Samantha Visits the Shell Grotto with the Host Crystal Skulls




Yesterday we visited the mysterious underground Shell Grotto in Margate, Kent (and somehow I ended up giving a 5 minute talk on crystal skulls and the Dwellers!)… It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The energy was so Light, the workmanship a mastery. As we walked down into the tunnels it felt so homely. I expected to find it claustrophobic, a bit dense and dark.. I did not expect the energy to feel so pristine.

It consists of 4.6 million shells and nobody knows how long it has been there, who built it, what it represents exactly. It has been linked from the Knights Templar to Buddhism and the layout of the Grotto itself is symbolic and then every panel has a symbol, a geometry. In 2006 Michael Twymans research dates the Grotto’s shell-work to 400 BCE and he believed it was dedicated to the Earth Goddess and designed to be aligned to the equinoxes and solstices, based on the angels, the design of the panels and and the projection of the sun through the inside dome. Some bits have been added over time and Twyman believed the ‘alter’ chamber had been added later by the Templar in medieval times. Some aspects of design suggest use for masonic rituals but there is no overt Christian symbology. Some believe it is an ancient ceremonial site linked from the Minoans, to Hindus, Aztecs, Mayans, Israelites and others.. the Grotto has echoes of many cultures but resides firmly with none; it is a tapestry of culture.

A popular theory is the link to the Phoenicians of The Isle of Thanet (close to what is now Lebanon) as the artwork has strong links to their ancient style, giving it also strong links to Ancient Egyptian culture. There are links to Phoenician Goddesses, Tanit and Astarte. The ‘altar’ of the chamber bears resemblance to to the cult cart of the goddess Astarte called a baetyl, the seed of this word traces back to be’tel meaning ‘House of God’. Some baetyls had magic powers and the gift of prophecy and this fits in to the idea of the Grotto functioning as an oracle cave. It is believed the bones of a turtle were found at the Grotto just as large quantities of turtle and tortoise bones were found at the ceremonial complex Heirakonpolis in Upper Egypt, despite them not being listed as creatures for sacrifice. Beneath the Grotto at the end chamber there are traces which are described to be ‘hot rocks’ by geographical reports, possibly fragments of a meteorite and dowsers describe a vortex energy there. Many other ancient structures are linked to meteorites and sacred stones worldwide, most notably the pyramids at Giza. (I would say the energy there did feel ‘self cleaning’, it’s been used by who knows, for how long and yet the frequency was like ‘the day it was built’)

On the panels you will find symbols which appear to represent the phallus, the ankh, the Buddha, a lotus flower, a turtle, ‘snake’ panels, hearts, sunshine, moon and stars. Some believe as an alternative or complimentary theory that the Grotto represents the Garden of Eden. While still a mystery, the Phoenician theory is the strongest and an ancient contender but, the Grotto has potentially been used over time by many and it is very likely that the Templar did also use the site at a later time. It is believed that the floor was originally marble and that some parts have been altered throughout time as they do not reach the same high standards of workmanship. (this text is largely a summary from the book The Enigma of the Margate Shell Grotto by Patricia Jane Marsh)…

My personal journey with the Hosts at the Grotto...

I took the two Dwellers with me with the intention of setting them down somewhere and managed to set them on the altar.

People came and went often thinking the skulls ‘belonged’ there.. As I was packing up the first skull a lady asked “Are they for Halloween?!”… here we go! I thought. I said “no” and giggled to myself thinking “I’m so not getting into this!”, but then she asked me with genuine and heartfelt curiosity what are they about? So I started to explain, their shape, frequency as the highest spinning forms of matter etc etc

Much of the time that room had been empty, with only me or me and my family there. At this point the room was full. She asked if I could please explain what i told her to her friend. So I agreed and she called her friend over. All of a sudden the whole room turned to listen and I was standing in front of the ‘alter’ next to my skulls giving a ‘talk’ to 12-15 people.. the first time I have EVER done anything like that! They began to ask questions about the skulls, if I worked there, if I travelled around giving talks about skulls… and if I knew anything about the 12 Skulls hidden in the Earth… I didn’t say anything on that but I did reply that funnily enough my skulls were attuned to the energies of two ancient Beings called Dwellers and I told them about lives of Memtaph and Kristapha. They loved it! It was the last thing I expected to happen; I can be pretty shy at times and yet there I was in at the deep end! I most certainly have been the last one in the loop to know the plans on a lot of things lately!


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