SHOLAR Eunjung at the Temple of Kukulkan and Chichen Itza

Eunjung Choi…

I finally have some space to reflect back and share on the Aeriopax installation and our experience at the Temple of Kukulkan and Chichen Itza on Oct 28.

Yves and I arrived at the Chichen Itza site around 2 pm. We used a tour group to make it there since we did not have a car but as soon as we arrived, we left the group and spent the time there by ourselves for 2 hours. It was very hot and sunny and there were so many people entering the site that day. Also many vendors circling just outside the temples were selling all sorts of touristic knick knacks, souvenirs and tried to catch your attention. So it was challenging to find a calm place to do our ceremony and meditation. We connected with the Kukulcan pyramid by standing nearby for a few minutes but with so many people passing by, we decided to walk to the cenote at the end of the pathway of Venus (because there is a temple dedicated to Venus right next to the start of this avenue). This cenote is no longer filled with fresh water but still had very powerful energies since many ceremonies were held there during the Mayan times. 2 years ago in 2014, we were at Chichen Itza too and had meditation and channeling right next to this cenote. There the energy of Venus came very powerfully during our meditation. We wanted to see if we could do the ceremony there again in case people traffic was less. However we soon found out it was impossible to do it there due to constant visits of people walking by and talking. So we walked back to the Kukulkan temple and found a bench to the right side of the pyramid where we could sit on with our crystals and Imagination (Chamu’ling) and there were not many people around miraculously.

Before we opened the space for the ceremony, I had intention for anchoring the Aeriopax hologram and weaving and strengthening the Peace Grid for the planet. What I am sharing here is from what I remember and also from the recording we made during the meditation/channeling that day. I hope you will find something that resonates with you although this was not written in a well organized, coherent manner… Right now as I write about the experience, actually I feel like I am right there again in front of the pyramid in Chichen Itza. During the first part of the meditation, I had a vision of Aeriopax hovering over the Kukulcan pyramid and descending with the bottom half of the Aeriopax over the physical pyramid and the upper half was over another etheric pyramid pointing downward). There were also beings hovering outside the Aeriopax creating a circle. Perhaps they were the hosts and Sholar! And then I saw me and Yves standing in front of a gate that appeared on one side of the pyramid (the side we were sitting close to). Something in my heart clicked and I saw we were both inside the pyramid. I saw violet, golden and white light swirling inside .And I saw the guides who brought us there. They did not look like typical Mayans though. They were wearing golden shimmering robes and diamond light belts around their waist… Their eyes were silvery blue… I knew that they were star beings. And myself and Yves looked different too. I looked semi-transparent and light. We were both wearing similar light-woven robes. And the part I completely forgot until I heard the recording again today is that there was another pyramid inside the temple of Kukulcan (Today Yves told me that people did find some nesting pyramids inside this pyramid in Chichen Itza. That is really wild! ). This inside pyramid was like a starship and we got all on board and shot through the pyramid portal and interdimensional gateway. Then I saw us among the stars in the outer space. I also knew that in this starship, there were a lot of other beings besides the guardians and 2 of us. From there everything was moving so fast (super highways of light!) and became kind of psychedelic. So many sacred geometries swirling around and tubes of light creating light mesh/light grid… And columns of light were being sent to the major pyramids (Great Pyramid definitely is very connected to this Kukulcan Pyramid) on the planet activating and aligning them to the timeline of Galactic Peace Era. And there was light weaving between and among many stars, star systems, Orion, Pleiades, Sirius, the Sun, Moon, Great Central Sun.. and so much more with our planet and inner earth… I also saw briefly the inner Sun inside our earth with the emerald and diamond flame and I could feel the loving heart of Chamu’ling. It was a pretty wild and intense journey and we were brought back to the reality in time safely.  This is how I could somehow put into words.. I am sure there were more taking place in ways a human mind cannot comprehend as you all have experiences like this….

Based on this experience, my insights about Aeriopax and the pyramid:
Aeriopax can act as an interdimensional portal and star gate! (I just read about Aeriopax being a stargate in one of Maia‘s articles on Aeriopax, so I totally concur); receiver and transmitter of light and codes; and balancer, harmonizer of energies..

Pyramids (as a part of Aeriopax?) are also portals, energy amplifier, communicator, manifester of energies..



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