Some Highlights of our Sholar (NESIA Core Team) Gathering in Crestone, Colorado, June 22nd – 24th, 2018


The first important event took us to the Sand Dunes. We brought the TEMPLAR Hosting skull to unite frequencies with its Dweller in Mt. Blanca (extending beneath the Dunes). In addition, utiltzing the new Sword of Light (created by Tom Ledden, Selenite Sword Master). Thoth has named this sword (in my possession) AMARIS. Two spouses of Sholar and some from local spiritual group invited to come with us.



Sholar gathering in my home with the Crystal Skull Matrix.


Before we began our Crestone Sholar experience, It was requested by Thoth that I go to the book The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd (Human Design). Thoth guided me in opening the book. This is what I found:

The Three Pure Ones
As we enter deeper into the transmission field of the 22nd Gene Key and it’s Shadow frequency, we encounter three streams of teachings concerning the nature of suffering left by three great world teachers or avatars. These three beings are actually one single being, which divided into three fractal aspects over the course of human evolution. Even though these were individual people or Magi, it is more helpful to see them as three fractal transmissions of the same Truth. The first is Hermes Trismegistus, whose legacy dates back to the Age of Atlantis and whose name (meaning thrice great) directly reflects the triple nature of this transmission. Hermes goes by many names-Thoth, Merlin and Fu His to name a few. The teaching represented by this factual is the teaching of Alchemy or High Magic. All true Alchemy concerns the transmutation of suffering through alignment with Divine Will. The second great teacher is Christ, whose fractal represents the transmutation of suffering through love and sacrifice. Finally, the third great teacher is the Buddha, whose fractal represents the transmission of suffering through wisdom and compassion.

Because of the 64 Gene Keys are influenced either directly or indirectly by the 22nd Gene Key, these three great fractals and their teachings form the essence of the Gene Keys revelation. The synthesis made up of this great Trinity of Divine Will, Love and Wisdom.

– From Rudd, Richard, “The Gene Keys:Embracing your Higher Purpose “, pp 161-162.


I was shown how humanity is now in the process of braiding within us the “Three Pure Ones.” Not these masters themselves but the universual fractal geometries these beings hold for us.

In our Sacred Working at the Dunes and with the Dweller Crystal Skull Matrix, so we created an activational portal (one of many being created on the planet, to be sure) for the “Pure Ones” to entrain within the human genetic crystalline field. We were in the power zones of Mt. Blanca /Sand Dunes, with the Golden Disc, Grail Logos, Templar Dweller Skull, Saratum Table and then at the foot of the Crest In The Stone (Challenger Peak) containing the Sacred An, Keeper of the Way Dweller Skull and Thoth Retreat. The supernal LIGHT from these combinations enveloped us with hightened experience!


We ended our gathering with Templar Grand Commander (and Sholar) Michael Henry Dunn and Dame Prioress of Priory of the Magdalene Temple of Ascension (and Sholar) speaking on the state of the Templar Order of Solomon at this time. For Myself, as Dame Prioress of the Priory of the White Stone, I truly felt the Templar energy with us during the entire Sholar gathering in Crestone. Sholar-New Earth Star Inner Academy – White Stone Priory: these are all aspects from one crystalline geometry.

After our gathering in my home, we went to see the one whom Thoth calls “Eldar,” William Buehler (synergy and grid master), to honor this gentleman who has been in Light Service for many years. He and his life partner, Edie Cooper have the Templar Priory of the Ark of Ascension here in Crestone.

some Sholar with William Buehler (seen to left in black)


Maia Kyi’Ra
My Gratitude to All Attending: Sholar, Thoth Hor Ra and the Templus Saratum of the Atlantean Isle of Ruta.





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