From the Old Crestone Files

During my seven years in Crestone, Colorado in the 1990’s – I return on February 20th.


Q: Can you give us some information on the specific function of the
Crestone/ San Luis Valley Crown Gate and what we might experience here as an
example of what these specific functions and experiences might be?

THOTH: The Crown Gate serves as a meeting point between Human and Devic
experience both merging with Angelic consciousness bringing these threefold into an
experiential reality. This will be a place of transformation for many back into their
original-future physical forms through their Sunoma bloodlines. Many humans will be drawn here to transmorph into their fairy/elfin bodies or variations thereof. A strong connection will develop between the Valley of the Golden Disc and both Tibet and Great Britain. The Masters and high Devas from these two other planetary regions will merge with the consciousness fields unfolding in the Golden Disc area. The Tibetan connection is already very strong, with the Celtic/Devic soon to be manifesting more strongly through the “Dream Corridor” established by the Native
Americans. The Crown Gate is the place of Devic/Angelic infusion through the sacred
blood energetic into the physical elementation.

Q: Are there any procedures that individuals living within the Golden Taya
areas can utilize to facilitate the higher etheric work being done to prepare these areas for
LP-40 or to link the vibration of that area to others?

THOTH: Souls in the Golden Taya regions would do best to focus primarily on their
Heart ascension and enjoin this personal energetic with those in their immediate
consciousness field. There will be certain Light Workers within these Golden Sections
that will be called upon to perform specific functions such as anchoring Templa Mar
grids, Earth healing, etc., linking with other areas would fall within whatever specific Light service was being given. It would be difficult to correctly give an overall outline for this work as
each Golden Taya area calls forth different functions and directives. Many Souls will
enter these Golden Taya Allotments with their main purpose being to anchor Metatronic
Light there.

Q: Would it be appropriate for the Souls now consciously anchoring Light
in these area to leave the areas for any prolonged period of time?

THOTH: They should be selective in their trips outside of these regions, but often it
may be part of their function to connect that particular Light encoding with other regions
and Souls. It would be best that journey outside the Golden Taya region be for specific
Light work.

Q: About a year ago, you gave the projected time frame of LP-40 to be
between the years 2015-2025, does this still appear to be accurate, and what are the best
avenues for individual Souls to assist the acceleration of this time frame?

Q: The projected time frame of 2015-2025 is a loose projection only. As the
ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of
consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move
forward or back in time. It is (also) true that we are not giving definitive information on this
timetable as we do not wish this information to be inserted into the planetary
consciousness at this time. Such an event may limit the co-creative participation of the
Souls involved.

The acceleration of the time frame will primarily depend on the Heart ascension
principle. We could give you information on this alignment as part of the program to
teach others, but even so it would not guarantee the Heart ascension. It would only be a
guideline of its true pathing.



It is now 20017 and no LP40 (Ascension) yet. Certainly some interesting stuff happening though…and on a bad day, one could equate it with the possible tell-tale signs that the end of the world as we know it, is at hand. I go back to Thoth on this one…

So Thoth, you said around 1994 that 2015-2025 is the projected time frame for LP40. Yet now I know (I did not then), that first we go through the “bridging” process of the Pyramdis Radius Matrix…which while is is starting is not yet in full swing. You also said at that time: ” As the
ascension vehicle is built from the components of Spirit within the planetary world of
consciousness evolving along its return to the stars, this window could well move
forward or back in time.”


Thoth: What is happening now, between 2015-2025 is a complete re-ordering of the fractured time line to the original wave form of the Ranna Time Wave. Where on that wave synchronization will the planet accept the full strobe of the Pyamidius Radius and then when, from that platform, will LP40 occur, is yet to be determined from within your planetary reality shell.

Maia: Well, 2025 is only eight years away. Is it still possible that we go through a whole Pyramidis Radius experience AND LP40 happens in that short period of time?

Thoth: When the planet fully is aligned within the PRM – those who are present within the frequency, will feel as if timelessness is upon them, and in that no-time, much will happen and they will experience it as a deep event….something that in linear time, would take years to build in the mind and emotional body. Yet it will be out-of-time. So yes, LP40 could take place before then end of 2025. Yet it will not at all be a certainty, as so many variations are still seeking resolution from the fractured time line.

There are also other factors to consider…

Imagine it is night and you are sleeping soundly in your bed. The clock is ticking, the cats are purring next to you and the fan is humming, cool air flowing around your body. You may be asleep, but your mind on some level, is still recording all these senses. Your mental processes are tabulating them, to tell you where you are…not only in space, but in time. While this is happening, you are experiencing a vivid dream. In the dream, you are in another place, with different sensory triggers, and moving through a completely different life experience. Both these worlds are within you, and both, while seemingly different, are synergically cooperating…they are exchanging basic, core information that is keeping you, as an entity together.

There is a similarity with the analogy I have just given you, with your current cognitive moments versus your experience of “Ascension”…and indeed existing in the New Earth Star itself. So you ask, “when might it happen.” I say to you perhaps you should present your question as, “when might I come to realize it is happening / has happened / continually happening?”




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