Setting the New Matrix


For the Osiris Arising Crystalline Matrix in Crestone, Colorado

A small gathering of friends and I set up the matrix in my home. This brought the whole Osiris Arising Matrix into the energetic field here of the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Grid – and direct attunement to the Sacred AN within the Crest In The Stone mountain.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures during the event!

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The Shining Mantle

A previous article I wrote on the Sacred An contains this information on the ISIS EYE: The “Shamballah Gates” are the point in the center of the Isis Eye where all points of the Eye meet. It is here that the Gate lies to the Shamballah field…the path of Ascension for universal systems.

The upper and lower Triangles of the Isis Eye actually become conic rotational vortexes when the Shamballah is activated. This Gate has phases of operation.

Sending – sending a signal or tone of its Light and Perfection out to the many Star Trees in the universe.
Passive – the STILL POINT of collecting focus.
Receiving – Drawing through the Gate the Light codes and star matter, transferring into Light Quantum all decimals of the ONE.
AT THE CENTER OF EVERY BLACK HOLE IS A SHAMBALLAH GATE. However, there are lesser Shamballah Gates, depending upon the pattern formation of the Isis Eyes, as these Eyes are in motion and changing positioning among themselves. The size of the Isis Eyes varies from immense to microscopic.

Light Merkabah traveling through the universes and those often seen in Earth’s skies use the Isis Eyes for their transport fields…and the Shamballah Gates as that point where they move through inter-dimensionally.

The Sacred AN or Ark interfaces with the Shamballah Gates in order to create a energy mantle for recalibration of Earth’s entire energy field. This process is then transferred to the Mother ARK in the New Earth, as all “arks” as created as working crucibles for Divine Light Mathematical re-calibrations via the Strallilium.

Arc of Metatron 777

The Ark of AN (Ark of Grace)
as told by §ThothHorRa§

One of the Temple Houses in the Ark An’Sophur complex – art by Maia

In the Ancient of Days upon the Earth so there was established in the Land of Syn (Sinai) a Thresholding for the Most Sacred Fire – the Ark of AN. It had been brought from Tibet to Atlantis and now it came to be the Foundation for the Pillar of Light upon a mountain (Mount Moses /Sinai) in Syn.

The Ark of AN, like other arks was a device which emitted both extremely high and extremely low energy. It could be used for communion with Ultra Beings as well as for purposes of healing. All the arks had the power to temporarily shut off the electromagnetic field in a living thing – if it were touched by the life form or was within a pulsing…

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The All-Seeing Eye

Since my recent posts on Osiris Arising are on the different EYE frequencies, I am reblogging this article I wrote on The Crystalline Matrix awhile ago.

Tribelight Station

Upon the Cathedral in Aachen, Germany. Thoth considers this cathedral very central to sacred geometry and ley lines on the planet.

The All-Seeing Eye on the dollar bill has become the boogie-man for many, believed to be a symbol of the Masons and by proxy then, the Illuminati. The other day this symbol came up in a Life Pulse session I was doing, and I was reminded of all Thoth has revealed to me on this subject. This prompted me to address some of it here, with the readers of Tribelight Station.

First, I wish to say that Thoth does not like me to use the name “Illuminati.” He has told me repeatedly that it is not  a true title for anything or anyone, and what it is generally applied to – those in control of the hidden agendas of the world – is not appropriate.  According to Thoth, there is no…

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Maia Interviewed on Ascension Dynamics

Raven Sinclair Interviews Maia Nartoomid – 08/09/16


Listen to First Interview Here


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Raramura – Isle of the Mother Sun

The Crystalline Matrix



Early this morning, August 4th, 2016, I had a dream I can barely remember…but I knew it was “real.” It was about an island being formed NOW on some earth dimension. Night before last, I had another “real” dream, filled with information I cannot remember at all – only the feeling of having the dream. I know these dreams are connected.

So at the moment I write this, I am moving into the Thoth Akasha to retrieve the information that was in these dreams, beginning with the last one about the island.

First this is what I do remember from the dream…

There were Beings of Light I could not see, creating an island on the surface of the Earth. It seemed to be that they were applying the same “technology” used to create crop circles. First, they were place down an energetic mapping of all the nodes of…

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The Amarata and Mari Magdalene


Amarata-copper Amarata Medallion


In doing a Zoom session for a client, I received that she had been incarnated in France – in or near the town of Rennes le Baines. Her grandmother had been given a small medallion by Mari Magdalene, during the latter’s time in France. (note: according to the Thoth Akasha, Mari only spent a few years there. She would eventually travel to Ephesus, Turkey to be with Mother Mari and both are buried there.)

The medallion given to the girl’s grandmother by Mari was then given to the granddaughter by her grandmother. I have created an artwork in which I re-create this simple medallion – although I saw it with the symbol very worn down by many hands caressing it through the years. I received that this symbol was the Amarata – meaning (as closely as I can come to it) the forge of the heart. The…

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Re-Mapping of the Hologram

The re-mapping of our World Hologram has begun. Thoth Intelligence differentiates between WORLD Hologram and EARTH Hologram here.  The Earth Hologram is formed of the Sacred Gematria of our Planetary Soul. WORLD Hologram is what the mass consciousness has created and wraps itself in like a security blanket (a lot of thumb sucking going on in there lol).

Last month my inner planes mentor ThothHorRa pointed me to the dates of July 23-28th as a major “flip and dip” period. The collective paradigm is “flipped” to non-traction and the “dip” comes as we go into free-fall, leaving our Blankys behind!

So what are we feeling?

Initially for those of us who tack “Lightworker” to our identity, it will be just another big pressure-weirdness period as we adjust our etheric-sensitive systems to one more deep dive…going into some compression time.

For those less awake in etheric bodies sensation, they will feel it too, but more in the emotional spectrum, with some major physical symptoms here and there. Yes, the “Lightworkers” category have to wade through some emotional soup as well, but it is a more conscious act…most of us know something is moving and we need to move with it.

The broader populace could get pretty out there in emotional response, with fear and anger rushing them on.

Where is this going?

“Re-mapping” starts with de-fragging all the old or dark programs. That is what these 6 days are about – De-Frag City!

It is no coincidence that in this period the Democratic Convention is active. It is all part of the Tea Party – not the Republican one, but more of a  Mad Hatter. There is a knarly KNOT at the center of the DNC and this has to be undone in the de-frag process. Once this knot is undone…well, more de-fragging, but now it will have less chaos in it’s strokes.

The whole re-mapping is really embedded in the ARISING OF OSIRIS. Thoth Intelligence has shown me that the Body of Osiris as a human pure state Adam Kadmon template, quite literally will be re-mapped into the WORLD Hologram. It is already in the Earth Hologram, but latent until the WORLD receives it!

Thoth declares to me that “the Bridegroom is being made ready.” Those of you who keep up with my articles and videos know about the King of the Sun / Queen of the Sun dynamic I have been talking about.

The King will soon enter the Building – the wave form Thoth is calling King of the Sun will embed into the Osiris Template within the EARTH Hologram. This will happen August 13th-15th. Then 16th-20th will be the entry of the Queen of the Sun wave form into the crystalline matrix of the planet, and dance with the King of the Sun wave form embedded into the Earth Hologram gamatria.

Once completed on August 20th, the whole presence (Earth Hologram Osiris gematria with King AND Queen wave forms giving it life) will come to the Gate of the World Consciousness and KNOCK.


Before we continue with the King-Queen Osirian Journey into the World platform, let us take a detour to the ancient temple-city of Abdyos, Egypt…

It would seem as though some Egyptians regarded it [the Osirion] as the Tomb of Osiris … But as the channel surrounding the island has never yet been freed of its water, despite the use of powerful pumps, and probably never will be, it is unlikely that the mystery of the Osirion will be solved. It will always remain one of the most breath-taking puzzles of Egyptology; a challenge for a future generation of Egyptologists who must really make an exceptional effort [emphasis added] … – source



Then we shall skip briefly across the sands to Luxor…

The Temple of Man

“In order for the indefinite volume of a sphere to become form, at least three directions must be defined, the polar axis and the four directions of the equatorial cross. This is the reason for the whole of the celestial mechanics, ordered by numbers that form a marvelous system and for which they are key.” Schwaller de Lubicz The Temple of Man – source

According to Thoth Intelligence, the Osirion at Abdyos contains a deeper chamber underground that is another “tomb of Osiris,” like the others linked to the main Vault of Osiris beneath the Great Pyramid. However, the Abdyos chamber is also linked to the Body of Man temple at Luxor.

These three: Vault of Osiris, Abdyos “Flower of Life Seed” chamber (urged to call it that), and the Body of Man temple at Luxor, compose the dynamic for the whole face-map of the Osiris “Body” template. This template is an aspect (a formation trigger) for the upgraded Adam Kadmon. This “upgrade” is intended to bring the missing codes in the DNA which were shut down by what many call the Annunaki during the DNA tampering. Understand that from the view of Thoth Intelligence, The Annunaki did not take their genes and put them into ape-like earth species and get US. Instead they took those from among the star races already here, and then mixed their DNA to get the original batch of humans they wanted. Later, they wished to dumb us down, so added a dash of Neanderthal into the cookie. (Perhaps not that exact species but close).

I don’t wish to get off-topic here, and I could easily do so following this path, so will reign myself back in for now.

A Fairytale

So Goldilocks aka (Earth Hologram Osiris gematria with King AND Queen wave forms giving it life) knocks on the Door of World Consciousness. Footsteps are heard on the other side of the door…a pause…someone starts to turn the handle, but…a voice shouts “Don’t let her in!”

Then Goldie hears a lot of scrabbling around, mumbling and threats under the breath. But the dear little girl stands strong. SHE knows who SHE is, and the importance of the mission she is upon. Could it be? Yes this Pure Golden Child carries the two wave forms dancing in unison within her, ready to birth OSIRIS into the WORLD!

Then she peers down to her feet and sees a little mouse’s whiskers peeking underneath the door. Timidly the whole creature appears, so small and meek. In his tiny hands he holds a single seed. He drops it in the dirt and it grows and grows! A giant tree (the tamarisk tree of Osiris?) soon reaches up in the sky! Our little Goldielocks thanks the mouse, hikes up her knickers and climbs the tree…just high enough to leap through a window to the floor below.

Once inside…you know what happens. She gives birth to a King and all live happily ever after!

END OF STORY. Well, not quite…

I told this story in my own words, but as I saw it in the Thoth Akasha. Perhaps I should have given the Divine Feminine the name of Isis instead of Goldilocks, but it just seemed to come out that way.

Elixis Mundi

The new Light Program of Osiris Arising…it also figures into this telling. If we place the arieopax / Isis Eye upon the form of Osiris as laid out in the Temple of the Body of Man at Luxor, we arrive at a Portal into the DNA. Yes indeed! One that activates the awakening of deeper levels in the human DNA, through the quickening of the M-stra Molecule. From this, the Divine World Elixir flows!

So full of the nectar of the World Soul (Earth-balanced wold platform), how do we as individuals, become Osirian-Born from our Isis (Goldilocks) Being?

Simeon Nartoomid writes in his recent article, Neutrinos and Souls

The neutrino’s nature is also an excellent way way to bear witness to the nature of our own soul beingness through the lens of modern science. The neutrino suggests a modality of higher beingness and consciousness which is taught in many of the ancient wisdom traditions

This modality is that our True Nature is indeed one of non-identity. We too, have the inherent ability to pass through all experiences without the need to retain any memory of anything but the love (Adamantine particles) and to remain neutral and aligned to our Core Self (neutrinos) which is beyond all the limited identities of the things we will be interacting with… including our our own body, personality and human beingness.

Another connection in the memunite crystals I wrote about some years ago…

These are small micro-crystals created by “mem” or what Yeshua through Glenda Green in her book Jesus Speaks calls “adamintine particles.” These particles are the sacred base substance that forms everything in the universe.

The memunite crystals are concentrated crystalline aggregates of the mem particles found in the “Holy Light of Christ” – that Christic effulgence of LOVE-LIGHT streaming from the Universal Christ, which also radiates out of the body of the supreme Christic Host, I’shoa/Yeshua/Jesus.

When you call upon the Holy Light of Christ, you are indeed calling upon memunite crystals to fill the Cup of your being!

These crystals are so small that they cannot even be viewed by our most powerful microscopes, yet their power (in numbers) is immense: for healing, balancing and transformation.

Elemental crystals are especially good receptacles for memunites, but they must be “called” into them by angelics or human souls. The Phi Crystals have a large quantity of memunites, placed there by the Amatrix Angels. The Amaru crystalline grid on the planet has been highly charged by the angelics with memunites, thus the Amaru Seed Crystals contain them as well – determined by the amount of grid charge they receive via the human charging the seed crystals. see article with links


I was about to conclude this article, just going to add some images, and I found this video by Danny Wilton. I am a “fan” of all his videos. I am very interested how he superimposes the Luxor “Man” with St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Thoth led me some years ago, through the Vatican…beneath into the chambers. Quite impelling.


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