Chronology of the Fall of the Grail kings in Egypt



note by Maia: Kaylasa wrote this as a follow-up to Joanna Gill & Mentha Tapao

by NESIA Historian, Kaylasa Giselle

Maia Kyi’Ra Nartoomid as one of the Historians of the Sholar (or so says Thoth!), after reading your article about the new host skull guarded by Joanna Gill and its connection to Egyptian royalty, I felt fascinated by the details you share. So I decided to make a chronology of Egyptian kings, matching official history with info contained on that article and on your Temple Doors Grail Issue. This chronology throws the conclusion that Moses was about 120-140 years old when he came back to his homeland, Egypt, to set the Hebrews free from the hands of Ramesses II. Ramesses hateful and violent reaction towards Moses can be explained not by the fact they were step-brothers, as movies and Biblical scholars tell us (they couldn’t have grown together according to the account by both Thoth and official history). But we must understand Ramesses was suddenly challenged by an ancestor of royal Mazur/Atlantean blood, a lineage he and his Amun/Anunnaki-priests were trying to wipe out. Moses would be seen as a god and magician by the average Egyptians due to his longevity, and possibly, as the RIGHTFUL PHARAOH by at least some of the priests and members of his court who knew the history of the Hyksos/Mazurs. This chronology also throws the conclusion that the Hebrews arrived in Palestine in 1170 BC approx, just at about the same time the Academy of the Christos was being established in Alba-On (British Isles, in Fortingall). The chronology is the following: (all dates are BCE -before Christ era-):

—– 1496 BC: TORHANNAH (Egyptian princess, incarnation of Virgin Mary) fled Egypt and went to Albion, as the lineage of her ancestors, the Kheneper (of Mazur/Hykso Grail lineage) was being overthrown. She founded Scotland.

**Tuthmose II 1493 – 1479

** Hatshepsut (most powerful Egyptian queen ever) 1478 – 1458

**Tuthmose III 1479-1425

**Amhenotep II 1427 – 1401 (Tuth’s son)

**Tuthmose IV, married to Nefertari and others 1401-1391

**Amhenotep III, married to Tiye and others 1391-1353

***AKHENATEN, married to Nefertiti, Meritaten, Ankhsesunamen (his own daughter) and others – 1353 to 1334.


**Smenkhare 1334 – 1335

**Neferneferuaten 1334 – 1332

**TUTANKHAMEN, the famous Boy King, married to Ankhesunamen, his step-sister 1332 – 1323

**Uy (Tut’s  minister, granduncle and murderer) 1323 – 1319

**Horemheb (Tut’s general and murderer) 1319 – 1292

** Ramsses I 1295-1290

***SETI I 1290-1279 (Ramesses’ father).

—- 1256 HELIOSARANKA /HELEN OF SPARTA, descendent of Torhannah, is stolen from King Menelaus by Trojan prince and Apollo priest, Paris. This leads to the Trojan War around the same era the Moses drama was being unfolded.

*** RAMESSES II 1279-1213


If Moses was born around the 1340’s, this would mean we was about 120-130 years old when he came back to Egypt to free the Hebrews, in his position as a Grail King. THOTH/MAIA MENTION GRAIL KINGS DIDN’T HAVE POLITICAL POWER IN MANY CASES, BUT TOOK CARE OF SPIRITUAL AFFAIRS. This fits perfectly with Moses’ role, as a long-living Solarian and Shepherd King who had remained away from Egypt for long, only to come back with the mission of taking the Light Program that had been established in Egypt to the Chosen Land in Palestine, as well as the Ark of Grace, and possibly, some dweller crystal skulls, including the Isis skull which Maia explains was kept at Mt. Sinai when Moses lived. Thoth/Maia explain that originally, the Christ was supposed to be born in Egypt, but upon the fall of the Hyksos/Mazur Grail kings in Egypt, the light programs and corresponding sacred relics had to be taken to a new land, so they were taken to Alba-On (British Isles, where the ancestors of Yeshua -and of the House of David- lived) and Palestine (where many centuries later, the family of Yeshua would move.

But coming back to the main topic, Ramesses decision to let the Hebrews go, in the end, would respond not to kindness, but to fear of the plagues and fear of the Hebrews themselves, and a segment of the Egyptian people, who, like I said, would see Moses as a great magician and king in his own right, being protected by the god of Akhenaten. Then, Ramesses decision to go after Moses and try to kill him after he had left him go, would respond to his Amun priests telling him the Shepherd King needed to die, or else he and the Light Program in Palestine would be a threat.

Moses lived at least another 40 years after Ramesses II died (let’s remember the Bible mentions the Tribes of Israel got lost for this period, that many of them separated from the main group and settled elsewhere, and the main ones arrived in Palestine short after Moses ascended (in his merkabah). This would have happened around 1170 BC.



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