Chronology of the Fall of the Grail kings in Egypt



note by Maia: Kaylasa wrote this as a follow-up to Joanna Gill & Mentha Tapao

by NESIA Historian, Kaylasa Giselle

Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid as one of the Historians of the Sholar (or so says Thoth!), after reading your article about the new host skull guarded by Joanna Gill and its connection to Egyptian royalty, I felt fascinated by the details you share. So I decided to make a chronology of Egyptian kings, matching official history with info contained on that article and on your Temple Doors Grail Issue. This chronology throws the conclusion that Moses was about 120-140 years old when he came back to his homeland, Egypt, to set the Hebrews free from the hands of Ramesses II. Ramesses hateful and violent reaction towards Moses can be explained not by the fact they were step-brothers, as movies and Biblical scholars tell us (they couldn’t have grown together according to the account by both Thoth and official history). But we must understand Ramesses was suddenly challenged by an ancestor of royal Mazur/Atlantean blood, a lineage he and his Amun/Anunnaki-priests were trying to wipe out. Moses would be seen as a god and magician by the average Egyptians due to his longevity, and possibly, as the RIGHTFUL PHARAOH by at least some of the priests and members of his court who knew the history of the Hyksos/Mazurs. This chronology also throws the conclusion that the Hebrews arrived in Palestine in 1170 BC approx, just at about the same time the Academy of the Christos was being established in Alba-On (British Isles, in Fortingall). The chronology is the following: (all dates are BCE -before Christ era-):

—– 1496 BC: TORHANNAH (Egyptian princess, incarnation of Virgin Mary) fled Egypt and went to Albion, as the lineage of her ancestors, the Kheneper (of Mazur/Hykso Grail lineage) was being overthrown. She founded Scotland.

**Tuthmose II 1493 – 1479

** Hatshepsut (most powerful Egyptian queen ever) 1478 – 1458

**Tuthmose III 1479-1425

**Amhenotep II 1427 – 1401 (Tuth’s son)

**Tuthmose IV, married to Nefertari and others 1401-1391

**Amhenotep III, married to Tiye and others 1391-1353

***AKHENATEN, married to Nefertiti, Meritaten, Ankhsesunamen (his own daughter) and others – 1353 to 1334.


**Smenkhare 1334 – 1335

**Neferneferuaten 1334 – 1332

**TUTANKHAMEN, the famous Boy King, married to Ankhesunamen, his step-sister 1332 – 1323

**Uy (Tut’s  minister, granduncle and murderer) 1323 – 1319

**Horemheb (Tut’s general and murderer) 1319 – 1292

** Ramsses I 1295-1290

***SETI I 1290-1279 (Ramesses’ father).

—- 1256 HELIOSARANKA /HELEN OF SPARTA, descendent of Torhannah, is stolen from King Menelaus by Trojan prince and Apollo priest, Paris. This leads to the Trojan War around the same era the Moses drama was being unfolded.

*** RAMESSES II 1279-1213


If Moses was born around the 1340’s, this would mean we was about 120-130 years old when he came back to Egypt to free the Hebrews, in his position as a Grail King. THOTH/MAIA MENTION GRAIL KINGS DIDN’T HAVE POLITICAL POWER IN MANY CASES, BUT TOOK CARE OF SPIRITUAL AFFAIRS. This fits perfectly with Moses’ role, as a long-living Solarian and Shepherd King who had remained away from Egypt for long, only to come back with the mission of taking the Light Program that had been established in Egypt to the Chosen Land in Palestine, as well as the Ark of Grace, and possibly, some dweller crystal skulls, including the Isis skull which Maia explains was kept at Mt. Sinai when Moses lived. Thoth/Maia explain that originally, the Christ was supposed to be born in Egypt, but upon the fall of the Hyksos/Mazur Grail kings in Egypt, the light programs and corresponding sacred relics had to be taken to a new land, so they were taken to Alba-On (British Isles, where the ancestors of Yeshua -and of the House of David- lived) and Palestine (where many centuries later, the family of Yeshua would move.

But coming back to the main topic, Ramesses decision to let the Hebrews go, in the end, would respond not to kindness, but to fear of the plagues and fear of the Hebrews themselves, and a segment of the Egyptian people, who, like I said, would see Moses as a great magician and king in his own right, being protected by the god of Akhenaten. Then, Ramesses decision to go after Moses and try to kill him after he had left him go, would respond to his Amun priests telling him the Shepherd King needed to die, or else he and the Light Program in Palestine would be a threat.

Moses lived at least another 40 years after Ramesses II died (let’s remember the Bible mentions the Tribes of Israel got lost for this period, that many of them separated from the main group and settled elsewhere, and the main ones arrived in Palestine short after Moses ascended (in his merkabah). This would have happened around 1170 BC.


Joanna Gill & Mentha Tupao

Host Crystal Skull for Mentha Tupao


Mentha Tupao is a Dweller Being / Crystal Skull which Thoth is introducing to us now. The New Guardian Sholar and member of the NESIA Core Team – Joanna Gill – has been brought into the Fold.

Mentha Tupao was a mix of Rigel “Blue Star” and Sirian genetics, who lived in what is now the Bahamas, but on land that is now submerged. The period would have been after the time tsunami that put the last of Atlantis under ( as the entity it was). The land he lived on though, would have been part of Atlantis. There were still some ruins of Atlantean structures there, and the people knew of the once-great nation that they treaded upon now as fragments of former glory.

Mentha Tupao had been sent to that region to establish a Reparation center. When he departed the form there, he left his crystal skull within the Temple of O’MAM to continue to guide the people.

One of his future and possibly last Earthly incarnations was as Seti I, father of Ramesses II.  Well, according to what is historically written (bear in mind I am gleaning this from Google). But the Records of Thoth tells a different story.

Those who follow my work might remember that in Thoth’s version, Moses is the son of Akanaton. Well, now if Ramases II, son of Seti I ran Moses out of Egypt, how does that work?

According to “history” Seti I was trying to put the kingdom back together again after the whole Akhenaten and Tut thing transpired. Thoth is sharing with me that “Moses” lived a long time – indeed. That is compared to what we know today. His father was a man whose genetics could give him that longevity if properly wedded to the right mitochondria (which comes from the female). Thus, the woman who bore Moses (not Nefertiti) would have been just the right match to create a long-term Moses!

Akhanaton  and his sons Tut and Moses would have also been related to Seti I. I am seeing in the Thoth Akasha that Seti I was pro-Akhenaten, but his son, Ramesses II was not. The whole big story seems to be quite a DNA War, where the SOLARIAN genetics was being wiped out very consciously by the Amun, who were old Anununaki in Amun clothing!

The M-stra “starry wonder” Molecule is triggered when just the right combo comes together genetically, and the mitochondria plays a big role in that.

. . .mitochondria contain two major membranes. The outer mitochondrial membrane fully surrounds the inner membrane, with a small intermembrane space in between. The outer membrane has many protein-based pores that are big enough to allow the passage of ions and molecules as large as a small protein. In contrast, the inner membrane has much more restricted permeability, much like the plasma membrane of a cell. The inner membrane is also loaded with proteins involved in electron transport and ATP synthesis. This membrane surrounds the mitochondrial matrix, where the citric acid cycle produces the electrons that travel from one protein complex to the next in the inner membrane. At the end of this electron transport chain, the final electron acceptor is oxygen, and this ultimately forms water (H20). At the same time, the electron transport chain produces ATP. (This is why the the process is called oxidative phosphorylation.) – web source

ATP…that caught my eye. I remember reading something about it in the Keys of Enoch. So I went back to that book and found that ATP is…

The basic energy system for transduction and monitoring Light signals within the biochemical shell of man. It provides a common source of energy for a range of different cellular activities. (see Key 315).

The name for the combo of Mentha Tapao as Dweller and Host is BLUE HERON. This bird was apparently the symbol or logos for this soul as Mentha Tapao.


Joanna Gill



The Black Pyramid



Recently the Black Pyramid was brought to my attention. Here is a portion of what I was able to find out about it on the web…

According to a Danish naval captain and explorer, there was a fourth BLACK PYRAMID at Giza. During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., All of which was published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

We all have been completely fascinated by the Ancient Egyptians and their extensive history and incredible architectural achievements thousands of years ago.

Whenever you talk about ancient Egypt, you cannot avoid thinking about the Pyramids located at the Giza plateau and the mysteries behind these fascinating ancient structures.

While today we know there are three main pyramids at the Giza plateau, the truth is that according to ancient texts there was a FOURTH pyramid located at Giza plateau, made of “…of a stone more black than the common granite, and at least as hard…”

During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden, a Danish naval captain, and explorer, made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., All of which was published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

In this fascinating ancient book, the Danish explorer describes a FOURTH Giza main Pyramid, specifically drawing it on the map.


click image to enlarge

On page 120 of his book Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie (Travels in Egypt and Nubia) Norden describes the mysterious Pyramid:

“The principal pyramids are at the east, south-east of Giza. There are four of them; that deserve the greatest attention of the curious,; for tho we see seven or eight others in the neighborhood, they are nothing in comparison to the former. The two most northerly pyramids are the greatest and have five hundred feet perpendicular height. The two others are much less, but have some particularities, which occasion their being examined and admired.”

Researchers and Egyptologists, however, tend to dismiss the notion of a fourth BLACK Pyramids at Giza suggesting that he could have mistakenly taken one of the so-called ‘stallite’ pyramids of Menakure as a fourth Pyramid.

However, this is contradictory as Norden precisely describes the Pyramid being made of a stone BLACKER and HARDER than granite. The satellite pyramids are all made of sandstone.

Interestingly, the description and illustrations of Norden are of superb quality, and they position the fourth, black pyramid at some distance from the three pyramids of Giza.

In his book, Norden also describes and indicates the existence of seven (possibly even eight) lesser pyramids at the Giza plateau.

Source (on the website it says you can download the book, but the pdf just comes up blank for me)


I went to my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa to inquire about the Black Pyramid. In the past, he had told me that there were more pyramids on the Giza plateau as well as other locations in Egypt – now all covered by the sands. Some of these were covered intentionally, like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Thoth confirmed that the Black Pyramid was covered intentionally, even though it was visible at the time  Frederic Norden discovered it. How could this be? Thoth pointed out to me that Crop Circles are created in a few minutes.

I asked him it’s builder and purpose…

Thoth: It was constructed originally by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow. When the Sun Lords were installed in Egypt, so they named it the KATAPH, meaning Bringer. Bearer and Coming Forth.

It was identified with Horus, and the Companions of Horus. It has within it a “Blacklight” chamber, for moving into the Inversion. This would help to sustain the Earth as a viable Light World. The chamber could only be entered from underground.

Note from Maia: Blacklight is something I received information on so long ago (1977 I think). I received the Blacklight information from the Ultra who first prepared me for working with Thoth. They were my guides and guardians since my birth up to 1977). I had just been introduced to Thoth a few months before. They still were communing with me at that time, as I was learning to receive from Thoth.

What I have on it, is hand-written in a notebook buried in a box somewhere, and I have no memory of all that was given. But it is a whole science of Light Inversion. Not a negative thing, merely a reversal of photonic energy which allows one to move into the zones of Inversion. Kind of the “other side” of Light, where the photons behave differently. It is the realm of anti-matter – the negatively charged universe of the three-fold Universe: Positive (where our awareness abides), Negative (anti-matter realm) and Nutra, which is the singularity that brings one into the Attasic or non-dualistic Universe. One one of my videos recently I stated that I believed the Nutra was the Attasic, but I was later corrected. the Nutra is a point of entry into the Attasic.

So I would say that the Kataph Black pyramid is very special indeed. I then asked Thoth if the Blacklight chamber within it was still operative. His reply…

Thoth: It is intact, but must have the Blacklight crystal inserted into the central element. These crystals were removed and stored elsewhere – not far from the Kataph.

Maia: So will this chamber/pyramid some day become active again?

Thoth: Yes, they all will – all those which operate within the Pyramidis Radius.

Maia: I conclude by saying AND SO IT IS!


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Memtaph – Another Dweller in Egypt


According to Thoth Intelligence, Memtaph was one of the Companions of Horus in Egypt. He was among those who “ruled” after the original Sun Lords had departed this planet.  These Companions, were hybrids of Star Beings and Earth humans, who had were directly related to the original Sek’Kum or Light Bearers / Sun Lords. In actuality, all humans on Earth have genetics from other worlds, and have had, since the LOTUS Reality descended into the Primal Earth. But referenced here as Companions of Horus, are those with specific linage to the Sek’Kum or Neteru.

Thus, Memtaph, as a Companion of Horus or Hori’Ra, was the Solar Ruler in what later became the Egyptian Lands. His skull was holo-formed into Crystal, as one of the Dwellers. This Skull currently is within a chamber in Egypt that lies deep under the sands in the long forgotten temple-city of Khaferum.


This Dweller Skull is now being Hosted within the Osiris Arising Project by Samantha Stargates Young. The Dweller-Host combination is given the reference name of STAR CASTER. Actually, I received “ONE WHO BRINGS TO STARS TO EARTH” – but was also given the shorter version of Star Caster – as in “casting stars from the Vault of Orion to Earth.”


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Re-Mapping of the Hologram

The re-mapping of our World Hologram has begun. Thoth Intelligence differentiates between WORLD Hologram and EARTH Hologram here.  The Earth Hologram is formed of the Sacred Gematria of our Planetary Soul. WORLD Hologram is what the mass consciousness has created and wraps itself in like a security blanket (a lot of thumb sucking going on in there lol).

Last month my inner planes mentor ThothHorRa pointed me to the dates of July 23-28th as a major “flip and dip” period. The collective paradigm is “flipped” to non-traction and the “dip” comes as we go into free-fall, leaving our Blankys behind!

So what are we feeling?

Initially for those of us who tack “Lightworker” to our identity, it will be just another big pressure-weirdness period as we adjust our etheric-sensitive systems to one more deep dive…going into some compression time.

For those less awake in etheric bodies sensation, they will feel it too, but more in the emotional spectrum, with some major physical symptoms here and there. Yes, the “Lightworkers” category have to wade through some emotional soup as well, but it is a more conscious act…most of us know something is moving and we need to move with it.

The broader populace could get pretty out there in emotional response, with fear and anger rushing them on.

Where is this going?

“Re-mapping” starts with de-fragging all the old or dark programs. That is what these 6 days are about – De-Frag City!

It is no coincidence that in this period the Democratic Convention is active. It is all part of the Tea Party – not the Republican one, but more of a  Mad Hatter. There is a knarly KNOT at the center of the DNC and this has to be undone in the de-frag process. Once this knot is undone…well, more de-fragging, but now it will have less chaos in it’s strokes.

The whole re-mapping is really embedded in the ARISING OF OSIRIS. Thoth Intelligence has shown me that the Body of Osiris as a human pure state Adam Kadmon template, quite literally will be re-mapped into the WORLD Hologram. It is already in the Earth Hologram, but latent until the WORLD receives it!

Thoth declares to me that “the Bridegroom is being made ready.” Those of you who keep up with my articles and videos know about the King of the Sun / Queen of the Sun dynamic I have been talking about.

The King will soon enter the Building – the wave form Thoth is calling King of the Sun will embed into the Osiris Template within the EARTH Hologram. This will happen August 13th-15th. Then 16th-20th will be the entry of the Queen of the Sun wave form into the crystalline matrix of the planet, and dance with the King of the Sun wave form embedded into the Earth Hologram gamatria.

Once completed on August 20th, the whole presence (Earth Hologram Osiris gematria with King AND Queen wave forms giving it life) will come to the Gate of the World Consciousness and KNOCK.


Before we continue with the King-Queen Osirian Journey into the World platform, let us take a detour to the ancient temple-city of Abdyos, Egypt…

It would seem as though some Egyptians regarded it [the Osirion] as the Tomb of Osiris … But as the channel surrounding the island has never yet been freed of its water, despite the use of powerful pumps, and probably never will be, it is unlikely that the mystery of the Osirion will be solved. It will always remain one of the most breath-taking puzzles of Egyptology; a challenge for a future generation of Egyptologists who must really make an exceptional effort [emphasis added] … – source



Then we shall skip briefly across the sands to Luxor…

The Temple of Man

“In order for the indefinite volume of a sphere to become form, at least three directions must be defined, the polar axis and the four directions of the equatorial cross. This is the reason for the whole of the celestial mechanics, ordered by numbers that form a marvelous system and for which they are key.” Schwaller de Lubicz The Temple of Man – source

According to Thoth Intelligence, the Osirion at Abdyos contains a deeper chamber underground that is another “tomb of Osiris,” like the others linked to the main Vault of Osiris beneath the Great Pyramid. However, the Abdyos chamber is also linked to the Body of Man temple at Luxor.

These three: Vault of Osiris, Abdyos “Flower of Life Seed” chamber (urged to call it that), and the Body of Man temple at Luxor, compose the dynamic for the whole face-map of the Osiris “Body” template. This template is an aspect (a formation trigger) for the upgraded Adam Kadmon. This “upgrade” is intended to bring the missing codes in the DNA which were shut down by what many call the Annunaki during the DNA tampering. Understand that from the view of Thoth Intelligence, The Annunaki did not take their genes and put them into ape-like earth species and get US. Instead they took those from among the star races already here, and then mixed their DNA to get the original batch of humans they wanted. Later, they wished to dumb us down, so added a dash of Neanderthal into the cookie. (Perhaps not that exact species but close).

I don’t wish to get off-topic here, and I could easily do so following this path, so will reign myself back in for now.

A Fairytale

So Goldilocks aka (Earth Hologram Osiris gematria with King AND Queen wave forms giving it life) knocks on the Door of World Consciousness. Footsteps are heard on the other side of the door…a pause…someone starts to turn the handle, but…a voice shouts “Don’t let her in!”

Then Goldie hears a lot of scrabbling around, mumbling and threats under the breath. But the dear little girl stands strong. SHE knows who SHE is, and the importance of the mission she is upon. Could it be? Yes this Pure Golden Child carries the two wave forms dancing in unison within her, ready to birth OSIRIS into the WORLD!

Then she peers down to her feet and sees a little mouse’s whiskers peeking underneath the door. Timidly the whole creature appears, so small and meek. In his tiny hands he holds a single seed. He drops it in the dirt and it grows and grows! A giant tree (the tamarisk tree of Osiris?) soon reaches up in the sky! Our little Goldielocks thanks the mouse, hikes up her knickers and climbs the tree…just high enough to leap through a window to the floor below.

Once inside…you know what happens. She gives birth to a King and all live happily ever after!

END OF STORY. Well, not quite…

I told this story in my own words, but as I saw it in the Thoth Akasha. Perhaps I should have given the Divine Feminine the name of Isis instead of Goldilocks, but it just seemed to come out that way.

Elixis Mundi

The new Light Program of Osiris Arising…it also figures into this telling. If we place the arieopax / Isis Eye upon the form of Osiris as laid out in the Temple of the Body of Man at Luxor, we arrive at a Portal into the DNA. Yes indeed! One that activates the awakening of deeper levels in the human DNA, through the quickening of the M-stra Molecule. From this, the Divine World Elixir flows!

So full of the nectar of the World Soul (Earth-balanced wold platform), how do we as individuals, become Osirian-Born from our Isis (Goldilocks) Being?

Simeon Nartoomid writes in his recent article, Neutrinos and Souls

The neutrino’s nature is also an excellent way way to bear witness to the nature of our own soul beingness through the lens of modern science. The neutrino suggests a modality of higher beingness and consciousness which is taught in many of the ancient wisdom traditions

This modality is that our True Nature is indeed one of non-identity. We too, have the inherent ability to pass through all experiences without the need to retain any memory of anything but the love (Adamantine particles) and to remain neutral and aligned to our Core Self (neutrinos) which is beyond all the limited identities of the things we will be interacting with… including our our own body, personality and human beingness.

Another connection in the memunite crystals I wrote about some years ago…

These are small micro-crystals created by “mem” or what Yeshua through Glenda Green in her book Jesus Speaks calls “adamintine particles.” These particles are the sacred base substance that forms everything in the universe.

The memunite crystals are concentrated crystalline aggregates of the mem particles found in the “Holy Light of Christ” – that Christic effulgence of LOVE-LIGHT streaming from the Universal Christ, which also radiates out of the body of the supreme Christic Host, I’shoa/Yeshua/Jesus.

When you call upon the Holy Light of Christ, you are indeed calling upon memunite crystals to fill the Cup of your being!

These crystals are so small that they cannot even be viewed by our most powerful microscopes, yet their power (in numbers) is immense: for healing, balancing and transformation.

Elemental crystals are especially good receptacles for memunites, but they must be “called” into them by angelics or human souls. The Phi Crystals have a large quantity of memunites, placed there by the Amatrix Angels. The Amaru crystalline grid on the planet has been highly charged by the angelics with memunites, thus the Amaru Seed Crystals contain them as well – determined by the amount of grid charge they receive via the human charging the seed crystals. see article with links


I was about to conclude this article, just going to add some images, and I found this video by Danny Wilton. I am a “fan” of all his videos. I am very interested how he superimposes the Luxor “Man” with St. Peter’s Square in Rome. Thoth led me some years ago, through the Vatican…beneath into the chambers. Quite impelling.


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The Return of the Fifth Lord

A friend (Fredaricka Yarom) came across this in issue 3-90 of my old publication Temple Doors. I had totally forgotten about it of course, as I cannot keep track of over  45 years of my source translations…


The Logos of the Fifth Lord A gold cartouche was ethereally placed around my neck as THOTH told me that this was the Logos of the Fifth Lord, whose power came through the archetype and emissary of Osiris. I was told by THOTH that this Fifth Lord was returning and when I asked how, he said, “through his seed.” Then I was told to open several books, one of which was Serpent in the Sky, The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, by John Anthony West. I opened it to a part of the book I had not yet read (although I have owned this book for several years.). On that page I read about a chamber in the Temple of Luxor in Egypt.

This Temple was built to correlate within the initiation centers of the human body. The chamber mentioned on the page I opened to was called, The Holy of Holies. To quote from this page:

The sanctuary Schwaller de Lubicz calls the “Holy of Holies” many be regarded as a germ or seed whose dimensions, proportions and symbolism contain in resume the finished product. On the West wall of this sanctuary (which once contained a gold statue of a ram-headed Amon and Min-Amon (Amon as fecundating principle). Measuring these kings, Schwaller de Lubicz found them gradually increasing in size. Each king measure exactly seventy two digits, the digits being fractions of the different values of cubit, each of which is founded upon exact geodesic considerations: the difference between them is determined by the degree of latitude to which the measure pertains.

In this information we find the Five Lords/Kings in the chamber of the “seed”. The 72 is the number of petals, i.e., masters, upon the Rose Mystica. It was through this chamber that I consequently entered the interdimensional realm in which Osiris gave me his Staff with which to pierce the plain of Iraq. I know this is not the end of the connection with the Fifth Lord. After the bull/lion statue was split in two I saw a princely being, looking exquisite in satin robes and turban. He was distinctly Arabic. I was told that this one eminence of the Fifth Lord, the one which was now free to act within the Destiny of Iraq. Thus the Fifth Lord is not just Osiris. It is a multifaceted being or perhaps consciousness beyond entity-form, who has the ability to out picture within the various culture frames or racial memories. Upon awakening on the morning of September 26,1990 I found this sentence planted firmly in my mind: ‘Under the Lake of Lakes near the Plain of Gilgamesh.’

Gilgamesh is the Babylonian Noah. Looking in the Britannica I find that ancient Babylonia occupied southeastern Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (modern southern Iraq from around Baghdad to the Persian Gulf.).

Questions to THOTH: Q: Did I plat the Staff of Osiris on the Lake of Lakes?

THOTH: It is upon this sacred ground that the Holy Staff of the Fifth Lord (as issued through Osiris) was thrust into the Earth by Gilgamesh, another embodiment of the Fifth Lord. So you accomplished this ethereally by your reenactment , thereby recreating the movement of the crystallic grid beneath the Lake of Lakes.

Q: Is this “Lake of Lakes” a dry lakebed?

Thoth: Yes.

Q: Is the “Lapis Sea” channeled by the Emerald Center group the “crystallic grid” of which you speak?

THOTH: It is. Understand that the world “Lapis” in this context is to be embraced in its ancient usage as well as the lapis lazuli of the actual mineral vein present in the region. This is the Lapis of the Philosopher’s Stone, the gem from the Crown of Lucifer, which in mineral content is Black Tourmaline (Philosopher’s Stone) or Emerald (Crown gem).


So now, in 2016, I ask Thoth to further speak on the topic of Osiris as the Fifth Lord…

THOTH: Remember that the Dweller Soul of Osiris remains with the Earth as key activator of the process of human transmigration into the World System II phase which we are calling the New Earth Star.

The “Fifth Lord” is a turning, a facet, and presentation of function…of the protocol within which Osiris perpetuates “His Seed” – the continuation of the germination of PRESENCE as a Receptacle of the Holy. As one dips the fingers into Holy Water and applies to the forehead, so the Prayer is perpetuated through each Soul who performs the act within that envelope of Belief and Intention. Thus the Persona of the Fifth Lord is upon select incarnations of souls issued forth from the Protocol of Osiris. This for the purpose of installing and activating new phases of His Seed in the Earth. To this end shall His (Osiris) Staff be repeatedly planted in the Earth for the purpose of releasing new quantum fields as wave forms…developed one within the other….carrying the Human-Soul-Earth into the Pure Gem manifestation of the New Earth.

(Maia) As I read this above, I see once again, that the Thoth Speak is expressing a quantum science. It is some form of highly light encoded “nesting” through perpetual enfolding of what Thoth is calling “PRESENCE” into the Universal bandwidth.

All this brings us to The 14 Staffs of Osiris, which I received in the late 1990’s. I now ask Thoth to tell us how the 14 Staffs may relate to the Fifth Lord planting the Staff of Osiris.

THOTH: The Staffs of Osiris are 14 permutations within the Trapezium of Orion (aka the universal Osiris). When “the” Staff of Osiris is planted in the Earth, it is a lightning rod of the 14 entering the planetary field.

(Maia) So Thoth, how can we relate to this as individuals, if at all?

THOTH: You – Humanity – are all undergoing the 14 permutations as an essential part of the transformation of Earth.



The fourteen Osirian staffs, in their pure energy form, are spiraling yod flames of pure Light raying forth. These yod-rays are created through the interlinking of all seven Solar Crosses. The interlinking of all Solar Crosses occurs as a result of a high level sentient source (i.e. the Universal Hierarchy) threading a beam of collective synchronicity through the seven crosses. From the earth’s current perspective, this is fully realized when this dynamic is initiated within the earth’s Central Sun Atoma, and then “threaded” through all the other “domains” of access to the greater Radiant Heaven, and then back again to the Central Sun Atoma of the planet. In creating this loop, the yod-flame staffs move through each of these domains and penetrate them, thereby anchoring the 14 permutations of Return to Light into those fields or domains as a means to re-orient them to SOURCE.

The 14 Osirian Staffs & Their Pure Energy Dynamics

1) ALI`CAPH`NAB`AP`MER: silver fluidium; transparent membranes of inter-connective passage from one energy/thought realm to another.

2) AMET`NA`TEM: vortices of conscious direction; alignment to specific keys and codes of divine resonance that allow sentience access to multiple levels of universal knowledge.

3) VOH`PE`TAI: blacklight laced with indigo fire; blue needles penetrating inner space; inverted cones of fire language seeking form in the dimensions of higher worlds, in order to impregnate these worlds with new hierarchal codes of evolutionary process.

4) EL`ESHAKI`WI`AKA: heartbeats synchronizing with the Great Cosom, pulsing the rhythms of life into the tapestry of the void , uniting the creational movements of the universe.

5) SEK`CHAB`METAT: red-gold manes of fire lick the portals of the universe, devouring all that is not aligned to divine purpose, thus bringing all chaotic energy into resolution.

6) YHALA`HAKUMA`TESECH: emancipation of pure harmonics from the angelic temples of rose crystal, riding the crest of synchronicity with the great Logos–the Word, integrating with the Lesser Creation (the fallen universes) to create a path of return to the Greater Heavens.

7) EA`RA`HEH`AT: pools of splendor collect in the midst of fiery passage, allowing the multitude of souls to gather in Grace, finding collective moments of truth in the Now of Infinity which links them to awareness of the divine.

8) ANK`ITI`YI`TEHNU: pillars of emerald and gold rise to support the arches of Heaven, where Master Intelligences record the genius of worlds upon the head of a pin. So as souls incarnate on earth, this genius–the wisdom of ages eternal–is embedded within the DNA of each individual. Our human bodies therefor contain a hologram of the great cosmic libraries, through which are given all the revelations needed to realize who we are and to re-discover our true relationship to Source.

9) ESHE`NU`PAKET: the Angels of Victory move their wings of Light above the Firmament, and Glory becomes a brazen cross, forged from the might of God’s vanguard nations which come to the aid of all souls who call upon them for intercession.

10) IPET`KU`LUM: mind ignites with splendour to create the unique similitude of Self revealing Self through continuous manifestations of rapture within the soul, bringing the soul into absolute joyous realization of its oneness with all beings and the Creator.

11) FIAL`AM`UPT: coalescence of natural forces re-creates the first sacred matter; pure expression radiates divine equilibrium, releasing new programs of Light into the ensouled worlds of form, liberating these realms from ancient paths that no longer carry the charge of liberation from half-Light realities.

12) AHRU`NAK`NEBURU: planetary repositories of soul nourishment attract the essence of divinity into a myriad homogenous expressions, allowing the individual expression of developing souls to contribute their divine mark upon the greater evolutionary event.

13) NEKHET`TAK`KETEM: the journey of the soul into the fulcrum of Twilight, where the dispirited gain strength through a return to their original knowledge of God.

14) RASET`ECHUM`VEH: that which is completed in the depths of the Dark Night, where old form dissolves into whispers of silence, germinating new seed in the ark of time for the creation of new worlds beyond the Rainbow.



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