Osiris Bird

Some tribes in Africa call it the Osiris Bird. The colors (violet/pink and blue) are totally related to the vibration of the Blue Star Kachina and Orion. I remember once, while taking some vacations at a jungle in Mexico, it was sunset and I saw a flock of beautiful birds flying across the sky, hundreds of them. I started dancing and singing, and unconsciously started to imitate those birds with my arms, and I sang a mantra I had never known before: OM TZEM RA MIN TZO. When Maia asked Thoth about the meaning if this strange words, he said it meant: “Ascending or Flying towards a new octave of creation, or a new octave of existence”. This wonderful Osiris Bird made me remember that mantra, and made me want to dance! – Kaylasa Jaguarstar, guardian for Red Queen Host Skull


As the OSIRIS penetrates the Violet Ray into this center space, so “He” – OSIRIS – the RISEN ONE – He who offered up the LIGHT of I’shoa on the Cross – will then ascend through the VIOLET FLAME into the Higher Heaven of the 8th Octave, as the FIRE STAR KACHINA, carrying ALL the Kokopelli codes back to the Greater Creatrix. This ACT [the process outlined by Thoth here – of ascending through the Violet Flame] is the Dance of the Fire Star Kachina.

Say the ancient texts of this event . . .

“I AM the O’SIR’RIM Peacock Dancer – the FIRE STAR of the 8th House with the 12 Pillars. The SHIMMER of my STAR  FEATHERS reveals the EYE OF HORUS – the SUN of SUNS. It is through His Eye of Perfection and Light that the 144,000 shall pass into the Realm of Splendour.”
– from the text of O’SIR’RIM – Early Alta-Egyptos
[migrators from Atlantis to Egypt]


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