Dance of the Mata Lii

I was shown a circle of women dancing about the Sacred AN in it’s Thresholding Chamber within Crest In The Stone (Mt. Challenger, Sangre de Christo mountains of Crestone, Colorado).

I was told by my inner-planes mentor, ThothHoRa, that this was indeed real…within the slightly removed dimension of Thoth’s Retreat inside Crest In The Stone.

These women are Guardians of the AN, who perform specific energy ceremonies with the AN-Ark inter-dimensional merkabah.

Their purpose is not a religious one. They tap into the energetic field of the AN and through their ministrations, keep it in sync with this reality world (in which we live), and maintain it’s dynamic properties.

I created the following video to impart the essence of just one of their services with the AN . These are the fourteen women known as the Mata Lii. They are an extension of the ancient priestess-guardians of the AN at Mount Sinai.


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From the Old Crestone Files

During my seven years in Crestone, Colorado in the 1990’s – I return on February 20th.


Q: Can you give us some information on the specific function of the
Crestone/ San Luis Valley Crown Gate and what we might experience here as an
example of what these specific functions and experiences might be?

THOTH: The Crown Gate serves as a meeting point between Human and Devic
experience both merging with Angelic consciousness bringing these threefold into an
experiential reality. This will be a place of transformation for many back into their
original-future physical forms through their Sunoma bloodlines. Many humans will be drawn here to transmorph into their fairy/elfin bodies or variations thereof. A strong connection will develop between the Valley of the Golden Disc and both Tibet and Great Britain. The Masters and high Devas from these two other planetary regions will merge with the consciousness fields unfolding in the Golden Disc area. The Tibetan connection is already very strong, with the Celtic/Devic soon to be manifesting more strongly through the “Dream Corridor” established by the Native
Americans. The Crown Gate is the place of Devic/Angelic infusion through the sacred
blood energetic into the physical elementation.

Q: Are there any procedures that individuals living within the Golden Taya
areas can utilize to facilitate the higher etheric work being done to prepare these areas for
LP-40 or to link the vibration of that area to others?

THOTH: Souls in the Golden Taya regions would do best to focus primarily on their
Heart ascension and enjoin this personal energetic with those in their immediate
consciousness field. There will be certain Light Workers within these Golden Sections
that will be called upon to perform specific functions such as anchoring Templa Mar
grids, Earth healing, etc., linking with other areas would fall within whatever specific Light service was being given. It would be difficult to correctly give an overall outline for this work as
each Golden Taya area calls forth different functions and directives. Many Souls will
enter these Golden Taya Allotments with their main purpose being to anchor Metatronic
Light there.

Q: Would it be appropriate for the Souls now consciously anchoring Light
in these area to leave the areas for any prolonged period of time?

THOTH: They should be selective in their trips outside of these regions, but often it
may be part of their function to connect that particular Light encoding with other regions
and Souls. It would be best that journey outside the Golden Taya region be for specific
Light work.

Q: About a year ago, you gave the projected time frame of LP-40 to be
between the years 2015-2025, does this still appear to be accurate, and what are the best
avenues for individual Souls to assist the acceleration of this time frame?

Q: The projected time frame of 2015-2025 is a loose projection only. As the
ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of
consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move
forward or back in time. It is (also) true that we are not giving definitive information on this
timetable as we do not wish this information to be inserted into the planetary
consciousness at this time. Such an event may limit the co-creative participation of the
Souls involved.

The acceleration of the time frame will primarily depend on the Heart ascension
principle. We could give you information on this alignment as part of the program to
teach others, but even so it would not guarantee the Heart ascension. It would only be a
guideline of its true pathing.



It is now 20017 and no LP40 (Ascension) yet. Certainly some interesting stuff happening though…and on a bad day, one could equate it with the possible tell-tale signs that the end of the world as we know it, is at hand. I go back to Thoth on this one…

So Thoth, you said around 1994 that 2015-2025 is the projected time frame for LP40. Yet now I know (I did not then), that first we go through the “bridging” process of the Pyramdis Radius Matrix…which while is is starting is not yet in full swing. You also said at that time: ” As the
ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of
consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move
forward or back in time.”


Thoth: What is happening now, between 2015-2025 is a complete re-ordering of the fractured time line to the original wave form of the Ranna Time Wave. Where on that wave synchronization will the planet accept the full strobe of the Pyamidius Radius and then when, from that platform, will LP40 occur, is yet to be determined from within your planetary reality shell.

Maia: Well, 2025 is only eight years away. Is it still possible that we go through a whole Pyramidis Radius experience AND LP40 happens in that short period of time?

Thoth: When the planet fully is aligned within the PRM – those who are present within the frequency, will feel as if timelessness is upon them, and in that no-time, much will happen and they will experience it as a deep event….something that in linear time, would take years to build in the mind and emotional body. Yet it will be out-of-time. So yes, LP40 could take place before then end of 2025. Yet it will not at all be a certainty, as so many variations are still seeking resolution from the fractured time line.

There are also other factors to consider…

Imagine it is night and you are sleeping soundly in your bed. The clock is ticking, the cats are purring next to you and the fan is humming, cool air flowing around your body. You may be asleep, but your mind on some level, is still recording all these senses. Your mental processes are tabulating them, to tell you where you are…not only in space, but in time. While this is happening, you are experiencing a vivid dream. In the dream, you are in another place, with different sensory triggers, and moving through a completely different life experience. Both these worlds are within you, and both, while seemingly different, are synergically cooperating…they are exchanging basic, core information that is keeping you, as an entity together.

There is a similarity with the analogy I have just given you, with your current cognitive moments versus your experience of “Ascension”…and indeed existing in the New Earth Star itself. So you ask, “when might it happen.” I say to you perhaps you should present your question as, “when might I come to realize it is happening / has happened / continually happening?”



Seven Prophecies of the Star Eagles



These prophecies were given to me two days ago, after I read what I had written about the Crestone area in 1994. I had probably not read this since I wrote and published it!

So first as a preamble to the prophecies, I present an excerpt from a 1994 Temple Doors issue.

SO TO BEGIN WITH THE 1994 ARTICLE EXCERPT –  My current comments on certain portions will be proceeded by “2017” and highlighted and bold in red.  Highlighted and bold in purple, I give emphasis to certain statements in the article which I find especially important now.


I was given an article from the May, 1994 MUFON UFO JOURNAL entitled, “High Strangeness in a Colorado Valley”. To quote from this text:

In a relatively remote area of Southern Colorado lies the spectacular Sangre de Christo mountain range, who jagged 14,000-foot peaks thrust skyward from 7,000-foot valleys in roughly a north/south straight-edge. Recently declared a National Wilderness Area, the range holds more mysteries than just the rumors of Conquistador gold buried deep in seemingly bottomless caves at near the 12,000-foot level.

Long before white man ever came to the San Luis Valley, which is bordered by the Sangre de Christo to the east, Indians spoke of the “sky people” in “flying baskets” and of being led to safe underground caverns by the “ant people” during seismic upheavals. The valley, which is reputedly never seen conflict in the history of the world, is still considered sacred by numerous Indian tribes.

THOTH stated that an “ancient vortex” sealed away after Atlantis’ final collapse, is being re-opened in that region. They wished me to “facilitate” the installation and essential programming of a TEMPLA MAR at Crestone: an etheric temple linked through the main “Emerald Mar” temple anchored on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, to the inner plane capstone known as the “Telos.Aarkhara” (see TD issues 1/2 & 3/4-93 & 1/2-94). The new Templa Mar is to be called the Crestone Golden Star Temple. It will channel the Divine Soiarian Rays from the 3rd Millennium Golden Star Mazuriel, into the planetary consciousness of this 2nd ML reality. Mazuriel, according to TH/SUN, is the Creation Star of all the Soiarian Shepherd Race (from Earth, Orion, Pleaides, Sirius and other star fields). It is both in our future and in our past, but it is to the future it now calls us. All Earth’s humanity has both Niphilim and Solarian para-genetics and thus consciousness. It is our Solarian Mind that will lead us through the STARGATE of the Metatron into the full spectrum of our Pure Gem merkabah bodies. Once the STAR OF ISIS  (2017: Now the SHOLAR) enters the Work with the Vortex and the Crestone Golden Star Temple, Solarian Mind will begin to activate in what TH calls the “blow-hole” of the Vortex: the Great Sand Dunes (Great Sand Dunes National Monument) in the San Luis Valley. He relates that the crystalline sand of these dunes is charged by the Vortex with the “Memory Seeding” of our Golden Star heritage. Seekers will be summoned in the heart and mind to “return to the seeding ground” in order to receive memory from the quickening beads of crystal light.

2017: Here Thoth tells me that the beginning of this was indeed accomplished, but much more has taken place there since…and continues.

Some vital statistics on Crestone and its Sacred Valley: The San Luis Valley is surrounded by the San Juan (St. John) and Sangre de Christo (Blood of Christ) mountain ranges to the north, west and east, and the San Antonio Mountain to the south. It is a rural area, made up of several small towns on two major highways.

The air is virtually non-polluted, and the water is the cleanest in the state. It sustains a mild climate with winter temperatures averaging in the high teens and an average of 36 inches of snow per year. The average summer temperatures are in the mid- 60s, with a total of about 320 sunny days per year. It is one of the largest alpine valleys of the world. Crestone is at 8000 ft., but the solar radiation is intense, keeping the daytimes warm in winter.

There are five Spiritual Centers in Crestone (THOTH: “Crest in the Stone”). One of these is a major Tibetean Ashram which is an ongoing project expected to take twenty years to complete (it will include a university and a cultural center). It has been stated that the Crown Chakra of the planet is being transferred from Tibet to Crestone.

It is my understanding that the “Pink Pyramid”, the TEMPLAR, is to be situated near not far from Crestone. Over a year ago I was told that myself and certain ISIS TEMPLARS, would be working with the the setting of energetics for the capstone of this pyramid. The “blueprint” of the TEMPLAR was given to Dr. Norma Milanovich by the ascended master, KUTHUMI. I really know very little about this project, other than the TEMPLAR pyramid will be accessible to all Light Seekers of the world. The one video of Dr. Milanovich’s on the TEMPLAR which I viewed, gave several correlations with my Work, such as the use of the word “Templar”.

My project in Crestone with the Crestone Golden Star Temple will, I feel, create a synthesis through time (since all Templa Mars are time nodes) for the future TEMPLAR. As the CGS Temple will open a time corridor to the 3ML Mazuiel, this access will be a primary orientation for the TEMPLAR when it is constructed in this 2nd ML reality.

2017: Dr. Milanovich’s project was not able to take place, due to the fact that many people in the area were strongly opposed to it. They felt that the resultant publicity would bring a disastrous hoard of people into this sacred, and secluded area.

In Googling I could find nothing as to what happened with this project, but this article talks about the Templar Pink Pyramid. Of course, with Crestone now becoming the main center for the more esoteric faction of the Temple of the Order of Solomon (my Priory being The White Stone), this connection with the Templar Pink Pyramid seems to be still viable on some level.

Thoth now informs me that indeed it is. It’s energetic form is already in place. Whether or not it is ever built in the physical of this electromagnetic zone, it is a viable part of the Pyramidis Radius Matrix, and will “appear” when the electromagnetic field of the area shifts into the PRM.

My colleague William Buehler and his wife Joan will in all likelihood be moving to Crestone sometime in the spring of next year. William has been assigned by the CHARIOT OF THE SUN as a “Mason of the Lost Word”, to reconstruct the cosmetrics of the CGS Temple via the astrological depictions on the vault-ceiling in the ancient Temple of Dendra, at Egypt. We plan to collaborate on a book in the future concerning this project, tentatively entitled, THROUGH AN ANGEL’S EYE: A History of the Fall and Rise of Planet Earth. As of this writing several ISIS TEMPLARS have re-located to this Sacred Valley as well. There is also a gathering of “new” ISIS TEMPLARS as the work proceeds at Crestone.

2017: Although Bill and Joan moved to Crestone as planned, this project never happened, due to personal circumstances in my life. 

I am planning to create a Spirit Gathering perhaps in the Summer of 1995 for the purpose of Memory Seeding participating individuals through the quickening of the crystal sands in the Valley’s vortex. I as yet have very little information on this, but it would most likely formulate as a collection of individuals from all over the country, who feel compelled to experience the Memory Seeding of their future, 3rd Millennium selves (which would bring them full-circle through their 1st ML time tracking to the “present” moment once again). This “Quest” is part of what THOTH has been calling the ANUBIS GATHERING.

2017: The Memory Seeding event did take place in the Summer of 1995. There was quite a dramatic experience we all had in the Sand Dune when we activated it. About 10 minutes into the process, from a cloudless blue sky came dark clouds and a powerful wind, which lasted until we concluded the ceremony, at which time the wind instantly STOPPED and the clouds disapeared!

Memory Seeding - Great Sand Dunes, 1995

Memory Seeding – Great Sand Dunes, 1995

My mission in Crestone is completion of a Work that began for me in 1980 when I was sent to Cortez, Colorado, also in Southern Colorado not far as the crow flies from the San Luis Valley. It was in Cortez that I was guided by my sources through many dynamic Light formats, creating “programs” for etheric “computers” in the Ute Mountain and the resonating plateau of Mesa Verde. Now I will re-enter the “MEDICINE WHEEL” (the central point of which is the Four Corners of the U.S.) at its outer ring. (For details on the cosmetrics of the Cortez-Mesa Verde region and my Work there, see “SOURCE” issues for 1980 & 1981—all back issues available from SOIMS.)

In Crestone and the Sacred Valley, we will be able to enter the Spirit Shield of the land through the newly formed WOLF SPIRIT LODGE. The SIDHE (High Faries) have an enclave in the Sangre de Christo and will join us in our Lodge ceremonies and Nature Magic.

The “Blood of Christ” and “St. John” mountain ranges bordering the Valley are our teleport to the JOHANNINE consciousness. The regeneration of Christie Blood is exemplified in the Grail Mysteries. These Mysteries also, are seeded within the Golden Star Valley (San Luis).

THOTH on region Crestone, Colorado 6/7/94

TH: One of the locations on the planet of the original Sun Bow colonization (pre- Adamic). Especially strong etheric charge. Its higher magnetic stability is moving (as opposed to fixed), but resonance field is stable. Definitely a “Sacred Land” area. One of the “Golden Taya” allotments. (Land areas allotted by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow to ascend in the Light Principle planetary transfiguration or “LP 40”.) Both Ultra and Extra terrestrial passageway (as most “portal” regions are). However, there is no negative ET foothold. Ultras are planning to re-establish ancient vortex near Crestone. Strong Sidhe portal that was active with the Native Americans several thousand years ago.

Maia: You mentioned opening a vortex in the area. Is this something you might in mind for me to work with, and if so would it be for just a year, say, or more permanent?

TH: The opening of the vortex would only take a few months, but the results of its regenerating in that area would be abundant. Yes, you could be a strong contributor to this entire project, which would continue to accelerate for years to come. How long you stay in the region, however, would be your choice—yours and the Angelic Guardians.

(At this point THOTH asked me to draw a card at random from the GAIA MATRIX ORACLE, concerning my direct connection to the CGS vortex. The card drawn was HEART OF THE SUN, which happens to be my favorite card in the deck!)

HEART OF THE SUN: This archetype addresses “Receiving deep nourishment from Light” & “Intensifying the Light in your heart and DNA.” It also states: “Imagine yourself a naked woman holding flowers, open and vulnerable, standing on the back of a lion that knows where to go and the pace that is needed according to circumstances.

The HEART OF THE SUN corresponds to Merlin’s efforts to rescue and restore the original plan of the Grail. Merlin is a way-shower of New Earth Consciousness, similar to the ancient gods of learning such as the Egyptian Thoth, Greek Hermes and Judeo- Christian Melchizadek. These are mentors who work behind the scenes of the development of the solar system through sacrifice.

The Round Table of Arthurian legends embodies the new pattern of consciousness for the New Earth. The Round Table consists of equal places for individual endeavors, all incorporating a common purpose of the enlightenment of humanity.

The pattern of the Great Sun Temple of Atlantis on the island of Ruta embodied the teachings of the Grail mysteries during Atlantean times. Merlin brought the mysteries from Atlantis to Europe and founded the Hibernian Mysteries, the vestiges of which are still found in the Celtic Grail Legends. Merlin’s mandate came from Rarada, the great primordial being who guided humanity with the great solar pattern of a central sun, surrounded by seven planetary forces.

In the HEART OF THE SUN initiation stage of the Grail mysteries, you are challenged to find others with a common purpose to nourish and enlighten all sentient beings.”

When I received the Sinai fragments, THOTH revealed that at some point in time I was to take them into the “Medicine Wheel”. The center of this wheel is at the Four Corners of the U.S. From 1980 through 1982 I was sent to live in Cortez, CO., located within the Wheel, and worked extensively with the Inner Wheel matrix there. The Outer Wheel (equally as dynamic) extends to include the Southern Colorado region of the San Luis Valley. The Sangre de Christo (Blood of Christ) mountains, which cradle the Valley, form the Eastern boundary of the Medicine Wheel. I was also told by THOTH certain other things about my role with these fragments, which I cannot reveal at this time, but the act of carrying them through the energy labyrinth of the Medicine Wheel was of great importance. These fragments still carry the charge of the Greater Ark. As I pass them down the corridor of the vibratory rings of the Wheel, through the window of August 20th to September 6th, the Medicine Wheel will activate a 3ML or futurized grid in the Valley of the Golden Disc. This will be the first calibration of the “Disc” to the ARK OF GRACE”, in preparation for its future re-location back to its ancient “thresholding” within the Caverns of the Blood of Christ.

2017: I had been told by Thoth that the Hopi Tablet Keeper was to hold these fragments and codes would be transfered from him to the fragments and vice-versa. After this article was written, the Hopi Tablet Keeper came to Crestone and I was able to gain audience with him. I brought the fragments from Sinai and he held them for around 20-30 minutes. The energy in the room for those few present, was amazing! I now bring these fragment BACK to Crestone.

Apparently the “GOLDEN STAR TEMPLE” is an “etheric double” of the future TEMPLAR Temple. This is my assumption, based on the information given to me thus far. The “Golden Star” referred to here, is the sun-star Mazuriel, from which all our star “Tribes” originated. It is a future reality, yet it has seeded our ancient past, bringing us to this present moment. A complex thought, but then THOTH insists that all complexity is in the mind and not the thought.

When the ARK OF GRACE is brought into its chamber of the Thresholding, its base will lock into an opposite force field that contains crystal lattices of “Light programs”, software, if you will. I know little at this time, concerning its function and purpose, other than the following:

(1)     There is only one other “Thresholding” chamber for the Greater Ark on the planet, and that is in Tibet. The Tibetan monks of Crestone have stated that they feel Crestone will soon be receiving the Crown Chakra of the planet, which is being transferred from Tibet.


(2)     The Ark of Grace, in its Thresholding chamber, will interact with the TEMPLAR’S “Jericho” capstone (regardless of the TEMPLAR pyramid’s location on the planet), quickening it in the harmonic the Jericho matrix was intended to receive centuries ago.

2017: I was thinking that all the places the Sacred AN had been, such as within Mount Sinai – it had rested in a Thresholding Chamber, but here it states otherwise. So I now go to Thoth and receive that no, these other locations the AN was “at rest” in special chambers, where it connected like a crystal to the earth meridians it was in contact with at each of these places…but it was not “powered on” dimensionally as it is now, in its Thresholding Chamber within Crest In The Stone – now also being called by Thoth the “White Stone” and the “Templar Mount.”

I have now been in Crestone nearly three months. In all the journeys and sacred places to which / have re-located for my Work, from Salt Lake City, Cortez, to Hawaii, I am finding Crestone and the “Baca Grande” to be the most personally transformative, and certainly richest in spiritual activity — at least at this point in time.

THOTH is telling me more about the Tuatha de Dannan “first tribe” race who have returned from their “otherworld” dimension into the abandoned cavern city of TASSIG, here in the Sangres. The Dannan once again (much has been written on the in past TD issues), are an ancient race who are a result of genetic mixing between the ancient Hebraic, Celtic, Hyperborean and Sidhe or fairy races. This particular “tribe” of Dannan is very old and undiluted, and has been in another dimension since the early stages of intermixing of species (human and fairy). It is this tribe which are the guardians and facilitators of the Ark of Grace’s future re-location to the Valley of the Golden Disc.

I have had several powerful vision experiences with these “Crestone Dannan”. I only wish I were an artist so that I may bring to life their expressive and unique faces and style, which is an obvious mixture of cultures, races, and indeed species. After I was given my first information from THOTH on the Dannan’s return to the Valley, in which he told me of their previous time here, I was amazed to come across an article in FATE Magazine, June, 1994: “Colorado Inscriptions Threaten Our View of Re-Columbian America”, by Chas. S. Clifton. In the article, Mr. Clifton writes about inscriptions on cliffs in south-eastern Colorado. These markings are identified as the ancient Ogham script once used in the British Isles and Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). It was employed by speakers of Celtic languages, primarily Gaelic.

The location of this site is very near the Colorado-Oklahoma state line near the town of Springfield, CO. The three main archeo-astrological sites mentioned in the article are: Crack Cave (Picture Canyon, Colo.), the Anubis Cave complex (Oklahoma), and the Sun Temple (Colorado). All lie between the Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers. Mr. Clifton states that “all contain inscriptions that the authors (of Ancient Celtic America) and others translate from Old Irish to refer to the sun and the calendar.” In his article, Charles Clifton continues:

One inscription and apparent star map at the Sun Temple seems to refer to a conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in the constellation Gemini in early August 471 C.E. (Common Era, equivalent to A.D.).

Since the publication of Ancient Celtic America, some of the southeast Colorado petroglyphs have been dated by Ronald Dorn, one of the nation’s experts on dating rock inscriptions to be 2,000 years old.

It is of interesting note that these areas contain the words “Anubis” and “Sun”, and in the “Anubis Gathering” and “Chariot Of The Sun.” Such synchronicities I feel are rarely accidental in an orderly universe. THOTH and Chariot Of The Suns’ history of the Crestone Dannan has not been in its entirety been revealed to me, but the following is the information I have thus far received:

They first came to the Valley of the Golden Disc and its attendant Sangre de Christo and San Juan mountain ranges when their souls were among the SUN BOW CLAN, the Master Builders, who set the sacred geometry of the Earth in the First ML. At that time the “Thresholding chamber” for the Ark of Grace was installed, synchronous to the one placed in Tibet. These same souls return now, as Danann, traversing time, to be received in 1994. They have made an appearance at least one other time in-between these two time frames, when they built the now-empty “city” inside the Sangres, which THOTH calls “TASSIG”. They left the city to be guardianed by a mixed race of Native American-Dannans, who still live in the underground chambers and guardian whatever of great value the “city” apparently still contains; foremost of which, I imagine, is the thresholding chamber. Now the Dannan have returned — through dimension and time. Their plans, while by no means completely revealed to me, do appear to be primarily the preparation of this region for the return of the Ark of Grace. I am also told that contingent groups of Celts (with some Dannan blood) later came into the region, as they considered it “sacred ground” from stories of the “hierarchical tribe” of Dannan in their ancient histories.

Installing the Temple Grid

Once relocated to Crestone toward the end of August, 1994, myself and several colleagues began to work as assigned by TH/SUN, on installing the grid for the etheric temple. There were four main components to this project:

1)      Establishing an Areiopax or “ISIS EYE”: the time vector discussed in TD1/2-94. This stabilized the time field In the area so that we would not upset any natural currents in the process of our altering the magnetic patterns, necessary for installing the grid. This synergy was performed in a location just outside my new home — an A-Frame in the midst of a pinion-pine forest on the slopes of the Sangre De Christo mountains.

2)       Bringing the charge of the central sun atoma (in the center of the Earth) upward into our “working field” to act as a central anchoring, creating a “moving selah” or “still point” that moves through time. For this process we were led by SUN to a ziggurat built atop a small “tor hill-like” knoll in the valley just below the ascending land leading to the mountains. The ziggurat was constructed by an eastern gentleman was married to a princess. He built it for his religious prayers, placing it in alignment with his home. Anyone who wishes is allowed to climb to is summit. From this vantage, a ceremony was performed through us for this anchoring procedure.

3)      The actual installation of the Templa Mar (Golden Star Temple) was higher up, at the entrance to a mountain pass. Here we were instructed to set certain crystals and stones, burying in the center one of the holocystals (white topaz) that has been holographed with the entire energetic of the whole TEMPLA MAR, as it was first installed on the Mogollon Rim in Arizona.

4) Re-activating the “seed crystals” of the Sand Dunes for future DNA re- programming. These Dunes, so THOTH tells me are largely a product of a mountain that was disintegrated by an interdimensional cosmic event eons ago. The sand crystals are charged with this “comet from the future”, linking the Dunes to the Mazuriel consciousness. Their tiny “clocks” were re-set through our facilitation, calibrating these crystal to remove ancient implants at the cellular and genetic levels.

2017: All of the above was accomplished on a basic first level. Now it is coming forth for a major second level, as we have since switched into the “Ascension Time Line.” What this means is that although on a basic level it happened then, it now must happen AGAIN in order to be in synchronization with the current Time Line.



The Seven Prophecies of the Star Eagles

  • First, the Tablets of the Ark shall return to activate the Golden Stair through the Mana Sari of the AN. Herein lies the Gate to the Rutan Sun Temple. From the Northern Gate of the Atlantean Ruta, so the Time Keepers will send forth a Strand of Fire through the Pallet of Stars above the Mount (Crest In The Stone).
  • The Queens and Kings (Dweller Crystal Skulls) shall gather about the AN, and become recalibrated to the Diadem of the Golden Star (Mazuriel).
  • Seven Nations will send their Knighted Lords / Dames to the Templar Stone (Crest In The Stone). They shall Bear Witness to the Accord. Others will follow them to the Altars of Old.
  • Seven eagles will lead the Tribes home. These are the Star Eagles of the First Race.
  • From the Place of Sand, then the Temple shall rise, out of the Sun Disc below. This shall become the Temple of the Rising Dawn.
  • The Seed Crystals in the Place of Sand will become fully active, sending out a charge through the Temple of the Rising Dawn, and through the Rivers of Light upon and in the Earth.
  • It is then that the Tower shall be struck by lightning, and the Star Eagles shall come down into the Field, for the Time of Reunion.


These prophecies were given in highly symbolic form. Thoth and those of the Stations of Light he represents, do not give many facts and figures when talking about the “future” as there are so many variables – so many ways destiny points may be registered. Yet the living symbology carries the Root of the equation.

Thoth guided me in creating the following activational video on the Seven Prophecies. Although only   long, it took me some 10 hours to complete. I am offering it free-viewing, also per Thoth’s request. Any donations would indeed be appreciated!



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New Light Language Generating from the Sacred AN!


CREST IN THE WHITE STONE – HEART OF THE ROSE, collage by Maia – click image to enlarge and save


As I come closer to my departure date of February 20th in re-locating back to Crestone, Colorado, Thoth is opening the scroll to me on the increased activity of the area:

1) The San Luis Valley of Colorado is the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Temple (of the planet). At this time, it has shifted into position to receive direct encoding from the “Mother Matrix” of the Golden Star of Mazuriel within the Attasic Universe. That encoding is already beginning to move through the Crown Portals (there are several major ones and also some minor ones, throughout the Valley).

2) Feburary 23rd I return to Crestone to establish residence – bringing with me, the White Queen Crystal Skull Host and the other of the Hosting Skulls in my guardianship. I also will have the sacred tablets of Mount Sinai, held by the Hope Tablet Keeper in Crestone in 1995. It is in Crestone that I will anchor the Templar Priory of the White Stone.

3) The Crest In The Stone, which is known as Challenger Peak, shelters the small town of Crestone. It is within this mountain that is to be found one of two “Retreats” of Thoth (the other beneath Lake Titicaca, Peru).  The Dweller Crystal Skull – Keeper of the Way is within this sacred mountain. Let us not forget also, that The Hosting Skull is with Edie Cooper and William Buehler in Crestone and as I stated above, I will soon return with the White Queen Host Skull, orginally in Crestone (the Host, not the true Dweller, which remains in Mt. Wai’ale’ale on Kauai).

4) Also within Crest In The Stone is the Sacred AN, resting in its final Thresholding Chamber. The Manna Sari sphere created between the AN-Ark and the Other Realm is developing and transforming into a more active stage now. It has ignited “Coronas” upon the crystal skulls of the 72 Dwellers. In turn, so have the hosting skulls connected to those true Dweller Skulls received the Manna Sari Corona. What is being created here is a networking AN System or Merkabah.

5) Thoth is now showing me how a new Light Language is developing from the original Alphabet of the Ark! This LL is not being given to me (at least not at this time) in vocables or words, but in pictographs. This first presentation is on a medallion I was over lighted to create. It is intended to attune the individual to the New Earth Pure Gem Flames that compose our new crystalline bodies. As Thoth told me some years ago, our bodies shall become the “New Earth Arks.”

And so I present to you the first pictograph set, which Thoth is calling the A’SKU’RHIM. It is given in two forms. One is the medallion, for receiving directly into the Heart-Mind, and the other is the Black and White I-Gram to stare in soft focus upon, sending the signals via retinal burning, directly into key brain centers, including the Pineal.

The A’SKU’RHIM brings you into the full presence of the SEVEN SUNS and the Central Sun Portal of our Universe, from which is radiating the Golden Star of Mazuriel out of the Attasic. That said, the New Light Language (which Thoth is choosing to call the I Hex Sar)  is intended to buffer the power of this Solar Path and still feed us from its Holy Flame. Otherwise, gazing upon the full Presence (in Living Symbol representation) would fry us considerably!

The forms presented here are very “user friendly” and will indeed help with the Ascension kickback we are all experiencing as we move closer and closer to that vibrational plunge into the New Earth Star depths.

But these I Hex Sar Light Language attunements are not only about our personal path. The work we choose to do with them is exponentially expanding from us out into the whole planetary consciousness.

The I Hex Sar LL are formed within the HEX I AM, which I wrote about many years ago.

There is much more to all this…I can feel it and almost taste it, but the knowledge forms are not yet in my memory bank 🙂

The A’SKU’RHIM Medallion and its I-Gram version is only the starting point…the entrance to Shambala!

It is suggested that you print these out and place on your altar.


NOTE: The original Alphabet of the Ark is still entirely viable. In fact, it is now even more relevant energetically as it is being supported by the New LL as a mirror effect into the engraved symbols of the Aphabet within the AN-Ark.





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SHOLAR Eunjung at the Temple of Kukulkan and Chichen Itza

Eunjung Choi…

I finally have some space to reflect back and share on the Aeriopax installation and our experience at the Temple of Kukulkan and Chichen Itza on Oct 28.

Yves and I arrived at the Chichen Itza site around 2 pm. We used a tour group to make it there since we did not have a car but as soon as we arrived, we left the group and spent the time there by ourselves for 2 hours. It was very hot and sunny and there were so many people entering the site that day. Also many vendors circling just outside the temples were selling all sorts of touristic knick knacks, souvenirs and tried to catch your attention. So it was challenging to find a calm place to do our ceremony and meditation. We connected with the Kukulcan pyramid by standing nearby for a few minutes but with so many people passing by, we decided to walk to the cenote at the end of the pathway of Venus (because there is a temple dedicated to Venus right next to the start of this avenue). This cenote is no longer filled with fresh water but still had very powerful energies since many ceremonies were held there during the Mayan times. 2 years ago in 2014, we were at Chichen Itza too and had meditation and channeling right next to this cenote. There the energy of Venus came very powerfully during our meditation. We wanted to see if we could do the ceremony there again in case people traffic was less. However we soon found out it was impossible to do it there due to constant visits of people walking by and talking. So we walked back to the Kukulkan temple and found a bench to the right side of the pyramid where we could sit on with our crystals and Imagination (Chamu’ling) and there were not many people around miraculously.

Before we opened the space for the ceremony, I had intention for anchoring the Aeriopax hologram and weaving and strengthening the Peace Grid for the planet. What I am sharing here is from what I remember and also from the recording we made during the meditation/channeling that day. I hope you will find something that resonates with you although this was not written in a well organized, coherent manner… Right now as I write about the experience, actually I feel like I am right there again in front of the pyramid in Chichen Itza. During the first part of the meditation, I had a vision of Aeriopax hovering over the Kukulcan pyramid and descending with the bottom half of the Aeriopax over the physical pyramid and the upper half was over another etheric pyramid pointing downward). There were also beings hovering outside the Aeriopax creating a circle. Perhaps they were the hosts and Sholar! And then I saw me and Yves standing in front of a gate that appeared on one side of the pyramid (the side we were sitting close to). Something in my heart clicked and I saw we were both inside the pyramid. I saw violet, golden and white light swirling inside .And I saw the guides who brought us there. They did not look like typical Mayans though. They were wearing golden shimmering robes and diamond light belts around their waist… Their eyes were silvery blue… I knew that they were star beings. And myself and Yves looked different too. I looked semi-transparent and light. We were both wearing similar light-woven robes. And the part I completely forgot until I heard the recording again today is that there was another pyramid inside the temple of Kukulcan (Today Yves told me that people did find some nesting pyramids inside this pyramid in Chichen Itza. That is really wild! ). This inside pyramid was like a starship and we got all on board and shot through the pyramid portal and interdimensional gateway. Then I saw us among the stars in the outer space. I also knew that in this starship, there were a lot of other beings besides the guardians and 2 of us. From there everything was moving so fast (super highways of light!) and became kind of psychedelic. So many sacred geometries swirling around and tubes of light creating light mesh/light grid… And columns of light were being sent to the major pyramids (Great Pyramid definitely is very connected to this Kukulcan Pyramid) on the planet activating and aligning them to the timeline of Galactic Peace Era. And there was light weaving between and among many stars, star systems, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, the Sun, Moon, Great Central Sun.. and so much more with our planet and inner earth… I also saw briefly the inner Sun inside our earth with the emerald and diamond flame and I could feel the loving heart of Chamu’ling. It was a pretty wild and intense journey and we were brought back to the reality in time safely.  This is how I could somehow put into words.. I am sure there were more taking place in ways a human mind cannot comprehend as you all have experiences like this….

Based on this experience, my insights about Aeriopax and the pyramid:
Aeriopax can act as an interdimensional portal and star gate! (I just read about Aeriopax being a stargate in one of Maia‘s articles on Aeriopax, so I totally concur); receiver and transmitter of light and codes; and balancer, harmonizer of energies..

Pyramids (as a part of Aeriopax?) are also portals, energy amplifier, communicator, manifester of energies..


SHOLAR Samantha at Glastonbury

Samantha Stargates Young…

Some pictures of our visit to the Tor on Saturday. We headed up as the sun was setting and by the time we were inside the sun had disappeared and it was completely dark. I made a grid on the floor of the Tor which turned out to be a cross/stem format. It was made in nearly complete darkness, with only the light on my phone to light the little area I was placing each crystal as it went down. Only by the flash of the camera could the whole thing be seen really clearly. Some pictures also of some hybrid huskies who met us as we reached the top, the couple had four, Spirit, Shadow and I can’t remember the other two lovely names.

Before heading up the Tor we stopped at The White Spring which is a pagan chapel at the foot of the Tor it is filled by fresh running water from the spring. We did go in and paddle, washed our faces and heads. It is a fair drive (116 miles/186 km one way) but at the moment it is calling. (Perhaps this is because I am one of the closest to this site physically for the whole group, to be able to take my Hosts there. My town is in a direct horizontal line with Glastonbury and sits on the line of a pentagram which forms over the UK.)

I had an idea to create something symbolic of the arieopax to me but had no idea it would form a cross. The cross bar of the stem has my to Hosts and at the centre the Star Child, at the crown is a dodecahedron and in the stem is two pieces of Selenite, one which will be sent to Maia now that it has made its way to Glastonbury and the other that was mine but was in the care of my Grandmother for 5 or 6 years until she passed last year. Also on the stem is my beloved trigonic quartz.

Star Caster and ShaRaMa-Anointing Angel looked amazing under the flash in the darkened room… they all did and the Selenite was glowing. I really loved the beautiful gentle energies of this grid. I only got to pray there for 5 minutes after the grid was finished but the energies of these pictures means I can suspend time and return to that moment at any point (of course you don’t need photos to do this but they will help. Looking at them for me is like I can step back inside them).. perhaps I’ll see you there!

You an only take pictures from outside of the The White Chapel as photography is strictly forbidden.