SHOLAR Samantha at Glastonbury

Samantha Stargates Young…

Some pictures of our visit to the Tor on Saturday. We headed up as the sun was setting and by the time we were inside the sun had disappeared and it was completely dark. I made a grid on the floor of the Tor which turned out to be a cross/stem format. It was made in nearly complete darkness, with only the light on my phone to light the little area I was placing each crystal as it went down. Only by the flash of the camera could the whole thing be seen really clearly. Some pictures also of some hybrid huskies who met us as we reached the top, the couple had four, Spirit, Shadow and I can’t remember the other two lovely names.

Before heading up the Tor we stopped at The White Spring which is a pagan chapel at the foot of the Tor it is filled by fresh running water from the spring. We did go in and paddle, washed our faces and heads. It is a fair drive (116 miles/186 km one way) but at the moment it is calling. (Perhaps this is because I am one of the closest to this site physically for the whole group, to be able to take my Hosts there. My town is in a direct horizontal line with Glastonbury and sits on the line of a pentagram which forms over the UK.)

I had an idea to create something symbolic of the arieopax to me but had no idea it would form a cross. The cross bar of the stem has my to Hosts and at the centre the Star Child, at the crown is a dodecahedron and in the stem is two pieces of Selenite, one which will be sent to Maia now that it has made its way to Glastonbury and the other that was mine but was in the care of my Grandmother for 5 or 6 years until she passed last year. Also on the stem is my beloved trigonic quartz.

Star Caster and ShaRaMa-Anointing Angel looked amazing under the flash in the darkened room… they all did and the Selenite was glowing. I really loved the beautiful gentle energies of this grid. I only got to pray there for 5 minutes after the grid was finished but the energies of these pictures means I can suspend time and return to that moment at any point (of course you don’t need photos to do this but they will help. Looking at them for me is like I can step back inside them).. perhaps I’ll see you there!

You an only take pictures from outside of the The White Chapel as photography is strictly forbidden.



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