The Nine Sun Spirits & Akhenaten’s Promise

In February of 2019, while our Crestone Johannine Templars were together meditating, I had an inner vision of a man – obviously to me a High Illuminari.  I felt that he was the soul of ThothHorRa, my inner planes mentor, but he did not appear as any of the “faces” I have seen him embody before. Previously there is: TothmuszurudThoth Raismes of Aphra, Thoth Ami and then more recently ThothHorRa of the New Earth Star. This one was none of those – not only in appearence, but in Presence. Yet I felt the Thothic Being nonetheless.

Later, I requested information from Thoth and received that he as appearing as U’shael – his higher Soul Self. This name was familar to me, as in the 1990’s when I had asked for a name for his Highest Being, he gave me U’shael.

However, now he informed me that U’shael was you might say, a “point man” for all nine Sun Spirit Souls, of which he is one. Please pause for a moment in reading this article to read about the brief Akashic definition of the Nine Sun Spirits. This is not what Thoth has called “layered souls” – where souls are stacked in one incarnation. It is more of an infusion from a higher realm.

In the image above you will see my attempt to capture the visage of U’shael as I saw him. While it is most certainly not identical to him, after hours of work, I believe it comes fairly close.

I asked why Thoth appeared to me in this way and at this time. In the vision, he was walking around us (four in the room) and sprinkling pink rose petals, as Michael Henry Dunn played the harmonium and sang.

He replied that now was the time for the Sun Spirits to unite in preparing the World for the New Era (beginning in 2020) in which those among humanity who choose (through vibrational similitude) to enter the  La’Shan’Ka’Ra Lotus  (Pyramidis Radius Matrix) in prepartion for Light Principle 40.


Akhenaten, Nefertiti and the City of Armana

Thoth calls Akhenaten the last Solar Lord / Shepherd King to be invested upon the Earth. There is a long story concerning the Solar Lords as Shepherd Kings, which I will not go into here, but These beings: Solar Lords also called Shepherd Kings (and Queens) are our true Kindred upon the Earth…not the Anunnaki!

Akhenaten and Nefertiti were the Shepherding King and Queen who made a Last Stand for the our Kindred on this planet. Even though they were brought down by the AMUN (Archonic servants), they accomplished a great deal in their short reign, some of which is awaiting an Awakening.

Thoth reveals to me that Akhenaten was a reincarnation of Osiris (one of the nine Sun Spirits). Although, actually I should not use the term “reincarnation” as Osiris never reincarnated again, in the standard sense of the word. According to Thoth, he “Timewalked” into his son Horus, and in some other incarnated ones, including Akhenaten. I honestly have yet to grasp how this “timewalking” into form works. So I will just say for now, that Osiris entered the form of Akhenaten.  No, I do not receive that Nefertiti was Isis.

Beneath the city of Amarna is an underground complex created by Akhenaten and his Queen. This complex – the ARATU – awaits its future. I will write more about it another time, but just say here that it contains “machines” for a future time.

The Shepherd King and Queen of Amarna developed the Sacred Hives of Khansi (a garden area named for Nefertiti’s brother who had died). The bees of these hives were prayed over and chanted to. They became large and quite golden in color. They were fed a special monoatomic formula and also given Shungite powder within their hives. The King and Queen believed that these sacred bees helped them to commune with their Starry Kindred of the SUN.

(an aside: Since Shungite is known only to come from one place in Russia, I asked how they possibly obtained it. I received that it was “brought” to them by the Star Kindred.)

Akhenaten’s Promise

Had Akhenaten fulfilled his life mission he (as the Osiris Timewalker) would have “timewalked” back into form for the prepartion to receive the Pure Soul Sun Spirit of I’shoa into incarnation in that body – in Egypt. This was the first chosen place and time to do so. However, because the Mission was interrupted, the  Akhenaten-Osirian soul moved into the next level or reciept – within the Middle Eastern region to become the “Holy Land.”

Yet as Akhenaten prepared to leave the body he placed his “soul seal” upon the Creational Matrix as a “Promise” that the original Timeline of the Christing in the Earth would return to join the separating reality. Then the two would be one, and the Miracles which would have issued forth from an Egyptian Birth of Christ would be given to the Earth before the New Earth was upon us.

I was guided by U’shael-Thoth to create not only the portrait of U’shael, but a medallion as well. Then I was to place the medallion into a psionic template of Light Mathematic numbers – each summoning the frequency of an elemental being. There are a total of nine in this template – each connecting to a Sun Spirit. Each string contains ten numbers – ten being the Solar number.

Thoth states that the Medallion is “infused” with these elemental beings, registered through their crystals and powders.

HERE IS THE TEMPLATE – you may download and place it on your altar to work with the Sun Spirit Presence in your energy bodies.




Subscibers to my Kyi’Ra Portal may also download a larger version of just the Portrait and Medallion as an art prints. (requires log-in)


MEDALLION: Full Size or Cropped



I was guided by Thoth to open The Gene Keys. It was on the 19th Gene Key: The Future Human Being.

I quote from this Key:

The 19th Siddhi contains the secrets of mystical initiation. Every aspect of the earth’s consciousness must move through the nine portals of initiation before our collective planetary evolution comes to an end.

This 19th Siddhi is a herald of the future forms that will house higher frequencies of consciousness…”

–  from the Gene Keys by Richard Rudd

Additional Note: In some of my previous writings I stated that only six of the nine Adam Kadmon souls are Sun Spirits. This is incorrect. Three of the nine are not active, but all are technically “Sun Spirits.” Thus my previous confusion in translating this part. The remaining three are a trinity which will blaze forth at the Ascension Moment of LP-40.




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