Osiris and the Bennu: Arrival of a New Era

And of the day, none has spoken, nor have their eyes seen that which is manifest therein. The Coming is upon wings of Light that circle in the grey dawn, as a nesting Anka bird. The egg of the Earth is born anew, cracked from within its sacred womb. Out from its center the chick arises, its beak a slender knife that cuts through the weave of the world. Lo, a web of gold is spun, a pattern of the ageless stars. Souls move upon its fine threads, gathering eternity in a wave of exaltation, as they plunge into the heart of the blue star.

– from the Ra-Maj codex, a pre-deluge text of prophecy written by the ‘Light Bringers’ of the Mayan world (Akashic Translation by Maia)


On the date of December 26th, 2018, while lying down for a rest, I had a flash of an image. Even though it was for just maybe 2 seconds, every detail of it was burned into my brain.

I saw a statue I knew to be Egyptian. It was of a man, but only from above his navel to just below his throat. In the carved stone, he cradled a bird with a long beak that was curved downward. The eyes of the bird were very large.  After the flash, I knew that the statue was of Osiris and the bird was the Bennu.

I received then, that the Bennu would usher in a “New Era” for Earth, beginning in 2020. However,I was shown that 2019 was like a long corridor leading to the “Sacred Chamber” of 2020.

I had an experience last year with the Bennu, in which I saw the hand and vest of a man I knew was the Count St. Germain. His vest was rather fancy. He was holding his hand up about the level of his solar plexus. It was surrounded in a ruffled cuff. In his hand, there was a large coin attached to the vest, and he was flipping the coin back and forth. It was not a nervous gesture. He was doing this with great deliberation, while he wished it to appear as just an idle movement.

I could see that on this coin there were engravings. Each side something different. I knew the coin had been created by him. It was not regular currency. I wa frustrated that I could not see the symbols clearly on each side of the coin. Later, I asked my inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa, what these symbols were. He shared with me that on one side of the coin where the “rivers of Eden” and on the other, the Benben Stone (egg of the Bennu Bird).  In turning the coin back and forth again and again, he was creating a time portal opening…but that is another story.

So I knew a little about this “mythical” creature. I did not know until after my vision of December 26th, that this bird is identified with both Ra and Osiris. To clarify, it might be more accurate to say, I did not remember this, as I must have read it at some point.

According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being. The Egyptian meaning of the Bennu is ‘palm tree’ and also ‘purple heron’. This bird is clearly associated with the Phoenix and its legend is associated with the Bennu. The Bennu bird has red and golden plumage and is the sacred bird of Heliopolis, one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt. Sacred Bennu has been also interpreted as the reincarnation of the Gods Ra and Osiris. Heliopolis is referred to as the City of the Sun and is known as one of the oldest Egyptian cities.

The ancient Egyptians believed the Bennu created itself from a fire that burned upon a holy tree in the temple of Ra and yet others believed that it exploded from the heart of Osiris.

It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris.

Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were “He Who Came Into Being by Himself”, and “Lord of Jubilees”; the latter epithet referred to the belief that the Bennu periodically renewed itself like the sun. Its name is related to the Egyptian verb wbn, meaning “to rise in brilliance” or “to shine”.

The Pyramid Texts refer to the yellow wagtail as a symbol of Atum, and it may have been the original form of the Bennu bird. New Kingdom artwork shows the Bennu as a grey heron with a long beak and a two-feathered crest, sometimes perched on a benben stone (representing Ra) or in a willow tree (representing Osiris). Because of its connection with Osiris, it sometimes wears the atef crown.

According to the Greek historian Herodotus, who wrote about Egypt in the fifth century BC, the priests at Heliopolis described the phoenix to him. They said it lived for 500 years before building its own funerary pyre and setting it alight.

A large species of heron, currently extinct, lived on the Arabian Peninsula in comparatively recent times; it may have been the ultimate inspiration for the Bennu. Reflecting this, the species was described as the Bennu heron (Ardea bennuides). Like Atum and Ra, the Bennu was probably worshipped in their cult center at Heliopolis. It also appears on funerary scarab amulets as a symbol of rebirth.

The newborn offspring of the previous phoenix rose from the ashes of this fire and carried them to Heliopolis, depositing them on the temple’s altar. Greek descriptions of the phoenix liken it to an eagle with red and gold plumage, reminiscent of the sun or of flames.

The name of the phoenix could be derived from “Bennu”, and its rebirth and connections with the sun resemble those of the Bennu bird, although Egyptian sources do not mention the bird’s death. – web source

from another web source

The names of the Benu Bird and the Benben are derived from the same root Bn, which means ‘ascension’ or ‘to rise’; it is also thought that it comes from the root word weben meaning ‘to shine’ or ‘shining’. It is this image, in the form of a hawk, which is passed on to the Pharaoh, who is the living ‘Principle of Ascension’.

One of the creation myths of Heliopolis tells of the Benu Bird. IT gives an account of the first dawn and a heron skimming over the waters of the Nun until it comes to rest on a rock. As it did so, it opened its beak and a cry echoed over the water of the Nun. The world was filled with ‘that which it had not known’; the cry of the Benu Bird ‘determined what is and is not to be’. Thus, the Benu Bird, as an aspect of Atum, brought life and light to the world.

The Benu Bird was said to have created itself from a fire which burned at the top of the sacred persea tree in Heliopolis and it rested on the Benben Stone, a pillar topped by a pyramid shaped stone (an obelisk), which became the most sacred fetish worshipped in the city. On the Metternich Stele, Isis says to her son, Horus: ‘Thou are the Great Benu who was born on the incense tree in the House of the Great Prince of Heliopolis”. The capstones of the pyramids and the pyramids themselves were thought to be a representation of the Benben Stone and the Kings buried beneath were under the direct protection of the Sun God.

The Benu’s cry had begun the cycle of time, which the Egyptians believed to be divinely appointed. Divided as such: the twenty four hour day with twelve hours for both daytime and nighttime, the ten days that comprised the Egyptian week, the thirty day month, the year of twelve months (365 days) and periods of 1460 years in which the civil and astronomical calendars diverged and then coincided again. The Temple of the Benu Bird at Heliopolis was primarily concerned with the regulation of the calendar and the Benu Bird itself became the deity concerned with the division of time.

The carved bird I saw, cradled in the hand and arm of Osiris, was not super large. It had very big eyes – much more so than any heron I have seen pictures of. I “knew” its legs were shorter, although I could not see legs in the flash I had. And there was that curved beak. I did feel that the carved bird I saw, was depicting a once-living creature.

The symbology of the Bennu would seem to fit my receiving that it would “usher in a New Era.” But there was more.

I was “told” that the statue I saw had been created by a Pharoah who was having experiences of being “united with Osiris.” This would have been some form of mediumship, where his soul stepped aside to allow Osiris come through and speak to his scribes. I am not sure of the exact relationship, but the Pharaoh was knowledgeable of what was occurring, and a willing participant. He had the statue carved to represent himself as Osiris.

So why was he holding the Bennu? Here is where I stopped my research yesterday and now I move into the Thoth Akasha to see if I can find the answer to this question…and to the Bennu of Osiris appearing in 2019.

I am being shown a “map” of Egyptian Gods and hieroglyphs. The Tree of Osiris is woven into it. It is kind of like a Family Tree, but instead of genealogy of humans or gods, it defines a special path in time. It is a wave of time – a time line, risen among many, to be carried in the curved beak of the Bennu. The figures on the map represent incarnate souls in various times, who make choices, do things, which keep the “path” in alignment with the true “Wave.” These “persons” probably personify groups of souls, but one soul heads the ship so to speak (on the map is given that honorable recognition).

I see that this Pharoah, whose name I am being given as Nepher-Ra, has a wife, Kabiet (at first I thought she was his daughter, but now know her as his wife). Kabiet is a visionary as well, and is able to help Nepher-Ra “translate” what he receives when Osiris enters him. This “Time Map” is her handiwork, pieced together from the information received from Osiris (through the host of Nepher-Ra), with some added keen interpretation of her own.

The Time Map is called the “Way through (or abiding with)  the River of RA-NUIT.”

[According to the Thoth Akasha, “NUIT” was the most ancient expression of the later NUUT.]

RA of course, is the Sun God. NUUT is the Sky Goddess. Thoth is showing me that the “River of Ra-Nuit” is….the Ranna Time Wave!

From my akashic translations of the early 1990’s:

The Ranna is the true flow of time in this universe. The Earth and other worlds are created as a path for karmic resolution to prevent certain forces from building within the sacred trinity of Pleiades, Sirius and Orion whereby the pure thresholds of Light might become violated in time. These worlds including the Earth are created within a parallel construct of the Ranna Time Flow, but still aligned to it. Once the Earth had been created, further karmic forces built and eventually the Earth fractures away from its parallel track within the Ranna Time Flow and the Kali Rift is formed. This is actually a fracture in the Earth’s time grid or flow that was created as a result of inter-dimensional implosions which happened sequentially in a linear construct, but simultaneously in a true perspective on the sphere of time. In other words, as a result of sentient will pursuing its own course of action as a separate focus from that of the true time grid / consciousness of the Ranna Time Flow, certain occurrences came together in Earths time construct as a synchronous event to cause a fracture of true time in our reality, thus creating the Kali Rift. So the Kali Rift is the gap that exists between our true time flow and where we currently reside in the continuum.


So Kabiet, wife of Nepher-Ra, has depicted the true path of TIME in this Universe. To make such a statement as “the true path of time in this Universe” is an over-simplification of the enormity and complexity of this topic. However, this article is focused on my vision of Osiris and the Bennu, so I am not wishing to stray too far from the topic at hand. Suffice to say, Kabiet’s River-Map would have shown the key points of cosmic-energy dynamic “Moments” which would lead us from the “Rift” back into the “Wave” and further guide us down its course.

In the map, the Bennu Bird was depicted as the “Wayshower.” He was Osiris as the Bennu!

WE are now as I write this, on the brink of 2019. This coming year we will take our first steps down the long corrider, inclining upward into the sacred pyramid-temple, which is a primary node within the Osirian Map of the Wayshower following Ra-Nuit. 

From a previous Thoth Transmission on NUUT (Nuit):

Thoth: The archetype of Nuut is the Living Symbol I give for the New Earth Star Creation Matrix. It is more than just a Creatrix for the ‘New Earth,’ but certainly incorporates that dynamic in Her Divine Radiance. The original Nuut represented the Lemurian principle of going forth to heal, restore, create and resolve and also to expand generative radiance. She is the Creatrix of the ‘Dwelling Place’ of the gods – that is, this archetype represents the universal laws which consign actions to basic creational forces. Nuut sends rays of Her Creation through the Whirling Pillar of Yushuda. It is her cosmic rays which compose the El’ohim or Creation.


The implications of this “New Era” approaching are beyond me at this time. I can only say that it offers us a grand vista beyond the limitations we have thus far encountered throughout our known history.

I refer the reader to a recent posting, containing a video I created on the topic of reality streaming – time lines: Ascension versus the “Agenda.”

Also an article I wrote just before returning to Crestone, Colorado in 2017: What a Croc! My Crocodile Dream

Then there is  OSIRIS Fire Star Kachina giving an in-depth understanding of “Osiris Arising” as a quantum dynamic.



I just found this image of an ibis that is different from any ibis I recall seeing before. It bears a resemblence to the bird I saw carved into the statue, in that the beak is curved. However “my” bird was not as stout and large and had those really big eyes. It also had a few long feathers coming out of its head like a heron. So the carved Osirion bird is not an ibis. I am sensing that it is related to both the ibis and the heron, but is or rather was, its own species. Some of the descriptions of the Bennu say it had red and yellow plummage, while others say it was purple. My statue was not in color, but I am now receiving that this ancient bird was a remnant of the “Marie” bird of Lemuria and Atlantis. I source translated a manuscript on this bird and other things of beauty in Atlantis, when I was about 24 years old.

an excerpt from my unpublished manuscript, Marie – The Art of Ancient Beauty:

(describing the Marie bird) …the unabashed flourish of the sweeping tail, the sharp, smooth beak tapering into an ivory curl, and the feathered headdress gave inspiration to the emperors in choosing their royal adornment.

The amber eyes of the Marie were liken unto droplets of gold set deeply into the down circlets that tufted near the beak. Because of the vibrant and varied plumage of this elegant Bird of Paradise ornamented many aspects of fashion.

(2018 note: these birds were not killed. They were considered sacred. Feathers were taken from moltings and birds that died naturally.)


The Ranna Time Wave & Kali Rift (art by William Buehler)






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