The Templar – Crestone Connection

GUARDIAN OF THE SHINING ACCORD . collage by Maia – click to enlarge


This article is a continuation of the Crestone topic, so if you have not already read the following articles, it is suggested, before you read the one below…

New Light Language Generating from the Sacred AN!  and  Sholar Convocation in Crestone and Templar Ceremony


Without any outward agenda, in the past some months, two Templar Priories and a Commandery are established in Crestone, and with my re-location there, I will be bringing the Priory of the White Stone.

The inner-planes management of this gathering of Templars is instigated by the new level activation of the Sacred An (Ark) residing in it’s Thresholding Chamber within Crest In The Stone (Mt, Challenger). The Sacred Ark of Grace or AN has been in this location now for just over three years. Thoth foretold to me in 1994 that it would be re-located there “in the future”.

Now, new activity is taking place in the Crestone-Bacca-San Luis Valley area, which is the Crown Chakra of the Ascension Temple (grid). This is a large topic, but in this article I wish to focus mainly on the Templar-Crestone connection.

In the 1980’s I was shown in the Akasha, a gathering of nine women in “Avalon” – which remains in a slightly removed dimension from us, similar to all that is present within the Crest In The Stone mountain (Sacred An, chamber for one of the Dweller Crystal Skulls, and Thoth Retreat, to name the main ones revealed to me so far). In the Avalon state, these nine women exist alongside our realm. They are in their realm, living, breathing beings that seem timeless to us – as does Avalon itself, for we are not aligned to their time references. These nine women are the MENSA. They hold for the Avalonic Realm, a strong Divine Feminine Presence, which touches those of us open to this path.

According their Akashic story, the Nine are daughters of nine templars, who took safe haven in Scotland, following the purging of Templars from France. Even though I was shown this story by Thoth in the 1980’s, the details have always been a little vague to me.

My questions have been:

How is it that nine men fathered exactly nine daughters?

How did these women find their way into another realm (Avalon) and for what purpose?

However, I never really delved in to get these answers until now.

What I am now receiving…

These nine Templars were all from the inner core of the Templars – all mystics and High Initiates of the “Mysteries,” which included be able to within limited formats – move between dimensions. Before they left Scotland, they were the guardians of the ISIS Crystal Skull. When they had to flee France, the Skull was sequester IN Fance to later be taken on quite a journey, including a voyage to Iceland and finally to it’s current resting place within a chamber beneath (way beneath) Oak Island, Nova Scotia.

Though in Scotland they may have been physically separated from their charge, the Isis Skull, they  still remained quite connected to her. The short story is, that as a result of this connection and their ability to visit the dimension of Avalon, for specific periods of time, these Initiates of Isis gave unto the Realm of Avalon, each one daughter. These children were conceived and birthed in the Avalonic dimension, through an incubation process and thus all had the same mother – an Avalon High Priestess.

Now before continuing with this fairytale-like story, I wish to place it into a more realistic context. We are all ENERGY BEINGS. We are all BEINGS OF LIGHT FREQUENCY. View this story as relating to quantum physics and the process of “entanglement.”

What occurred between the Templar males in this Realm and the Avalonic “High Priestess” is not that uncommon. Thoth told me years ago, that many humans have children in other dimensions, which they create through some kind of dimensional cross-over…and almost none of these donors are Templar High Initiates! So yes, their procedure and purpose might have held more magic in the mix than the normal, but magic is only science as yet unrevealed to us.

Now let us look at the purpose….

This is more far-reaching. It encompasses many different strands, so I will choose to include those here that relate to this topic only,

The true focus of the Templar Order was not seen by the general public. It is symbolically depicted on their crest as the symbol of the 2nd rider, behind the first, on the horse.


The FIRST Rider is representing what the True Order of the Temple of Solomon is calling the “Sacred Activist”. In the old days this consisted mainly of escorting people  along the path of the Crusades, who needed protection from a sundry robbers and evil-doers.  The resurgent Order of the 21st Century includes many facets of standing up for and protecting those who cannot do so for themselves.

The SECOND Rider Thoth refers to as “Hidden.” This Rider is incognito as he/she receives and perpetuates the core spiritual gnosis of the Order – the engine behind the outer works.

Back to the MENSA Avalonic Females…

They were intended as an infusion to this Second Rider, who at that time of Templar purging from France and indeed most of Europe, had become the only Rider! The MENSA were to become the “Birthers” of female Templar Priestesses in this Realm. They infused their DNA para-genetically into women around the world...and are still doing this.  Since their time and ours are on different lines, it is as if their “Birth” just happened and we are able to become their First Generation in a sense. This is a large topic, as I stated, but to narrow it down to the Crestone Connection, Thoth is showing me that the MENSA are now able to interact more directly with the Sacred An, as they did in Ancient Times, long before their “Birth” as Templar Daughters. For more on this, read The Shining Mantle. Their interaction is part of a larger picture that is naturally  creating a strong seeding ground for Templars in Crestone, which is nestled closely to The Crest In The Stone!

Thoth also informs me that the entire Sangre De Christo range within most of the San Luis Valley is part of that whole dimensional dynamic that is pinpointed within Crest In The Stone. The Crest is the head of the dragon, but the head must be connected to the energetic, living body of the whole range itself (that part within the Ascension Temple grid).

Thoth has given me an interesting symbol, which he guided me to create, It is a NEW symbol, but contains ancient artifacts within it. He is calling it the XPALAS, which he interprets as meaning, the SHINING ACCORD or Perfect Doctirne. That which brings all together in a cohesive unit and yet maintains the autonomy of each part of the whole. He is saying that it is given my the MENSA, for they hold the authority of “Doctrine determination” in regard to the Templaric form of the “Hidden Rider”. This symbol then – the XPALAS – is a Living Light form of Shining Accord among all People and Nations – something truly needed on the Earth more than ever, in this time.

Thoth: The action behind the symbol will become self-evident as the next months pass, and it is from the Seat of Mercy within the Sacred An, so Mercy shall be given, and the Law of Divine Inheritance will become a Shining Sword of Justice over the Earth.

Because it seemed of importance, I inquired about the “Divine Law of Inheritance.”

Thoth: That which seals away the Field from those who seek it in the name of evil agendas. Most specifically this addresses the Archons, who control the lower magnetic realities within Earth through duplicitous means.

Whenever Thoth mentions the Archons or their minions, the Nephilim (but not ALL Nephilim…just those under Archonic control), he wishes it to be understood how important it is not to use these entities as scapegoats for one’s own fate. That is, WE create our reality and thus our fate. EACH of use makes the choice of what to embrace and what to leave by the wayside….and at all times and in all ways CHOOSE LOVE…of thine enemies as well as friends and self.

The Mana Sari is a major axis point for what is written in this article.



XPALAS – Medallion of the Shining Accord




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2 thoughts on “The Templar – Crestone Connection

  1. I experienced the energies of Excalibur beneath the mountains in the San Luis Valley near Crestone. It was within a vault. Was this . the “Excalibur” or a version of it? This was in early spring of 2002. Thank you for sharing this information regarding the Templar and the Mensa.


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