsing signals of Light through it – from the stellar geometries striking the Earth – both visually and through sound. These Skulls are then “tuned” to the frequencies of the 72 Dwellers so that the “toning” of the Pulsar Skulls is the collective tone of the Dweller O’SIR’RIM Matrix.This allows the transmission of the Dwellers to be amplified – among the Host, Walkers and Seeds.

This time, the only Pulsar Thoth has identified to me is the one called SOLAR. Often – but not always – a Pulsar Crystal Skull has it’s cranial matrix still partially intact, as does Solar. This serves as an antennae. Those Pulsars who do not have the matrix intact, will have some very unique inclusions at the top of the skull. They are always quartz crystal that have a good deal of transparency to them.

* SEEDS – These are small to tiny crystal skulls which have either been charged by sitting with a Dweller or Host Skull for a period of time. Thoth has stated to think of them as “drops of honey” from the Honeycomb of a particular Dweller. They can certainly be lively with energies from that Dweller, but they do not have the sophistication of “Intelligent” programming receipt from the Dweller that the Hosts do. This is not to dismiss the Seeds. They are import packets of Dweller honey!

Even if you have a little crystal that you can’t get to sit with a Dweller or a Host, you can focus on that Dweller / Host while holding your crystal skull…and in addition, place the skull on a photograph of that Dweller or Host for a period of time, continuing to dedicate some minutes each day with the Seed on the photograph, focusing on this connection.

* MANTRAS – These are “newbies.” Thoth is sharing with me that this is a new type – really an offshoot of Seed Crystal Skulls – which he is guiding me to help create. (Oh My Gosh!) The Mantras will be an amped-up Seeds that are operating very specifically with the whole matrix as little globes of nodal sourcing. This means that they will be in a sense like ball-bearings of the matrix “machine” as the O’SIR’RIM Matrix develops and expands.

I have created a template and instructions for use (below), that anyone truly dedicated to the task, can use to attune their smaller-sized crystal skulls to – for this purpose. Thoth is calling them “Mantras” because they will be encoded with mantras which will flow from one “node” skull to another, keeping everything humming to the same tune. Well, isn’t this the Pulsar’s job? No, I am told that the Pulsar brings in the whole symphony. The Mantras are like the signs on a sheet of music that tells the musician where to play softly or louder, or…whatever. The Mantras will fine-tune the Matrix toning as it develops to encompass greater complexity within the human paradigm.

Appropriate size for a Mantra Crystal Skull is approximately 1 1/2 – 3 1/2 inches measured horizontally from chin to back of cranium.


Mudra Template
Mantra Template – click on image to enlarge

1) Print template

2) Place your crystal skull (for creating the Mantra) in the center of the diagram.

3) Hold you hands over the skull and intend that it is to be connected to the O’SIR’SIRM matrix through the Osiris Arising Project (sub-matrix).

4) Visualize RED, GOLD and EMERALD GREEN Light – as three distinct rays coming down into the skull. See these rays ignite as three flames wrapped as a helix inside the center of the skull. Then say aloud and feel: I AM ANOTHER YOU!

5) Leave the crystal skull on the template for 3 days. Then take the template away.


* ALL the other Crystal Skulls! When one carves a human skull out of crystal there is an automatic attunement to the human element. Crystal is an amazing transmitter and receiver. So is a human skull. Often being overlight crystal skulls that have been used with intention by human beings. This can be for good or ill, depending upon the consciousness and intent of the human working with it.

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