The Rosary Tree

Templar Priory of the White Stone

Last night, before I slept I saw very clearly in my mind’s eye a bush or small tree with rosaries hanging from it. Not only rosaries, but a few necklaces of religious medals.

I had never seen anything like it before. However Googling his morning I found many photographs of rosary trees! The only reason given was for “good weather” and yet I find it difficult to believe that all these many rosaries hanging from trees are for simply good weather.

I have quite a few rosaries, some especially made for my work with the crystal skulls. They have Christ, Mary, Buddha, and other aspects of God-Creator archetypes on them. I recently received a beautiful one especially made for me from my Dear Sistar and Friend, Pamela Minton.

I read a bit on this history of the rosary. No one seems to know for sure its origin. One theory is…

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One thought on “The Rosary Tree

  1. This is fascinating. Thank you Maia! I wonder if you might post it in the Templar platform (many of your posts would fit there). It will push some people’s boundaries but that’s good. What are your thoughts Michael? I also will go through your posts when I have time to see which might fit in the Hermetics group on the platform and repost if that’s ok.Love you,Raven

    Raven 828-423-3819


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