Thoth, Osiris and Orion – Different Views

THOTH, OSIRIS and ORION. Through the years, all three have been viewed by some as POSITIVE and others as NEGATIVE. This includes channeled sources. More recently, this is coming up again with Thoth, where some are saying he was/is “Annunaki,” or what my Thoth-Source refers to the the Nephilim.  I cannot possibly argue or debate this topic. No one can. Channeled material is always largely subjective. Mythical stories usually contain a mixture of truth and falsity.

My statement on it can only be the following…

Consciously, since 1967 (from the age of 16-17) I have been guided by what I believe to be highly spiritual beings, who told me I would soon be in contact with my “Benefactor.” This Benefactor or Mentor, first revealed himself to me some 10 years later and told me he was Thoth Hermes. He later gave me his incarnated name when he was in Egypt, as Raismes of Aphra. His title was Thoth. He informed me that he had been a “Thoth” long before on this Earth as well. The FIRST one coming from Rigel in Orion, and the second having that bloodline, but born in Tibet, living in Atlantis and the Egypt as Thoth, Rasimes of Aphra. To cover all these and more, he now refers to himself as ThothHorRa.

Since 1977 he has been my friend and mentor. Thoth, and the Beings he sent to me before him, raised me…since I know they were with me from birth. I remember an astral trip into a mountain where they taught me things. I was then four years old.

I stand as evidence to the integrity of those who raised me. Loving human parents, certainly (although my father died when I was ten), but also these incredible beings…Thoth primarily. I cannot say truly WHAT this subjective life experience really IS…if the Beings are who they say they are – or maybe just all aspects of my Higher Self. I can say it is not my lower self. Nothing but GOOD has ever come from this Source. Even in some instances, lives have been saved, mine included!

The information I have written and spoken from this source-experience for now over 50 years speaks for itself, in regard to the light that shines through it. Is every word of it true? I have no idea, as all translators are fallible, but it SHINES nonetheless.

From my Thoth Source, the following has been gleaned…

“Thoth” or the more ancient “Tehuti” is a title. It was first given as Toth (minus the first “h” in pronunciation) to the soul of the being I commune with. Later, he incarnated in Tibet, but as a “Blue Star Solarian.” His Creation Star (as is mine) is the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. Once again, he was given the title of Tehuti/Thoth, as it was known from his birth that he was the incarnation of the first Toth. There have been no others on Earth to assume this title legitimately, but others who have taken it nonetheless. These fake Thoths are few, but they are sprinkled throughout time since Toth MUZURUD came to Earth from Rigel. Did some Annunaki decide to assume that title? Possibly. I do not know. Thoth has stated to me, that actually there were some Annunaki who said “enough – what we are doing here (on earth) is not good.” These who refused to go further, were the reason the Annunaki left the planet when they did. However, Thoth was not Annunaki. He was from among the Solarian Shepherd Race, which is composed of Beings from Orion (not just Rigel), Sirius and the Pleiades. Other Star Teams were to come forward and join them in later times.

As for Osiris, according to my Thoth, he was one of the two souls of I’shoa (Jesus).

I conclude by stating that really, everything is inside you. So Thoth, Osiris and the whole of Orion is inside ME. Therefor, my life, conduct and integrity reveals to all, the LIGHT I drink from.


As ThothHorRa would say, AND SO IT IS!



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One thought on “Thoth, Osiris and Orion – Different Views

  1. Maia, the works you have expressed give the diligent the opportunity to ‘go’ beyond. To go beyond the Individual Aspects/qualities/attributes of consciousness… be they a Thoth, Osiris or Orion ..and to KNOW the ONE. To hear the ONE, the See the ONE to communicate with the the ONE.and Be the One Being. It is for the individual to uphold the Diamond Heart and Diamond Mind – Vajrasattva, and not get stuck on the infinite/individual aspects portrayed through universal, cosmic or One Source (God) consciousness. Christ Discrimination(excalibur) is woven in the the very fabric of the human condition for such a purpose.


    with gratitude



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