The LOTUS Skulls

The LOTUS form the hub of the OSIR’RIM Matrix for all 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls.The names Thoth has given me for the incarnations of the LOTUS Dwellers when their Skulls were transformed to crystal. Only one remains without a hosting skull identified. I will update this list when it is made known to me. 

1) Shalkuunthee-tra – Atlantean priestess [Mitchell-Hedges]

2) La’tunnak – Muruvian early female guardian of the Pol On Esai in MU [Thoth shows me some kind of garden with crystalline “eggs” – human like beings being born from these. This is the Crystal Skull now known as “Compassion.”]

3) Atu’La Hunuapepe – MU Priestess [White Queen]

4) Isis – original “Isis” arriving at the Sinai from the Blue Star Rigel [Lady of the Lake]

5) Osiris – original “Osiris” arriving at the Sinai from the Blue Star Rigel [The Risen One]

6) Tang Ma Nu – male Priest-Monk in Tibet [Amakua]

7) Ilum’Satcha – Priestess-Queen in the Yucatan [Red Queen]

8) Usi’tepsha – Muruvian female Shaman [Lady of the Pinnacle]

9) Raina Miytara – Priestess of the Moon in what is now China [Moon Shadow]

10) Rhio Tesek – male North American “giant” of a Star Tribe [ Einstein is the Host Crystal Skull for Rhio Tesek]

11) Klukaptek – known also to the Mayans as Kukulkan, the Vision Serpent – Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs [Vision Serpent]

12) O’duma – male “Star One” of Hyperborean Lands [The Magician]

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