The Red City

drawn for Maia in 1984 by Bruce Walton


From issue 2-1984 of my publication THE SOURCE…

(timely to reflect upon in 2016)


The sacred history of the Hopi Indians of North America tell of “the Red City of the South,” and
of the kachina or “Star People” who prepared it for the ancestral Hopi clans.

From the “Book of the Hopi,” by Frank Waters:

“Far in the tropical south, no one knows where, lay the mysterious City of the South, Palatkwapi (Red House). Perhaps it was in Mexico, perhaps in Central or South America. Wherever it was, it is still an important landmark in the geography of Hopi legend. Clan after clan included it in their migrations. Hundreds of tales are told about it.”

As the story is told by the Kachina Clan, when the Hopi clans emerged from the subterreanean
regions after the destruction of the Third World, some of the clans, lead by the Bear Clan, chose
to go south.

To continue from the, “Book of the Hopi:”

“They were accompanied by a number of kachina people. These kachina people did not come to the Fourth World like the rest o the people. In fact, they were not people. They were spirits sent to give help and guidance to the clans, taking the forms of ordinary people and being commonly regarded as the Kachina Clan.
“Having reached the southern paso and left their signatures, the clans returned north until they reached the red-earth place where the kachina people instructed them to settle and build. From a small village it grew into a large city, a great cultural and religious center, the mysterious Red City of the South.
The Hopi history describes this city – that it was divided into three sections: the first for
ceremonial purposes, the second for storage, and the third being living quarters for the people. Beneath all three sections ran a river. Within the ceremonial section, there were two buildings, one for initiates and one in which the sacred ceremonies were held. Built in a terraced fashion, as are the pueblos of today, the ceremonial building was four stories high. A description of this building is found in the “Book of the Hopi.”
“On the first or ground floor the kachina people taught initiates the history and meaning of the three previous worlds and the purpose of this Fourth World to which man had emerged. On the second floor they taught the structure and functions of the human body and that the highest function of the mind was to understand how the one great spirit worked within man. The spirit of kachina people taught this so that the people would not become evil again and this Fourth World be destroyed like the first three..
“In the third story initiates were taught the workings of nature and the uses of all kinds of plant life. Although the people were still relatively pure and there was little sickness, some evils would come, bringing resultant illnesses; and for each one there was a plant remedy for the people to remember.
“The fourth story was smaller than the three below, making the ceremonial building resemble a pyramid. To this top level were admitted only initiates of great conscience who had acquired a deep knowledge of the laws of nature., Here they were taught the workings of the planetary system, how the stars affected the climate, the crops, and man himself. Here too they learned about the ‘open door’ on top of their heads, how to keep them open, and so converse with their Creator.”

Although, as the story is told, the people of the Red City prospered for awhile, eventually warwas visited upon Palatlwapi. The Spider Clan, who because of their unspiritual ways had beenrefused entrance into the city. attacked this sacred place one early dawn. The guardiankachinas devised a plan of escape for the people, as it became evident that their city was undersiege. They were to leave by digging a tunnel underneath the river. The kachinas told the clansthat once they reached the other side of the river, they must resume their individual migrations,each in their ordained directions.

From “Book of the Hopi,” the kachinas parting message to the people of the Red City of the South was:

“The day will come when your migrations are completed and you are all united again. So remember all that we have taught you, properly observe your ceremonies, and keep the doors on top of your heads open.”
“Now we, the kachina people, will remain here to defend the city, while you make your escape in the darkness. The time for us to go to our far-off planets and stars has not come yet. But it is time for us to leave you. We will go by our powers to a certain high mountain, which you will know, where we will await your messages of need.”

The Hopi believe the kachinas to dwell in spirit within the San Francisco mountain, southwest of
Oraibi, near Flagstaff, Arizona.


Above is the story of the kachina people and the Red City of the South, as the Hopi tell it. Now, from my Thoth akashic source, the following is revealed of this “city” and its history…

After the last great cataclysms which tore the Atlantean heart from the bosom of the Atlantic
ocean, the period of time began known to the Hopi as the “Fourth World.” The “kachina people”
were indeed, beings from a distant star, although not of the spirit world, but instead, the ultraterrestrials who inhabit subtle-state bodies (of greater rarification) than our own. These UTs
who gathered select clans of the Hopi together in the “City of the South,” were from the
constellation of Orion. They chose these clans in the hope if re-seeding certain regions of the
Americas with the lost knowledge. It was these UTs who had instructed the High Priests of
Atlantis before she turned her face from the Light in her Last Days.

The “Red City of the South” was located in South America. The storage and living quarters for
the people were both underground in subterranean caverns. The ceremonial section was partially
underground, with the ceremonial building, or pyramid emerging to the surface from a
subterranean chamber. No inner-terrestrials were among the kachinas, as they had been the ones
to harbor and care for the clans before their emergence into the Fourth World. The Hopi called
these inner earth masters, “the ant people.” In some instances, the ant people had mixed
genetically with the hibernating Hopi. There were those Hopi who did not choose to return to
the surface would, and still dwell as a “remnant culture” (remnant cultures-issue #1-80) within
the central hollow of the planet. Thus, as the clans emerged to the surface once again, those
clans which carried a greater capacity for awareness, were gathered by the kachinas to be taught,
or rather, re-taught, in a special university which they would build, under the guidance of the

Aside from there being a red coloration to the soil where this university was raised, it also
represented the color shift of the individual star within Orion from which these kachina came (a
different star than the star from whence came the “Blue Star race,”mentioned in previous
“Source” issues.) The red ray is also the generative ray of the kundalini, which the kachina were
teaching the people to focus upward once again, through the succeeding chakras of the body
until it rose, like a star in the heavens, from the crown of the head. It was the red ray that the
kachina worked with among the people in order to retrieve the lost scoring of Earth’s human
melody at that time. This unique university was thus aptly called, “City of the Red Star.”

The Spider Clan had taken the path of the Dark Powers, distorting the potential of the sacred
people. They were thus denied entrance into the university of the kachina. They left to organize
and strengthen their powers, but eventually returned to attack the City of the Red Star. After the
people had exited the city via subterranean passages, the kachina withdrew the energy shield
which they had placed over the university complex, and withdrew. This band of lutra-terrestrials
then went into the chambers of the San Francisco mountain. From this vantage, they council
those of the Hopi who have not broken with ceremony, and have kept “the doors on the top of
their heads” open.

The illustration on the cover of this issue shows the door to the subterranean levels of the City of
the Red Star. It has been sealed away since the kachina left it, although it has been visited by one
since that day. The Christed Man, Jesus, when He walked the Americas after His resurrection,
went into the underground portion of the ceremonial level to receive a crystal waiting for him
there…yet he walked through the sealed door. The man Jesus had a purposeful link to the Hopi.
Before His incarnation into the body of Jesus, who was to merge with the Christ in that lifetime,
one of His incarnation had been among the Hopi. Thus He returned to be among them briefly
during His time with the peoples of the Americas. As to the crystal left for him in the deserted
city, that is a story of which all the parts cannot yet be told. It can be said that it was brought
down into elementation. It is the Archangel Stone. In the future, this crystal will play an
essential role in the struggle of good and evil above and on the Earth, for it will be desired by
Lucifer’s Fallen, as a means to “capture the Light of the World.” Yet it is the very crowning gem
(in essence) forsaken by Lucifer that is integrated with the Supreme Archangel, known to us as
the Christ.

Some of the Hopi after leaving the City of the Red Star, mixed with the Mayans, who were
actually part of the original People from which the Hopi descended as well. The story of the
Mayans, and their heritage from the Incala of Atlantis is another chapter unto itself, left for a
future issue, but from among the lost literature of the Mayans is the psalm-prayer of the Eagle
and the Crystal. It is a depiction of Jesus Christ, the “Eagle,” or Great Winged-One, and the
Archangel Stone.

An excerpt from this psalm-prayer:

“From the tips of the wings of the Eagle, there came the sinews of Light, stretching forth into the grey dawn. Came He down above the field of the Earth, descending to the pinnacle of the mountain summit of the Holy.

There did the Great Winged One suspend His flight and come to rest upon the stony terrace. The People saw Him in great wonder, and He came in fire, for His nostrils were like blazing suns and His eyes the brilliance of molten stone.

He was fearful to them, with the roaring of beasts about Him.. He stirred the winds to whip the ground in fury, and caused the body to ache and feel coldness and heat together as one. The People sent up a terrible cry of anguish, and as they did so, the roaring beasts and winds ceased, the spirits were cast from their bodies and there came a calm presence among them.

The Great Winged One changed before their gaze. From the midst of the fire came golden water, bathing the Eagle in matzma.* From the center of the Light, soothing sounds issued, and in the midst of this Paradise, there was seen a Being emerge from the Eagle’s breast. The Being was of a man’s form and His face was of a man’s face. His countenance was fair. His skin a golden-white, the paleness of the Water Flower. His hair was unbound, yet He was of royal bearing.** His chin was bearded in the style of the Hermit.*** In His hand He carried a large crystal, clear as the
Harvest Star, yet as He moved it about, so there appeared a change in the crystals’ light, and it was seen to posses many colors, as a rainbow appears upon a clear sky.”

[asterisks for the above excerpt: *”matzma” is a special ceremony ritual of baptism, to renew the
Earth’s bounty through the anointing with water of people or animals.
**Among the Maya at that time, any man who’s hair was not bound in the ceremonial style, was
not of the elite, or royalty. The elite were those whose Sight was still with them, and who could
thus lead the people in the Spirit Ways.
***Only a hermit-type of personage, a sage living away from the Mayan populace, wore beards.]

From the “Book of the Hopi” concerning the Hopi initiation ceremonies:

“The one who selects the single stick painted red is designated to impersonate Masaw, the deity of the Nadir and underworld. Dressing in their costumes, they get ready to go to Hawiovi Kiva.
“It is now nearly midnight. The kiva is dark save for the faintly reflected glow of the fire
burning in the fire-pit. In its dim light the initiates massed on the raised level watch a priest ritually remove the plug from the little round hole in the floor of the altar level–the sipapuni, the symbolic place of Emergence. Now as the seven Pleiades, symbolic of the seven universes, followed by the three stars in Orion’s Belt, rise into his view through the ladder opening above, he recounts to them man’s journey on his Road of Life through the successive seven world that comprise each of the seven universes.”

The initiates are symbolically taken through each of the three previous worlds, to the Fourth World. The Third World is represented by the kiva in which they sit, while the Fourth World issymbolized by the world outside the kiva, which can only be reached by ascending the ladder.

The Archangel Stone contains the Christ Nova of energy focused within an elementalized
crystalline power source. Jesus’ body/soul complex was/is also an elementalized focus for this
power, and through the crystalline composites of the human body, so He could radiate His being
as a crystal of Light. The focalized power of the Son of Man (Jesus of Nazareth) merged with
the divine Logos of the Universe, the Son of God(Christ), created a unique presence within the
frailty of a biological entity that was more powerful in pure potential than all the thermonuclear
weaponry this world can muster.

The actual transformation of the body of Jesus Christ in the tomb, from a death state to the pure
gem radiated body of Living Flesh and Light, was accomplished through a process of nuclear
fusion. This process was controlled to execute the scorched image of His form upon the delicate
linen fabric of the shroud. As the nova burst of energy within the body of Jesus transformed His
molecular structure into Light, passing through the burial cloth, it left its mark upon the surface
of the fibers. This metamorphosis was triggered by a kinetic beam from a Ship of Light
hovering over the tomb. The beam passed through the stone that plugged the tomb (just as the
resurrected Christ was later to pass through the stone that sealed the entrance to the City of the
Red Star) and as the kinetic beam interacted with the stone, so the lattices of its micro-structure
were changed to an amethyst crystal in a state of rarified elementation. Within the tomb, the
beam struck the shrouded body of the Master, dissolving the seal placed about the body at the
time of death. This stirred the process of transformation within the body.

The scientific team studying and analyzing the Shroud of Turin seem to have drawn some similar
conclusions, although lacking the more metaphysical aspects.

From “The Shroud of Turin- The Burial Cloth of Jesus Christ?” by Jan Wilson:

“…the impression is inescapable that, rather than a substance, some kind of force seems to have been responsible for the image…The idea then, of some thermonuclear flash being the force in question is obviously more than idle speculation… Thermalchemist, Ray Rogers of los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, very active at the recent testing (of the shroud), said very much the same thing, using these words, ‘flash photolysis’ and speaking of a mere millisecond of time.”

It should be realized that all that has been discussed in this issue-lesson up to this point are
pieces of a magnificent Divine Plan for the Earth, integrating into the furthest reaches of
humanity through epochs of historical karma. The resurrection of the Christ from the tomb of
death was a living re-enactment of a sacred ceremony. Like the Hopi, Jesus passed through the
stages of the Inner Mysteries as he transcended the “death” of the Third World and exited the
sipapuni, emerging into the Fourth Domain of Eternal Life. As of the Master’s journey into the
central Earth during the period of his suspension of life(death), while His physical form lay in
the cavern chamber, I refer you to issue #4-80 of “The Source.”

As I quoted in that issue, from the television motion picture, “Jesus of Nazareth:”

“I went down into the cities of the earth unto the people of the past.”

We find similar enactments of the Inner Mysteries initiations in the use of the “stone box” within
the pyramid of Giza, which, in addition to being a tool for many scientific uses, was also the
sacred resonating chamber in initiatory services. Jesus’ enactment of the Inner Mysteries was
part of the entire pageantry of Mysteries to which the human element on this planet is
committed. Jesus, as bearer of the Christ, dipped His soul into the whole Vision, carrying like a
cross of Light and Blood, the burden of the World through the ultimate initiations of Pain and
Sorrow. The Inner Mysteries were the pinnacle of this ritual assumed for us by the Christ made

From Corinne Heline’s “The Mystery of the Christos”:

“Christ is not only Lord of the Earth but also the spiritual Ruler of the Sun and the great Hierophant of the Christian Church. Mankind is just beginning to realize something of the tremendous power emanating through the radiation of the physical Sun and how the earth can be transformed by means of energy. It will be the new Aquarian Race man who will receive and transmit the spiritual radiations of the Sun.
“From the cross on Golgotha He passed into the heart of the earth, there to become its indwelling Planetary Spirit and Lord of all created beings, both within and without the earthly sphere.”

From my unpublished manuscript, “Christ in the Earth” (written in the early 1970’s):

“Jesus wrote in His own accountings (lost to history), ‘Through my spirit all shall pass.’ Through
Jesus’ physical death, He relieved universal pressures that had built because of the unspiritual
conditions prevailing upon the Earth in that time. The perfected Christ was amidst a worldly
degradation from spiritual awareness. Because of this, His positive force (stronger than any
force the Earth had ever before known) was straining against the void of ignorance (negative

“Jesus was truly ‘the Light of the world,” but in order for this Light to enter into the void, it had
to burst free from the pressures of physical existence. Only through a physical death, by the
letting of blood, could this be accomplished. The chemical structure of the man Jesus had
become, at the time of His baptism, the wheel in the synchronization of the universe. Actual
chemical reactions in the Earth were caused with His breathing and the pulsing of His heart. His
very blood held energies no other man has yet to possess.

“Because the world could receive the evolving of forces that had been created through the
awareness of souls )within the phases of Earth’s evolution), and carried to perfection in the
vessel of one soul (Jesus), an act of physical release was necessary. The blood of Jesus…flowed
out from its vessel and into the Earth. ‘This cup is the new testament in my blood: this do ye, as
oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of me.”

In summary, we see the life of the Initiate Jesus was received of the Archangelic Host, the
Christ, at the time of baptism. Up to that moment, Jesus had assumed the role of personal
initiationship that each adept must wear as a robe of self-mastery on the transfiguration into
spirit. After the Christ, the Solar Logos of Divine Being, was impressed into the body, soul, and
aura of Jesus, the “Son of Man”–initiate of personal karma, became the “Son of God”–bearer of
the Impersonal Self. It was this Divine Man that underwent the final, Greater Mysteries, which
are climaxed in the Sacred Hollow of Self, prefixed by the hollow of the planetary sphere. This
was accomplished through both symbolic and physical enaction. The Jesus/Christ Manifest
which infused this planetary life wave in the Piscean Epoch, is the Logos or Archetypical pattern
that is for us, the A.D. generation of Aquarius, the Liberating Seal of the Archangel.

The drama of His passing on and in the Earth is not yet over, for the Archangel Stone remains.
The final chapter will unfold when the Battle of the Archangels, Christ and Lucifer, over the soul
of the Earth is brought into play through this most sacred of relics.




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