The Shamballa Gate & the Falcon of Andora

reprinted from my Spirit Mythos archival site – 2008

What follows is taken from an intense session with Thoth for William Buehler, concerning grid systems he and his synergy group works with. These particular excerpts were so filled with Numis’OM info, I requested of Bill if I could include them here.

Bill Buehler: 77 spells “Az: strength” and is the Boaz pillar where “bo” describes “going and coming: two way flow.”

Thoth: 77 is also the number of the opening of the Shamballah Gate (read this article in Numis’OM, Volume 01 – 2006), as well as 777 – depending on certain aspects of the whole interactive dynamic. See the number 7 as a yod flame and more will be revealed.

Maia: Last night on television I watched The Lost Book of Nostradamus in which it reveals that Nostradamus used the 13 sign zodiac system, with its 13th sign of Ophiuchus, the Serpent-Bearer. According to Thoth, this is the system connected to entry into the Mazaloth cosmic grid, beyond the Mazzarothic 12 sign Zodiac. However, Thoth points to the constellation of Delphinus as the other “end” of the 13th signs “flash-point.” In other words, the 13th sign’s doorway “flashes” dimensionally in alternating current between Ophiuchus and Delphinus; but that is another story we won’t be discussing in this article.

The documentary showed how, between Sagittarius and Scorpio, Ophiuchus touched the “Dark Rift” or “horizon” (Thoth’s word here) running through the center of the Milky Way.

Thoth: the “Vault of the Unknown” is energetically representative of the Orion Vault – but also the corridor, vault or path of the “Dark Rift” of the Milky Way, since the Orion Vault holds the light codes for the translation of the Milky Way into the “UNFOLDING LOTUS.” Once the Earth and Venus move through LP-40, these planets (or rather the Light codes they contain) will be inserted into the Milky Way to release the Fruit from the Tree at it’s galactic center. This in turn (over a period of time) will unfold the Flower / Lotus of the Milky Way galaxy into a new form of Universal Being, which will “feed” the “chicks” (star intelligences or Living Lights within the Milky Way) from the breast / heart of the Bird. Even though Earth and Venus will be “ascended” into Orion-Rigel by then, as a result of the unfolding Lotus of the Milky Way, there will be a burst of transformed light codes moving up the stem of the “Lotus” and into the New Earth Star.

Older Quote from Thoth: the worm will bore into the center of the Tree of Life and light will pour out as if from a golden wound into the center of every heart.

SINCLAIR TOMB STONE (a key Templar focus) – view Buehler’s grid work on this.

Thoth: Two major tele-planes coming together with these two “Ls.” When they actually lock into place, so the path is open through the Shamballah Gate.

Maia: Again, I am astounded at the synchronicity here. In “The Lost Book of Nostradamus” (which are color drawing made in his day, based on his prophecies) is depicted the “Cup-Grail” almost exactly (to my memory) as seen on the Sinclair grave stone. The interpretation given in this documentary was that it depicted the Milky Way, with its alignment to “center.” At the end of the text, the same symbol is “empty” – no “bars” meeting in the center. The conclusion given was that the End Times of the Earth had been completed – according to Nostradamus, between 1992 and 2012. However, Thoth sees this more in a universal way…

Thoth: when the unfolding of the Lotus is accomplished, galatic center will have L-shifted as the two tele-planes meet. The Lotus will then unfold. Of course the galatic Lotus cannot unfold until LP-40 has taken place and the Earth / Venus release their codes into the galatic center of the Milky Way.

View Buehler’s grid work on the Falcon of Andora

Bill Buehler: the group total field created by Metatron and a “Crow’s Foot” organization of special beings with an added being in the SE. The Crow’s Foot symbol was burned into the Ark Cover by lightning bolts, the design appearing in gold. The design is called THE FALCON OF ANDORA. I think that it relates to a hawk design received by mail when in Hawaii, was told that it was a symbol marking the DECALOGUE scrolls at Alexandria, intened for priority burning. (Decalouge “Book of 10″ believed to be the last written description of the Reshel and related systems.) There it was called the “Order of the Phoenix.” I noted that the design uses the Pyramid angle in the wings, also, now, that its resonant with the Reshel grid.

Request description of this “Crow Foot” system: function, special applications, what we should know.

Thoth: It is the “Mark of the Choosing” – NOT the Mark of the Chosen. When the Mark of the Choosing is given, it has been called, summoned with a true intent for spiritual reunion. Once given or “burned” into the soul matrix, that soul may then reach a greater level of awareness as to the choices offered by Spirit. It is a powerful Moment – a Moment of complete designation for the soul as to it’s own authority and design – moving beyond the mold or containment field and into the richness of the Lilies of the Valley.

Bill Buehler: is this another Metatronic Breastplate?

Thoth: no, it is much more than that. It moves beyond the need (or perceived need) for a “breastplate”, ie, containment field.

Bill Buehler: what is the Falcon of Andora and does it connect with the hawk design as shown (fig 2)? Request corrections and improvements.

Thoth: the “Falcon of Andora” is the Bird that awakens – it tears open the containment field with it’s talons and then reaches into the “ark” with it’s beak to extract the beating heart, which it eats. While this may seem a violent symbology – it is all an act of LOVE. Once the Heart of the Sacred is taken from the vault / ark and consumed by the Great Bird of Light, it can never be the same again – it is TRANSFORMED into the vehicle or merkabah of PURE BEING.

Yes, the Falcon and “hawk design” are the same dynamic. When creating the Aeriopax, the Falcon is fully engaged in “consuming the heart.”

Maia: Thoth brings to my attention that the crow’s foot symbol is the same as the rune for “Protection”, which is “ALGIZ.” He sends me to my Vancover Island friends’ (Kathleen Millar and Amanda Delisle) little rune book. It is handmade and was sent to me along with some Isle of Man Stone runes. Kathleen and Amanda’s interpretations of the runes are the best I have ever read… apparently Thoth digs them too. (RUNES – SOLAR LANGUAGE OF AWAKENING.

Anyway, so I read what she has written on Algiz, and I nearly fall out of my chair! I quote the following excerpts:

Like Algiz, you are fully protected when you fling both arms open and expose your big shining heart. Safety comes from creating a Mer-Ka-Ba of love that can carry you through the depths of fear untouched… This powerful Light code has appeared to assist you in the awakening of your DNA. You are being called to rise up, to take another step along your spiral path of ascension… self-reflection will invoke the Christ-Light within your cellular structure.

Protection in it’s true form arises from accepting the reality that we are unbounded, multi-dimensional beings of light. When we embrace and activate our individual Christ Consciousness we are protected without drawing ourselves into a spiritual, emotional or physical cage… Remember, the physical is the last sphere of evidence; our wishes are granted first in the higher spheres before they are grounded in the third dimension.

From Bill Buehler:


Poles and beings (shown in Ref 1):

NORTH: Metatron in outer ring enveloping the whole Field. Next a blonde female Knight in silver armor, white horse, cape purple outside and blue inside. She later intered the group into the critical pole in the Cup between Resh and Shin poles. She extended arms E-W with NEPHESH to the East and SERIPHIM to the West.

NORTHEAST: a lion on a throne with name “Beth-Sidhee-Ba”; to the Lion’s right: a Lamb with name “Beth-Sidhee”: to the Lion’s left: a Goat with name “Beth-Shidhee Beth” (appears to coincide with the Beth pole: creation of the Forms involving the Sidhe.)

NORTHWEST: a Camel with sign “Kaph” (appears to coincide with the Yud pole: L gates as Hebrew letter Gamel)

SOUTH: a White Annubis with sign “Shem.”

Special pole in SOUTHEAST: a being of blazing gold light too bright to view, was cloaked in a black cape. An infinity loop over the head.

Bill Buehler: this configuration seems to be especially important setting a foundational grid in what appeared to be a major initiating process. In view of this, request an explanation of the poles and what’s happening. A golden fish resulted in the lower Ark with the group spanned by huge E-W wings as part of a continuing action line.

Maia: Thoth is relaying that there is so much to this configuration an entire book could be written about it. Instead, you are getting a very short summary here.

Thoth: main dynamic path / function of the LP-40 “Opening of the Lotus.” NOT the galaxy “unfolding Lotus” – but instead the New Earth Lotus dynamic which of course, leads to the galaxy-lotus.

The Falcon of Andora is a HORUS dynamic – an aspect of the whole “HOR’RA” (Tree of Life sephirothic lightning path transformed into a whirling torus). The configuration of the CROW FOOT given above is the “STAR BIRD BELT.”

This is the Metatron circle and the “bird-foot” within it. It is really not a “crow” in symbolic instance here. Calling it a “Falcon Foot” would be more appropriate (although any bird of prey would work here – including an eagle).

The Lion, Lamb and Goat are all aspects of the ONE; yet the Lion is the Visible Being on the throne – UNTIL the full Ascension is complete (both Earth and galaxy). Then the THREE shall be seen as ONE – and that ONE will be the “being of blazing gold light” unsheathed in all it’s BRILLIANCE. Until then, the White Anubis both shields the full Metatronic LIGHT of the Being and sheds a reflective light of it (Moon aspect).

The female Knight carries the “charge” of the poles – the message of it’s delivery across the tele-planes – the bridges of synapses between dimensions.

The Camel stores the knowledge for the whole dynamic – it is a “vault” of sorts – a containment field – that will give up it’s codes to the dynamic at the moment of it’s Metatronic inception.


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