Star Lords, Crystal Skulls & the Reparation

Many years ago, a young man in my life said to me that the biggest difference between us was that to me, everything meant something and for him, nothing meant anything. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa has told me that both are correct…in the realm of quantum physics it is how you observe it.

For many of us in the human element – especially in these times – we see that everything MUST mean something. We are searching for the clues of our nature, our reason for existence and for being here on this planet. How did we get here and where are we going…and mostly importantly, why are we even in existence as what we call “souls”?  All BIG and IMPORTANT questions to us. That is our focus and therefor, destiny – to recover knowledge of Self.

I preface this article with these thoughts, as for me when I “saw” in the Akasha what Thoth was showing me the last few days, I felt overwhelmed with it’s “importance” – and another part of my being wanted to reverse that feeling: “nothing is really important, it only IS.” This is the kind of over-appraisal that can create a log-jam for me.  I have at times walked away from things I have deemed important, in order to make sure I am not succmbing to the tunnel-vision of “Importance” – if that makes any sense! Soooo with this declaration of my process, I present you with the following, and allow you to be the judge of what it means to you.


Told in the “words” of ThothHorRa (my “notes” in brackets). . .

Sometime after the Nephilim Wars on Earth [as mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita], the Sun Lords [ Illumined of our Universal Kindred – from various star systems, yet most prominently from Orion, Sirius and The Pleiades] came to the Earth once again, to aid in the reparation of the human DNA – the damage which had been done by the Nephilim.

This was a vast program of reparation – the Amhansa Loki: the “Return to First State.” The first stage of this process was begun by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow, who returned to repair the Markers in stone and to build new structures, among them temple-cites for the habitation of the first wave of returning Sun Lords. Two branches of the Uni-manity family would co-habit these Temple cities: The Uraal from Sirius – from among the Lion-Headed Ones, and the Illumi’Na – of the Blue Star [Rigel in Orion]  or Shepherd race.

The Uraal were sent by the GateKeepers of the Telos.Aakara [the capstone over the Universal Tear exposing the “Eye of Ra“]. These Sun Lords [the Gatekeepers] orchestrate the balance of all species in this Universe. [ It is important to note that Thoth applies the term “universe” differently than we do. ALL that we see out there in the sky is a projection from out holographic “universe” that is centralized inside us. Such a “universe” does not take up space. So the “little” stars of Sirius and Rigel, etc are not what they appear to be in our spacial concepts.]

The Illumi’Na or Shepherds are those from the Blue Star [Rigel in Orion] who have nurtured and guided humanity since the beginning of Earth’s experience as a “world creation.”

Together, the Uraal and the Illumin’Na returned to Earth in this time period of Reparation, for the purpose of establishing the far-reaching program of Amhansa Loki.

Temple-Cities of Narshala

The temple-cities were called altogether, the Narshala, meaning “Gathering Life Force.” They were given this name for at the center of each of these complexes, there was was a crystalline matrix, in the center of which was one specific large crystal – not from the Earth – the U’da “Crystal of Heaven.” [There was no concept of “Heaven” in those days, only something akin to “cosmos” – but U’da means really “beyond all”, so Thoth is choosing to call it here…for our benefit….a “Crystal of Heaven.”]

The U’da, when set in it’s crystalline matrix upon specific Earth nodes, acted as a receptor-transmitter. It received the Light codes sent into it by the Sun Lords, and sent it out into the Earth and into the races of mankind. This frequency attuned the harmonics of the DNA specifically in humans, as a base-line of reparation. There were also sub-frequencies generated to create similar harmonic fields for plants and animals, which had also suffered as a result of the DNA manipulations caused by the Nephilim of the previous Age.

The U’da matrices were also portals to the “future” node of Korbala [temple-city which lies between the Old and New Earth, acting as a messenger between worlds] – allowing what IS to re-align to it’s intended time-stream.

The temple-cities of Narshala are:

1) Kyiat’mu – later known as  Baalbek, Lebanon

2) Shiva’tak  – location: Angkor Wat in Cambodia

3) Numsu’maat – location: in the White Desert of Egypt (still buried beneath the sands)

There were also numerous “way-stations” connecting these three temple-cities.

The Dwellers

The souls who would become the “Dwellers” (of the Dweller Crystal Skulls) all gathered at the Narshala temples at one time or another, during it’s activity on Earth of some 6,000 years. The Narshala became inactive some 50 years before the “time tsunami” that ended Atlantis and sent Noech and his arks through the time portal. The Sun Lords of the Narshala anticipated the time tsunami, which would be the end of the first phase of Reparation . Although The Sun Lords did not create this event, they would use it to begin the next phase of the Reparations.

[So we can assume then, that the whole of this “first phase” involving the temple-cities of Narshala began approximately 16,000 years ago and ended around 10,000 years ago. There were ultra-beings infusing humanity side-by-side with the intrusions of the Nephilim, but for reasons not gone into here, did not attempt to rid the planet of these intruders. In fact, the Nephilim Wars were among two factions of what is being called here, the Nephilim…one of which, desired to end the DNA tampering and slavery.  However, human beings were involved in this struggle which lasted a thousand years – aided by the Argaltha – the “enlightened” Nephilim.]

The Dwellers embodied among the Shepherd Kind and worked to create “Signatures of Light” within the temple grids that then rayed outward through the geometries of the U’da crystals.

Many of the 72 “Dweller” Beings already had a crystalised skull on this planet from past incarnations. Some were yet to be created. All the Dweller Skulls that were then on the Earth in that time, were involved in the genetic reparations of the human strain. All these Crystal Skulls which had been created up to that age, were in the temples of Narshala.

Kyiat’mu (Baalbek) was the first temple-city to be established. It was here that the Sun Lords of Sirius were most prominent. You might say that Kyiat’mu was the “headquarters” of Narshala.

Shiva’tak (Angkor Wat) administered to the human race directly. It was a place of  healing enlightenment and also the font for the genetic reparations program.

Numsu’maat (White Desert of Egypt) was the city temple of Learning, where re-education, history and sciences were taught.

The Dweller Souls where among the Illumi’Na who were involved with the Reparation program in all three cities of Narshala.

Those Dweller Skulls which were present on the Earth at that time – all were within various temples of Shiva’tak. Remember, the purpose of the Dweller Skulls is to transmit the frequency of the genetic families of LIGHT.



Maia Kyi’Ra’s Vision (received recently during a Skype session)

A young woman with dark skin and long black hair climbs the steps of a temple (at Kyiat’mu / Angkor Wat). On her right arm is a tattoo of a serpent. The scene changes and she is kneeling before a priestess of this temple. The priestess takes a small knife and deftly cuts a tiny mark on the young woman’s chin. A small amount of blood flows from the wound. The priestess then takes a Dweller Crystal Skull and holds it’s chin against the woman’s chin. The blood touches the crystal and an energy is moved from the Crystal Skull into the circulating blood of the woman.

I then see this young woman travel to another part of the “city” – some miles away. [Only recently through satellite imagery has it been discovered that Angkor Wat is a much, much larger city than had it been previously thought.]

Here she entered another temple. The next scene showed her in a room with the statue of an 8 to 10 foot tall coiled cobra. She sat before it. The tongue of the snake was made of some non-earthly metal. It began to vibrate and as it did a sound filled the body of the young woman. This continued sporadically, as it seemed to settle it’s intensity in her womb.

From this encounter she would become pregnant with a child from the actual incarnated Dweller of the Crystal Skull she touched.

[Of interest: In the Skype session, when I told what I had seen – the cut on the chin of the young woman in the temple – my client then commented that she had a small mark on her chin at that very place – right in the center.]



Cosmic Birthing

In my interactions with several women recently I (Maia) have been hearing about “cosmic” births – where these women (and others they know) are experiencing energy conceptions and pregnancies, where they “know” they are pregnant and feel their wombs energetically active. Then they experience births – no physical child, but some kind of a cosmic birth in which they see and feel another living being emerge from them into another dimensional state.

ThothHorRa has told me that this is indeed happening now…it is another phase of the Amhansa Loki – the Reparation. The inter-dimensional births are creating genetic bridges into the New Earth. These souls are indeed been born – incarnated – from only World System (Old Earth) into the new, World System II.

This new activity with the Dweller Skulls seeking more Hosts – I do believe is a sign of this last stage of the Amhansa Loki – not just to facilitate cosmic births, but in various facets of the Reparation program.

We must be aware that for a long time now on this planet, there are other beings seeking our DNA for their own purposes (the Greys, etc). They wish it to revivify other world populations – but they take without asking. So we are very much at the crucible of the division of worlds. When the PYRAMIDIS RADIUS goes into full activation through the three main pyramids (Bosnia, Egypt and China) and all the other pyramids “chime in” – the genetic harvesters who abduct in the night will no longer be able to find those within the Pyramidis Radius Matrix on their vibrational radar.

What I have written down here, are only flashes of the Big Picture on this topic. Yet hopefully it is enough to give some insight into the Plan…

I realize many people are channeling many things at this time – some agrees and some does not (with each other). We live a multi-dimensional existence and must each choose where to place our focus and intent. It is no longer about embracing a belief system, but becoming a register of cosmic force that focuses on a streaming of purposeful design.


And Cumthara came forth from the Shields of Light as a bright and holy angel,
His tempest borne upon the clouds of Orion,
His might manifest in the harbinger star of Magha (Sirius),
Lo, His face was that of the Golden Lion,
His eyes, cauldrons of sapphire,
His mighty form an avenger,
His sword the violet kabbath
Cumthara spoke and the sea unfolded upon the land,
and the heart of the world quivered as in the breast of a rabbit.
Cumthara laid bare his garment, revealing within, the hand of a Man containing the Tamseth. From Cumthara was given to us that day, the Law of the Sun, the Table of the Mighty Star-Sea which is embedded as a pearl in the forehead of the Sun Born.

– a passage from the ‘Shamil’, the ‘Book of the Sun’, originally written in the ancient Mu’ruvian tongue, later to be transcribed in the Mystery School of Onnas by the Dead Sea, 3551 B.C. (akashic translation by Maia Kyi’Ra in the 1990’s)

The cities of Baalbek and Angkor Wat are built atop the more ancient structures, although some of the original blocks from the Narshala cities can be found there.

The civilization of Angkor Wat was re-visited by the Sun Lords in a later epoch, so it is rich with recorded memories of the original Narshala Times.

The Narshala Nuumsu’maat in the White Desert of Egypt is buried under the sands, along with the successive habitations atop it.

Gallery (click on first image to scroll through)



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  1. An overwhelming report that brings more and more layers of awareness to our understanding of the multidimensional aspects of Life… and things keep going bigger, and bigger, and bigger. It’s like a training for our brain, preparing it for a next step. THANK YOU, dear *Maia!

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