Hosts & Guardians

The following a brief listing of Dweller Hosts and their Guardians who are presently part of the Osiris Arising Project. Links go to more info on each. The combination name which appears in parentheses after the name of the Dweller in which that Being’s skull was crystallized, is the name Thoth has given to represent the combined dynamics of the Dweller with it’s Host.


MORIANNA (Treasure Keeper) – guardian Jeremiah Pathwalker

ASKUMAL (Star Cross) – guardian Michael Henry Dunn

NII’TWEE (Icelandia) – guardian Cindy O’Connell (Jahana Chundra)

MIR’AB MA’NA (Thunder Star) & KA’RIIM MA’NA (Lightning Star) – guardian Debra Denker

ZALUMACHA (Bee Queen) – guardian Katrina Armstrong

RASKAEL (Sea Hawk) – guardian Jennifer Church

MALAMAMU (Whale Speaker) – guardian Ondrea Lynn

ARMFORTAS (Rising Tide) – guardian Michael Agape

TYRINCHA (Moon Wings) and TOUSKHIS (Sun Stone) – guardian Ana IB

APUSIKA (Bread of Life) – guardian Valorie Farber

KARASAKAN (Whirling Light) – guardian Quaram Lexus (Bart)

MARUSHA (Magic Mirror) – guardian Alison McLean

SLA’U’MASH (The Proclaimer) – guardian Kathleen Millar

MEMTAPH (Star Caster) & KHRISTAPHA (Anointing Angel)– guardian Samantha Stargates Young

MATA NAMU (Roseheart) – Guardian Sheila Murphy

SULUMASH (Rainbow Enchantress) & SURNALEIS (Diamond Fire) – guardian is Pamela Minton

SAMU’LING (ImagiNation) – guardian is Eunjung Choi

RAINA MIYTARA (Moon Shadow) – guardian is Raven Sinclaire

ANBA (Crystal Serpent) & ACUMUL (Lightning Path) – guardian is Patricia Buffandeau

LA’NU’KII (Blue Star Mother) – guardian is Sandra Lewallen

ILUM’SATCHA (The Red Queen) – guardian is Kaylasa JaguarStar

OR’RA’SHAK (Keeper of the Way) – guardian is Edie Cooper


Maia’s “family” of Hosts

Atu’La Hunuapepe (The White Queen) – she was also Nephthys – sister of Isis and Mari Magdalene) [one / two ]

ISIS (Lady of the Lake) – one of her incarnations was Anna, Mother of Mari and grandmother of I’shoa)

OSIRIS (The Risen One)

THOTH (The Alchemist)

ODUMA (The Magician)

ISARA (Holy Flame)

 KLUKAPEK (Vision Serpent)




The capstone addition to the main Dweller assembly on Kaua’i is The Horus Bearer

The Tampa Nangu Guardian – Holos


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