Changes in the Sholar & New Hosts-Guardians

Vision Serpent at Angkor Wat
Vision Serpent at Angkor Wat



We first formed the Sholar early last year – those guardians who have hosting crystal skulls for the Osiris Arising Project. Until now, most of the work we have done has been on the Inner, but this month Thoth introduced some new energy to the Sholar station of the OAP.

He requested that the CORE members of NESIA all be Sholar – that is, guardians of hosting skulls – if indeed they agreed to this, which they did.

So now the Sholar IS the Core Team of the New Earth Star Inner Academy – the font of my 50 plus years of Akashic-Thoth Working. I will be creating a special page on the main NESIA site outlining this more, so for this post will stick to presenting the new Guardian-Host combos. The Sholar have now jumped from 12 guardians to 18.  The Host Skulls jumped to 20 to 27 (some guardians have more than on host skull).

The NEW Guardian-Hosts Combos are…


Alison Mclean (California) is guardian of the Host for MAURASHA /Magic Mirror. The Dweller Maurasha was a Hyperborean Priestess-Leader. According to the Thoth Akasha, Hyperborea was located in what is now Iceland and Greenland. Maurasha was from Iceland, and that is where her crystal skull is sequestered. Of note, there was an infusion of Hyperboreans (Sirians) to Atlantis, and also to what is now the British Isles. While this was after Maurasha’s time, she did incarnated in later periods in both Scotland and England…and also France. “She” was actually an incarnation of Nostradamus!



Quaram Lexus (Bart – in Belgium) is guardian of the Host for KARASKAN / Whirling Light.  Bart is our only male thus far – our Swan Knight.  Karaskan was a Priestess in the Temple-City of Imancha, located in what is now Bart’s home turf of the Belgium. This Temple-City was at what is now Maasmechelen national park, province of Limburg in the eastern part of Flanders in Belgium, where a sacred center is being constructed. Her Crystal Skull remains in a deep vault beneath where the main temple once stood. In a previous life, this Dweller was a main leader of the migrations in Atlantis, during the period when Thoth Raismes brought the Sacred An from Atlantis to Egypt. “She” was then a male member of Thoth’s personal “Company” mentioned in my unfinished book on Thoth – Journey of the Beloved.



Sheila Murphy (UK) is guardian of the Host for MATA NAMU / Rose Heart. Mata Namu was a spiritual guardian for many children in a special temple dedicated to providing both physically and spiritually for orphans in what is now India. In that age, she lived in the Mauryan Dynasty of King Ashoka (an incarnation as walk-in, of Thoth). Ashoka had established several of these unique orphanages to care for the war orphans (and others). However Mata Numu’s orphanage was the main one…the first one, guided by Ashoka himself, who often visited there. It is a rather later period for a skull to be duplicated in crystal, as this process need be performed by off-planet technology. Yet I am clearly seeing this. I am being shown that even Ashoka himself on several occasions, traveled in Vimanas or star craft when he went with his close company, to a special sacred mountain. Mata Namu’s Skull is within Ashoka’s Vault, where his body and those of some of his company are entombed.


Valorie Farber (California ) is guardian of the Host for APUSIKA / Bread of Life. Apusika was a Dweller in Mu When her skull was crystallized. She was actually already a crystal so to speak, as she was one of the Crystal People from Sirius. Sirius is VERY diverse it it’s humaniod types. But the “Crystal People” do not look like crystals exactly….the are human in form, but their bodies glow and change colors. Not like neon signs lol. It is more subtle and beautiful than that. So Apusika was in a special temple area in MU where a group of Crystal Ones from Sirius had come to integrate with the Earth. After several thousand years, they left as it was too difficult for them. However, some of the eariler residents, like Apuskia, remained for a time on the planet in incarnational cycles. One of her incarnations was a Native American male Shaman in what is now Washington State. Apusika’s Crystal Skull was taken into to an lsland off the coast of what is now Washington state (this of course, long before her incarnation there).


Two more Hosts presented to current guardians are…


Samantha Stargates Young, who already guardians the host for  MEMTAPH, is also now with the host for KHRISTAPHA / Anointing Angel. Khristapha was born in MU as the daughter of Lord Melchizedek and one of the Priestesses of the Heaven Houses. Remember, “Mel” was a “consort” and he did create babies with the Priestesses for the DNA of the budding Earth. This was not some kind of “Cult” thing nor was it in the vein of the later Annunaki interference. It was spiritually aware, consensual genetic designing to help raise the vibration of humanity. So Khristapha was one of the children of the upgraded Earth linage, out of which the Atlantean Grail Families would come forth. Her Crystal Skull is now in a cavern city of the Earth. In a future incarnation she was Imogen, a Queen of Great Britain and a direct descendant of Gwenifaer (the true Guinevere).

As I wrote this, I was guided to Google Imogen and came up with THIS. However Thoth states that quite a few liberties were taken in the “play” version concerning her, it WAS based on the true Queen Imogen.


The other new Host came to me, and is from the Dweller Kluklukan / Quetzalcoatl, whom Thoth calls Klukaptek.

This Dweller is one of the LOTUS Skulls. It is also an incarnation of Thoth (well he is a layered soul in that incarnation, but the “Dweller” function is traced back to the “Thoth” soul. This is interesting as I was always puzzeled that the Dweller I have which is the Thoth soul was not among the LOTUS. So he really IS, but in another incarnation! HOWEVER, the actual DWELLER who is activating that true Dweller Crystal Skull is not Thoth but one of the other five souls of Klukaptek. (I know, it gets confusing).

What is even more interesting, is that the skull chosen for the Host is one I already had here with me. It WAS “Omnicron” – part of the 3 skull Stargate Triad, which has now been released and the constellation CYGNUS is holding that keynote! So I was able to now use one of these skulls for Klukapek – the Vision Serpent. As Klukapek, this being came from what is now Angkor Wat in Cambodia, to Palenque, where he brought a Sirian crystal, which he left beneath there.

His Dweller Crystal Skull was beneath Angkor Wat, where Klukapek returned when he left the Yucatan. It is NOW in Chaco Canyon! This after it was brought by Temple Doors to The Yucatan once again, and then taken to Chaco Canyon (these Dwellers DO travel around).

Omnicron was the name given to the skull I have that is now to become the host for Klukaptek. Some months ago, Thoth requested that a friend on Kauai who was going to Angkor Wat, take Omincron with him. So that happened. I was a little puzzled by the choice of one of the Stargate Triad skulls instead of a Host Skull. Well now I see why. Thoth is showing me that Palenque and Angkor Wat are energetically connected. AND it was from Angkor Wat that Klukapek (whose real name was Tasumin) came from! Tasumin was one of those who arrived to the region of Angkor Wat from Sirius during the First Reparation. There is a strong cultural and spiritual connection between the Mayans and the Eastern lands (India, etc). There is especially a strong link between Palenque and Angkor Wat through the grids of the Earth.

from the web…

Legend has it PREAH PISNOKAR, a part-Earthling-part-Anunnaki, built Angkor, long before the Hindu temple was built atop it in the 12th Century.

Preah’s mother was an ET, one of “the Shining/Glowing ones” (Anunnaki), his father, an Earthling like us.

When Preah grew up, the Anunnaki flew him up to Indra’s skycraft (Indra’s the Sanskrit name for Anu, King of the planet Nibiru, from where our genetic creators came) and his base on Mount Maru. The Anunnaki taught Preah the technology he’d need to build Angkor, including how to make concrete out of sandstone, as a landing platform for their flying craft.

Preah, legend says, poured “magical water onto stone, which made the stone into a concrete which hardened in place as blocks in the structures of Angkor.

Angkor’s central pyramid pointed to the constellation Draco at sunrise on the spring equinox of 10,500 BC at the same the Egyptian Sphinx gazed at sunrise at Orion.

For thousands of years the platform at Angkor stood in the midst of a dense population of rice farmers, the Khmer.  In the 12th Century AD, the  Khmer king, Jayavarman II appropriated Angkor in 802 AD and dedicated it to the Indian god Vishnu.  He built upon a temple on the platform stones.

The temple, with five towers arranged like the five peaks of Mt. Meru, the Olympus of southeast Asia,  rose amidst a city the size of Los Angeles.  The temple’s central tower lined up with the point of sunrise on the spring equinox. From atop the central tower, Khmer rulers would trance nightly and, it is said, access the information in the Universe (Akashic records or zero-point field) relevant to their concerns.  (Ancient Aliens, Season 5, Disk 2)

Thoth would differ that it was the Annunaki. They took over a lot of places when the Solar Lords (Shepherds) left, and yes they built some structures, but mostly they did not. The Angkor Wat structures were not built by the Annunaki.  PREAH PISNOKAR was descended from the Sun Lords.


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