The Sun Born

I have entitled this article “The Sun Born” but it really encompasses a larger picture. I have written and spoken on much of this before in bits and pieces. Here I wish to pull it all together in a brief, but concise understanding.

The Sun Born were originally called the “Pure Born.” They were born on this Earth with genetics of the “Sun Races” – Beings from worlds of the Metatronic or Full Light Spectrum. They were primarily from the Sovereign Worlds of Orion (Blue Star Rigel, etc.)m the Pleiades and Sirius, although some were from other star systems. The Pure Born project as we might call it, was not intended to create a “super race” on Earth. It was to seed all humanity with the para-genetics of Enlightenment, through the higher development of the already present M-Stra Molecule within the human being. Also, by breeding more “Pure Born,” there would be more humans who could lead humanity back to the embrace of the full spectrum of what we call “Divinity.”

The actual project began in Atlantis, where a whole lot of messing around with genetics had caused problems. Then there was the Annunaki thing. Thanks to Eniki (no, he was not the Thoth soul), the greater plan of the Annunaki: re-designing the M-Stra Molecule for their own purposes – had not been successful, and Eniki persuaded them to leave the planet. They had left Earth, but done genetic damage to Earth’s kind (not just humans) while here.

The Annunaki created what Thoth is referring to as the “Slave gene.” This was bio-engineered and placed into the human hosts they used for labor as well as genetic research. This “Slave gene” was very specific. It created a strong proclivity for the following:

~ to fear and obey the “superiors.” To define these superiors as being those with wealth, power and who had white skin.  Now, not all Annunaki had white skin or even human-looking skin for that matter; but the “Controllers” did. They were the ones the Slave Force served.

~ to fear and distrust, to feel extremely threatened by all other races and peoples different from them or their Masters. While not all the Slaves had white skin at first,- or even looked alike, as more of the Annunaki “White Blondes” genes were used to attempt to convert the M-Stra Molecule, the Slaves became lighter-skinned and more alike in features and mindset.

~ to fear any change which might liberate them from the status quo.

One of the ways the Annunaki employed to keep them down this track was to feed them the flesh of a creature they created especially for this purpose. We have a descendant of this creature among us now, and humanity consumes large quantities of its flesh. We call them Bovines or Cows.

The important factor to understand here is that racism and violence against those different, is a genetic trait, which was placed into the human strain by the Annunaki Over-Lords. This does not mean that everyone born with this gene is doomed to serve it. Evolved souls are often born into families carrying this gene in order to purify that family tree, via para-genetics.

Returning to the Sun Born…

This race was primarily white and blonde as well, simply because this particular group of Star Beings were in the majority of those set to the task of restoring and guiding Planet Earth. But not all Sun Born were fair-skinned. The soul who  was know in mythology as Osiris, was a Sun Lord who came here from the Blue Star Rigel and had blue-black skin. He was one of the most “divine” souls to enter the Earth Realm, and was one of the two souls of I’shoa (Jesus). There were others among the Shining Ones who graced this planet wear in flesh dark skins; and some with silver sheen and golden tones.

So “Tall Blondes” can be both good guys (Sun Lords) and bad guys (Annunaki, etc). There is a story behind the relationship of the two types of course, but I won’t add this to my “brief” treatise on the Sun Born.

Sun Lords are those from among either the Sun Born (born here on Earth) or who came directly to this planet, who are especially charged with the frequency of Metatronic Light. Out of the Sun Lords are then another smaller group, which Thoth calls the “Illuminari.” Thoth is one such Illuminari, as well as Osiris, Isis, Horus and certain other beings who come to us through mythology. We might see the illumanari as the High Priests / Priestesses of the Sun Lords.

Sun Lords and their Solar genetics are related more directly to the “Living Lights” inhabiting the star-suns. We know these Living Lights as “angels.”

I have depicted Thoth Raismes of Aphra not as an Egyptian but fair-skinned and blonde. He was born in Tibet, but not of the current races of Tibet. He was of the Sun Born.

From my old “Poser” portraits of Thoth Raismes and Osiris, respectively. Thoth’s hair was much lighter, but I could not get it any lighter in the 3D software of the time. More Poser Sun Born are shown here as well. Included also, Osiris and another Sun Lord I depicted with a virtual avatar in Second Life.

Now Thoth abides within the Inner Earth Domain and has transformed (not reincarnated again) into ThothHorRa.

(click on image to enlarge)

The Sun Born are a genetic factor. There are people on this planet now who are enlightened to a degree who were once incarnated as “Sun Born.” This genetic condition cannot exist within the planetary frequency we have now. “Illumanari” is a Soul vibration, evolved through eons of time.

I am a very normal human being, other than my particular talent with the Akasha, which is a talent more and more people now possess. I have my flaws, and both physical and spiritual challenges. Yet I have seen myself as the “Sun Born” sister of Thoth Raismes of Aphra. In my current embodiment I cannot reach that level of my soul-self as I did then.

The important point I am attempting to make here is this: ALL souls are vast. ALL souls have tremendous DEPTH of Being. Yet in the maze of incarnation, karma and dharma, we inhabit different levels of spiritual awareness in our journey. Sometimes we are given a really nice platform to experience – like being “Sun Born.” Then we have to come back down the ladder and inhabit more limitation. This is both our soul-service to the All and our personal growth. Of course there are also souls trapped deeply in the mire, but they too are souls and will be retrieved one day into the LIGHT again.


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