The Sinai Fragments: Return from Hopi Land

The Back Story (from a 1995 Temple Doors issue by Maia – “Tehuti” is Thoth)

Tehuti’s Third Prophecy of 1988 Manifests

First a brief history on the story of the three prophecies from the beginning for those who are unfamiliar with them and to refresh the memory of those who are.

The First Prophecy:
In 1988 Isis Templar, Delores Kemp was going on a sacred journey called the “Voyage of the Seven Thunders” being directed by Tehuti. Tehuti revealed to us in a reading I gave her before the journey, that during her climb of Mt. Sinai, Delores would find something in “four pieces” at her feet. She was to bring these fragments to what is not the Star of Isis Mystery School to be placed upon the White Rose Altar. As Delores climbed Mt. Sinai she remembered suddenly that she was to look for the fragments turning her gaze toward her feet. She then found the fragments of an ancient tablet with raised symbols and brought them to the Star of Isis Mystery School.

The Second Prophecy:
I (Maia) would take these fragments into the “Medicine Wheel”. Tehuti defines this as a region centered in the Four Corners of the U.S. near Cortez, Colorado and extending to encompass a large portion of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. He said it was in the Medicine Wheel that I would bring the tablet fragments to their destiny point. I was not to sent them with someone else.

In 1994, I relocated to Crestone, Colorado, within the outer rim of the Medicine Wheel. I was told by Tehuti that as the tablet fragments went into the Wheel, through the corridor of the Valley of the Golden Disc (San Luis Valley), that the Glory Light of the Ark of Grace would be radiating from the fragments, releasing certain Light Codes in the Valley in preparation for the bringing of the Ark of Grace into this Valley at a future date. This was accomplished.

The Third Prophecy:
I then asked Tehuti what I was to do with these relics within the Medicine Wheel when I arrived there. He replied that they were to be presented to the Hopi tablet keeper. In Hopi prophecy, an ancient tablet of wisdom was split into two parts. One part remained with the Hopi and the other piece was taken by the “White Brother” into distant lands across the sea. In the future it was to be returned by this “brother” or a person of his lineage who would know how to decipher the entire tablet energetically. In the meantime, throughout the generations one Elder of the Hopi tribe is traditionally given guardianship of the remaining half of the tablet.

I was anxious to comply with Tehuti’s wishes, but he informed me that I was not to go seek this personage. This meeting would occur when the time was right. The tablet keeper was simply to hold the fragments for awhile and allow the energy of the Ark of Grace, which had charged this tablet, to enter his being. The tablet fragments were to continue to remain with me (for an undefined period of time) for future purposes. In the seven years since the tablet fragments came into my guardianship, I have not attempted
to take the journey into the Medicine Wheel, nor to locate the tablet keeper. This message was given to me in 1988 when I lived in San Antonio, Texas.

This May of 1995, I was informed that the Hopi tablet keeper was in Crestone, Colorado conferring with the Rinpoche Kusum Lingpa. Simeon and I went to Hanne Strong’s home, where the Rinpoche was staying and holding his spiritual services. We were able to meet with the tablet keeper after a fire ceremony on May 10, in which he and the Rinpoche together created some powerful medicine.

The third part of the prophecy was being fulfilled, as Tehuti declared seven years earlier. Martin, the Hopi tablet keeper, had gone to the United Nations, where he took the half of the sacred tablet to be revealed to the assembly speaking of the ancient prophecies and the need for the people of the world to unite before it was too late. Martin realized he was going against the desires of the other Hopi Elders, yet he felt he must follow his inner guidance.

According to Martin and his friend Emery, upon his return to Hopi land the Elders confronted him in a family home. They were angry and accusatory as they felt they had been forsaken. They judged him without evidence or jury, and took the tablet from him. Still, Martin believed he had taken the right path in his actions.

As Simeon and I sat with Martin and Emery, we realized fully that the energy Martin was to receive from the Sinai Fragments was acting as a re-empowering bridge for him at this time. There was no doubt in our mind that he was still the tablet keeper.

Martin listened closely and respectfully to my story about the fragments. He took them into his hands and meditated with them for what seemed an infinity. Then he carefully studied each piece, telling us that he believed in such things happening this way, and that pieces of the puzzle will come together from all places (paraphrasing his statement). There was also a small chip from Mt. Sinai itself brought back from the trip that has been in the box with the fragments all these years. I was guided to give this chip to Martin in addition to a sacred prayer in the ancient Aloii language given to me recently by Tehuti.
He says this prayer is inscribed on the Saf-Fire Tablets of the True Ark (the Ark of Grace).

Simeon: At the moment I witnessed the tablet fragments touching Martin’s hand, there was a lightening bolt of energy that was felt by all in the room. Emery went into deep breathing as did I. I felt as though all of time was standing still, that I had lived this moment before and would once again at some time in the future. I felt the rush of many time continuum coming together all at once, and knew that I was very privileged indeed to witness this sacred moment within the sea of infinity.

The third prophecy of Tehuti on the fragments had been fulfilled. What their purpose might be we can only speculate. The day following the fulfillment of this third prophecy Maia felt an energy being “pulled” from her. She was a little alarmed about it and went to Tehuti. He informed her that certain ancient energy grids necessary for the accomplishment of this recently completed mission were now being removed. He indicated that this would allow her to move more fully into the evolving continuum.


2017 Return of the Sinai Fragments to Crestone

When I asked why I was to return to Crestone in 2017, I was told “to fulfill the prophecy” and that return the Sinai Fragments to this region of the sacred San Luis Valley is a major part of my part of fulfilling the prophecy. The additional prophecy is given on this video I created in preparation for my return to Crestone.


2019 Journey of the Sinai Fragments to Hopi Land and their Safe Return to Crestone

It was revealed to me that these fragments should travel to Hopi Land with one of our Johannine Swan Knights, Michael Agape. After the Elders studied them, they were then to be returned once again to this Sacred Valley. As of November 14th, 2019 this has been accomplished!

The Hopi Elders were excited about what they saw on the fragments. They kept them for over two months, studying them. They saw symbols on them which matched sacred symbols of their own. I understand one of the Elders is writing down all their findings, which I will hopefully be able to share in the near future.

The fragments were returned to me in this symbolic leather pouch (which must be returned).75362211_10157799833777498_6054023889980227584_n

The Fragments (symbols are not too visible in photographs, but are much more so in person)




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