Your Brain as a Portal

by NESIA Core Team Historian Samantha Young

This came through to me last year, it is very basic and a little random but… It has built, expanded and shifted so much since then. I don’t have time to edit or add to it so this is as it were but it has become basis of much other stuff for me… I’m sharing it now because it reminded me of Kaylasa Giselle talking about shifting reality the other day and holding two timelines in her awareness.

We are activating different aspects of the brain and brain ‘states’. Different activation points correlate to different aspects of All Creative Realities; just because one activates doesn’t mean another will necessarily do so at the same ‘point in time’.

The brain (mind as attuned to the consciousness of the Soul) is an activation centre and portal being activated and attuned to the Cosmos and Higher Cosmos. If you can think it it’s happening… But to navigate you have to believe and focus attention… and be in Grace to travel in awareness to the upper dimensions.

Your frequency & thoughts are choosing your destination. Higher brain waves, higher planes. Lower brain waves, lower planes. You can have a ‘high’ frequency and go low and vice versa depending on the thought pattern and heart cohesion in any given moment. (An experienced space/time traveler can a choose to enter lower dimensions at Will remaining in love)
The brain is a portal. There are ley lines in the brain connected to the ley lines of the Universe. (The brain is a constellation connected to constellations). You will be hard pushed to go through any portal without going through the brain/heart/solar first. The alignment of the two (heart/brain) (and will) deciphers where exactly you attune to. So you can attune without the heart and travel through the cosmos. You will not pass the ‘Gates of Heaven’ if your heart is not also aligned because it is a program you are creating. Space and time travel are activating different parts of the brain… Most people are doing this sometimes in some ways.

The hearts emotional field is connecting to Gaia, of which we are each one cell. The brain states are connecting to the cosmos. When the two forces meet within, in perfect balance activating the gem body (even for moments at a time initially) the cell lights up. Eventually the cell stays lit (although you can just flip an instant switch on a human cell, in order for this to happen the mind must submit and ALL conditioning of fear must give way to love). Once enough cells light up we’ll enter the New Earth system, the repatriation is complete. As the cells begin to light up together they will look like the lit up brain, or night time sky, until a matrix is complete. The Human Christ Grid. We are each potentially portals for Christ Light and eventually this will happen on the timeline of every cell, this is unavoidable Cosmic Evolution (It is a shift of focus).

The Sun is a portal, held in place by the gravitational pull of the other stars (imagining that anything is real) forming the body of the cosmos. The Suns gravitational pull is drawing the energy of the ‘other’ stars through its centre, acting as a portal dispersing the frequencies of the stars to its surrounding planets. Hence the intense (and never ending!) Solar Flares. We are Suns, portals, grains of dust, universes and specs.

Ultimately we can bypass space/time travel, knowledge and everything to just know, feel and experience the LOVE OF SOURCE. We don’t need to to be anything, becoming vessels for the love/light frequencies.

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