Switching on the Matrix

The Crystalline Matrix

When the Pyramidis Radius is entirely “switched on”  we will live in a matrix of such amazing dimensional space that we can not even at this time, imagine it’s scope or how we might relate to it.

So what is meant by “switched on”? Already, many from among the thousands of ancient pyramids are coming on line for the ultimate purpose for which they were constructed.

144 Pyramids from among these thousands create the prime Radius chamber, with only three of these creating the Radius itself.

First, the 144 must all must be activated – first level. There are seven levels to be activated. The first takes the longest (for all to become active). The other six levels will go much faster, since all the pyramids will then be in sync through 1st level activation. Then the whole Matrix will catch fire and the thousands of pyramids will all awaken.

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