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From the Old Crestone Files

During my seven years in Crestone, Colorado in the 1990’s – I return on February 20th.


Q: Can you give us some information on the specific function of the
Crestone/ San Luis Valley Crown Gate and what we might experience here as an
example of what these specific functions and experiences might be?

THOTH: The Crown Gate serves as a meeting point between Human and Devic
experience both merging with Angelic consciousness bringing these threefold into an
experiential reality. This will be a place of transformation for many back into their
original-future physical forms through their Sunoma bloodlines. Many humans will be drawn here to transmorph into their fairy/elfin bodies or variations thereof. A strong connection will develop between the Valley of the Golden Disc and both Tibet and Great Britain. The Masters and high Devas from these two other planetary regions will merge with the consciousness fields unfolding in the Golden Disc area. The Tibetan connection is already very strong, with the Celtic/Devic soon to be manifesting more strongly through the “Dream Corridor” established by the Native
Americans. The Crown Gate is the place of Devic/Angelic infusion through the sacred
blood energetic into the physical elementation.

Q: Are there any procedures that individuals living within the Golden Taya
areas can utilize to facilitate the higher etheric work being done to prepare these areas for
LP-40 or to link the vibration of that area to others?

THOTH: Souls in the Golden Taya regions would do best to focus primarily on their
Heart ascension and enjoin this personal energetic with those in their immediate
consciousness field. There will be certain Light Workers within these Golden Sections
that will be called upon to perform specific functions such as anchoring Templa Mar
grids, Earth healing, etc., linking with other areas would fall within whatever specific Light service was being given. It would be difficult to correctly give an overall outline for this work as
each Golden Taya area calls forth different functions and directives. Many Souls will
enter these Golden Taya Allotments with their main purpose being to anchor Metatronic
Light there.

Q: Would it be appropriate for the Souls now consciously anchoring Light
in these area to leave the areas for any prolonged period of time?

THOTH: They should be selective in their trips outside of these regions, but often it
may be part of their function to connect that particular Light encoding with other regions
and Souls. It would be best that journey outside the Golden Taya region be for specific
Light work.

Q: About a year ago, you gave the projected time frame of LP-40 to be
between the years 2015-2025, does this still appear to be accurate, and what are the best
avenues for individual Souls to assist the acceleration of this time frame?

Q: The projected time frame of 2015-2025 is a loose projection only. As the
ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of
consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move
forward or back in time. It is (also) true that we are not giving definitive information on this
timetable as we do not wish this information to be inserted into the planetary
consciousness at this time. Such an event may limit the co-creative participation of the
Souls involved.

The acceleration of the time frame will primarily depend on the Heart ascension
principle. We could give you information on this alignment as part of the program to
teach others, but even so it would not guarantee the Heart ascension. It would only be a
guideline of its true pathing.



It is now 20017 and no LP40 (Ascension) yet. Certainly some interesting stuff happening though…and on a bad day, one could equate it with the possible tell-tale signs that the end of the world as we know it, is at hand. I go back to Thoth on this one…

So Thoth, you said around 1994 that 2015-2025 is the projected time frame for LP40. Yet now I know (I did not then), that first we go through the “bridging” process of the Pyramdis Radius Matrix…which while is is starting is not yet in full swing. You also said at that time: ” As the
ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of
consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move
forward or back in time.”


Thoth: What is happening now, between 2015-2025 is a complete re-ordering of the fractured time line to the original wave form of the Ranna Time Wave. Where on that wave synchronization will the planet accept the full strobe of the Pyamidius Radius and then when, from that platform, will LP40 occur, is yet to be determined from within your planetary reality shell.

Maia: Well, 2025 is only eight years away. Is it still possible that we go through a whole Pyramidis Radius experience AND LP40 happens in that short period of time?

Thoth: When the planet fully is aligned within the PRM – those who are present within the frequency, will feel as if timelessness is upon them, and in that no-time, much will happen and they will experience it as a deep event….something that in linear time, would take years to build in the mind and emotional body. Yet it will be out-of-time. So yes, LP40 could take place before then end of 2025. Yet it will not at all be a certainty, as so many variations are still seeking resolution from the fractured time line.

There are also other factors to consider…

Imagine it is night and you are sleeping soundly in your bed. The clock is ticking, the cats are purring next to you and the fan is humming, cool air flowing around your body. You may be asleep, but your mind on some level, is still recording all these senses. Your mental processes are tabulating them, to tell you where you are…not only in space, but in time. While this is happening, you are experiencing a vivid dream. In the dream, you are in another place, with different sensory triggers, and moving through a completely different life experience. Both these worlds are within you, and both, while seemingly different, are synergically cooperating…they are exchanging basic, core information that is keeping you, as an entity together.

There is a similarity with the analogy I have just given you, with your current cognitive moments versus your experience of “Ascension”…and indeed existing in the New Earth Star itself. So you ask, “when might it happen.” I say to you perhaps you should present your question as, “when might I come to realize it is happening / has happened / continually happening?”



What a Croc! My Crocodile Dream




I was looking among my old files in Thoth transmissions received when I lived in Crestone, Colorado from 1993-2000. I will be returning to live there next month. While going through them, I found a dream I had had then, along with Thoth’s  commentary on it, and thought it interesting enough to share with the NESIA Sholar (Core Team). As a result, one of our NESIA Historians wrote her further interpretation of it.

FIRST THE DREAM, WITH MINE AND THOTH’S COMMENTARY as I wrote it down those years ago…

Prologue to Dream: I was visited one night by higher archetypal beings who called themselves ‘Khirons’. This was prompted by Isis Templar Kim Smith’s being visited on three occasions at night (in Crestone) by a disc‑shaped object the Khirons tell me is the ‘Zain Orata’.

Interface with KHIRONS and the ZAIN ORATA on 12/9/94

ZAIN ORATA: Disc‑shaped devise which interfaces High Archetypes with sentient beings for the purpose of coalescing separation waves from the magnetics of the Universe.

SEPARATION WAVES: Pure Light trapped in magnetic undulations. These pure light fragments were torn apart or separated in the Universal Bang that created the Eye of Ra.

KHIRONS: Archetypal Beings from Sirius, from the ‘family tree’ of the Sun Lords and Zumirs (Lion‑Headed Ones). The Khirons are the only beings who can pass directly through the Eye of Ra. They can bring others through, but only within their merkabahs.

The Khirons are not angelic as are the Shoalamite or Ennead. They, like the Sun Lord / Zumirs, are beings created as holographers of the Universe, imprinting Logos into the Lower Worlds (i.e. Earth). It is the Sun Lords who are the Guardians of the Telos.Aarkhara, the capstone on the Eye of Ra.

The Khirons will be working with Maia and Simeon through the Rutan passage. (Remember, Ruta now resides on the lip of the Great Tear, through which the Khirons travel.)

My Dream on the night of 12/14/94:

Simeon and I were in Hawaii, doing some spiritual work together. I received a notice on a sheet of paper that three witnesses more were needed at a gathering of some kind. So Simeon and I and one other, whom I believe was William Buehler, were to meet at this gathering to be present as the three needed witnesses. I arrived first. The other people there seemed to be in confusion and were not aware of my presence. I was sitting in a wheelchair, then realized that I did not have to do this. I arose from the chair, and I was suddenly dressed in a costume which had a crocodile head coming above my own head. I was not inside the croc, but he was instead around me, with his head above mine. Then a photographer came toward me, who looked like the actor Nick Nolte. He wanted to video tape me in my costume. At first I started to say no, but then decided to go ahead with it. I began dancing and moving through long grasses. At one point I crouched down, so that only the croc head was showing above the grasses. He was happily taping me.

The scene changed, and I was back at the gathering, sans croc costume, sitting in an otherwise empty theater seat next to Simeon. We were talking and it was a happy moment, but I don’t remember the conversation.

The scene changes again, and I am witnessing the breakup in space of a large meteor or comet into many small pieces. As the pieces go shooting off in myriad directions, I hear a voice say, “THERE MUST BE A MARRIAGE OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF ALL THESE FRAGMENTS, SO THAT THE WHOLE OF THE KNOWLEDGE WILL NOT BE LOST.”

from Gaskell’s Dictionary of Scriptures and Myths:

CROCODILE: “A symbol of the lower desires and passions which are of the lower nature on the astral plane (water).

“In the seventh division of the Tuat, ‑‑ In front of the Goddesses of the Hours is an enormous Crocodile called Ab‑sham‑Tuat, which is described as ‘Osiris the Eye of Ra’. The crocodile stands upon a long funeral mound, out of the end of which….appears a bearded human head, i.e. ‘the head of Osiris’. Of the Crocodile the text says: ‘He who is in this picture is Ab‑Shaw, and he is the warden of the symbols of this city. When he heareth the voice of the boat of Ra, which is addressed to the Eye in his cheek, the head which is in his dominion maketh its appearance, and then it eateth its own form after this great god hath passed it by. Whosoever knoweth this picture, Ab‑Shaw shall not devour his soul’.” ‑ Budge, Egypt, Heaven and Hell. Vol. I, pp. 159‑60.

Gaskell interprets the above in a nutshell as the lower nature not being able to overcome the workings of the higher nature. However, Thoth addresses the cryptic ancient text more cosmically. Before I give his interpretation, however, here is another ancient passage that needs to be included, also from Gaskell’s research:

“Dr. Budge states (The Mummy, p. 360) that on a cippus of Horus is a small scene with the divine emblem, ‑‑ a circle and ram’s horns, ‑‑ on its head, and inscribed ‘Hidden is his name’. This evidently signifies the incarnate ‘Lamb of God’ (Osiris) hidden in the lower nature (crocodile). In this cippus Horus is shown standing upon two crocodiles. This may be taken as meaning ‑ the Higher Self triumphant over the lower desires and passions.

“The crocodile never touches any persons who sail in a papyrus boat, as either fearing the anger of the Goddess Isis, or else respecting it on account of its having once carried her.”

‑ PLUTARCH, Isis and Osiris

Thoth: The goddesses of the Hours’ are the stations or ‘star gates’ into the RANNA Time Wave (the undefiled time flow). Ab‑Sham‑Tuat, the crocodile, who is ‘the Eye of Ra’, is the Eye of Ra which the Universal Tear exposes: it is the Seat of Divine Fire in the Universe of Creation. The Crocodile is the Tear itself, and the illusion it creates, which on the Earth plane is manifest in the Kali Rift or Time distortion. Osiris in this context, is the archetypal representation of Metatron. It is his head or ‘Resh’ that is present, thus it is the Sephirothic sphere of Metatron that is revealed as the ‘compass’ through the realm of Desire, the tearing away from absolution with the Divine. Energetically, the Metatronic sphere or absolution point in the Universe is the Higher Magnetics which align Spirit to the Seat of Divine Fire. Through this magna, the merkabah of the Khirons, the ‘papyrus boat’ can sail or be drawn through the eye of the needle, the Eye of Ra.

There are two ‘cheeks’ or two hemispheres of the brain and of the Creation Universe. The ‘Eye in his (Osiris’) cheek’ reveals that the Eye of Ra, which could be seen as the central cortex of the Brain/Universe, is bleeding through the Tear into one hemisphere, or ‘cheek’ of the Metatronic magnetic template.

When Ab‑Shaw {the crocodile} hears the “voice of the boat of Ra” {the sonic rush of atoms from the Seat of Fire striking the membrane of the cheek/hemisphere}, “the head which is his dominion” { the dominion of Osiris/Metatron} “maketh its appearance” {as the sonic emanations fill the magnetic template, they become magnetized to that template ‑ the Metatronic magnetics ‘maketh its appearance’ , ‘and then it eateth its own form after this great God hath passed by.’ {transl. the Crocodile or Universal Tear, confronted with the galvanizing of Divine Fire magnetized in the Hemisphere of Osiris, cannot sustain itself, and becomes as a ‘Black Hole’, devouring its own form or dynamics.}

“Whosoever knoweth this picture, Ab‑Shaw shall not devour his soul.” {Those who know how to ride upon the Metatronic grid will not be sucked into the abyss of the Time Tear. Those who have this capacity are the Khirons and those who accept the merkabah of the Khirons. They are represented by Horus riding the backs of two crocodiles: both polarities of the Time Tear.}

“The crocodile never touches any persons who sail in a papyrus boat, as either fearing the anger of the Goddess Isis, or else respecting it on account of its having once carried her.” {Those who travel in the Khiron merkabahs or Metatronic spirit‑energy envelopes created by the Khirons, shall not be devour by the Time Rift, for the Universal Laws (Isis), whom the crocodile once carried, or once was in harmony with Universal Law, before its violation, prevent this from occurring.}

The ancient Egyptian text upon which Gaskell draws his information is the ‘seventh division of the Tuat’. Under ‘Tuat’ in Gaskell’s, we find:

“A symbol of the manvantara, or great cycle of life manifestation in nature (underworld). It is described as ‘night’ because the Self (sun) is unapparent to the lower consciousness. The Sun‑god Afu‑Ra, the incarnate God, is the Hidden Deity (Amen Ra) immured in his cabin on the Solar‑boat (world‑soul), which transverses the twelve hours of the night. The Tuat embraces all nature below the plane of atma; the first and last divisions being on the higher sub‑plane, for the Soul boat) commences in the first and finishes in the last; it descends in the first six divisions, and ascends in the second six. The descent is the involutionary process of spirit entering matter, and the ascent is the evolutionary process of spirit rising from and ultimately discarding matter.

“The Solar Boat on the river of Life (river Urnes), is a symbol of the World‑Soul, or buddhic causal‑body, ‑ the vehicle of the Higher Self (Ra) and its powers (deities). The World‑soul contains the complete collective experience of humanity. The higher mental causal‑bodies are individualized in mankind, but there is only one buddhic causal‑body for the human race, and in this all souls are one potentially.”

Thoth informs me that he does not wish to dissect the above entirely, as it would take us away from the dream translation, but in regard to what we specifically need to know here, he states:

“‘The Tuat embraces all nature below the plane of atma…’ (‘the highest plane of manifestation in the present cycle of life.’‑Gaskell) should be translated as the cycles of spiritual evolution in the Creation Matrix below the point of Karmic Threshold, i.e. where the embodied soul has yet to realize its true liberty through the powers of manifesting in spirit and form. In the ‘seventh division’ or revolution of this lower reality on the evolutionary spiral, so the Universal Tear broke through into the Lower Creations.”

“Meteor” is not present in Gaskell’s, but ‘Comets’ reads:

“These are symbols of elemental disruptive forces at the close of a manvantara. They are liberated primarily on the mental plane, and produce feelings of unrest and disquietude which are reflected upon the astral; and physical planes, and precede physical dissolution. The mind and will are able to control them until the decree of the Absolute is to be fulfilled.”

Under ‘Marriage’ we find:

“A symbol of the union of Wisdom (fem.) and Love (masc.) or of Truth (masc.) and Love (fem.), or in a lower sense, of mind (man) and emotion (woman). It also may mean the union of the Higher Self (masc.) with the purified lower Self (fem.) on the higher mental plane.”

Thoth cared to make a correction on this translation, within the context of this dream‑message, stating that the ‘Higher Self’ is feminine and the ‘purified lower Self’ is masculine.

THOTH’s interpretation of my “Crocodile” dream:

“This dream was primarily a cosmic presentation rather than a personal outpicturing. As a priestess of Isis, you represented in the dream Gaia’s wounded condition (the wounds of the Gaia Mother or Earth), as you sat in the wheel chair. Suddenly you/Gaia were awakened to wholeness, as she arose from her bed/chair, and ‘made the Crocodile dance’. She found the rhythm through the Rift in Time. Isis and Kali (Rift) danced together. This was imprinted upon the akashic (the video tape) to be played throughout the Universe, both back and forward in Time.

“You, Maia, and Simeon and William are Witnessing the true event by creating a reality that dances with the Crocodile. Those other witnesses in the room were incoherent. You were unable to be seen by them in their confusion. These are souls who are desperately seeking the entrance into Metatron but who do not have the vision to dance with the Crocodile. You and Simeon were sitting alone in the theater. None of the other witnesses were present. Your work together is beginning a cycle of witnessing for others. They will come into the theater where visions are played upon the akashic screen, one or two at a time. But at first you, Simeon and William must witness for them ‑ you must have the vision for their future.

“Understand that Gaia can re‑write Her past through the healing of Her Kali Self ‑ the Time Rift. You, Simeon, and William, will be THREE WITNESSES or visionaries to this dynamic within the interpretation of the dream. You are witnessing as “Awakened Ones” for the Johannine Grove of the Machenaim.

“The comet / meteors are the elemental body of the planetary consciousness breaking up and flying apart. But each fragment carries the memory of its pure creation before violation of the essence of its spiritual infusion from the Mother Matrix. Thus, they cannot disintegrate in form until a ‘marriage’ of their memory of purity can be accomplished. Such a Divine union must come from bringing together the many thought‑memories of original Light or creation into one knowing.

“As humanity experiences the breaking up of their old elemental forms, they will find the seeds of their divine creation, and upon that revelation will they build their Temple of the Sun. The many fragments of the Old Form will be re‑shaped by the Higher Mind in its awareness of divine birth, into a Foundation Stone of the greatest sounding and Light.”

Maia: Why were Simeon and I in Hawaii?

Thoth: “Hawaii is a living fragment of the ‘Motherland’, Lemuria, and in this dream, you were representing an aspect of the Mother. Also, you, Simeon and William have a destiny point in Hawaii.”

Maia: Why was I dancing with the crocodile in high grasses?

Thoth: “The higher grasses separate the known world from the unknown world. You were dancing above and below the grasses, integrating these conscious and unconscious realms.”

Maia: In the Egyptian text, an emblem of rams horns inside a circle is mentioned. What does this insignia signify?

Thoth: “That which begins the Zodiac: Aries, the Ram. This is the Divine Creation emblem.”

Maia: Does the work William Buehler is doing with the cosmic geometry of the Knight connect to the information on my dream?

Thoth: “It does. They eye of the Knight is analogous in cosmic perspective, to the Eye of Ra.”


Kaylasa Jaguarstar Giselle’s 2017 further insights into the dream and Thoth’s information on it…

THE SERPENT/CROCODILE INITIATION, THE SHAMIR, AND THE BODY OF LIGHT: The following are “understandings” that came to me after reading Maia’s CROCODILE DREAM file. I am being guided to share them with you.

1.- Thoth is speaking in code when interpreting Maia’s dream. The Seat of Fire and the Eye of Ra represent the Pineal Gland. The Voice of the Boat of Ra is a vibration striking the pineal gland, a series of codes, atoms of living light striking the brain hemispheres and activating the physical human body, and its transformation into an ascended Body of Light / Pure Gem Body. The Crocodile, the guardian of the Eye of Ra and Tree of Life of the Shamir resembles the Egyptian myth of the Underworld, in which the path towards the Light of Ra is guarded by the Serpent/Dragon of chaos, Apep. In the myth, the crocodile/serpent/dragon is the the Reptilian Brain, that is, the place in the brain at the base of our spine, where our lowest and most basic instincts are stored. It’s the most ancient part of the human brain that developed in the first hominids, where all our instinctual and survival skills come from.

2.- Ancient Egyptian priests used to perform a ritual in which the Initiate, in order to pass the Initiation, had to swim across a huge underground lake below the Temple of Sobek (the Crocodile God), in which real crocodiles and alligators were kept. If the Initiate harmonized himself with the intense Reptilian Energy and overcame it, and could therefore interact with the crocodiles so they would not kill him, then he emerged on the other side of the waters (which represent the subconscious sea of uncontrolled emotions and instincts) as a Hierophant, a High Priest.

3.- This was one of the highest initiations of that era, that started to be practiced when the constellation of Draco was above the Egyptian sky during the Spring equinox, and Tuban (in the Draco constellation) was the Earth’s Polar Star. In it, the Initiate had to overcome his most primal instincts of Fear, Sex, Aggression and Escape, the instincts that for 2 million years had helped hominids survive predators. We have to understand here that when Atlantis fell, all of us, souls that had inhabited more advanced bodies during the Atlantean and Lemurian eras, suddenly incarnated in a plane of lower density, in bodies that indeed, had evolved from monkeys, from the Australopithecus that 1.5 million years ago had appeared in Africa. These bodies had been further tampered with by the Nephilim Intelligences (beings with dark agendas), the DNA was manipulated….so these Egyptian Initiates understood that while humans preserved, very deep inside, the Light Memories of their past incarnations in Atlantis and Mu, and their Metatronic/ascended consciousness, they were now “trapped” in primitive, extremely dense human bodies descended from apes, that were attached to low instincts. These instincts had helped the apes survive in a world of wild beasts, but were not useful if they wanted to ascend to higher dimensions, as they were bodies that lived very short spans of life and experienced disease and other painful, disruptive, terrible situations.

4.- So the objective of the Serpent/Crocodile Initiation these Egyptian Adepts went through (as well as the training they had to undergo to pass this test), was intended to help them ALTER THEIR OWN DNA THROUGH MENTAL POWER, and their own chakra system, to overcome the Nephilim manipulations/codes and their own “Fall from Grace” codes of previous reincarnations, so they would be able to develop a Body of Light and a higher consciousness.

5.- If the Initiate, using his higher chakras, could indeed control the energy of Fear and Death and transform it into Light of Power and Manifestation, then he was able to create the Divine Shamir inside his own system. THE SAME REPTILIAN ENERGY THAT DOMINATES THE LOW INSTINCTS OF THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING AND THAT IS THE GENERATOR OF FEAR, AGGRESSION, AND DESIRE, THAT CREATES DEATH AND CHAOS/ENTROPY IN THE HUMAN CELLS, IS THE SAME ENERGY THAT, WHEN TRANSMUTED, BECOMES THE SHAMIR, THE MANNA OF THE GODS, THE METATRON FIRE OF IMMORTALITY. The Egyptian priests of the Dragon Court knew this. They knew that the key to creating our Bodies of Ascended Light and become Masters of the Shamir, was to overcome the instincts and needs that “tie” our consciousness to our physical bodies. By placing your consciousness in a Higher Frequency, you conquer your own physical body and can even interact with the animal mind of crocodiles and other beasts so they do your will. The Egyptian priests that willingly crossed a lake full of ferocious crocodiles had to demonstrate they had lost all fear and attachment to their physical bodies, and only then they could emerge on the other side unharmed.

6.- This Serpent Initiation is the Entry Gate to the Star-Lion Consciousness, and must be experienced by all human beings over and over until they pass the “test”. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to swim with crocodiles or be bitten by a serpent (the Druids and Mayans used to do this, a serpent bites you, and using your chakra system, you have to transform the poison into Shamir, into light, Merlin’s son or grandson did this, actually, Thoth/Maia explain in the Merlin Chronicles that in order to clean the karma of the “dark deeds” done by his mother’s ancestors, he underwent the Serpent Ritual, and although the poison killed him, he cleaned his own karma and his lineage’s, and thus Galahad, who would fulfill the Grail Mission, was finally born). Any karmic test that forces you to overcome your most basic tendency to feel fear, aggression, anger, carnal desire and other types of desire IS A SERPENT/CROCODILE INITIATION, and a gate to a Higher Consciousness.

7.- Light is not created and is not destroyed; the Shamir is not created or destroyed either. It is generated when the Initiate of Pure Heart transforms fear and anger into Shamir, the light of eternal life and love. But the Initiate must tame his/her own instincts and learn how to place his/her consciousness and vibration in the Place Beyond Fear and Death, in the “Akhen”, which was the hieratic (ancient Egyptian) word the Egyptian Masters used to signify “New Horizon”, an entry gate into a new evolutionary cycle. This is the great teaching of the Serpent/Crocodile, how to conquer fear and death inside us, and arise anew as a Horus/Osiris/Hawk-Eagle Lord.

8.- Maia/Thoth are calling the Initiates that can conquer the Great Serpent, the Khirons, and are saying these Initiates are indeed aided by the Khirons, the beings that along with the Zumirs (feline ones of Sirius), are the Sirian Masters that can cross through the Eye of Ra to the ascended universe, and teach other beings how to do it.

9.- This reminds me of a dream I had a year ago, in which I was told Kyron The Centaur would be my new master now, that his “sphere” or “compass” would help me travel through “unknown waters”. This vision I had clearly corresponds to the Serpent/Crocodile Initiation symbology, as you can see. I believe now I was in touch with the Khiron Beings/energy a year ago, and still am, while crossing my own Serpent Test.



Most of what was given to Maia in 1994 is yet to come for the planet Earth. However, the tendrils of this prophecy are already now among you, creating the pathways to secure the breach (between realms).

NOW is the time to create the reality you wish to secure to the Wave / Great Serpent, for if you delay, as a World Nation, when the head is cut from the Beast of the creature that crawls, so you will be cast upon a perilous path. (note: “the creature that crawls” is not the Great Serpent of the Wave)

Maia: What may each individual do now in order to create the reality we wish to secure?


 – ThothHorRa







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The Glo’Rii’A



In 2009 I wrote…

In the early morning hours of November 8th, 2009 – which was the beginning of the 6th Day or 12 Heaven in the Mayan Calendar – I awoke to see in my mind an incredible sight. It was a series of circular platforms rotating with a “Seat” on the top platform. Light was moving through it from below and above. The whole platform system was made of gold, with marvelous golden lotus buds beaming rays of light upward. The seat was crafted of golden lotus petals. It was far grander than the one you see here (in the video included below), but this one which I have created in the virtual world of Second Life has the basic structure and movement of the object I witnessed. In my waking dream I heard the incredible tone coming from it: MAAAAA. It was like the chorus of a thousand angelic voices all blending together in perfection.

As I became more conscious the scene and harmonic dissipated and faded into oblivion. I longed for it to return! I had just been contemplating sitting in that SEAT when all of it left me.

I then “knew” that what I was seeing was the GLO’RII’A New Earth Ark of the Mother. It could change its outer form for different purposes but the basic schematic remained the same; and that is what you are seeing here…the basic pattern of it, with the rotating platforms.

It was revealed to me that it’s true dwelling place is within the “Golden City” of the human brain. Which is now being built within us, and as a visual counter-part being created also in the New Earth Star realm.

The Glo’Rii’A New Earth Ark is the key Ark of alignment for our energy systems in transporting us into the New Earth vibration. It offers us a path (in the genetic DNA) to true Presence. What I saw and is manifested in the New Earth realm is an outer expression of this inner world creation evolving in our brains and DNA.

I felt compelled to re-create at least the basic system visually in some way. Since the whole devise was rotating at two different levels I decided to build it in the virtual world of Second Life.


Now in September of 2016…

For Second Life, seven years ago was the Stone Age. The short video a friend took was jumpy and crude…not their fault, but the video interface with SL at the time. Not to mention the visuals of SL being far less than they are today. So I decided to re-shoot this dynamic with some of the same people who were with me in avatar form before, and a few newer friends (thanks all).

I have inserted these filmed snippets into a larger production, but still a short video. I created it to be activational, helping to attune one to their “Golden City.”

The music was created in 2009 especially for this experience, by dear SL friend Bruce Mitchell, who recently transitioned.


The Basic Process

The Glory Seat –  this is called the “Mercy Seat” in the Bible, describing the golden lid of the Ark of the Covenant (Sacred An and it’s duplicate) between the two angels. You will notice in the image above, that the Virgin (Divine Feminine) sits on the seat – here shown as a crescent moon, which is the symbol for the RESHEL – the basic information given to me in the 1980’s and developed through the years by William Buehler into a whole cosmic synergy format.

The GLO’RII’A Ark was used  first in MU to connect to the Divine Intelligence, much like the Pythia tripod of ancient Greece. Yet it was far more than that, for it created a merkabah that literally opened a space-time portal into higher dimensions of ecstatic reunion with the Angelic Realms of the Living Lights. The purpose was to raise the planetary sphere into a more refined ether streaming – as it had been before. This was a period when the LOTUS reality was descending more and more into the Primal.

Yet Thoth calls this GLO’RII’A  a “New Earth” Ark. This is because that is precisely where it “travels” when activated…into that dimensional realm. In the Ages of MU it was taking them back up the roots of the LOTUS into the Blossom State. NOW it takes us up the STEM to the Blossom of the New Earth. The LOTUS of the “past” is now the LOTUS NEW EARTH of the “future.”

The Glory Seat is within a three-pole helix dynamic which contains an arieopax column of quantumized itonic particles. The female who sits on this seat does not disappear through the portal it creates because the seat and thus her – are anchored to the rotating discs below and around the seat. This forms a kind of “gravity”.

The persons seated on the revolving disc create a balance for the whole dynamic. They must be four or multiples of four – in the one I created there are eight.

As the woman on the Glory Seat connects through the arieopax so the sound begins to generate – the harmonic of angelic splendor. This permeates all persons aboard, and their pineals are activated to produce the ELIXIR for transport.

Once in the ascended state, the planetary consciousness is effected and fed the Elixir.

This is obviously a part of the Elixis Mundi, and why Thoth gave that name for the Elixis Mundi Light Program of Osiris Arising.

The crystalline headpiece worn by the woman on the Glory Seat is not a decoration. It is a device that amplifies and balances her chakric Light geometry so that she is able to stay “together” during this process and not harmed by the intensity of it…as well as amplifying her pineal activity in order to expand and sustain the frequencies moving through her body.

A Personal Note

As I was preparing to re-make the video, I was window shopping in Second Life and found….the headpiece! Not something that would do, but THE headpiece! At least very, very close to what it should be. Then I found the RESHEL gown, with the crescent moons.

My avatar is not wearing much clothing (she IS dressed) – as in an actual process the woman in the center would be nude with only the headpiece. Clothing would conflict with the energy field she would be activating.


The tri-pole helix column around the Glory Seat is a re-creation of the three poles of the female heart. From my previous writings…

The Lunar Mysteries reveal to us what the ancient Lemurians (MU) and Atlanteans called the “sacred hollow” or “hallowed place”. It was represented by a cupped hand, with the hollow in the center of the hand radiating a golden flame. To hollow a place in the earth is to scoop out a little of the ground and leave it open and receptive for something new to be placed there…to be nurtured and grow out of it. The golden flame is the Christ Flame or Christ Child, being birthed from the “hallowed place” or womb of Light that has nested in the earth. In each of us there is the hollowed/hallowed ground, where, when we first entered this planetary realm, we made our mark in the earth–our special “hollow”. It is there that we return to gestate and birth our Solar Child in the Moonlight.

At the core of the Lunar Mysteries are the three poles of the feminine heart and their formation of a sacred ark with the “Holy of Holies” at its center. From the Heart Ark of the Divine Feminine so all life is connected and renewed. See Gathering of the Moon Tribe and Working with the Feminine Heart Poles PDF Booklet.


I created this video to be activational, so in watching, please relax first and prepare for the journey.



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The Eye of Horus


from my archives . . .

Thoth uses the EYE as a point of merkabah (vehicle) transport into or between energy / cosmic systems. We have the Isis / Aeriopax Eye: the main geometric for Earth Ascension; the Iris Eye: New Earth Star FLASH point of integration of Old and New Earth; the Eye of Metatron: same as the Iris Eye, except the “Iris” is the FLASH point and the Metatron is the point of movement from Oritron (half-light) to Metatron (full-light). There is also the Eye of Ra: a convergence point for this and many other universes. It is the ‘Threshold’. The outer membrane is the actual ‘universal grid’ (both half-Light Oritronic and full-Light Metatronic) surrounding the Eye of Ra; containing the ‘worlds’ such as Earth, that exist in the many universes.

These “EYES” are a form of pictograph Light Language. In the Book of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak it is explained that through the stages of evolution there are portals of LIGHT that humanity must pass through. These portal are as “pyramids of Light” and are imbued with the God-Eye at the center of the pyramid. This is the Eternal Eye. Thoth concurs. Thus, all the EYES Thoth speaks about are aspects of the ONE – the Eternal God-Eye.

Hurtak writes that the Eye of Horus creates specific forms out of the Greater Creation dynamic. Again, Thoth agrees. Thoth sees the Eye of Horus as creating in it’s First Principle the multi-dimensional energy fields of the Being. From these fields are then created the forms of the Adam Kadmon in the subtle and corporeal energy bodies.

In Numis’OM (first stage of New Earth), it is the Eye of Horus dynamic through which the forms within that stage of the New Earth Star are being generated.



I have just created a short activational video – MOVING THROUGH THE EYE OF HORUS – incorporating a process I received some years ago. It is an exclusive for KYI’RA PORTAL MEMBERS and can be viewed in the Vimeo Kyi’Ra Portal Collection (your Vimeo Portal password is needed to access).


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