John Martinus Revealed!


Well, I am quite excited about this. I was watching an interesting documentary on Amazon Prime:

Decoding the Ancients – The Lost Voyage of Jesus Episode 4

In it there is this one part, which I have embedded below. The historical trail is leading the host to Mallorca, Spain, where there is substantial evidence that relatives of I’shoa / Jesus went to live after his crucifixion. The host is interviewing some of these people. They follow the basic teachings of Jesus, but believe him to have been nothing more or less than a Rabbi. He lived, he died, end of story.

However, in this one clip they drop the bomb on me. In all the years since I received from Thoth Intelligence that I’shoa and Mari had one child – a son, named John Martinus – I have never seen anywhere a shred of historical or even alternate history information to back this up. Until now! I find it no coincidence that just as I accept the mantle of the Templar Priory of the White Stone, which is based on the vibration coming from John Martinus, whom Thoth calls the “First Templar,” this validation comes forth.




Priory of the White Stone

Brief History of John Martinus



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