By William Buehler

SHAMIR DESCRIPTION:  “The ‘Worm’ will bore into the center of the Tree of Life  and Light will pour out as if from a golden wound into the center of every heart.” (Thoth/Maia)

The “Shomar” keeps the way to the Tree of Life… Gen 3:24.  If we can become OF and AS the Shamir/Shomar we can use the Gate and Eden State and Systems in the real Metatronic ELOHIM Streaming… the New Race can generate. This is a World Wide program in which we can participate as the “Ground Crew.”

The SHAMIR streams to “every heart.”  All hearts can be the center of human red blood cells to galactic centers… every Being that has a heart chakra. The Shamir’s archetypal image is a human head peering out of serpent mouth… the human representation (possibly a symbol of a human state) might be used.  The Shamir unifies with all bodies of human but does not merge.  The Shamir resonates with the primary El-Rod (“Rod of the Lords”).  This “Rod” is the central axis of the Reshel geometric form with its center in the implosion point and blue hole located in the ULTA or Neutra-Universe, including the central Horizon of Thoth.

The BLUE HOLE is the resultant of the Black and White Hole dynamic. This generates both fields of the Reshel inside the two event horizons.  The El-Rod extends between the expanded two outer Zayin poles in the Reshel geometry.  The two Resh poles create the two grail versions of the Reshel format which contains all of the programs projected from the central Horizon of Thoth. The El-Rod resonates with the Zoii Pillar as the Tree of Life… there is No-Thing in the Pillar other than LIFE.  The first Form-Pillar is the “Chori” fire-pillar resonating with the Tree of Knowledge of Ra and Towb.  The heart of the tree is the Blue-Hole center.  The Reshel system is one state of being and system used by the Shamir, but an important one.

This Metatronic Reshel system permits the Shamir (in its merged state with the human) to access all realms in all times.  Also to communicate with any agency, working with the human or group.   The core of this system is the Eye of Ra that has been observed to be found in Shamir Golden Pillar-Tubes.  The human inside this tube (or Shamir) unifies with the Shamir by embodying the Eye of Ra and thereby also using the Shamir’s El-Rod state and capability.  The Shamir can penetrate any form or dismantle (smash) any form.  This also correlates with the Flashing Universe dynamic.  It can engrave (that is, program) any surface of any object or system-format.  The unification of human and Shamir is possible thru the linkage of the two heart centers in the Tree of Life and the human, group or galaxy.

If Eden represents the New Earth and Metatronic Universe, the Garden represents specific formats which could be a galaxy, group or human.  The Garden contains a Gateway field described in Genesis 3:24 which is a unity of Cherubim and a Flaming

Sword of Chor-Fire that turns in all directions.  This ‘Keeps the Way’ to the Tree of Life.’  The word for ‘keep’ is ‘Shamir’ or ‘Shamor’ (spelled the same).  Therefore, the Shamir ‘keeps the way’ to the Tree of Life.  The Shamir opens the eye and ‘watches.’  This open eye also correlates with the Eye of Ra in a creation stream.  The Eden Shamir Stream projects from the center of the tree where the Shamir stream state of being is Elohim.  The stream projects the fruit or seed of the tree.

The Adam (new race, androgynous model), is polarized as Eve, as the feminine pole relating to Adam as the male pole.   Eve is the life-giver within this system.  Adam is the male linkage to and as the Elohim “Image.”  These two, Eve and Adam, both unify with the Elohim state and body (Tree) by eating the seed-fruit and become Gods (Elohs.)  The Shamir Stream then continues to form the Eden Garden Gate as the “Keeper.”

The humans who were ‘ejected’ from the Metatronic-Eden into the Orotronic continuum outside of Eden (by using the Fall Factor) return to Eden having created the New Race and must now return to Eden AS the new race.  This is the return flow of the Shamir Stream.

It is believed that the proper use of the Eye of Ra in Ascension projects is in alignment with the correction of the Kali-Rift.  The use of the Eye of Ra by Light Groups should be emphasized, thereby facilitating group process in the expanding depth of Ascension programs streaming into the collective mind-soul.

The symbol of the El-Rod could be the image of the Eye of Ra between two parallel lines representing the golden tube-pillar of the Shamir.  This also symbolizes the Reshel where the outer tube is the Reshel form and the inner Eye of Ra is the living unity of the human and Shamir.  (This is also symbolized in the format for using the Shamir.)  This system can resonate with many Ascension programs and states, ranging from constellations in galaxies to the small Shamir form as a gem-star within the human blood.

Use of the Eye of Ra unified field can link into any dimension or continuum in past or future or non-linear time.  The Eye of Ra permits greater stability, accuracy, detail, extended range, Divine levels in any of its applications.  This is possible thru the Divine nature and state of the Shamir.

Although the Shamir is an ancient archetype that is upgraded in every age, it is now at it’s highest level, relatively, in the present expanding stream of ASCENSION programs being embodied by crop formations and other major events happening now… (Sept, Oct 2015.)  The two Cosmic waves supporting this stream synergically is the unified state of the two gamma ray pulses of ‘Wave X’ and the Vault of Orion Stream (which arrived 1 August, 2015.)

The grounding of these two streams are organized by the crop formations: 1) The two formations in Orion’s belt which also includes the formation, in the relative Vault of Orion position, and 2) the Ennead formation, with associated grids, organizing all the programs dating back to the Chualar formation in California on Dec. 31, 2013.

At this time (going into the September workshop) group work continues under ENNEAD supervision in the consolidation of these programs within the intensifying Stream now grounding the two Gamma Ray waves.

This program, as described, represents the Eden Garden Gate state of being and energetic merkaba wherein the New Race-Shamir returns into the Eden field to create the New Garden which for us correlates with the New Earth Star as well as the New Race form and state.  This concept is the central theme for the September workshop, which we will approach in our usual open-ended method of group process, overseen by the appropriate inner-planes mentors.

A recent development in the expansion of the ENNEAD grid was the connection of that grid with Camelot and the power of the Round Table with the physical location in the castle in Castletown, Isle of Man.  The destiny stone fragment installed under the Round Table still exists as a major planetary power point, grounding the total sixteen Grail King State of Being, empowering the Ennead system.  This new expansion is due to the upgrade of the large ARIAT grid.  The axis of this grid is thru the Camelot point and is known as the El-Rod axis, also the Shamir for this system.  This system has a grail that is being continually reprogrammed by the streaming of the Cardigan Bay Grail created by the Anglesey Man that is linked into Alba-On (Great Britain) and the numerous grids in the (British) Isles of Alba-On.  These grids also include the total evolution of all crop formation programs and states extended to include the European systems expanded to worldwide systems linked together by Shamir dynamics.

The major systems created through the formation grids is a large hex-cell grid identified by Flower of Life crop formations.  This hex-cell contains most of Europe and extends thru the planet, representing a double honeycomb system.  The honeycomb system is the Ulta or Neutra Universe dynamic for all Planetary-Racial Ascension programs within our present and immediate future range.  This appears to be, at this time the most powerful system that we can conceive of that can be used also by humans who are also assisted by their Shamir unified states of being.

This type of system has a single central pole as a Blue Hole, programming a large Horizon of Thoth.  The axis for this system, which is a Reshel system, can be rotated in any direction and as the Flaming Sword in the Eden Gate can form a sphere of CHOR  fire and resonate with an active Eden Gate.

A system this powerful, within a Divine state of being, can use the El-Rod (Shamir) to connect with any, or many, star systems within non-linear time.  This ability (we believe) can facilitate all planetary programs in the critical programs stabilizing the Kali-rift as described in reference:

This also relates to the present operation of the CERN Project in the necessary correction of the Kali-Rift very serious problem.  This major correction appears to be a focus for most or all of the present major system vectors within Non-Linear Time happening now.

This expanded view requires us to understand the Honeycomb System in a larger context than we have before.  The Honeycomb System is made of two halves, where the two outer planes represent the two planes of a “teleplane” centered by the Horizon of Thoth, and the Blue Hole that continuously feeds that Horizon.  The Horizon of Thoth plane is a system of rhombic Eyes of Ra that are created as the interface planes connecting three hex-cells in one half of the honeycomb with one hex-cell in the other half.  Therefore, to be able to extend one hex-cell thru the planet, having the Horizon of Thoth Blue Hole in the center of the planet, we need to have two opposed and co-existant honeycombs where the single hex-cell in one system links with the opposite hex-cell in the second system. This give us an effective dual Horizon of Thoth.  At the level that we are working, the one teleplane (or Event Horizon) in one half can correlate with the other Event Horizon where one will represent the Heliomar (all star systems as one continuum) and the other as the Emerald Mar (all Worlds in one continuum.)

This huge system is operative only through the Shamir Eyes of Ra in the unified Horizons of Thoth in the middle of the Honeycomb “ULTA” Creation Realm.  It is believed that this type of system can usefully permit Earth (with all it’s systems) to most effectively link with the Confederation of 40-Worlds that we are a part of.  This Confederation appears to be duplicated many times by other 40-World groups.  This also appears to be resonate with  Light Principle 40 (LP-40) that seems to be the foundational base for the creation of the new continuum in all respects.

The main element connecting all of these states and systems is the Shamir.  We can expand our understanding of the Shamir by using the Hebrew alphabet number-letters and the original picture-glyphs used in each letter.  The Shamir appears in many of these glyphs.  The primary Shamir letter is ‘nun’, (#50), that is drawn as a zig-zag line or Shamir-Serpant symbol, unified with the letter ‘he’ (#5) drawn as an enthroned human with both hands raised.  This represents the High Self, relative to letter ‘dallet’ (#4) drawn as a fish.  This represents the lower soul level that ‘swims the waters of time.’ (Mem, #40).

‘Nun’ and ‘He’ represent the unified Adam (New Race) as “Elohim” with the Shamir in the Eden scenario.  The letter ‘Nun’ is coded in the spelling of the words “Eden’ and ‘Gan’ as the Garden.  Therefore, the Shamir, as Nun, is also found in the definition of the Universe template symbolized by Eden.  Eden is coded by the two letters ‘Aleph’ and ‘Ayin’ with ‘Dallet’ and ‘Nun.’  We can interpret ‘Eden’ as the Divine Aleph functioning with the Goddess as Zayin (#7) and Ayin (#70) as the “Lower Soul” specializing in managing TEMPORAL (Time) Realities.

Thus Dallet, the Fish, is the soul level that can embody the new race in temporal World states.  The letter Nun, unified with this human state, then anchors the greater Shamir stream in the center of Eden.  This streaming is also found as the river that streams Eastward to create four rivers, or Shamirs, in the Garden.

The garden: “gan”, G-N, combines the Shamir-Nun, with the letter Gimel (#3), which is drawn as a right-angle, 90 degree bend, representing the “L” or Eye of Ra time-gate function.  This continues the Shamir Stream from the Eden center through the Tree of Life Center in the Garden, thru the Gateway.

This dynamic is vital in any study of Genesis where the Oritronic Fall-Factor has been eliminated from the Genesis coding.  This study should be made as soon as possible in that it describes a level of the Ascension programs now feeding into the Planet-Human Mind-Soul.

Thoth directed our attention to this project when he described the Shamir using Genesis formats.  This study of Eden should also include Mose’s ‘Opening of the Reed-Sea,’ where the ‘reeds’ are the hollow tubes representing the Shamir energetic form.   The “Opening” created by Moses and his Staff (Shamir) is the ULTA Field wherein the 12 Tribes are basically programmed to process thru the 40 years (representing LP-40).  This, in turn, leads to the creation of Canaan, thru the Aaron state and link.

Moses or “Moshe” means: “Withdrawn from the Waters.”  (“Waters” relate to a Time Continuum.”)  Moshe holds the position beyond time that feeds into the essential state of Canaan.  This assumption is necessary to begin the studies of the Judeo-Christian dynamics.  It is emphasized that the ULTA Field, basic to this program, is contained within the Reed Sea, where the ‘sea’ is a time continuum formed by a complex unity of Shamir states and systems that then will unify with the New Human that is being programmed thru the 12 tribes, including Aaron, fed thru the ALTA center.

This basic description of the Shamir can be appreciated in how this has been developed in recent Lightwork.  An example of the Shamir has it formed as three basic cord-systems in a spiral three-fold golden cord around the planet.  This forms a Shamir Oroboros where the tail generates the Shamir ring with the head’s mouth centered by the end of the tail.  The mouth contains a tongue with three points.  The eyes of the Shamir are creation systems.  The body of the Shamir can contain an infinite number of programs.  This planetary ring can then link with any smaller Oroboros ring in the planet by fitting into the smaller ring at the two points of connection.  This image of the two rings has the primary planet ring at an angle to the smaller ring, thus creating the two energetic poles, anywhere in the planet.

This Shamir cording or spiral-cord ring has had numerous applications, most recently experienced as an Ennead El-Rod axis from a 36-pole Seraphic-Ring formed within a chamber within the planet, which included group members each empowered with and as a Seraphic Flame Shamir.  The group members are representing the planetary human state which is also being further developed in the application of the Ennead crop formation, where this is centering an extensive ENNEAD grid-matrix.

These ENNEAD grids include two large “L” grids linking the Holy Isle of Ruta in the deep Atlantic and also the Mazur-Chief Chamber in Oak Island, Nova Scotia, with the Camelot-Grail state and dynamic fed into both L’s by several crop formations that appeared as birds.  The birds are a collective symbol of the ‘Solarians’ which is a group of Stellar Beings supervising all 20 cycles involved in creating the New Race and New Earth (this is a Universal Project.)

This ENNEAD system continues to expand in a universal format focused in the Planet and Race as a vital part of the very intense, complex program installing in the Planet now.  This present, large event is creating a radical new start of the ASCENSION at a level not only combining all 20 Cycles but is also attuned to a dynamic free-will stream of human interaction in non-linear time.  This extreme demand on humanity is possible with that same demand of the Shamir state in it’s unity with the New Race being developed by the Solarians and other agencies.   The New Race is a synergic unity of the higher levels of the human, angelic and elemental realms.  The Shamir facilitates the interaction and unification of these three states and their many advanced energy systems.


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