Setting the New Matrix


For the Osiris Arising Crystalline Matrix in Crestone, Colorado

A small gathering of friends and I set up the matrix in my home. This brought the whole Osiris Arising Matrix into the energetic field here of the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Grid – and direct attunement to the Sacred AN within the Crest In The Stone mountain.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures during the event!

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SHOLAR Eunjung at the Temple of Kukulkan and Chichen Itza

Eunjung Choi…

I finally have some space to reflect back and share on the Aeriopax installation and our experience at the Temple of Kukulkan and Chichen Itza on Oct 28.

Yves and I arrived at the Chichen Itza site around 2 pm. We used a tour group to make it there since we did not have a car but as soon as we arrived, we left the group and spent the time there by ourselves for 2 hours. It was very hot and sunny and there were so many people entering the site that day. Also many vendors circling just outside the temples were selling all sorts of touristic knick knacks, souvenirs and tried to catch your attention. So it was challenging to find a calm place to do our ceremony and meditation. We connected with the Kukulcan pyramid by standing nearby for a few minutes but with so many people passing by, we decided to walk to the cenote at the end of the pathway of Venus (because there is a temple dedicated to Venus right next to the start of this avenue). This cenote is no longer filled with fresh water but still had very powerful energies since many ceremonies were held there during the Mayan times. 2 years ago in 2014, we were at Chichen Itza too and had meditation and channeling right next to this cenote. There the energy of Venus came very powerfully during our meditation. We wanted to see if we could do the ceremony there again in case people traffic was less. However we soon found out it was impossible to do it there due to constant visits of people walking by and talking. So we walked back to the Kukulkan temple and found a bench to the right side of the pyramid where we could sit on with our crystals and Imagination (Chamu’ling) and there were not many people around miraculously.

Before we opened the space for the ceremony, I had intention for anchoring the Aeriopax hologram and weaving and strengthening the Peace Grid for the planet. What I am sharing here is from what I remember and also from the recording we made during the meditation/channeling that day. I hope you will find something that resonates with you although this was not written in a well organized, coherent manner… Right now as I write about the experience, actually I feel like I am right there again in front of the pyramid in Chichen Itza. During the first part of the meditation, I had a vision of Aeriopax hovering over the Kukulcan pyramid and descending with the bottom half of the Aeriopax over the physical pyramid and the upper half was over another etheric pyramid pointing downward). There were also beings hovering outside the Aeriopax creating a circle. Perhaps they were the hosts and Sholar! And then I saw me and Yves standing in front of a gate that appeared on one side of the pyramid (the side we were sitting close to). Something in my heart clicked and I saw we were both inside the pyramid. I saw violet, golden and white light swirling inside .And I saw the guides who brought us there. They did not look like typical Mayans though. They were wearing golden shimmering robes and diamond light belts around their waist… Their eyes were silvery blue… I knew that they were star beings. And myself and Yves looked different too. I looked semi-transparent and light. We were both wearing similar light-woven robes. And the part I completely forgot until I heard the recording again today is that there was another pyramid inside the temple of Kukulcan (Today Yves told me that people did find some nesting pyramids inside this pyramid in Chichen Itza. That is really wild! ). This inside pyramid was like a starship and we got all on board and shot through the pyramid portal and interdimensional gateway. Then I saw us among the stars in the outer space. I also knew that in this starship, there were a lot of other beings besides the guardians and 2 of us. From there everything was moving so fast (super highways of light!) and became kind of psychedelic. So many sacred geometries swirling around and tubes of light creating light mesh/light grid… And columns of light were being sent to the major pyramids (Great Pyramid definitely is very connected to this Kukulcan Pyramid) on the planet activating and aligning them to the timeline of Galactic Peace Era. And there was light weaving between and among many stars, star systems, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, the Sun, Moon, Great Central Sun.. and so much more with our planet and inner earth… I also saw briefly the inner Sun inside our earth with the emerald and diamond flame and I could feel the loving heart of Chamu’ling. It was a pretty wild and intense journey and we were brought back to the reality in time safely.  This is how I could somehow put into words.. I am sure there were more taking place in ways a human mind cannot comprehend as you all have experiences like this….

Based on this experience, my insights about Aeriopax and the pyramid:
Aeriopax can act as an interdimensional portal and star gate! (I just read about Aeriopax being a stargate in one of Maia‘s articles on Aeriopax, so I totally concur); receiver and transmitter of light and codes; and balancer, harmonizer of energies..

Pyramids (as a part of Aeriopax?) are also portals, energy amplifier, communicator, manifester of energies..


SHOLAR Samantha at Glastonbury

Samantha Stargates Young…

Some pictures of our visit to the Tor on Saturday. We headed up as the sun was setting and by the time we were inside the sun had disappeared and it was completely dark. I made a grid on the floor of the Tor which turned out to be a cross/stem format. It was made in nearly complete darkness, with only the light on my phone to light the little area I was placing each crystal as it went down. Only by the flash of the camera could the whole thing be seen really clearly. Some pictures also of some hybrid huskies who met us as we reached the top, the couple had four, Spirit, Shadow and I can’t remember the other two lovely names.

Before heading up the Tor we stopped at The White Spring which is a pagan chapel at the foot of the Tor it is filled by fresh running water from the spring. We did go in and paddle, washed our faces and heads. It is a fair drive (116 miles/186 km one way) but at the moment it is calling. (Perhaps this is because I am one of the closest to this site physically for the whole group, to be able to take my Hosts there. My town is in a direct horizontal line with Glastonbury and sits on the line of a pentagram which forms over the UK.)

I had an idea to create something symbolic of the arieopax to me but had no idea it would form a cross. The cross bar of the stem has my to Hosts and at the centre the Star Child, at the crown is a dodecahedron and in the stem is two pieces of Selenite, one which will be sent to Maia now that it has made its way to Glastonbury and the other that was mine but was in the care of my Grandmother for 5 or 6 years until she passed last year. Also on the stem is my beloved trigonic quartz.

Star Caster and ShaRaMa-Anointing Angel looked amazing under the flash in the darkened room… they all did and the Selenite was glowing. I really loved the beautiful gentle energies of this grid. I only got to pray there for 5 minutes after the grid was finished but the energies of these pictures means I can suspend time and return to that moment at any point (of course you don’t need photos to do this but they will help. Looking at them for me is like I can step back inside them).. perhaps I’ll see you there!

You an only take pictures from outside of the The White Chapel as photography is strictly forbidden.


Maia & William Buehler Discuss Oak Island, M-Stra & More

Henry Sinclair

Henry Sinclair


My article on the Oak Island Mysteries and Isis Crystal Skull  

 My article on the M-Stra Molecule 

Links to Bill’s schematics related to topics discussed:

Westford Knight / Ark Dynamic DNA Blood Sample 1Ark Dynamic DNA Blood Sample 2

M-Stra 1 / M-Stra 2 ( both which Bill drew per my description for me)


Oak Island Gallery


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Joanna Gill & Mentha Tupao

Host Crystal Skull for Mentha Tupao


Mentha Tupao is a Dweller Being / Crystal Skull which Thoth is introducing to us now. The New Guardian Sholar and member of the NESIA Core Team – Joanna Gill – has been brought into the Fold.

Mentha Tupao was a mix of Rigel “Blue Star” and Sirian genetics, who lived in what is now the Bahamas, but on land that is now submerged. The period would have been after the time tsunami that put the last of Atlantis under ( as the entity it was). The land he lived on though, would have been part of Atlantis. There were still some ruins of Atlantean structures there, and the people knew of the once-great nation that they treaded upon now as fragments of former glory.

Mentha Tupao had been sent to that region to establish a Reparation center. When he departed the form there, he left his crystal skull within the Temple of O’MAM to continue to guide the people.

One of his future and possibly last Earthly incarnations was as Seti I, father of Ramesses II.  Well, according to what is historically written (bear in mind I am gleaning this from Google). But the Records of Thoth tells a different story.

Those who follow my work might remember that in Thoth’s version, Moses is the son of Akanaton. Well, now if Ramases II, son of Seti I ran Moses out of Egypt, how does that work?

According to “history” Seti I was trying to put the kingdom back together again after the whole Akhenaten and Tut thing transpired. Thoth is sharing with me that “Moses” lived a long time – indeed. That is compared to what we know today. His father was a man whose genetics could give him that longevity if properly wedded to the right mitochondria (which comes from the female). Thus, the woman who bore Moses (not Nefertiti) would have been just the right match to create a long-term Moses!

Akhanaton  and his sons Tut and Moses would have also been related to Seti I. I am seeing in the Thoth Akasha that Seti I was pro-Akhenaten, but his son, Ramesses II was not. The whole big story seems to be quite a DNA War, where the SOLARIAN genetics was being wiped out very consciously by the Amun, who were old Anununaki in Amun clothing!

The M-stra “starry wonder” Molecule is triggered when just the right combo comes together genetically, and the mitochondria plays a big role in that.

. . .mitochondria contain two major membranes. The outer mitochondrial membrane fully surrounds the inner membrane, with a small intermembrane space in between. The outer membrane has many protein-based pores that are big enough to allow the passage of ions and molecules as large as a small protein. In contrast, the inner membrane has much more restricted permeability, much like the plasma membrane of a cell. The inner membrane is also loaded with proteins involved in electron transport and ATP synthesis. This membrane surrounds the mitochondrial matrix, where the citric acid cycle produces the electrons that travel from one protein complex to the next in the inner membrane. At the end of this electron transport chain, the final electron acceptor is oxygen, and this ultimately forms water (H20). At the same time, the electron transport chain produces ATP. (This is why the the process is called oxidative phosphorylation.) – web source

ATP…that caught my eye. I remember reading something about it in the Keys of Enoch. So I went back to that book and found that ATP is…

The basic energy system for transduction and monitoring Light signals within the biochemical shell of man. It provides a common source of energy for a range of different cellular activities. (see Key 315).

The name for the combo of Mentha Tapao as Dweller and Host is BLUE HERON. This bird was apparently the symbol or logos for this soul as Mentha Tapao.


Joanna Gill



Arieopax Installation in Cody, Wyoming



Valorie Farber, one of our Sholar / Core Team took her host crystal skull to a very special place in Wyoming for an Arieopax installation. Here is her writing on this event.


Yesterday, I took Apusika out to the Saint Thomas Apostle Center in Cody, Wyoming, along with a friend of mine, who’s an amazing numerologist, to facilitate an Aeriopax Installation and “ceremony” Out in the middle of the labyrinth there, that is modeled after the one at Chartres.

I share some photos here as well as some notes in bullet point fashion. I was exhausted after yesterday and am on planes all day today, traveling back home. So, bullet point notes, are all I can manage at this time. They are not as thorough and organized as I would ordinarily prefer. I may update later as more comes to mind… as there was so much more than what I was able to put in notes while traveling today.

So, here I go, lol

* I went into my soul matrix and gained a whole new perspective on it; an in-depth view of my patterns. I experienced my higher self, as the ONE and the aspect of myself “here” simultaneously.

* There is no hierarchy the way the collective believes this to be. In the unified field, there is no judgement. Only pure positive appreciation for all things, great and small; all vibratory “levels”; all dimensions; all textures; all rays, all vibrations. No fear whatsoever, total and complete appreciation for all; all the dark and light, all the layers, etc

I used to give hierarchy to those that are “awake” , versus those that are not, nor care to be at this time,… & in this new state of awareness, I have aligned with total appreciation for those not awake as they are just aspects of the ONE who are choosing to, in this experience, be “all in” and that’s what they are wanting in their experience. And I honor that. None are better or worse than another. All are ONE.

* Adamantine particles of Light, dancing and twinkling all around me, like a glitter show 😉

* There’s nothing to achieve, nothing to overcome. Humans believe there’s so much to overcome and “heal.” So much to fix. That is just an aspect of this particular experience we have chosen to explore and to experience. We experience in realities, because we are creator beings, and we love to play, in all kinds of ways, in a multitude of “environments.” We create and experience because It’s FUN!!!!

* At one point, I was in a white Light space. Blank, all white. Like a blank canvas. And this was nice, for a moment….But it quickly got boring! I shifted my focus to have an experience and boom! I was instantly in a holographic reality, and viewed many. We get bored in the no-thing! We are creator beings, and we love to create. Because it is FUN!!! Here, in this reality, we think we want the no-thing… but we get bored there!!!! And so, we are constantly shifting our awareness to explore through holographic realities. Yet, we are always in “the white room”, or the space of no-thing, while we are having our experiences. Because that is “where” all is created forth from. It is “us.” At any time, we can go back to the space of no-thing. Because, we are always “there.” We are that, no-thing; that which all is created from!!!

* I had a total integrated realization that we are in control of nothing. Except for our “vibrational output” as Abraham speaks of. I was in a total state of surrender. The collective of humanity: we are total control freaks!!! I received resounding messages about how experiences are to be ALLOWED and not controlled. And unless we are in a state of allowing, we can never be truly present in any experience. Humans want to control everything. And it’s a huge burden to be in this state. We must relax. Appreciation for all as it is, is only available when we are not trying to control anything; but by simply allowing it. And all that we are really wanting only comes when in a state of surrender and “going with the flow.”

* I experienced a total understanding of why things are “the way they are.” Because all spheres of realities of experience are holographic; the resistance and the fear we experience in this reality, lends to that which we experience as “matter.” It’s an agent of sorts, a temperance, a catalyst. It lends to anchoring us in this holographic reality and believing that it’s “real”. It creates a tangible experience with depth. We experience all sorts of contrast this way. For instance, the fear of loss… how would we know the what the opposite of that is, without these contrasts? Obviously “loss” is an illusion… but how otherwise would we know the value of the opposite of it? Our freedom in this reality, lies on the other side of our fears, we have to go THROUGH them. I have a whole new appreciation for fear and resistance and a whole new understanding of them…We are so powerful and the higher part of us knows that it’s all holographic, we wanted the experience of being in a reality and having this experience as we do, without the awareness of the holographic projection of mind!!!! To feel it as what we define as “real.” We wanted a “hard core” experience because otherwise, we would just go about with the awareness that “it’s all an illusion.” And that’s nice too… but we are eternal beings who like to play, and sometimes we like to change it up. As my friend, Amy & I were discussing all of this following this experience, she “Because that is true Faith! To be able to do that. To trust so much so in an act of faith, to let go and allow such an experience”…that we are having in “matter.” It’s truly amazing!!!! This awareness also lends to non-attachment. Yes, all is an illusion… but we love the holographic experiences we create! It’s fun!!! I have a new sense of being able to participate in this reality however I choose, and to remain in a state of non-attachment at the same time. Nothing is meant to be taken so seriously as we often think it is. Just play in the realities. We are eternally alright, no matter what, always!!! No worries, ever. We can worry and lament if we want to… but even that, it’s all just fun to the higher awareness! Because “it”, we know from that place, the ONE knows that it’s all just holographic mind at PLAY! The ONE, is a, THE creator of it all. And that’s what “it”, we love to do and will do, eternally.

* I really had a crystal clear understanding of what Thoth speaks about, free from form, free from body, traveling freely through time and space. Our consciousness, the awareness we are, this is what we do. Explore through spheres of reality… I was doing this, I was experiencing this moving freely through time and space.

* Amazing crystal clear awareness of the interconnectedness of all. All are one. From the micro to the macro and vice versa. We are all the no-thing, from which all is created from. All is really very “simple” yet so very vast at the same time. I experienced the vastness of everything in its simplicity.

I feel “awake in the dream” more than ever.
With love,




Maia & Peter Moon – Timewalkers, Dwellers and More!

Links for Peter:  



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