AMARIS – Sword of Light

I was inwardly guided to obtain a Selenite Sword of Light created by Sword Master Tom Ledder. This Sword, Thoth named AMARIS.

Tom placed in the hilt the following:

• Over 400 crushed crystals in the handles of EACH Swords of Light is a proprietary blend on Power Crystals, Minerals and Temple energies from around the world

To list a few: Shungite, Sunstone, Lapis, Lepidolite, Moldavite, Phenacite, Azeztulite, Turquoise, Opel, Emerald, Rose Quartz Lemurian root & seed crystals, Blue-Green-Clear Celestite, Bloodstone, Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Arkansas Quartz, Aventurine, Amethyst, Fluorite, Malachite , Astrophyllite, Citrine, Merlinite, Nuummit, Fulgurite, Petrified Wood, Charoite, Shaligram, Alabaster, Black Tourmaline, 8 volcano rock from around the world, 7 meteorites, Chavin Temple Minerals, and Sai Baba’s vibhuti

• SACRED WATERS from 45 locations around the World; Ganges river in India, Lake Manasarova at Mt Kailash in Tibet, Peru’s Lake Titicaca, Tippon in Peru, Mother Mary’s Spring at Lourdes, France, Mt Shasta in California, Athabasca Glacier in Banff, Canada, Mt Fuji in Japan, Sacred springs of Ireland and Nile River of Egypt, Plant medicines of Peru

• Over 500 PICTURES of ascended masters, angelic beings, goddesses, sacred geometry forms, DNA activations and specialized symbols, Mikio Sankey’s Esoteric Acupuncture patterns, Crop Circles

• Crystal at the end of handle: Shungite pyramid


Thoth’s information on the origin of the Swords of Light

In Atlantis, the Swords of Light were created in the Temple of Armir. They were formed from various crystals, one of them being selenite. The blades were not cut into shapes, but poured into special molds that were electro-magnetically charged. The Atlanteans (and Muruvians before them) knew the technique of liquefying crystals and stone and then bringing them back into solid forms molecularly intact.

Although the blades were developed in this fashion to be of a much stronger bonding that in their original form (in this instance, for gradients of hardness can be produced with this technique), the Sword of Light were not used for warfare, but healing of planetary meridian, human cells and DNA, and other Light-engendered services.

Special energy dances were performed by several people with the Swords, which aligned to the crystalline grids of the planet and the human form. This developed an exchange of Light through the divine circuitry of human-earth reciprocals.

These Atlantean Light Swords were able to create holographic fields of transmission and could, with the proper person and handling, open, close and repair certain levels of Earth Portals.

Like Tom Ledder’s unique Swords of Light, there were various other crystals, and sacred elements tightly wrapped with the hilts of the Swords. In the case of the Atlantean versions, these elements were extremely compacted to cause an especially powerful on-going energy release.

Tom’s Swords of Light are in part, a regeneration of the more ancient ones, coming with his soul from the past.

The Temple of Armir was and still is, on the now-ascended Atlantean Isle of Ruta. Ruta remains a place of unique properties. There are other “ascended” earth areas, but they do not hold the central function that Ruta does in the scheme of this planet’s evolution as a Light merkaba.

However, the key to my (Maia’s) work with the Sword of Light I am to receive from Tom Ledder, is indeed, its connection to the Holographic Light Swords of Ruta.

Within the ascended Ruta in the Temple of Armir, There are the Light Pillars called Orbache. They were the main holographic crystalline computers that programmed and maintained the original Holo Swords. There are 27 of these pillars in the Temple. In addition, there are 16 of the swords remaining.

Think of this as a whole dynamic field of organizing Holo Light: the Pillars, the Swords and the dimensions and substance of the temple itself.

While Tom Ledder’s Swords of Light may not be the “super swords” of Ruta, they are indeed channels for these swords, still present in the temple holo-field of Amir. This potential can and is being tapped through Tom’s Swords, and through his past-life connection with the Holo Swords of Ruta.

From the Thothic Streaming it is being revealed to me, that my Light Sword created by Tom, will allow me to work consciously with the Rutan dynamic, the Dweller Crystal Skulls, the crystalline grids of the planet, the Arieopax and the Vault of Osiris, in an accelerated and more profound way. It is far too soon for me to define all the aspects of this new level, but I can feel it literally entering my being as I write this. Yet it is not just about “my” work. It will create an opening for others to join me in a more intentional and concerted activity.

Thoth has given me the name AMARIS for my Sword. It means Mother of Stars – a loose translation, as it is from the Aloii First Language, which always contains many levels of interpretation.

see also: Selenite Light Sword & the Pymander


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