The Sacred An & Colorado Petroglyphs

When I first moved to Crestone in 1994 I wrote the following in my then-publication, Temple Doors:

THOTH is telling me more about the Tuatha de Dannan “first tribe” race who have returned from their “otherworld” dimension into the abandoned cavern city of TASSIG, here in the Sangres. The Dannan once again (much has been written on the in past TD issues), are an ancient race who are a result of genetic mixing between the ancient Hebraic, Celtic, Hyperborean and Sidhe or fairy races. This particular “tribe” of Dannan is very old and undiluted, and has been in another dimension since the early stages of intermixing of species (human and fairy). It is this tribe which are the guardians and facilitators of the Ark of Grace’s future re-location to the Valley of the Golden Disc.

I have had several powerful vision experiences with these “Crestone Dannan”. I only wish I were an artist so that I may bring to life their expressive and unique faces and style, which is an obvious mixture of cultures, races, and indeed species. After I was given my first information from THOTH on the Dannan’s return to the Valley, in which he told me of their previous time here, I was amazed to come across an article in FATE Magazine, June, 1994: “Colorado Inscriptions Threaten Our View of Pre-Colombian America”, by Chas. S. Clifton. In the article, Mr. Clifton writes about inscriptions on cliffs in south-eastern Colorado. These markings are identified as the ancient Ogham script once used in the British Isles and Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal). It was employed by speakers of Celtic languages, primarily Gaelic.

The location of this site is very near the Colorado-Oklahoma state line near the town of Springfield, CO. The three main archeo-astrological sites mentioned in the article are: Crack Cave (Picture Canyon, Colo.), the Anubis Cave complex (Oklahoma), and the Sun Temple (Colorado). All lie between the Arkansas and Cimarron Rivers. Mr. Clifton states that “all contain inscriptions that the authors (of Ancient Celtic America) and others translate from Old Irish to refer to the sun and the calendar.” In his article, Charles Clifton continues:

One inscription and apparent star map at the Sun Temple seems to refer to a conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter, and Venus in the constellation Gemini in early August 471 C.E. (Common Era, equivalent to A.D.).

Since the publication of Ancient Celtic America, some of the southeast Colorado petroglyphs have been dated by Ronald Dorn, one of the nation’s experts on dating rock inscriptions to be 2,000 years old.

It is of interesting note that these areas contain the words “Anubis” and “Sun”, and in the “Anubis Gathering” and “Chariot Of The Sun.” Such synchronicity I feel is rarely accidental in an orderly universe. THOTH and Chariot Of The Suns’ history of the Crestone Dannan has not been in its entirety been revealed to me, but the following is the information I have thus far received:

They first came to the Valley of the Golden Disc and its attendant Sangre de Christo and San Juan mountain ranges when their souls were among the SUN BOW CLAN, the Master Builders, who set the sacred geometry of the Earth in the First ML. At that time the “Thresholding chamber” for the Ark of Grace was installed, synchronous to the one placed in Tibet. These same souls return now, as Danann, traversing time, to be received in 1994. They have made an appearance at least one other time in-between these two time frames, when they built the now-empty “city” inside the Sangres, which THOTH calls “TASSIG”. They left the city to be guardianed by a mixed race of Native American-Dannans, who still live in the underground chambers and guardian whatever of great value the “city” apparently still contains; foremost of which, I imagine, is the Thresholding chamber. Now the Dannan have returned — through dimension and time. Their plans, while by no means completely revealed to me, do appear to be primarily the preparation of this region for the return of the Ark of Grace. I am also told that contingent groups of Celts (with some Dannan blood) later came into the region, as they considered it “sacred ground” from stories of the “hierarchical tribe” of Dannan in their ancient histories.


Now I find this video (embedded below) which highlights these petroglyphs in 2017. I intuit strongly that within the Colorado glyphs is to be found some (perhaps cryptic) mention of the future location of the Sacred An or “first” Ark of the Covenant. Bear in mind, that according to my inner planes mentor ThothHorRa, there were / are two arks the AN and the later one which Moses had built as a less potent version. This latter one was created to serve its purpose at Jericho, etc. The first was taken back into its Thresholding chamber inside Mount Sinai, after it was mishandled by the priests during Moses’ absence. So the Sacred AN was never taken into Jerusalem.

In this video below, probably both arks are being referenced interchangeably.






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