Metatrons and The House of the White Crystal Star

Lynn McCallum & the White Queen at Machu Picchu
Lynn McCallum & the White Queen at Machu Picchu

A few years ago I wrote about the Metatron Crystal Skulls – a grouping from among the Dwellers. Before continuing with this post, I suggest that you read THIS ARTICLE. In addition, you might also wish to read my article on The House of the White Crystal Star.


Briefly to summarize:

(from my Metatron Crystal Skulls article) . . .

The Dweller Crystal Skulls were skulls of once-living being who upon transitioning from this realm left their skulls to by crystallized with the Light-brary of encoding of the codes they carried still intact within the crystallized particles. The Dweller Crystal Skulls are divided into groups, one being what Thoth calls the “Metatron.” There are 23 of the Metatron Dwellers which are all within other worlds, yet will be returned to Earth at the appropriate seeding time not long before the planetary Ascension. The beings whose souls once inhabited these skulls when they were bone and living flesh are of a human race out of the celestial realm of Sirius.

(from my article on the White Crystal Star) . . .

In a transmission from ThothHorRa which I was receiving for a Light Group THR mentioned that the Blue Star Rigel in Orion would birth another star! I have known about the “Blue Star” Rigel as the Creation Star of Earth for probably over 30 years and never had I received this before. As a result, a few days later I requested that THR impart to me some further information on this star.

(Thoth on the birthing star from Rigel: White Crystal Star)

The Child Star then, is a new dimensional “place” for the intelligence of the Mother Star. Yet it has it’s own signature as well. It is in this way that every star…every one in the universe is related in a complex Family Tree through branching “signatures of light.”

Yet of the unimaginable number of stars in this universe, all of them have a root signature from among only 20 codes. These codes can be loosely identified in the Mayan Glyphs. Yet the root signature is only the beginning – the watermark of the entire codex of one star.

Then Thoth spoke of what is now called “The Chamber of Kings” at Machu Picchu, as being connected to the White Crystal Star . . .

The Sunstone (beneath the chamber) is charged with the codes of the New Star…the White Crystal Star…acting a a beacon to recalibrate our human DNA into Sun Born Creation. When those from among the People who were chosen, came into the chamber at the right solar / lunar cycle and went through a Solar Initiation there, they would become Sun Born….carrying the Creation Codes of the New Heaven and Earth.

He is now telling me that the 23 Metatron Crystal Dweller Skulls from their bi-located node inside a pyramid on Mars (at Cydonia) is resonating with this sunstone beneath the “Chamber of Kings” which Thoth calls the Chamber of the Sun. To fully understand the significance of this, please read the articles suggested at the beginning of this post.

(Note: when I say “bi-located point” – these Metatron Skulls reside now in various other world dimensions, but bi-locate into a holding pattern within the Mars pyramid.)

Now I am being shown that the Earth Dweller Skulls are all being triggered to communicate at this time, with the Metatron Skulls. The synaptic pathways have opened and the full spectrum of the Dweller Intelligences is coming together on the Earth! That although the Metatrons have not yet been physically returned to Earth, they are interacting with the Pyramidis Radius through the Earth Dweller Skulls.

This brings us once again to the currently on-going journey of the White Queen Host Crystal Skull – now in Peru with Star Walker Lynn-Celest’Ra.

The White Queen is accessing the signals from the sunstone beneath the Chamber of the Sun – transferring them to the Keeper of the Way in Crestone (wherein is the AN ark of the Dawning). Together the “King” and “Queen” – the actual Dwellers in their caverns of Crestone and Kaua’i – are creating a meridian channel from the base chakra (Hawaiian Islands) through the crown chakra (Crestone) of the Ascension Temple grid. this “meridian channel” will allow the Metatron field within the Mars pyramid to flow like crystal fire through and into the entire Pyramidis Radius.

Thoth: The birthing Crystal Star streaming from Rigel, the Blue Star, will arise like a diamond above the crowns of the anointed – the Grail Bearers of the White Star – who come forth to birth the Child into the New Earth. So shall the DWELLERS speak to and through them to prepare the Way for their return.

Chamber of the Sun
Chamber of the Sun

The Chamber of the Sun is under the temple or Tower of the Sun.

From a web article describing the above photograph:

Under the Tower of the Sun at Machu Picchu, a fantastic stone-scape is found, with a fluid masonry that looks taken out of our time.

The first floor resembles an ornate docking station, as well as waterway and channeling system.  The water level is constantly in flux, with the ebb and tide directly affecting which floors and docks are accessible at any given time.  Here is where we first get a glimpse of the interior design of the building, which is drastically different from that of the outside masonry; here, we have a synthesis of Western architecture with certain Mesoamerican features, such as the large stone visages that pour forth water.  The vaulted ceilings that spring from piers are typically western, as are the four pilasters that are an integral part of the piers.  A gold stringcourse weaves around the room, and matches the motif and coloration of certain parts of the floors and columns.  Altogether, it presents a very strange feeling to those familiar with Classical architecture, as it is home to us in a way, but with the unique and unfamiliar features of a separate culture.

(click on first image to enlarge and scroll to next image)

from an article on the web (and some of the photos above):

At the entrance to the Royal Tomb you will find an Inca symbol – that of the Inca cross carved into the rock – a series of three steps representing the three levels of existence in the Inca world. The first step, symbolized by the snake, represents the past, death or the underworld. The second step represents the present or human life and this is symbolized by the puma. The highest step in the Inca cross is symbolized by the condor and represents the celestial and spiritual plane of the gods.Three important places in Inca mythology are: Uka Pacha (the lower world), located in the center of Earth; Kay Pacha, the world in which we live; and Hanan Pacha (higher world), the heavenly underworld which only righteous people could enter.

Glancing up from the Royal Tomb, you can see the Temple of the Sun. This temple is reached by a long set of steps from the Royal Tomb level. The Temple of the Sun was used to honour and celebrate Inti, the Sun, which was an important Incan deity. When the sun of the solstice enters through the central window, it falls directly on the large ceremonial stone that is surrounded and protected by the round building walls. Again, much speculation as to the exact purpose of this temple – some suggestions are that it was the royal retreat for the Inca Pachacuti. Others say a solar observatory. Still others say a combination of all of these! One thing is for sure – it is the only rounded structure in Machu Picchu and is one of the finest examples of fine Inca masonry.

Thoth led me to this article. He states that this chamber is connected to the sunstone as well, and has in tact, many sacred items which work in tandem with the sunstone.

Then there is this article which speaks of the women at Machu Picchu. According to Thoth, these were the Priestesses or “Brides” of the White Crystal Star – their burial place (of the High Priestesses among them) being the Chamber of the Sun atop the “Moon Thorn.” The Brides of the Star where those who birthed the genetics of the “Future Worlds of the Gods.”

Also: Geographic Relationships (fabulous Earth grid correlations)

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