New Guardian and Hosting Crystal Skull

Tishkahara was a female who occupied region of Calgary, Alberta circa 12,000 -10,000. While official history will tell you that only primitive people lived in North America at that time, according to the Thoth Akasha, this is not so. Indeed some of the people occupying the continent then, were primitive, there were remnants of advanced civilizations there as well.
While I have never received the exact date of the Time Tsunami (TT) of Atlantis, it would have been between 12,000 to 10,000 years ago (following our current linear time line). Tishkahara would have been born about 200 years after the TT. While I am not wishing to go into a long treatise on the TT here, nor do I honestly have a great deal of information on it, As it figures into the story of Tishkahara, her People were from an advanced civilization that had broken up into several tribes, only one of which managed to keep their culture somewhat intact. Tishkahara was among this group.

Her People the Tau Nakas, had a direct lineage to Atlantis. Their pyramid temple was still intact, despite of the fact that most of the pyramids connected to the main “grid” had been blown by the TT. Some of the ley lines were spared, depending on their placement within the earth grid.

The Tau Nakas were the Original People…those who stayed in the Sacred City….stayed with the Mother Temple (pyramid). The guardianed the Crystal Skull of Maethithos, who had been a sacred personage to them from the past – a”Queen” and founder of their tribe.

Tishkahara was a direct descendent of Maethithos and Guardian of her Crystal Skull. Tishkahara was also the known reincarnation of Maethithos. When Tishkahara was 80 years old (about 35 in current human years), she was taken via Starship, back to Maethithos’ original home in the Pleiades. Before she left, her brain-mind was transposed INTO the Crystal Skull of Maetithos, so that the two were one. The same soul, and now the same Crystal Skull. (Similar to the recent Paraquanthus-John Martinus merging.) Thus the Host for this Dwell Crystal Skull – a composite of two incarnations of one soul, we shall call THE SEEKER, for this Dweller Soul has followed the crystalline pathways in various incarnations, searching for the many fractals of the whole…to the Great Holographic Crystal Design of the Universe.

The Pyramid Temple still contains THE SEEKER Crystal Skull. It was buried intentionally, when the Tau Nakas dispersed, with help from the Pleadieans. This Pryamid Temple is buried beneath a hillside on the slope of a mountain near where the Guardian of the Seeker Hosting Skull, Joanna Ross now lives. When I asked her about this mountain, she replied:

I have not been able to find the exact name of our mountain; this is the summit where I envisioned the 3 angels anchoring crystalline pillars and the temple was circular ~ the name I was given was ‘Diamond Heart Sanctuary ‘ and we sit on the border of the Kananaski park country, Bragg Creek Alberta.

One thought on “The Seeker

  1. Thank you Maia,
    There have been many incredible synchronicities in our attaining and merging this sacred land in co-creatorship with Gaia, Terra, and the energetic unfolding’s have been just as magical throughout the land as I sing, tone, and create sacred communion. I was gifted many blessings already in this land, and feel it is a sacred offering from Creation, that can assist in our reunifying of the human family, awakening and integrating our cosmic-Universal Oneness, where I envision on-off world visitation, assimilation, healing of our multi-dimensional bodies, crystalline children and hybrid children re-orientation to our ever-advancing energies, and our remembrance of Divine Sacred Living with Gaia, Terra, and all that she offers in our co-creations.

    Our sanctuary is open to the human family for this and such sacred inner work, inner exploration and our sacred integration with our cosmos and celestial families. In my sacred travels, I have softly intended the work that unfolds here, to also be threaded with other sacred sites, and anchoring this crystalline temple was innately what I felt needed to be done, as this energy will also thread a ‘now’ version into the many, many ancient lifetimes, skills, Akashic wisdoms that will benefit a beautifully harmonic transitioning earth-cosmic people. Thank you for this sharing and for our inner path working of our beautiful Gaia, cosmos, and Universal home. Blessings and great joy, Joanna

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