Hosting Altars

The altars for the Hosting Crystal Skulls. We have these posted here for persons wishing to attune to the energies of the various Hosting grids…and of course for the guardians of Host Skulls to better connect to one another and the Skulls.

(Galleries click on first image to scroll through)

Maia’s main Osiris Arising matrix


Pamela Minton’s Altar – Host Sulumash Rainbow Enchantress.


Patricia Buffandeau’s Altar – Hosts Anba Crystal Serpent and Acumul Lightning Path- among other crystal skulls seen here


Kaylasa Jaguarstar’s Altar – Host Ilum’Satcha Red Queen


Sandra Lewallen’s Atar – Host La’Nu’Kii Blue Star Mother



Raven Sinclaire’s Ceremony & Altar for Host Raina Miytara Moonshadow


Edie Cooper’s Altar for Or’Ra’Shak Keeper of the Way


Eunjung Choi’s Altar for Samu’Ling ImagiNation



Samantha Stargates Young’s Altar for Memtaph Star Caster




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