On September 5th, 2018 Leela Hutchison and I meet in person for the first time in my home in Crestone, Colorado.  Leela is an Author, Researcher and Presenter connecting the Giant Selenite Crystals of Naica, Mexico to the Earth’s Energy Grid. She is the first American woman to explore the deadly crystal caves of Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico seven years earlier than teams brought in by National Geographic or NASA in 2008.

As we shared information on the Naica caves …I from Thoth and her from personal experience inside the caves and her own intuitive guidance, many corollaries were revealed.

Leela has spent years “mapping” a massive planetary crystalline grid. The Naica crystal caves are a major part of this grid. She has followed one main path leading from the Naica matrix in Mexico to beneath the San Luis Valley of Crestone, Colorado. It is known here, that underneath this valley is one of the largest aquifers of the continent. It is also known that this aquifer if filled with both crystal and gold! 

With all that water, it is very likely that a large amount of the crystals are Selenite. From my Akashic insights, I confirm this.

Now let us look at my previous akashic information…


According to my transmissions from Thoth, on the Spring Equinox of 2007 at the Amaru-Muru inter-dimensional gateway (portal) at Lake Titicaca, Peru, a vein of stone was turned to an unusual crystal matrix. It runs like a ribbon beneath the surface of the earth, but will be “discovered” and selectively mined in the near future. This transformation took place between March 20th through the 23rd, however, it continues to transform subtly in frequency and will continue to do so for some time. Any piece of this crystal removed from this matrix will continue to transform as if it had never left the matrix.

Also on March 20th a gathering of Elders met at Amaru-Meru for the purpose of “bringing the prophecy into manifestation” of the 500 years of spiritual light when “Our current planetary transformation is especially important for all Americans as it coincides with an Andean prophecy that predicts that the Condor will fly with the Eagle and peace will reign throughout the Americas, again.”

Beneath Lake Titicaca, Thoth informed me years ago is also one of his two “Retreats,” the other being near Crestone, Colorado in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.

Thoth is referring to this newly transformed crystal at Lake Titicaca, “Rey del Sol” or “King of the Sun.” He states that one ancient translation of “Amaru” (AMAH’RA) also means “King of the Sun, with “Muru” MU’RA) meaning “Queen of the Sun.” I asked him if there were any Queen of the Sun crystals and he indicated to me that this would become present on the earth at a later time. These are phi crystals of a high caliber and were transformed with the aid of the Amatrix Angels, working with the earth’s souls in order for this world to receive the full measure of the PHI frequency, preparing us for the New Earth Star harmonic.


Thoth has “opened the scroll” to me on the progression of the crystalline matrix developing in the region of Lake Titicaca. It is now beginning to effect other crystalline deposits around the globe, creating a stronger “Phi” resonance within these deposits. One of the key crystalline deposits it is “charging” are the famous giant selenite crystals of the Naica mine in Mexico. As these crystals build in Phi frequency, they will ignite the entire planetary crystalline grid and more and more crystalline deposits will turn into Phi crystals, including crystals already mined – although these will be fewer, since they are physically cut off from their matrix. However, even those severed from the mother matrix can become Phi through charging them to the Amaru Seeding matrix and also other means, depending upon the energy of the individual crystal, it’s current environment and the care and use of the crystal by the individual. As the power of the “Phi” moves and builds in the actual overall crystalline grid of the planet, so the work of the Amatrix Angels is escalated in the re-genesis of planet earth.

From the center of the planet, up through the roil point of the earth – the Hawaiian Islands – and out through the light code tendrils of the hagia, the new geometries of crystalline light formation, will occur the transfiguration of the Old Earth paradigm into the New Earth Hologram. “Seed particles” of future ambiance will erupt along the crystalline edges of the Old Earth grids, opening these grids to new life form communion with Numis’OM – the first stage of the New Earth Star. The “new life forms” will at first be the Lotus Loci, who are forming also within our DNA and cellular structure NOW. Thus a kindredship will rapidly develop of various levels of receipt between the New Earth and it’s species and it’s kindred, here in the Old Earth (within the DNA), creating a “launching pad” into Numis’OM.

The escalation of geologic activity at the roil point (June of 2007) and the disappearance through a fissure of an entire lake in Chile are just two of the dramatic signals nesting within the 5th World prophecies of the Maya.

There is also the return of the outer earth atmosphere ice canopy beginning to re-form! Thoth reveals to me that this re-formation of the outer ice canopy is coming from the crystalline grid’s new infusion of “phi” out of the Amaru Seeding. The outer ice canopy re-formation will accellerate the “charge” of the crystalline connection between the inner and out earth, uniting them for the earth ascension process into the New Earth Star.


In September of 2018 I enter the Thothic Stream to find out more about the Naica Selenite matrix of crystals…

Prior to the phi charging of this matrix, these Selenite crystals – the entire matrix and not just the currently explored caves – contain Light Language fire encodements of our entire Galatic Radius. The “Galactic Radius” the Thothi Record informs me, is The full Metatronic Light Spetrum of our Crystal-Light Universal Hologram. All that “we” are as a planetary Radiance, is generated and defined within our Galactic Radius.

The Naica Selenite matrix is part of the larger Serpentine Crystal Fire Matrix. This SCFM seeds and fires up the Pyramidis Radius Matrix (PRM). The two dance togetther as spiraling strands of DNA. The SCFM is the crystalline field, while the PRM is the platform for Ascension dynamics…the station between Old and New Earth systemic functions.

So let us look at Selenite as a crystal for a moment. According to Thoth and other sources, Selenite is the most refined elementation of etheric crystal. Thoth states that it acts as a subsuvial membrane for the energy flow of the planet. While all crystals can record sound, Selenite transforms sound and all vibration into 8th Octave frequencies. This allows whatever vibration entiering the Selenite to communicate back 8th Octave High Resonance Frequencies (8OHRF) into the reciever’s field.

As an example: If you chant into a piece of Selenite, it will “play back” into your energy field the higher frequency equvilent 8th Octave Harmonic. Yet it is not just about vibration. Thought intention is boosted into manifestational harmonics as well! Because Selenite is an “angelic frequency” crystal, it cannot be mis-used. It bends only to the highest Light commands.

In combination with other crystals and energy components, Selenite dances beautifully, enhancing gracefully all Light Programs.


Returning to my visit with Leela Hutchinson…

After our initital visit, Leela left with me a Selentie slab from the Naica crystal matrix. I at first was guided to place it under the Sinai fragments. Then for awhile under the Selenite Sword of Light. However, for the duration of the night, it was to go under the central ancient Jade skull, which comes from a shrine in Tibet. The skull Thoth calls HOLOS, and is the Guardian of the Osiris Arising crystal skull matrix.

Sometime in the night, I saw in my inner eye, blue lines of light coming through the skull and through the Selenite slab beneath it. It seemed like irridescent blue liquid light streams. Somewhat like beads of water running down a windowpane.

These streams were forming something. I saw crystal skulls being created by these irridescent blue streams. When I asked what I was viewing, Thoth revealed instantly to me that these were new crystal skulls forming….72 of them!

The information then began to flood my senses.

These “new” 72 were crystalline receiver vessels for 72 souls who had never incarnated in the World System I Earth. They were in the original LOTUS, but never descended. They now are coming through to interact with the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls. They are joing with them to form the alliance needed to activate the 144 thousand Light Wave through the Vault of Osiris beneath the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid). This “Light Wave” is an essential connection for the whole Ascension Dynamic of “Osiris” performing the Star Fire Kachina Dance.

So now with the Osiris Arising Project, we have a 144 full compliment of Crystal Skulls, registering the 144 Thousand Petaled Lotus Light Wave!

I requeste of Thoth, a name for these 72 “new” skulls. They are not “Dwellers” so what might I call them for referencing? He guided me to call them Ra*Star Crystal Skulls. As I read my information on the RA*STAR I found the following. I have highlighted in RED passages that I feel reveal what I was seeing with the blue irridescent streams flowing through the Selenite slab on my altar, and some current relevant notations.


From a 1999 Thothic Transmission

The Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau of Egypt is a multi-dimensional entity in stone. It has many functions and sacred programs of Light inserted within it. This structure, which we call the “Temple of the Risen One,” is supported in its multi-dimensional work by the other temple-pyramids on the Giza Plateau (the Temple of the Oracle and the Temple of the Fifth World), which we refer to as the “Solar Table.”

In this transmission, we address only one facet of the mighty crystal that is the Temple of the Risen One and its complex on the Solar Table. Yet this is a vital facet to the current age of humanity and the portal through which the planet is traveling into the “beyond” of a greater world–that of the “New Earth Star” ascended reality.

In the stone structure of the Temple of the Risen One (Great Pyramid), are meridians which carry rays or impulses of consciousness. These meridians we will call “star paths,” for the ancients called them “the shadow-halls of the stars.” They knew from even more distant legend, that the “Star Lords” had placed “long-shadows” of the cosmic beings (stars) across the Temple of the Risen One. These “shadows” had opened halls or paths in the stone for the soul to travel. The star paths then, are consciousness streams programmed by super-intelligence into the stone of the Great Pyramid. They are not the “air” shafts (which serve other purposes), but invisible highways of Light-intelligence cris-crossing deep within the stone.

At certain points of linear time in the earth, specific star paths are activated. By this we mean that they begin to send their consciousness streaming into the collective consensual reality of the planet. In this way, all human souls may benefit through the stimulation of their own spiritual intelligence in areas of thought which are resonant to the consciousness contained in the activated star paths of the Great Pyramid. In the past, many inventions, discoveries and other breakthroughs in awareness in the world have transpired as a result of the activation of the star paths in the library of stone which is the Temple of the Risen One. By this, we do not claim that ALL breakthroughs in great thought on earth are a result of the star path activation in the Great Pyramid. Again, this is only one facet in the greater crystal of earth-cosmic consciousness. The greater picture is far more complex, for this function within the Great Pyramid-Temple is only one part of a greater whole.

The earth is now coming upon a series of intense activations of star paths in the Great Pyramid. The activations occur with or soon after solar flares and other cosmic alignments, as well through direct releases of seals (an example being the O’pah seals released on the VT of 2004) over consciousness zones in the earth by the universal hierarchy. Once the initial activations occur, the next stage is the transference of the consciousness codes contained within the star paths into the planetary consciousness. This is often a much slower and convoluted procedure due to the fractured reality in which earth’s kind currently dwells. In this transmission, we are purposing a means for individuals in the “Age of Communication” to engage and aid in the transference of these star path activations into the planetary consciousness in a way that would benefit their world.

We will give you a series of numbers that are psionically sensitive in the particular orders in which we will reveal them. The numbers in these specific orders will be accompanied by certain symbols which will further “specify” their frequency. These number codes are access points for the star path consciousness. If you feel so guided to participate, all of you who receive these number codes, may utilize them in the following ways:

1) Before you go to sleep at night, mentally “send” these number codes into the planetary consciousness field, simply by forming an intention that this is what you are accomplishing.

2) Place these number codes into a file on your computer (simply save this page to a special location where it won’t get deleted).

3) Send these number codes through the Internet to others via e-mail. (2018 note: also through social media)

4) Place these number codes on websites.

Understand that as these number codes pass through or are held in the electronic medium of the Internet, so they become extremely sensitive to the planetary consciousness grid. By sending and holding these codes in the worldwide electronic system, they form a Light pattern that serves as an integrational field for passing star path quantums of consciousness into the planetary mind.

The numbers and identification symbols are as follows:

447689001: six silver bands of light surrounding a golden egg

380905224: a blue lotus flower suspended in the starry vault of Orion

105802291: a white rose as seen from directly above the center point of its full blossom, containing 72 petals with a diamond at the point of each petal

778540211: the Emerald Tablet of Thoth radiating fire letters of gold from the polished surface of the emerald stone

Although the physical capstone of the Great Pyramid was destroyed (all but the gold plates containing the circuitry codes which were once inside the physical capstone), the greater geometry of Light from which the Great Pyramid’s capstone was an elemental duplication still exists. This greater geometry capstone we call the “Capstone of JERICHO.” We, of the Chariot of the Sun (the merkabah of 2,197 [13×13] souls which is itself capstoned by Thoth), have inserted a Light program into the Capstone of JERICHO which will greatly facilitate the integration of the star paths within the Temple of the Risen One into the planetary consciousness grid. We are choosing to call this Light program “Ra*Star 2000.” A brief description of this Light program is as follows:

RA*STAR 2000 is a hierarchically generated planetary “oversoul” which allows earth’s humanity to work within a stabilized consciousness bridge to the New Earth Star future ascended reality of earth. Using the Ra*Star 2000, this bridging will be able to take place in the midst of the increasingly distorted sacred geometries of the Old Earth reality. The distortion of these Old Earth sacred geometries will be increasing as the planet moves through the magnetic solar, magnetic planetary and other cosmic influences which are beginning to effect the planet in very tangible ways, and will continue to do so into the future right up to the point of planetary ascension. The Ra*Star 2000 Light program creates a new geometry bridge or oversoul, so that humanity can work with BOTH forms (OLD and NEW) and not become entirely enmeshed in the warping effect which causes the distortion.

“The shadow-halls open to the Initiate who walks the star-way. It is he who quickens the womb of fire in the hallows of the earth and responds to the soul of time.” ~ Thoth Raismes of Aphra


From around 2002

The Ra*Star Vault is composed of 7 Octaves culminating in the Perfect Harmonic of the 8th Sphere.

Thothic Names for the Seven Octaves (chosen from an ancient High Mayan star cosmology):

1) Zumal (Heart Stone)

2) Chikopal (Mirror)

3) Tiranak (Dwelling Light) (2018 note: Perfect Harmonic Octave of the Dweller Crystal Skulls)

4) Abzim (Seven Stars/Pleadies)

5) Sokum (World Mountain or Middle Foundation)

6) Chaktum (Morning Flower or Unfolding Flower)

7) Raza ( Life-Giver or Altar Fire)

The 8th Sphere: The Divine Harmonic of the Seven. According to the High Mayan cosmology above, the 8th Sphere is Khal – The Fullness. (2018 note: Octave / Sphere of the Ra*Star Crystal Skulls / Beings)

When I wrote out the 7 High Mayan interpretations of the octaves, I do so spontaneously. Only after I had written them down, did I compare them with Rowena’s 7 Octave Co-Creation version. I personally was struck by the harmony between these two archtypifications.

The vault of what we are calling the Ra*Star dynamic feeds into the earth through 11 spinner field nomes (composed of tetranomeswith a 12th acting as a flash point, transforming its entire field into a new set of 11/12 nomes, and so on into an infinite number. The whole nome process running through the 7 octave field is operative within the DNA as well as the greater universe on all levels. It represents the channels or veins within the hyper-drive of the universe which allows the most basic level of “Light Language” communication throughout the universe. There are other, greater levels in operations as well. However it is this basic level that I am feeling guided to address from this specific format or understanding that I am in touch with at present.

The “engine” of the Ra*Star dynamic (the 7 octave / 8th sphere….11 nomes / 12th flashpoint) are the atomas which exist at the center of all DNA/cells/organisms/living beings/planets/stars/galaxies, etc.). The nome “veins spread like cracks on ice when generated by the atomas. When the hyper-drive reaches “critical absorption” in the system in which it is chain-reacting, The skater falls through the ice, ie, the flashpoint occurs creating a “blue” hole. A blue hole differs from a black hole in that the former is responsive to specific conscious control, whereas a black hole is not. A blue hole also contains large hyper-electrical charges of “First Matter” fire, whereas a black hole consumes all energy. Once the skater is plummeted through the blue hole he is then thrown into the “water” — a new plane of experience. This process is duplicated again and again, but each time the blue hole is achieved much more rapidly, until it moves beyond space-time. Relative to the Ra Star dynamic, I am intuitively calling the movement or change into “beyond space-time”, Theta. Once the Light Language moves through the nome hyperspace veins, reaches flashpoint, the blue hole opens up, swallowing the Light and the “Language” then moves into Theta and “communes” with all systems in the universe.


September of 2018

Returning to my visit with Leela, she left in my temporary guardianship, a large pillar of Selenite from a mine in Morocco. It is one of two which she has used for many years in working with (what Thoth is calling) the Serpentine Crystal Fire Matrix. Leela told me that she received I was the “Lady of the White Stone.” She explained that this “Lady” was a metafor for a function – my holding this position in some kind of activiational way for the part of the SCFM of the San Luis Valley.



Journey to the Dunes for Ceremony – 9/06/18



In the sci-fi movie VALERIAN I was struck by the resemblence of the people of the planet Mul with the Andarans I had seen, and now the Ra*Star Beings, who come from the LOTUS Reality of Earth – the  seeding ground for our “future” New Earth Star. Yes, they also resemble the Navi of AVATAR. But I saw the Andarans before either movie was made. (“saw” in my inner sight)




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One thought on “The RA*STAR Crystal Skulls

  1. Kia Ora Maia, great gratitude with love. My golden crystalline waters within have received this transmission in the now and know this is anchoring thru me here in Aotearoa . Just yesterday I wrote as i see/receive BE that the gold,quartz and high frequency waters of this land are alchemising , firekeys opening and the pyramid grids pulsing this new frequency from the SUNS and transmitting from within the earth. I have been working with the SUNstar Crystals with the gold,crystals and waters in the inner crystal caverns recently and so much more here at the amazing MU temple pyramid star complex where Ive lived these last 8 years Im lightworker of many years , am Oracle Mu priestess ,Andaran Elder , Sister of the Rose …until recently quietly & mostly unseen. I have so much more I wish to share Maia… connected to your work and what u are bringing. I have known I would step forward to connect in this now as it is time. Arohanui Lissa MiRA

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