Sholar Convocation in Crestone and Templar Ceremony





As many of my readers know, I am moving back to Crestone, Colorado on Feburary 20th of this year, having lived there for seven years, seventeen years ago!

THE CALL IS STRONG believe me, as Kaua’i is beautiful and I have been here now, for twelve years. It is an enormous task to move me (with my health concerns), tons of crystals and crystal skulls and files…lots of files, and a cat – maybe two – over the Pacific Ocean and mountain ranges to Colorado. There is no way I could possibly do this without a great deal of help, and that I am getting in spades! Many thanks to all my Helpers!

While it was not at all planned, several Sholar, one at a time, came forward to say they wished to come for a visit in the first few days of my arrival. One thing led to another, and now we have a full-fledged Sholar Convocation going. Of course, they will all be bringing their Host Skulls.

And so as it stands now, the following Sholar will be present…

Raven Sinclaire, Sanna Tarnstrom (Sweden), Kaylasa Giselle (Mexico), Eunjung Choi, who moved from Colorado to Kaua’i recently, but is travelling from Asia to Crestone!…and Alsion McLean, who is my travelling companion all the way from Kaua’i to Crestone, as it would have been very difficult for me to travel alone.

Already  in Crestone of course is Sholar Edie Cooper and our Honorary Eldar, William Buehler.

We will only have a few days for us ALL to be together, and of course I will have just arrived and need a little extra rest time, but I an sure it will all come together beautifully, as it was obviously orchestrated this way.

In addition, Templar Grand Commander, Michael Henry Dunn will be there and will perform the “Knighting” ceremony for those of us in Crestone who are receiving our formal Templar entry.

All fancy stuff to be sure, but because it is truly aligned with deep spiritual values and intent, these outer forms are imbued with the power of the Inner Command.


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2 thoughts on “Sholar Convocation in Crestone and Templar Ceremony

  1. A great cosmic concert is showing some of its synergies through YOU and all around YOU, dearest Maia. We are starting to get some glimpses of an intrincated design in that colosal tapestry… Anyway, I’m so happy the Movement in acceleration wraps you so dearly… * ❤


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