The Pyriethum, Grail Apis, and Oak Island Mysteries

From issue 1-1999 of Temple Doors

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The Pyriethum and Oak Island Mysteries at first glance do not seem to be that closely interrelated.  Upon deeper examination, however, their intricately interwoven dynamics begin to reveal themselves.  The revelation is that they both play an integral role within another matrix called the Grail Apis grid.  The primary function of this grid is to hold specific Adam Kadmon Light codes in place within the genetic database of the planetary consciousness.[1]  There are many such grids on the earth, the Grail Apis being only one.  It is a main one, however, in that it is commissioned to hold the primary Mazur Grail blood‑consciousness codes which emanate directly from Lord Melchizedek of the early Lemurian epoch.[2]  As we explore the different aspects of the Grail Apis grid and interrelated dynamics involving the Pyriethum and Oak Island mysteries, keep the overall purpose for these dynamics in mind.

 The Pyriethum Mysteries of Lake Moeris

Esoterically, in one of the Atlantean forms of the ancient Aloii language, the term ‘Pyriethum’ means “to display or to present.” [3]  Thus, the sacred Pyriethum(s) we will be addressing in this article are outward presentations of the inner mysteries which were encoded into them.

The Pyriethum we will speak of first is an underground labyrinth at Lake Moeris (now dry) in the delta of northern Egypt.  It is the ‘control center’ for the Solar Table upon the plateau complex at Giza.  The Pyriethum was once a part of a greater temple area which also had a large surface labyrinth and grandiose gardens.  There were also two large pyramids in the center of Lake Moeris.  The lake had been created within the basin of an earlier prehistoric lake bed.  This temple complex was known originally as the ‘Anbul’ or Sky Lotus.[4]  The complex was constructed under the supervision of Thoth Raismes during his time in Egypt, after the Atlantean deluge.  The Greek Historian, Herodotus, visited this temple complex in 448 BC.  In his written account of this experience, Herodotus stated that he was not allowed to enter the underground labyrinth.  The upper complex has unfortunately been completely destroyed by the Black Magicians since Herodotus’ time.


[1]  The Adam Kadmon is a multi‑versal master template for expression of divinity in human form.

[2]  Lord Melchizedek is an incarnation of the soul of Thoth.  There were two appearances of this master entity (Melchizedek), one in Lemuria, and another later in Atlantis.  See also the article entitled ‘The Grail ~ Alpha through Omega’ in Volume 98 Temple Doors for further information on the Mazur Grail blood lineages.

[3]  The Aloii language was the first language of mankind, according to the Record of Thoth. It followed the original human telepathic brainwave patterns that were used for communication between embodied souls before the advent of a spoken language.

[4]  The syllable ‘An’ has the same meaning as ‘On,’ which means “Light of the divine,” but could also be used to mean “heaven or sky.”  In its usage within the word ‘Anbul,’ the meaning which relates to the “sky” is the more appropriate.


Herodotus was not told the whole truth concerning Anbul, because in his time this truth was not known even by the priests who guarded the complex.  The following is his written accounting of the upper labyrinth complex we are referring to as the Sky Lotus:[1]

**It has twelve courts, all of them roofed, with gates exactly opposite one another, six looking to the north, and six to the south.  A single wall surrounds the entire building.  There are two different sorts of chambers throughout‑‑half under ground, half above ground, the latter built upon the former; the whole number of these chambers is three thousand, fifteen hundred of each kind.  The upper chambers I myself passed through and saw, and what I say concerning them is from my own observation; of the underground chambers I can only speak from report: for the keepers of the building could not be got to show them, since they contained (as they said) the sepulchers of the kings who built the Labyrinth, and also of the sacred crocodiles.  Thus it is from hearsay only that I can speak of the lower chambers.  The upper chambers, however, I saw with my own eyes, and found them to excel all other human productions. . . . At the corner of the Labyrinth stands a pyramid, forty fathoms high, with large figures engraved on it, which is entered by a subterranean passage.

Wonderful as is the Labyrinth, the work called the Lake of Moeris, which is close by the Labyrinth, is yet more astonishing. . . . It is manifestly an artificial excavation, for nearly in the center there stand two pyramids, rising to the height of fifty fathoms above the surface of the water, and extending as far beneath, crowned each of them with a colossal statue sitting upon a throne.**

In other words, although Herodotus had seen the pyramids of the Giza Plateau, he was stating emphatically that this complex of sacred structures was by far more impressive.

The Greek geographer Strabo visited Egypt in 25 BC, and had this to say of the complex:[2]

**In front of the entrances are crypts, as it were, which are long and numerous and have winding passages communicating with one another, so that no stranger can find his way either into any court or out of it without a guide. But the marvelous thing is that the roof of each of the chambers consists of a single stone, and that the breadths of the crypts are likewise roofed with single slabs of surpassing size, with no intermixture anywhere of timber or of any other material.  And, on ascending to the roof, which is at no great height. . . one can see a plain of stone, consisting of stones of that great size. . . and their walls, also, are composed of stones that are no smaller in size.  At the end of this building. . . is the tomb, a quadrangular pyramid, which has sides about four plethra in width and a height equal thereto.  Imandes is the name of the man buried there.**

The Record of Thoth has revealed that Imandes was an incarnation of Thoth.  His body was interred within this tomb for a period of time, but this was no ordinary ‘tomb.’  It was actually a sarcophagus of resurrection from which the corporeal vessel of Imandes was gradually integrated within a greater Light field, a process which enabled that form to finally leave this dimension.


[1]  Ref: The Eyes of the Sphinx by Eric von Daniken.

[2]  Ibid


Herodotus and several other ancient historians have written of the underground Labyrinth containing the crypts of twelve kings.  They have also given some of the names of these kings as being actual rulers of Egypt in the ancient past.  The Record of Thoth reveals that these twelve personages were not kings of Egypt, in the cultural sense of the word, but Enochian Masters who protected and guided the earth well before the Atlantean deluge.  The corporeal bodies of these incarnations are held in suspension yet today, holding a grid pattern for the Adam Kadmon Light.[1]  This grid facilitates the future ‘time of awakening’ when the Temple of the Risen One‑‑the Great Pyramid‑‑is activated to serve as a threshold for humanity’s passage through the 44:44 Star Gate into the New Earth Star ascended reality.[2]

The Other Pyriethum Mysteries

Not only did Thoth oversee the construction of the Sky Lotus Pyriethum, but three other labyrinth Pyriethum as well.  These were all based on the knowledge and consciousness patterns held within the Enochian Table.  This is a universal hologram of consciousness which is integrated within Thoth’s soul and his incarnational form in all embodiments.  The Enochian Table thus contains the cosmic blueprint for all sacred structures built upon the earth.  Thoth originally brought this pattern to the earth as Toth‑Mus‑Zurud, which was an Ultra embodiment that originated in Orion.  Later, when his soul took embodiment in earthen genetics as Thoth Raismes, he further embedded this pattern into the planetary consciousness of our planet.

Each of these additional Pyriethum structures also contain the suspended bodies of twelve Enochian Masters, poised in eternity upon the threshold of the New Earth Star.  At some point in the future, all forty‑eight of these suspended forms (those in all four Pyriethum) will re‑integrate with the souls which originally animated them.  This will in turn re‑activate the nine energy bodies associated with each of these original incarnations.  This activation is a primary component of the needed Light quotient for planetary acceleration into the New Earth Star reality.  When this occurs, the  combined Light fields of these forty‑eight soul‑forms will align with the Adonai Kodesh as the latter locks onto the ‘matter conversion zone.’  This combined focus will trigger the Great Pyramid into releasing the Violet Flame of the 144,000 star‑suns from the Vault of Osiris, and commence the final process of earth ascension.[3]


[1]  The Adam Kadmon is the supreme genetic template for expression of divinity in human form.  Ref: see the article entitled ‘Adam Kadmon ~ The Prototype of Man’ in issue 3‑96 Temple Doors.

[2]  Ref: see the article entitled ‘Light Principle Forty ~ The Mechanics of Earth Ascension’ in issue 2‑97 Temple Doors for further information on ascension dynamics.

[3]  The Adonai Kodesh is an inter‑dimensional dynamic within the ‘Temple of the Morning Star,’ the etheric double of the Great Pyramid.  The Adonai Kodesh is a central control mechanism for modulating the transference of higher consciousness and related energetics between the higher worlds of Light and the earth.  Ref: see the article entitled ‘The Ninth World’ in issue 3‑96 Temple Doors for further info on the Adonai Kodesh; the article entitled ‘Light Principle Forty ~ The Mechanics of Earth Ascension’ in issue 2‑97 Temple Doors for further information on the Light quotients and dynamics related to ascension; and the article entitled ‘The Vault of Osiris and the Thirty Spirit Tribes’ in issue 3‑96 Temple Doors for information on the Vault of Osiris.


In Eric von Daniken’s The Eyes of the Sphinx, it is mentioned that Roman historian Gaius Plinius Secundus (AD 61‑113) referred to these three other labyrinths, when writing about the one in Egypt at Lake Moeris.  These three other Pyriethum are in: Crete; a Greek island named Lemnos; and Italy.  Thoth stresses that these others were not so grandly adorned as the one at Lake Moeris, nor were they situated in the midst of a sacred city.  The Sky Lotus Pyriethum was the first built, and was intended by the spiritual Hierarchy of the earth to serve as the primary vehicle for maintaining the Enochian Light field of the forty‑eight Adam Kadmonic soul‑forms.  Imandes’ suspended form is not part of this forty‑eight dynamic, because the soul of Thoth took that form into higher spheres of experience long ago.  This ‘early’ re‑assumption of the Imandes form by Thoth’s soul is one of numerous planetary events which have served to set a core alignment vector into place for the forty‑eight dynamic to lock onto at the crucial moment.

Each one of the twelve suspended Adam Kadmon forms within these Pyriethum labyrinths acts as a guardian for one of the Mazzarothic thresholds in that particular structure/location.[1]  All of the Enochian Master’s souls who participate in the forty‑eight dynamic are still interactive with their suspended form.  Their nine energy body vehicles are currently active throughout the whole Solar Temple‑‑on the Giza Plateau‑‑to which all four Pyriethum are connected.  Their nine energy bodies will be grounded back fully into the planetary experience when these souls re‑integrate with their suspended forms.  In addition, because the higher template for each of the nine human energy bodies is held by one of the nine original Adam Kadmon master souls for the earth, these forty‑eight Enochian Masters are holding an important bridge for humanity.  This bridge spans the chasm between our true Adam Kadmonic heritage and the separated state of experience that humanity currently exists within upon the earth.  Once earth’s humanity has attained a vibration which is attuned to a specific harmonic of these forty‑eight suspended forms, then the genetic material of the fallen earth can ride ‘piggyback’ upon the shoulders of these Enochian Masters into the New Earth Star.  This piggyback ride constitutes crossing the bridge across the chasm which these illumined ones currently hold for us.

The numeric of forty‑eight (48) takes on a new meaning when you multiply it by three which gives a total of one hundred and forty four (144).[2]  The latter numeric resonates with the 144,000 star‑suns of master intelligence which must be woven in balance into the earth’s planetary field for ascension to occur.  WE are the representatives of the 144,000 master star intelligences, and therefore WE must come into integration with the consciousness of the soul groups which represent the other 143,999 star‑suns AND the earth itself!  It is thus that the chord of unity can be struck, thereby revealing the passage into new realms of experience.

The Oak Island Mysteries

For those who are not familiar with the Oak Island Mystery and its alleged ‘Money Pit,’ we offer the following brief summary as an introduction.


[1]  Ref: see the article entitled ‘The Mystery of the Mazzaroth’ in issue 4‑97 of Temple Doors.

[2]  By multiplying forty‑eight (48) by three (3) to obtain one hundred and forty four (144) we are not implying that there are two more systems incorporating forty‑eight Adam Kadmonic corporeal suspensions.  Rather, this presentation eludes to the fact that through the third multiple of the forty‑eight harmonic, the path to the 144,000 vibration is revealed.


There are two Oak Islands in Nova Scotia, and both figure into the bigger picture of the overall sacred mystery, but the one we are now discussing is the famous ‘treasure island’ in Mahone Bay, seventy kilometers from Halifax.

In 1795, three teenage boys exploring this island came across signs that perhaps something was buried at a certain location on the Oak Island of Mahone Bay.  They began to dig, and found a large and complex pit now known as the ‘Money Pit.’  Since that day in 1795, people are still digging in the pit trying to get into the interior chambers which have been proven to exist.  This proof has come in modern times through the use of exploratory camera devices inserted into boreholes.  The inaccessible interior chambers of the pit complex undoubtedly contain something that was of great importance to whoever constructed not only the pit, but the intricate network of flood tunnels which have prevented anyone from gaining entrance for all these centuries.  There are many theories which have been proposed in various books over the years as to who created this maze, and what is inside the interior chambers.  We will take a journey back in time and see what the true purpose of this pit complex was/is.

The Record of Thoth reveals that in the epoch which followed the final demise of Atlantis, the Mazur people came to the region of North America which is now known as Nova Scotia.[1]  The Mazur brought the Ajezeta Mar‑‑the Green Sea Stone‑‑with them.  The Ajezeta Mar was one half of the original ‘Right to Rule’ stone that had been given to the Mazur’s first generation by Lord Melchizedek in ancient Lemuria.  This Right to Rule stone had been brought by the descendants of these original Grail families from Lemuria into Atlantis.  The other half of this stone, which is known as the Emerald Table, was in the keeping of Thoth at that time.  Remember, Thoth was a subsequent incarnation of the original Lord Melchizedek.  The Emerald Table was eventually placed upon the Vault of Osiris (a sarcophagus) beneath the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.[2]

The Mazur were guided by their seers to an entrance which led into the recesses of the earth, wherein was located a large labyrinthine complex of natural caverns.  It was in these caverns that the Mazur placed the sacred things which they had managed to salvage from the grasp of the deluge, including the Green Sea Stone given their ancestors by Lord Melchizedek.  After the passing of approximately one hundred years, the Mazur returned to re‑claim the stone, but left most of their other sacred relics and tools of power sealed within the labyrinthine caverns.  Then, before setting sail for Alba‑On (the British Isles), they set up an ‘initiatory entry field’ upon a hill over a tunnel into one of the sealed caverns.  This hill would later become an island‑‑Oak Island of Mahone Bay.  The Oak Island pit and its lesser man‑made labyrinth were never intended to be used for physical entry.  This structure was put into place as a passage for spiritual initiation only.  If the initiate ‘passed the tests,’ the knowledge of the location and the means leading into the sealed caverns below would be revealed to the initiate inwardly.  The actual physical entrance is not on the island, but quite some distance away on the mainland of


[1]  Thoth’s definition of ‘Nova Scotia’ is “the new land of Scotia or Scotland.”

[2]  These two stone slabs‑‑i.e. the Green Sea Stone and the Emerald Table‑‑are not to be confused with other ancient ‘Right to Rule’ stones, such as the Stone of Destiny, discussed in the article this issue entitled ‘The Cairthur Stone ~ Stone of Destiny.’  See this article for a better idea of the concepts behind the ‘Right to Rule’ principle.


Nova Scotia.  Since the time of the Mazur, several different groups of people with partial knowledge concerning the sealed caverns have reinforced and added to the original design of the ‘initiatory field’ on Oak Island.

When the Mazur sailed from Nova Scotia to the Temples of Hibernia in Scotland, those among them who were the ‘Keepers of the Stone’ did not stay for very long there.  They traveled extensively finally arriving in Egypt needing a secret place to relocate their sacred stone.  This newly determined location was a cavern near ‘Sarek’ in the ‘Valley of Hebron’ beneath the Pyriethum Labyrinth.[1]  Thoth was the master intelligence behind the construction of the Pyriethum labyrinth at this location.[2]

Underneath this labyrinth is a vast network of caverns, very similar to those beneath Oak Island.  It was in one of these caverns that Thoth instructed the Mazur to place the Green Sea Stone.  The whole Giza plateau complex of underground chambers, vaults and passages is connected to the Pyriethum, and thus to the caverns associated with this labyrinth.  Thoth performed a powerful ritual in a chamber beneath the Temple of the Risen One (the Great


[1]  Quoting from Elizabeth Van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse in which she discusses the book by Maurice Leblanc entitled The Island of Thirty Circles: “In the story a curious document, found in the papers of an old man, reveals the plan of an underground system of caverns close to a place called Sarek.  The plan indicates the entrance which is one of the black lands.  The black lands was the name given by the ancient Egyptians to their country.

The treasure that is sought in the book by Maurice Leblanc is the Stone of God ‘that gives life or death.’  The story relates that a tribe of Celtic peoples once moved across Europe bearing an important treasure with them, a sacred heritage of their ancestors, a divine object which gave them protection.  It was the stone which covered the tomb of their King.”

[2]  Quoting from Manly P. Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages: “When the body of Hermes was interred in the Valley of Ebron (or Hebron), the divine Emerald was buried with it.  Many centuries afterward the Emerald was discovered‑‑according to one version, by an Arabian initiate; according to another, by Alexander the Great, King of Macedon. By means of the powerful Emerald, upon which were the mysterious inscriptions of the Thrice Great Hermes‑‑thirteen sentences in all‑‑Alexander conquered all the then known world.”

Hebron is also the term used by Thoth to describe the Holy Matrix of the ‘Heart‑Cup’ in the article entitled ‘The Grail ~ Alpha through Omega,’ subheading ‘The two Primary Grail Paths ~ White & Red,’ in Volume 98 Temple Doors.

From Temple Doors issue 3&4‑95, page 5, in the 2nd footnote‑‑edited for clarity: “While Thoth’s body was placed in the Valley of Hebron, it was sealed within a vault (the Vault of Thoth) in a suspended state to later be reclaimed, at which time Thoth went to join his true family in the interior of the earth.  The Emerald Tablet remained inside the vault.  Later ‘Initiates of Thoth’ were guided through vision‑‑both physically or astrally‑‑to this vault and allowed access to the tablet.  The requirement was that it could be copied, but not be taken from the vault.  Alexander the Great possessed a copy of the tablet which he had fashioned from pure emerald, although it was not alchemically altered emerald as was the true tablet.  Alexander was able to receive the true inscriptions through vision, however, he was not able to actualize the principles of Spirit the inscriptions represented to a high enough degree within his own life.”


Pyramid), in which he brought the two halves of the original Melchizedekean Right to Rule stone (the Green Sea Stone and the Emerald Table) together before the Green Sea Stone was sealed away.

Later, when the chief of the Mazur was ready to place his form into suspension, as was also the custom of the Hyperboreans, he and his two sub‑kings entered what they called ‘memata,’ or the deep‑state.[1]  There are many human corporeal forms around the world suspended in memata.  These suspended forms are assisting the process of holding the grid for the cellular spiritual evolution of the planet.  There is another process, which some beings like Thoth entered, that is called ‘agriha.’  This is a suspension state which lasts a much shorter period of time.  In agriha the body is prepared to move into a higher frequency within the subtle‑physical states of being.  Some of those who used the agriha state, like Osiris and Horus, return in their energy‑form to the heart of the Blue Star Rigel in Orion.  However, Osiris and Horus, and most others who go through this process, still work directly with the earth’s planetary evolution.


[1]  From the article entitled ‘The Vault of Osiris and the Thirty Spirit Tribes’ in issue 3‑96 Temple Doors: “Van Buren also writes that before the Celts had the ‘Stone of God,’ it was ‘in possession of a group of people who guarded and treasured it (and it was) brought underground to the hidden chambers.’  There are three tombs mentioned in the description of the hidden chambers.  They were said to be ‘the death chambers of three great chiefs.’


There was some interbreeding amongst certain races that eventually led to the peoples known as the Celts.  The ’30 Spirit Tribes’ were integrated within the Mazur Grail family, descendants of Hyperborean Atlanteans.”

After the Mazur king had entered memata, the Green Sea Stone was placed upon his sarcophagus as a lid, and remained there for quite some time as the Mazur dispersed throughout many other regions of the world.[1]  A core group of the Mazur eventually migrated to Austria, and made their home in the Murz valley.[2]  They eventually left Austria in 15 AD, the year Yeshua was born, according to the Record of Thoth.  In 25 AD, they arrived in southern France at Rennes Le Chateau.  In 425 AD, they were given a sign through their visionaries that the suspended bodies of their three kings and the Green Sea Stone should not remain any longer beneath the labyrinth near Sarek.  At first they believed that the suspended forms of their kings and the stone should be brought into a new sanctuary within the caverns of the Rennes‑le‑Chateau region, which are extensive and well‑concealed.  However, it was soon revealed to them that the king’s suspended forms and the sacred stone were to be taken across the sea and placed within the original crypts in Nova Scotia once again.  In order to truly appreciate the dedication the Mazur had to these ancient customs, one must consider the enormous time span involved here, and the fact that this information was religiously handed down from one


[1]  From the article entitled ‘The Vault of Osiris and the Thirty Spirit Tribes’ in issue 3‑96 Temple Doors‑‑edited for clarity: “In Elizabeth Van Buren’s Refuge of the Apocalypse, she states that in the story of ‘The Island of the Thirty Circles,’ the ‘chief of chiefs’ of this mysterious wandering Celtic people guarded a magical baton that was ‘born of the miraculous Stone’ (of God) which covered the tomb of their king.  Apparently the baton contained a fragment of the same stone that was fashioned into the tombstone. . . . Concerning the Stone of God, it was Rev. Maia’s intuition that this stone is one of the pieces of the Lapis Exilis, known also as the jewel which was lost from the Crown of Lucifer, a sacred meteor which crashed to earth. . . . The Record of Thoth indicates that the cup from which Yeshua drank at the Last Supper was created from a shard of this meteor.  Perhaps the stone that covered the tomb of the Mazur king‑‑called the ‘chief of chiefs’ in the story of ‘The Island of Thirty Circles’‑‑was one of these Lapis Exilis fragments?. . . . The Record of Thoth revealed that the Stone of God mentioned in ‘The Island of Thirty Circles’ is one‑half of this piece of the Lapis Exilis.  There was another very large piece of the Lapis Exilis which was used to create the obelisk at the Temple of the Northern Door on the (now) ascended Atlantean Isle of Ruta.  The piece used for this obelisk was not a part of that which became the ‘Stone of God’ and the ‘Emerald Table,’ other than that it was a fragment of the same meteor (ref: the information on Lord Melchizedek in issue 3&4‑91 Temple Doors).

The other half became known as the Emerald Table (vs. the Emerald Tablet) of Thoth.  The Emerald Table is the same ‘energetically’ as the Emerald Tablets.  The latter were created through alchemy and contain information that relates to deciphering the consciousness imbued within the Emerald Table.  The original piece the Ajezeta Mar and the Emerald Table came from was split in two as the result of a mis‑directed high level spiritual event.  Whenever the two halves are brought together, however, Light code energy exchanges are made which profoundly serve the planetary evolution.  The baton, later to become the original Spear of Longinus, was fashioned from a shale or chip left over from the split between the two stones.”

[2]  “Core group” here refers to the Mazur who kept their bloodline and sacred practices pure.  They were Pure‑Born apostles of the Grail.  Ref: see the article entitled ‘The Vault of Osiris and the Thirty Spirit Tribes’ in issue 3‑96 Temple Doors, for further information on the story of the Mazur and their presence in Steiermark, Austria.


generation to another throughout that entire time frame.

In the year 483 AD, they set out to accomplish this task.  There were 24 persons who went along on this mission, not counting those who manned their sailing vessel.  Two of these men returned, in order to inform the European core group that the task had been completed  The remaining 22 souls stayed in Nova Scotia as guardians of the sealed caverns, intermarrying with the natives of that region, and passing sacred knowledge along to their descendants.

There are several questions that may arise concerning this story: how did the Mazur manage to transport a large slab of stone and three ‘suspended’ bodies back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean and through many countries?  The Record of Thoth reveals that the weight of the stone was gravitationally altered for these journeys so that it weighed far less than normal when in transit.  The Mazur, even as late as their last journey across the Atlantic to return these sacred relics to Nova Scotia, possessed the appropriate mystical knowledge to affect such a weight change.  Also, through precise pre‑journey organization and a well ordered network of Mazur groups throughout the ancient world, the core group was able to transport these relics long distances, relatively unnoticed.

The higher purpose which guided the Mazur, as they moved the stone and suspended bodies about, can be demonstrated through the following analogy:  imagine crystals being placed on specific points of the body (in this case the earth) for healing; then imagine moving the crystals to other points of the body for re‑distribution of energies.  Thus, the suspended forms of these Grail kings were brought from one ‘node’ of the earth’s grid to another, in order to help maintain the needed balance in that grid.  The Ajezeta Mar/Green Sea Stone was re‑positioned for similar purposes.  It was known by the Mazur seers that the North American continent would become the future ‘Zion‑point’ of the planet‑‑meaning the primary node of contact with a new spiritual dimension.  Thus, they knew that their sacred stone and the suspended forms of their kings would be needed to help anchor the proper vibration in the North American grid.

The Grail Apis Grid and Mysteries

In G.A. Gaskell’s Dictionary of All Scriptures and Myths, the word ‘Apis’ is defined as the “Bull of the West”:

**A symbol of the outgoing activity of the Divine Will on the buddhic plane.

In Memphis is kept the Apis, the Image of Osiris, where his body is also said to lie.‑‑ Plutarch

On the buddhic plane (Memphis) there appears the matrix of all forms in prototype, directing the outgoing energy of the Logos.**

Thus, the Grail Apis grid can be defined as a matrix which is designed to be an outer activity of the Divine Will relative to the Grail consciousness on earth.  This matrix was created at a time in the planet’s development when the Grail blood lineages were a primary modality of anchoring and perpetuating the Christos and its attendant Adam Kadmon template for the earth.  Therefore, the primary function of the Grail Apis grid works on the Grail blood principle.  This grid is a storehouse of ancient genetic vibrational information which will be used to catapult the earth into its next level of experience in the New Earth Star reality.  Let us take a look at how the Pyriethum and Oak Island mysteries tie into this grid.

The labyrinth and sealed caverns of Oak Island are not directly a part of the Pyriethum labyrinth matrices in Egypt, Crete, Greece and Italy; but they are a unique appendage to that matrix, being part of the Grail Apis grid.  This grid consists of various labyrinths and cavern complexes which all hold the suspended biological forms of Grail Kings/Queens and/or other masters.  These suspended forms are anchoring the primary elemental consciousness from which the Grail lineages on earth draw their core essence.  All of these suspended bodies are in memata, perpetually sustaining the vibration of their blood consciousness within the DNA consciousness of the human race.

At the center (symbolically speaking) of the Grail Apis grid is the four‑petaled Pyriethum labyrinth matrix.  The primary anchor for these labyrinths is the one in Egypt at Lake Moeris, the other three satellites being those previously identified in Crete, the Greek island Lemnos, and Italy.  Then there are the labyrinth and caverns of Oak Island, the island itself being only one point of this rather large complex, the one which was chosen for the initiatory entry field, as previously mentioned.  Within each of the four Pyriethum, there are twelve suspended corporeal forms, each having been utilized by an Enochian Master .  The Oak Island labyrinth holds the suspended corporeal forms of three Grail Kings who are not Enochian Masters, but rather who were/are main carriers of the Grail consciousness on the planet.  There are numerous other points in the Grail Apis grid as well, some of which contain the preserved corporeal remains of later Grail Kings/Queens.  The latter are no longer semi‑living temporal vehicles, as are those held in memata, but do contain enough ‘living’ genetic material to still hold a specific point in this grid.  One such node is the burial mound of the Grail King Hymet.[1]  All of these ‘lesser’ points have highly charged energy fields which have been set around them for various purposes.

Returning to the story of the Mazur and the Oak Island labyrinth.  It would seem to have ended when the twenty‑two Mazur, who accompanied the suspended corporeal forms of the three kings and the sacred stone across the Atlantic for the last time, intermarried with the indigenous peoples of Nova Scotia.  However, this is far from the end of the story.  In fact, it has yet to come to completion in the history of mankind.  The Hyperborean‑Atlantean Mazur were spread throughout the world, intermarrying with many peoples and races by that time.  However, some of the Mazur chose to keep their blood relatively pure.  The original purpose for maintaining this purity was to assimilate pure spiritual consciousness, through genetic passage into the whole spectrum of human evolution.  This is where true spiritual consciousness had originally resided, but had been lost to the majority of the people on the planet.

However, resurrection of this genetic path, for spiritual consciousness to enter the earth, had to be accomplished in a fashion which was aligned to the greater divine timing and plan.  Thus, knowledge of the Grail Apis grid was given to the ‘elect’ guardians of Grail wisdom.  As the ages progressed, others came into knowledge of certain aspects of that wisdom, and therefore sought to fit the pieces together.  Some of these souls made intentional journeys to specific points on the grid, including Oak Island, for the purpose of initiatic integration with the consciousness that was being sustained therein.  Certain sacred Orders in various cultures have been given access to the labyrinths of the Grail Apis at later periods in time, where they placed sacred texts and objects.  They did this not only as a repository for future generations, but as an insertion within the Grail Apis grid of the vibrational knowledge that these texts and objects represented.  Whatever is placed within such a matrix radiates its stored vibrational wisdom into the planetary mind.

Thus, there were several pilgrimages to Nova Scotia and Oak Island by esoteric Orders


[1]  Ref: see the  article entitled ‘The Grahiel,’ subheading ‘June 19,’ in Volume 98 Temple Doors, for further insight into the incarnation of Hymet.


seeking entry into its hallowed space.  These Orders came bearing their sacred forms as insertions into the greater grid of which the labyrinth of Oak Island was a part.  As an example, one of these insertions came as the result of a joint Egyptian‑Mayan effort approximately 600 years after the Atlantean deluge.  We quote from some previously unpublished material revealed to us over two years ago to demonstrate the concepts:

**Lord Chulupai was a Star‑born/Mayan lord or king at what is the current location of Chichen‑Itza.  His Queen was called Lady Amaluxal.  Three‑Hawk was an Egyptian emissary who transported Solarian codices from Egypt and delivered them into the hands of Lord Chulupai.  These codices were the missing links to the Mayan’s sacred TAXILITHI, or cosmic pattern that placed the divine seed of human experience at the center of the universe.  Both the Mayans and the Egyptians contained the same ‘Solar Lord’ consciousness pattern in their cultural genetics.  These codices allowed the Mayan pattern to be completed, thereby linking the two cultural amorpha.**[1]

The Record of Thoth later revealed that emissaries were sent from the Mayan lands to Nova Scotia, in order to place these combined codices within the labyrinth of Oak Island, shortly after Three‑Hawk delivered them unto the hands of Lord Chulupai.  Once this was accomplished, the vibrational knowledge‑form inherent in these codices could be ‘broadcast’ through the Grail Apis grid, along with the other codes placed within it.  It would be a study unto itself to examine the corollaries between these codices and that which has been revealed concerning the Adam Kadmon codes within this grid, being held by the suspended corporeal forms of Enochian Masters.  Suffice it to say, there is a corollary harmonic that serves the planetary evolution.

Another episode in history which demonstrates the ongoing work within the Grail Apis grid is revealed in the following information on the Sinclair family activity.


[1]  An amorpha is a primary consciousness cell.  Thus, cultural consciousness represents an amorpha, major religious expressions represent amorpha, countries represent amorpha, et cetera.


The original name of the Sinclair family was ‘Saint Clair,’ meaning “guardians of the Holy Light, or Sanctus Clarus.”  Historical documents have also emerged which verify that Henry Sinclair embarked upon a voyage to the Americas sometime between 1396 and 1400‑‑at least 92 years previous to Columbus’ journey to the continent.  There is a great deal of speculation as to why he went and what he did.  The Record of Thoth indicates that Henry Sinclair established a Grail community in Nova Scotia.[1]  There were other factors which instigated the formation of this hidden colony in the New World besides religious persecution in Europe.  One of these factors is that as a guardian of the holy Light, Henry Sinclair knew about the Oak Island labyrinth, and at least some of the concepts relating to the New Zion, which the North American continent was to become.  The colony he established was located at a place named ‘The Cross’ on the Gasperau River, which is approximately mid‑way between the Oak Island in Mahone Bay and the Oak Island in the Bay of Fundy.[2]

According to European records, Henry Sinclair would have had to be back in Scotland by August of 1400, as that is his declared date of death.  The Record of Thoth reveals that Henry did return briefly to Scotland for a shipload of women and children and certain other persons.  He returned with them to the location of the hidden colony, where he died of a lung infection in the year 1402.  The historical reference to him having been killed in battle is not a historical blunder, but a purposeful distortion of the facts, designed to keep Henry’s absence from Scotland from generating curiosity and/or speculation.

Henry and his ‘inner circle’ at the hidden colony were able to physically enter the Oak Island labyrinth.  They placed certain texts therein, which were in danger of being destroyed by the religious persecution then raging in Europe.  Some of these works had been in the safe keeping of the Templars and Cathars, amongst others.  There were also certain religious relics which he deposited in the labyrinth.  Henry supervised a re‑shoring of the Oak Island ‘lesser labyrinth,’ including the pit.  The latter had become more of a decoy, to divert unwanted attention from the true entrance, than an initiatory passage as it had originally been used for by Henry’s time.


There is much more which could be related concerning the function of the Pyriethum at Lake Moeris, Egypt, outside its relevance to the Grail Apis grid directly.  In brief, one could envision it as a master control mechanism for the entire Solar Table complex upon the Giza Plateau.  The Solar Table is a main modulation matrix for anchoring and evolving the solar consciousness envelope, not only of the earth, but of this entire solar system.  As such, it must work interactively with the Adam Kadmon template.  In its interaction with the Grail Apis grid, the Pyriethum at Lake Moeris utilizes the Adam Kadmon information stored within the Grail Apis, to help stabilize the operations it performs with the Solar Table.  In turn, the Pyriethum at Lake Moeris also feeds highly charged signals from the Solar Table back into the Adam Kadmon information stored in the Grail Apis, helping to update that information and evolve those codes ever closer to their pure original form.


[1]  Ref: the Record of Thoth agrees with Michael Bradley, author of Holy Grail Across the Atlantic on this point.

[2]  Michael Bradley conjectured ‘The Cross’ to be the location of the hidden colony in his book Holy Grail Across the Atlantic, and this was confirmed by the Record of Thoth.


The Oak Island matrix, as a ‘lesser’ appendage of the Grail Apis grid, also receives this infusion from the Solar Table via the Lake Moeris Pyriethum.  The Adam Kadmon information being stored in the Oak Island matrix is not as pure as that in the four Pyriethum labyrinths.  It does, however, bring differing aspects of the planetary consciousness into contact with the Pyriethum/Solar Table dynamic, allowing a more graceful evolution of those human consciousness factors in the process.


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    Thank you for all you’re doing and I’m so happy you have such inspiration in your life!
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