Joanna Gill & Mentha Tupao

Host Crystal Skull for Mentha Tupao


Mentha Tupao is a Dweller Being / Crystal Skull which Thoth is introducing to us now. The New Guardian Sholar and member of the NESIA Core Team – Joanna Gill – has been brought into the Fold.

Mentha Tupao was a mix of Rigel “Blue Star” and Sirian genetics, who lived in what is now the Bahamas, but on land that is now submerged. The period would have been after the time tsunami that put the last of Atlantis under ( as the entity it was). The land he lived on though, would have been part of Atlantis. There were still some ruins of Atlantean structures there, and the people knew of the once-great nation that they treaded upon now as fragments of former glory.

Mentha Tupao had been sent to that region to establish a Reparation center. When he departed the form there, he left his crystal skull within the Temple of O’MAM to continue to guide the people.

One of his future and possibly last Earthly incarnations was as Seti I, father of Ramesses II.  Well, according to what is historically written (bear in mind I am gleaning this from Google). But the Records of Thoth tells a different story.

Those who follow my work might remember that in Thoth’s version, Moses is the son of Akanaton. Well, now if Ramases II, son of Seti I ran Moses out of Egypt, how does that work?

According to “history” Seti I was trying to put the kingdom back together again after the whole Akhenaten and Tut thing transpired. Thoth is sharing with me that “Moses” lived a long time – indeed. That is compared to what we know today. His father was a man whose genetics could give him that longevity if properly wedded to the right mitochondria (which comes from the female). Thus, the woman who bore Moses (not Nefertiti) would have been just the right match to create a long-term Moses!

Akhanaton  and his sons Tut and Moses would have also been related to Seti I. I am seeing in the Thoth Akasha that Seti I was pro-Akhenaten, but his son, Ramesses II was not. The whole big story seems to be quite a DNA War, where the SOLARIAN genetics was being wiped out very consciously by the Amun, who were old Anununaki in Amun clothing!

The M-stra “starry wonder” Molecule is triggered when just the right combo comes together genetically, and the mitochondria plays a big role in that.

. . .mitochondria contain two major membranes. The outer mitochondrial membrane fully surrounds the inner membrane, with a small intermembrane space in between. The outer membrane has many protein-based pores that are big enough to allow the passage of ions and molecules as large as a small protein. In contrast, the inner membrane has much more restricted permeability, much like the plasma membrane of a cell. The inner membrane is also loaded with proteins involved in electron transport and ATP synthesis. This membrane surrounds the mitochondrial matrix, where the citric acid cycle produces the electrons that travel from one protein complex to the next in the inner membrane. At the end of this electron transport chain, the final electron acceptor is oxygen, and this ultimately forms water (H20). At the same time, the electron transport chain produces ATP. (This is why the the process is called oxidative phosphorylation.) – web source

ATP…that caught my eye. I remember reading something about it in the Keys of Enoch. So I went back to that book and found that ATP is…

The basic energy system for transduction and monitoring Light signals within the biochemical shell of man. It provides a common source of energy for a range of different cellular activities. (see Key 315).

The name for the combo of Mentha Tapao as Dweller and Host is BLUE HERON. This bird was apparently the symbol or logos for this soul as Mentha Tapao.


Joanna Gill




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