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I showed a minute or two of this video in above footnotes, but decided the whole should be included here – not long.

The article accompanying the first and last of these videos can be found on the Ascension Energies website.


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By Kaylasa Jaguarstar Giselle
(additional commentary in bold red by Maia)

(The Evolution of Humanity, Lemuria, Atlantis, Lucifer, connection of Earth and Rigel, connection with the Swan Constellation)

Today I read Maia’s manuscript called The Book of ii. It’s a translation of one of the 3 Lemurian holy books. I also re-read Stars of Atlantis, where Maia/Thoth speak of the events the led to the fall of Atlantis, the fall itself and the evolution of humanity. I matched the 2 documents and now present to you a brief summary and some thoughts about the evolution of humanity:

Always remember, when reading what I call “Thoth Speak” that he often uses mythic language to help us understand principles really mostly beyond our comprehension at this point in time. It is often best understood, if viewing it from the perspective of quantum physics.


(Text available in William Buheler’s notes) (TH/SUN is Thoth and his merkabah, which he calls The Chariot of the Sun) (My own thoughts –Kaylasa’s- are with capital letters):

Q: How is the Fall of Lucifer connected to the creation of the Kali Time Rift?

TH/SUN: Once the Fall of Lucifer took place, it triggered a chain reaction. The following main scenarios of which you are currently aware then took place:

► The ‘Fire’ or Light consciousness was -stolen from Orion, causing the undefiled portion to ascend, and the affected portion to descend. See this as a five pointed star. As the upper portion descends and the lower portion ascends, you now have something like an hour-glass. The point where the two triangles of this hour glass meet is the .’Eye of Ra”, where the Cosmic Tear was created. What is now the upper half of the hour glass is Metatronic, full Light, and the lower half is Oritronic, half-light.

► Lost light was trapped in beads of matter projecting out from the Eye of Ra. This is what scientist refer to as the “Big Bang.”

(Thoth has also stated at times that there really was no “Big Bang.” So he is saying here “what scientists refer to”  because the “beads of matter” is the closest reality that comes to “what scientists refer to as the Big Bang” but this does not support the entire theory of the Big Bang.)

► Certain Orders of Angels were established to work with reclaiming the -trapped light. They, in turn, through the eons created lesser orders including the Lords of Twilight, Melchizedek, Zarathustrian, etc.

► The World of “Atlantis” was destroyed. This world was one of the planets of Rigel. In order for Rigel and its remaining planets to keep from descending through the Eye of Ra into the Oritronic Half-Light Spiral, they created an outlet for karmic pathing (evolution toward Grace). This “outlet” was placed along with a guardian sphere in this solar system. It is the planet Earth, its guardian is Venus.

********► The 1st Fall occurs. This refers to the end of the Hyperborean Epoch. The Metatronic Light factor is lowered further. This moves the consciousness of the Earth outside the Solar Sun. This is, symbolically, the First Eden “casting out” the souls that lived inside it. Understand that in Metatron, all planets exist within their Suns. Lowering of the Metatron causes the planetary consciousness/elementation to withdraw from the center of the Sun to orbit around it. This separatiwas the end of the “Hyperborean Epoch.” The pure Hyperboreans (from Sirius) had been existing on the planet but as this event took place they were forced to go through a metamorphosis. This they devised in certain cavern areas of the world where they were able to change their magnetic charge to accommodate the “New World” axis. (There were several “metamorp” waves for the Hyperboreans …the above describes the first and greatest wave.)

*********► The 2nd Fall occurs. This refers the definite lowering of the Eden Veil, when the souls living there are definitely “cast out” symbolically, also referred to as the end of the Adamic Period on Earth, where the true Karmic World began. THE FALL FROM GRACE OF ADAN AND EVE AND INTO THE WORLD OF MAN REPRESENTS THE MOMENT IN WHICH SOULS ARE “THROWN” BY THEIR OWN CHOOSING AND FREE WILL INTO A DENSER REALM OF KARMA.

This was caused by an attempt of the Fallen Angel, Lucifer, to possess the Earth for his own purposes of re-entering the Metatron. A 2nd “Eden” was created. The Eden of the Solarians, the “founders” of the first Eden, many of whom entered the Adamic Race at that point, were in a land of the Pacific Ocean. Lemuria would later be a remnant of that land, the “Land of Kadmon.”

THESE SOLARIANS WHO FOUNDED THE FIRST EDEN IN HYPERBOREA, AND WHO THEN FOUNDED A SECOND “LAND” CALLED KADMON, THAT LATER TRANSFORMED INTO LEMURIA, WERE, COMMON SENSE TELLS ME, SIRIANS, OF THE TYPE THAT LIVED FREELY AND IN PURE FORM ON EARTH WHEN IT WAS STILL IN ITS HYPERBOREAN STATE INSIDE THE EARTH (when in 3D the planet was nothing but a pot of melting lava and minerals!!!!). The timeline of 3D earth is entirely different from the timelines of other dimensions of Earth, and the evolution of the souls that finally incarnated in the genetically modified apes we are today started there, in that ancient realm, with a chronology that does not correspond to the 3D chronology).

The 2nd Eden was established by the “Fallen Ones”, the Nephilim, in the Middle East. (see “Source” 2/3-85 for info on Adamic and pre-Adamic races). It was in this attempt that the City of Lords on Mars, an outpost of Sirian/Orionian “Lords”, was destroyed except for the most important, sealed chambers.

► The Solarians and the Nephilim begin to mix races. New genetics are created and a new evolution proceeds on the planet.

► The continent of Atlantis gathers many souls from the destroyed planet of Atlantis. Many of the New Atlanteans are reincarnations of the Old Atlanteans. They bring much of their karma with them still unresolved.

► The human genetics begin to loose much of their Metatronic light as a result of blending with the Nephilim and Children of Nephilim. It was not “wrong” to mix these strains. The problem lay in the ratio. The Solarians did not imprint in physical matter as well as did the Nephilim, therefore the carry-over of their inheritance was far less than the strongly elemental genetics of the Nephilim. This “mixing” should have first taken place at higher levels (spirit) before it was attempted in the physical.

► The Rutan Atlanteans, who are Hyperborean descendants, remain on their Holy Isle. They isolate themselves increasingly from the rest of Atlantis.

► A 3rd Fall: The Children of the Nephilim, supplied by the Nephilim, battle over territory. The Hierarchy (of Divine Elohim) intervenes.

► Lemurla is broken into pieces in this War, most of which sinks into the Pacific. Her spirit has slowly been retreating and now her battle Is lost. She sleeps the long sleep. Portions of Atlantis break-up as a result of the magneto-blasts of the Nephilim-born during the War, but they, for the most part remain above water.

► Without the Mother (Mu) to guide them, the Atlanteans succumb to their “Old World” tendencies. They employ the knowledge in Nephilim texts, confiscated during the War, to guide them into experiments with dangerous powers.

► Atlantis experiences more earthquakes, severe storms, and tassi. “‘Tassi” are large magnetic discharges coming from unstable atoms in the magna of the Earth. A greenish, sometimes blue-green light is emitted, creating sickness and mental confusion, sometimes violence. The “Pure Born” Metatronic genetics deteriorate further mostly due to actions from increasing karma. More land breaks up.

► Scientists come together in the Ourhura Temple complex at what is now Bimini, to find a way to re-create the Solarian genetic strain. At this point in time they enter the RANNA Time Wave and attempt to garner power for genetic transformation from the Modass sphere in the chamber of the City of Lords on Mars. This causes the initial explosion and Paradox Tsunami. The initial course is set for the time split, which occurs in linear time at the crucifixion of Christ, evidence in the Great Storm at His death.

► Ruta Ascends. Remaining Rutans (not on the Isle at the time}, and other surviving Atlanteans flee. Much of the rest of the world experiences extreme cataclysmic repercussions. The Great Flood sweeps the face of the Earth. One of the Earth’s two moons is destroyed. Unascended Rutans migrate to Middle East, establish city of Kophera. There they are given by the Shoalomite (order of Angels) the “Divine Fire” or core for a computer they build, connecting them to the Metatronic source. This is the “Cornerstone” of the Temple of Knebir.




(In this case, all of the notes are my own thoughts –Kaylasa’s-. The complete text can be found at Maia’s “Vault of Thoth”):

**What I like about this book is the chronology, Maia gives us a timeline to work with, a timeline that is obviously in another dimension, but that can be matched with this 3D line.

**The first ancestors of modern 3D humans (with physical bodies that would eventually receive the Atlantean and Lemurian souls of past ages) emerged 2 million years ago in Africa. But according to Maia’s translation, the very first real Lemurians, our ancestors (in another dimension) emerged 90 million years ago, and then a more advanced prototype –one that could already reproduce sexually and that could no longer change his molecular configuration at will- emerged 60 million years ago, when dinosaurs were extinguishing and mammals emerged in 3D.

**This means that the Second Eden (what Thoth assigns with these names in the “Stars of Atlantis“ channeling about the Fall of Atlantis –available in William Buheler’s notes-), happened about 90 million years ago in 3D.

**But what Thoth calls the First Eden happened much before in 3D time, when Earth was still part of our sun!!! Or maybe, when the then astral body of Earth that later densified was still inside the sun. That was 4.000 billion years ago!!!


**Actually, chronologies in 3D only start being “logical” once we get closer to more recent history, once virginal spirits –as the Rosicrucian author Max Heindel calls the human souls that descended to Earth- reach a “fallen” state in our Oritronic universe more similar to that in which we live today. Still, our history is a complex one, as it covers multiple dimensions in multiple spheres, and that includes our ancestors from other worlds.

**That’s the reason it is so difficult to create a timeline that makes sense in 3D history, and for the same reason, it is better for the student of the spiritual sciences to always keep in mind 2 SEPARATE TIMELINES that overlap only in some points:

1) A timeline of the physical events that occurred on 3D, as science has started explaining them (doing a fairly good job). This timeline includes the emergence of the Australopithecus and the Homo Erectus 2 million and 1 million years ago, respectively, of the Homo Abilis and other hominids 300.000 years ago, and finally, of our species, the Cro-magnon or Homo Sapiens Sapiens roughly 40.000 years ago.

2) A timeline of multi-dimensional events connected to the evolution of the planetary soul of Earth (the consciousness inhabiting and giving life to Gaia) and to the evolution the human soul, from a state of being a virginal spirit in the higher, unfallen realms of the Metatron (when the consciousness of Earth was inside the star-sun of Rigel), continuing with the moment of the fall (when the consciousness of that first world in Rigel was transferred to the physical sphere we now call Earth, and the original Rigelian souls that lived there also incarnated in this lower, denser realm). Then, this story takes us to increasingly denser realms, and to the arrival of humanity to our current dense and physical 3D realm.

It is until this moment, close to the Fall of Atlantis (between 40.000-10.000 BC) that we can speak of the souls of Lemuria and Atlantis (of higher realms) incarnating in these more primitive bodies of the Homo Sapiens Sapiens. It is also at this moment in time that we can speak of the final Nephilim manipulations that ended up transforming our already limited physical Homo Sapiens Sapiens bodies, into a en even more limited “prototype”, but at the same time, essential light codes and star genetics were infused by both the Nephilim and the “good guys” from the Star Trinity: Sirius, Pleiades and Orion.

Here’s what Thoth says about the Swan/Cygnus:

The constellation CYGNUS, the Swan, plays an important role in the Redemption factor. Its three main stars, Deneb, Gienah, and Sadr, are “Foundation Stars” linking the consciousness of humanity to its power to release karmic energy and receive Grace. Therefore its imagining portends attempts by the human race to become a Swan from the body of the “ugly duckling.”In this context it is vulnerable, as it is in stages of transformation, always a delicate process. Yet, even in its vulnerability, the Swan is the messenger of Hope.

(MAlA: THOTH had me refer to the book, STAR MAPS, by T. Wynne Griffon on “The Swan or Northern Cross, CYGNUS”: -The constellation is associated by the Kabalists with the Hebrew letter Resh and the twentieth Tarot trump, ‘Judgement / Resurrection’)

TH/SUN: ‘Resh’ is, of course, the RESHEL. The Northern Cross is coherent to the Northern Door of Ruta, the passage to the Time Tear from the Rutan Guardian reference, and thus is Interfaced with the Lord Melchezedek (Metatron) pylon at the Northern Door of the Ruta Temple and the ‘Resh’ head of the City of the Lords at Cydonia on Mars.

MAlA: from Tarot of the Spirit, by Pamela Eakins, Ph.D. on Key XX Resurrection/Judgment of the Tarot:

“Resurrection has been referred to as the path of return… This is the world of pure bliss, the white light world of transcendence. You have glimpsed it through the catalysts of holy sounds and mantras, sacred movements, the blissful experience of deep love, rituals of devotion and worship, and the physical act of love. But now you are moving fully into this blissful world. In transcending, you merge fully and completely with this world, you become light bathed in light. In this world, all souls rise and expand, merge into one another and become one soul. This is the world of oneness, complete and total symbiosis, complete and total awareness within a sphere of unawareness. This is universal consciousness.”

TH tells me that this is the description of the High Mayan ZUVUYA: “The galactic memory circuit by which all things return to themselves. The ‘return path to the stars.’ The grammar of harmony. The thirteenth or highest heaven of the Maya.” …Spilsbury & Bryner. The Swan represents that “return”

The spiral path of the Swan is also superimposed upon the Great pyramid of Giza, most especially in its higher form as the Temple of the Morning Star. (see TD 3/4-91 )”.


“Like Isis gathering the body parts of the slain Osiris they can be gathered together reconstruct or “resurrect” the Swan, the Memory of the Return Home. THIS MEANS THAT OSIRIS IS THE WOUNDED SWAN, THE EXPLODING SWAN WHOSE FEATHERS ARE SCATTERED THROUGH THE COSMOS AND GATHERED AGAIN BY ISIS, TO RESURRECT THE SWAN-OSIRIS AND WITH IT, RECONSTRUCT THE MEMORY OF THE RETURN HOME”.

The Black Pyramid



Recently the Black Pyramid was brought to my attention. Here is a portion of what I was able to find out about it on the web…

According to a Danish naval captain and explorer, there was a fourth BLACK PYRAMID at Giza. During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., All of which was published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

We all have been completely fascinated by the Ancient Egyptians and their extensive history and incredible architectural achievements thousands of years ago.

Whenever you talk about ancient Egypt, you cannot avoid thinking about the Pyramids located at the Giza plateau and the mysteries behind these fascinating ancient structures.

While today we know there are three main pyramids at the Giza plateau, the truth is that according to ancient texts there was a FOURTH pyramid located at Giza plateau, made of “…of a stone more black than the common granite, and at least as hard…”

During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden, a Danish naval captain, and explorer, made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., All of which was published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

In this fascinating ancient book, the Danish explorer describes a FOURTH Giza main Pyramid, specifically drawing it on the map.


click image to enlarge

On page 120 of his book Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie (Travels in Egypt and Nubia) Norden describes the mysterious Pyramid:

“The principal pyramids are at the east, south-east of Giza. There are four of them; that deserve the greatest attention of the curious,; for tho we see seven or eight others in the neighborhood, they are nothing in comparison to the former. The two most northerly pyramids are the greatest and have five hundred feet perpendicular height. The two others are much less, but have some particularities, which occasion their being examined and admired.”

Researchers and Egyptologists, however, tend to dismiss the notion of a fourth BLACK Pyramids at Giza suggesting that he could have mistakenly taken one of the so-called ‘stallite’ pyramids of Menakure as a fourth Pyramid.

However, this is contradictory as Norden precisely describes the Pyramid being made of a stone BLACKER and HARDER than granite. The satellite pyramids are all made of sandstone.

Interestingly, the description and illustrations of Norden are of superb quality, and they position the fourth, black pyramid at some distance from the three pyramids of Giza.

In his book, Norden also describes and indicates the existence of seven (possibly even eight) lesser pyramids at the Giza plateau.

Source (on the website it says you can download the book, but the pdf just comes up blank for me)


I went to my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa to inquire about the Black Pyramid. In the past, he had told me that there were more pyramids on the Giza plateau as well as other locations in Egypt – now all covered by the sands. Some of these were covered intentionally, like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Thoth confirmed that the Black Pyramid was covered intentionally, even though it was visible at the time  Frederic Norden discovered it. How could this be? Thoth pointed out to me that Crop Circles are created in a few minutes.

I asked him it’s builder and purpose…

Thoth: It was constructed originally by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow. When the Sun Lords were installed in Egypt, so they named it the KATAPH, meaning Bringer. Bearer and Coming Forth.

It was identified with Horus, and the Companions of Horus. It has within it a “Blacklight” chamber, for moving into the Inversion. This would help to sustain the Earth as a viable Light World. The chamber could only be entered from underground.

Note from Maia: Blacklight is something I received information on so long ago (1977 I think). I received the Blacklight information from the Ultra who first prepared me for working with Thoth. They were my guides and guardians since my birth up to 1977). I had just been introduced to Thoth a few months before. They still were communing with me at that time, as I was learning to receive from Thoth.

What I have on it, is hand-written in a notebook buried in a box somewhere, and I have no memory of all that was given. But it is a whole science of Light Inversion. Not a negative thing, merely a reversal of photonic energy which allows one to move into the zones of Inversion. Kind of the “other side” of Light, where the photons behave differently. It is the realm of anti-matter – the negatively charged universe of the three-fold Universe: Positive (where our awareness abides), Negative (anti-matter realm) and Nutra, which is the singularity that brings one into the Attasic or non-dualistic Universe. One one of my videos recently I stated that I believed the Nutra was the Attasic, but I was later corrected. the Nutra is a point of entry into the Attasic.

So I would say that the Kataph Black pyramid is very special indeed. I then asked Thoth if the Blacklight chamber within it was still operative. His reply…

Thoth: It is intact, but must have the Blacklight crystal inserted into the central element. These crystals were removed and stored elsewhere – not far from the Kataph.

Maia: So will this chamber/pyramid some day become active again?

Thoth: Yes, they all will – all those which operate within the Pyramidis Radius.

Maia: I conclude by saying AND SO IT IS!


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Osir’i Corpus – Paragenetic Seeding of the Human Race



This video is my beginning discourse on something I am currently “following” from the Thothic Streaming. A new phase of paragenetic seeding through endogenetically coded Light embryo being brought to Earth by the Xitel Ichiim, who are the guardians and facilitators of this project within the Isle of the Mother Sun.



Corrections: I spell it two different ways on video – the Guardians are Xitel Ichi NOT Zitel. Also I say the High Maya communed with Sirians – I meant to say Pleadians!


related: Arcadia Starstreams / Isle of the Mother Sun
/ Vault of Osiris and the Thirty Spirit Tribes


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Re-Mapping of the Hologram

The re-mapping of our World Hologram has begun. Thoth Intelligence differentiates between WORLD Hologram and EARTH Hologram here.  The Earth Hologram is formed of the Sacred Gematria of our Planetary Soul. WORLD Hologram is what the mass consciousness has created and wraps itself in like a security blanket (a lot of thumb sucking going on in there lol).

Last month my inner planes mentor ThothHorRa pointed me to the dates of July 23-28th as a major “flip and dip” period. The collective paradigm is “flipped” to non-traction and the “dip” comes as we go into free-fall, leaving our Blankys behind!

So what are we feeling?

Initially for those of us who tack “Lightworker” to our identity, it will be just another big pressure-weirdness period as we adjust our etheric-sensitive systems to one more deep dive…going into some compression time.

For those less awake in etheric bodies sensation, they will feel it too, but more in the emotional spectrum, with some major physical symptoms here and there. Yes, the “Lightworkers” category have to wade through some emotional soup as well, but it is a more conscious act…most of us know something is moving and we need to move with it.

The broader populace could get pretty out there in emotional response, with fear and anger rushing them on.

Where is this going?

“Re-mapping” starts with de-fragging all the old or dark programs. That is what these 6 days are about – De-Frag City!

It is no coincidence that in this period the Democratic Convention is active. It is all part of the Tea Party – not the Republican one, but more of a  Mad Hatter. There is a knarly KNOT at the center of the DNC and this has to be undone in the de-frag process. Once this knot is undone…well, more de-fragging, but now it will have less chaos in it’s strokes.

The whole re-mapping is really embedded in the ARISING OF OSIRIS. Thoth Intelligence has shown me that the Body of Osiris as a human pure state Adam Kadmon template, quite literally will be re-mapped into the WORLD Hologram. It is already in the Earth Hologram, but latent until the WORLD receives it!

Thoth declares to me that “the Bridegroom is being made ready.” Those of you who keep up with my articles and videos know about the King of the Sun / Queen of the Sun dynamic I have been talking about.

The King will soon enter the Building – the wave form Thoth is calling King of the Sun will embed into the Osiris Template within the EARTH Hologram. This will happen August 13th-15th. Then 16th-20th will be the entry of the Queen of the Sun wave form into the crystalline matrix of the planet, and dance with the King of the Sun wave form embedded into the Earth Hologram gamatria.

Once completed on August 20th, the whole presence (Earth Hologram Osiris gematria with King AND Queen wave forms giving it life) will come to the Gate of the World Consciousness and KNOCK.


Before we continue with the King-Queen Osirian Journey into the World platform, let us take a detour to the ancient temple-city of Abdyos, Egypt…

It would seem as though some Egyptians regarded it [the Osirion] as the Tomb of Osiris … But as the channel surrounding the island has never yet been freed of its water, despite the use of powerful pumps, and probably never will be, it is unlikely that the mystery of the Osirion will be solved. It will always remain one of the most breath-taking puzzles of Egyptology; a challenge for a future generation of Egyptologists who must really make an exceptional effort [emphasis added] … – source



Then we shall skip briefly across the sands to Luxor…

The Temple of Man

“In order for the indefinite volume of a sphere to become form, at least three directions must be defined, the polar axis and the four directions of the equatorial cross. This is the reason for the whole of the celestial mechanics, ordered by numbers that form a marvelous system and for which they are key.” Schwaller de Lubicz The Temple of Man – source

According to Thoth Intelligence, the Osirion at Abdyos contains a deeper chamber underground that is another “tomb of Osiris,” like the others linked to the main Vault of Osiris beneath the Great Pyramid. However, the Abdyos chamber is also linked to the Body of Man temple at Luxor.

These three: Vault of Osiris, Abdyos “Flower of Life Seed” chamber (urged to call it that), and the Body of Man temple at Luxor, compose the dynamic for the whole face-map of the Osiris “Body” template. This template is an aspect (a formation trigger) for the upgraded Adam Kadmon. This “upgrade” is intended to bring the missing codes in the DNA which were shut down by what many call the Annunaki during the DNA tampering. Understand that from the view of Thoth Intelligence, The Annunaki did not take their genes and put them into ape-like earth species and get US. Instead they took those from among the star races already here, and then mixed their DNA to get the original batch of humans they wanted. Later, they wished to dumb us down, so added a dash of Neanderthal into the cookie. (Perhaps not that exact species but close).

I don’t wish to get off-topic here, and I could easily do so following this path, so will reign myself back in for now.

A Fairytale

So Goldilocks aka (Earth Hologram Osiris gematria with King AND Queen wave forms giving it life) knocks on the Door of World Consciousness. Footsteps are heard on the other side of the door…a pause…someone starts to turn the handle, but…a voice shouts “Don’t let her in!”

Then Goldie hears a lot of scrabbling around, mumbling and threats under the breath. But the dear little girl stands strong. SHE knows who SHE is, and the importance of the mission she is upon. Could it be? Yes this Pure Golden Child carries the two wave forms dancing in unison within her, ready to birth OSIRIS into the WORLD!

Then she peers down to her feet and sees a little mouse’s whiskers peeking underneath the door. Timidly the whole creature appears, so small and meek. In his tiny hands he holds a single seed. He drops it in the dirt and it grows and grows! A giant tree (the tamarisk tree of Osiris?) soon reaches up in the sky! Our little Goldielocks thanks the mouse, hikes up her knickers and climbs the tree…just high enough to leap through a window to the floor below.

Once inside…you know what happens. She gives birth to a King and all live happily ever after!

END OF STORY. Well, not quite…

I told this story in my own words, but as I saw it in the Thoth Akasha. Perhaps I should have given the Divine Feminine the name of Isis instead of Goldilocks, but it just seemed to come out that way.

Elixis Mundi

The new Light Program of Osiris Arising…it also figures into this telling. If we place the arieopax / Isis Eye upon the form of Osiris as laid out in the Temple of the Body of Man at Luxor, we arrive at a Portal into the DNA. Yes indeed! One that activates the awakening of deeper levels in the human DNA, through the quickening of the M-stra Molecule. From this, the Divine World Elixir flows!

So full of the nectar of the World Soul (Earth-balanced wold platform), how do we as individuals, become Osirian-Born from our Isis (Goldilocks) Being?

Simeon Nartoomid writes in his recent article, Neutrinos and Souls

The neutrino’s nature is also an excellent way way to bear witness to the nature of our own soul beingness through the lens of modern science. The neutrino suggests a modality of higher beingness and consciousness which is taught in many of the ancient wisdom traditions

This modality is that our True Nature is indeed one of non-identity. We too, have the inherent ability to pass through all experiences without the need to retain any memory of anything but the love (Adamantine particles) and to remain neutral and aligned to our Core Self (neutrinos) which is beyond all the limited identities of the things we will be interacting with… including our our own body, personality and human beingness.

Another connection in the memunite crystals I wrote about some years ago…

These are small micro-crystals created by “mem” or what Yeshua through Glenda Green in her book Jesus Speaks calls “adamintine particles.” These particles are the sacred base substance that forms everything in the universe.

The memunite crystals are concentrated crystalline aggregates of the mem particles found in the “Holy Light of Christ” – that Christic effulgence of LOVE-LIGHT streaming from the Universal Christ, which also radiates out of the body of the supreme Christic Host, I’shoa/Yeshua/Jesus.

When you call upon the Holy Light of Christ, you are indeed calling upon memunite crystals to fill the Cup of your being!

These crystals are so small that they cannot even be viewed by our most powerful microscopes, yet their power (in numbers) is immense: for healing, balancing and transformation.

Elemental crystals are especially good receptacles for memunites, but they must be “called” into them by angelics or human souls. The Phi Crystals have a large quantity of memunites, placed there by the Amatrix Angels. The Amaru crystalline grid on the planet has been highly charged by the angelics with memunites, thus the Amaru Seed Crystals contain them as well – determined by the amount of grid charge they receive via the human charging the seed crystals. see article with links


I was about to conclude this article, just going to add some images, and I found this video by Danny Wilton. I am a “fan” of all his videos. I am very interested how he superimposes the Luxor “Man” with St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Thoth led me some years ago, through the Vatican…beneath into the chambers. Quite impelling.


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Aeriopax in Reshel Formats



My longtime colleague and friend, William Buehler has worked with my Thoth material since the 1980’s. He has incorporated it into his sacred geometry and group synergy formats. It is complex, but good stuff! For those who wish to become a part of the Elixis Mundi Light Program, you might wish to as least take a peek at some of Bill’s diagrams that incorporate the Areiopax-Isis Eye. Here is what Bill has to say and then the links he provided.

A footnote: “Reshel” is something Thoth gave me many years ago, but Bill has taken it to the Moon and back with his development of the Reshel system.


It’s the high-end of the RESHEL Metatronic Breastplate (of 24) which includes the Pyramid energetics.  The Aeriopax combines two Reshel phased formats.  These are a few graphics related to any deep study you’d possibly want to do.  The AERIOPAX is the key to the LP-40 TRANSITION (ASCENSION), also to be used by every human making the Transition… critically important… they all support Thoth/Maia’s cosmology:

Thoth/Maia noted that the RESHEL is the main Metatronic system used in all 20-Cycles, keying into all cultures, religions, et al.  It was/is also used by the TEMPLARS in temple design and operation (includes Eye of Ra time-gates).  this is the most advanced version of the Pyramid, et al, so far. Used by a crop formation.   Basic ISIS-Eye: RESHEL geometry (half of it, the other half is the same but a mirror image… keys to the Flashing Universe, etc).  Geometry symbolizes major systems phased together.  The “Eye of Ra” time-gate not shown but is the main system in this; a golden-ratio rhombus format. The ISIS-EYE (Reshel) contains 4 other Metatronic breastplates (listed here).  The NEUTRA-UNIVERSE or “ULTA” is rarely shown in the Reshel geometry but is the basic creation field for the whole thing.  (shown in lower right with Thoth’s symbol: the “Trident”)  Install in self with breaths


Here is something of mine on the Areiopax Bill found that I have not previously included in this current Areiopax study for Elixis Mundi.

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Elixis Mundi – Thoth Opens the Scroll




Thoth “opens the scroll” as he would say, to a deeper understanding of the whole Elixis Mundi Light Program…

The meaning of the name: Elixis is elixir and Mundi is world.  Thus, Elixir of the World. However, Thoth offers more to these words. An elixir is a potion that is transformational in some way, and in the more recent past was applied to alchemy.  Thoth’s meaning would be: an elemental quickening, becoming a liquid vapor of solvency.  Hmmm….so what does that mean? It is an Arising, a lifting of the supernal from within the elements to combine with the essence of the sublime and thus be transformed into L I G H T   S U P E R N A L!

The components of the Elixis Mundi Light Program thus far revealed to me are:

** The Aeriopax-Isis Eye Dynamic – the core component to the activational process

** The Dweller Crystal Skulls – anchors and Light Code LIGHT-braries for the program

** The Elixir – a monatomic essence which will arise from within the physical body. This essence will not only be transforming to that body. To what degree, would depend on several factors. Among them being the individual’s personal attunement to the processes and the group attunement. Also, this Elixir Factor will create a powerful monatomic transmission into the Earth itself, through the Portals (of sacred sites) where the processes with the Aeriopax are initiated.

** Andara Crystal-Glass – The Andaras work closely on a vibrational level with the Dweller Crystal Skulls. This unique crystal-glass also contains a form of monatomic vibration that is not usually detectable through scientific analysis, but very powerful nonetheless. Thoth’s presentation of what the higher states of monatomic essence is, is beyond current scientific or even meta-science understanding.

** Sound – vocal toning / chants, tuning forks, bowls, bells, etc.

** Light and Color – in the form of natural sunlight, lasers, prisms, etc

**Dimensional Portals – last but not least.

The primary color rays of the Elixis Mundi are EMERALD
with quantum flickers of GOLD (or a rich gold-yellow).

To Be Continued . . .

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