Albuda’Krul’Matu – Wise Woman of the Star Tree



The other night as I lay down in bed, I felt the inner guidance to get up again, and go the the Altar of the Hosting Crystal Skulls. There I was to select one of the newly “vacant” ones (since the Star Triad had been withdrawn). I then took this one and placed it next to my pillow.

During the night, I had a recurrent vision of a tall woman walking  toward a group of people who where gathered just inside a cave. She was coming from the moonlit night, and into the mouth of the cave. I knew she was not of this planet.  She was like a human woman, only taller and thinner. I never saw here features clearly, as it was mostly dark.

I sensed the people in the cave had been expecting here. They seemed to be aboriginal of some kind, but I was also receiving Neanderthal, but again due the the darkness, I could not see their features. I came to realize that she was there to “seed” this People genetically, with a chosen partner from among them.

While this is the only scene I saw, more has unfolded for me since. Her name (at least that was made known to me) was Albuda’Krul’Matu. This was given to her by the people in the cave. It means “wise woman of the star tree.” So I shall refer to her as Albuda and also Star Tree.

She was, as you may have guessed by now, a Dweller…for she not only left behind several children, but also a Crystal Skull! The crystal skull that lay next to my pillow was being infused as a Host for this Dweller. I also came to know that I had been her daughter (from among the children she created with the People).

So now where was this place? The first thing that I felt was Australia…but it did not seem quite right, as was kept feeling France as well! How could it be both? I was still ruminating over this when I came across an article on Facebook about the people of Melanesia, who have a mysterious unknown DNA strain within them. Melanesia is near Australia and is (at least in part so I found) a province of France! As I focused in on this, I knew I had found the “People.”





web article on the People from Melanesia

another interesting related article on web


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