I originally  wrote about Temple Doors in issue 1-89. This was the first issue when I changed the name of my periodical from THE SOURCE to TEMPLE DOORS.  Below is from a Numis Om article from about 6 years ago. My current commentary will follow.


I was then transported into the past and to the location of the ‘hidden city’ in the Yucatan, Hu’Habat. There I embodied the female Mayan oracle Temple Doors, who led the People into North America when the ‘Bad Times of Sacrifice’ began, and her Kind were usurped by the bloodthirsty Chimu Kaba.

It was the story of Temple Doors — some of which has been written about by the current Mayans as part of their history / myth — that inspired me (Maia) to name my former periodical ‘Temple Doors.’ I believe that I was incarnated as this woman… but of course I cannot know that for certain; yet I have felt for many years that she lives inside me.

(in vision) I then ‘knew’ that I, Temple Doors, had undergone years of spiritual preparation by my inner-planes mentor – the one I now as Maia, call ‘ThothHorRa’ – who was in the past Quezecoatl / Kukuklan. He appeared to Temple Doors as Kukuklan, who was by that time already historical legend among the People. This preparation was to receive the ‘mark’ or Presence of In La’kech, the 13th Living Crystal Skull. Temple Doors was not the first to received this ‘mark’ – the Abhu, or ‘Touch.’ She came from generations of Guardians of the 12 Crystal Skulls (already spread out among many locations of the Earth). Now she would receive the Touch of In La’kech.

In my first issue of the publication Temple Doors Volume 01, 1989, I wrote about my akashic visions of the woman by that name:

“I did not know her name, yet I saw here clearly as having dwelt as a child in a valley of Tibet, in a beautiful city named La’ti’mayahr. She was a princess, daughter of the king of this hidden valley, into which few travelers found their way. She had two older and two younger sisters and a younger brother.. At the time I intercepted her in my vision-link, she was nine years old. There was an army of men invading her father’s palace. Their noses and mouths were concealed beneath a shawl of course, grey weave, but their dark and fearful eyes spoke of death.”

I continued my vision-story of how she and her two younger sisters were spared, helped by servants… but apparently the rest of her family perished, the palace burned to the ground:

“…a porter, a man the young girls knew not, took them on a long journey by foot to a ruin in the mountains where an old shaman dwelt. This kindly savant embraced the princesses and wept with them. He had been their father’s teacher and confidant.

“From the ruins of this ancient temple the aged wizard brought his precious charges into the Valley of the Blue Star. Here the royal children were presented to an Egyptian priestess who embodied the archetype of Hathor, goddess of women. There the young ones stayed, being nourished and spiritually healed from the dreadful memory of their family’s murder. Under the loving guidance of the Priestess of Hathor, the oldest princess blossomed into a beautiful young woman who assumed the mother role for her two younger siblings. When she was fifteen years of age, a starship landed in the valley. She was not unaccustomed to these vessels of Light, as she had seen them come and go in her own shining city as well as several times past in the Blue Star Valley. Yet this time she was invited by the Hathor Priestess to come upon the landing platform and enter within the pearl-like womb of the ship. Once inside, the princess saw a familiar figure standing before her, his arms outstretched. To her joyful amazement it was her father, whom she had presumed died in the mayhem of that terrible day when she had seen her brother killed, his blood a scarlet vein of life poured upon the marble floor. Her mother and two older sisters had been killed along with her brother, but her father had managed escape.

“It was at this point in my vision-link that I became aware that this royal family was not entirely Tibetan. There is an obvious genetic cross-over between Tibetan-Eastern races and those of ancient South America, including the Mayans… the king of the invaded Tibetan city journeyed in the “sky seed” with his children from the Valley of the Blue Star to the Yucatan, where he was welcomed as a returning Lord among the people of Mayaland.

“It was months after this initial vision that I came across the following the book Magical Art by Heyoehkah Merrifield:

‘The woman named Temple doors was the reason for the migration north of a tribe of Mayan people. As the chief of her people she led the way through the wars and the hardships of the long journey. Most of her family had been killed at the sacrifice temples…Temple Doors led five thousand people north to the lands we know as Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. her people raised the first buildings we now see as the ruins in the Southwest. These people were named the Temple Doors people in honor of their Medicine Chief.’

“I knew instantly upon reading this paragraph that the woman Temple Doors was my little ‘Tibetan’ princess.”

I then continued my akashic narrative of the woman I knew as ‘Temple Doors’… how her father and his second wife and other children were all sacrificed, along with her two full sisters, when the Horrible Ones invaded them and conquered the city and indeed the nation. Yet Temple Doors, along with other leaders under her, were able to lead the Great Migration. Now I see how Temple Doors connects to the Dweller Crystal Skulls of the Valley of the Blue Star, which are now being transferred (the holograph) to the In La’kech Retreat in Mt. Kailash.

Temple Doors as the ‘Chief’ and Medicine Woman of her People was in possession of three of the twelve actual Dweller Crystal Skulls. She was able to take these with her on the Sacred Migration. Two she was guided to place into the hands of two different Medicine Chiefs… one in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and the other in Zion Canyon, Utah. They remain there to this day, sequestered away until they are to fulfill prophecy. The third skull she gave to a trusted messenger – a Shaman – to take into the Northern region of what is now the state of Michigan, to Manitoulin Island, where it is also still located.



Well… I do not remember this at all, but there it is (last paragraph I put in italics for this post). These 12 Skulls are the LOTUS. So I raced over to my page on the location of the 12 Lotus…WHAT was it going to reveal to me (a channel’s worst nightmare is to realize they got something very wrong lol.) To my relief, I find three of the Lotus Dweller Skulls not to have been given a location of their Thresholding places:

Rhio Tesek (host Einstein – not in the Osiris Arising Project)  

Klukaptek (was Kukulkan/Quetzalcoatl)

Tang Ma Nu (Host guardianed by Star in Mexico – not in the Osiris Arising Project)

So now I ask…which went where?

Let’s look at that paragraph again…

Two she was guided to place into the hands of two different Medicine Chiefs… one in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico and the other in Zion Canyon, Utah. They remain there to this day, sequestered away until they are to fulfill prophecy. The third skull she gave to a trusted messenger – a Shaman – to take into the Northern region of what is now the state of Michigan, to Manitoulin Island, where it is also still located.

Matching them up now from the guidance of Thoth Intelligence:

Rhio Tesek – Manitoulin, Michigan

Klukaptek – Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Tang Ma Nu – Zion Canyon, Utah

Since Klukaptek was also Kuklukan, who appeared to Temple Doors in vision state, it is certainly appropriate that she would be a guardian to his Crystal Skull at that time. Interesting tho that I am not guardian to any of these now. Although Klukaptek has yet to be given a host (unless it is being hosted outside OAP and I haven’t yet been shown this).

Ideal for me…to write a book about Temple Doors and have a motion picture made from it. But that ain’t gonna happen. I have all I can handle as it is. Still, a nice dreaming thought.

Temple Doors web article – just was alerted to this.


UPDATE: September 11th, 2019

A vision of the early morning…

I saw a baby swaddled in a bright red cloth being carried by what I knew to be a Mayan Priest. I knew the infant was a girl. It was me. I had been drugged so was not awake, but watched the scene – horrified, from above.

The parents followed the small procession behind the priest. My eight year old sister was there also. My parents were sad, but resigned. My mother wept softly. My sister was crying aloud, my father attempting to sush her.

They all walked through a wooded area, coming to a cenote. The priest raised my tiny wrapped body above it. He was speaking a loud chant. I knew he was going to drop me into the deep water below.

As he was chanting, my sister became enraged and ran to stop him. My parents were horrified! My father ran after her and grabbing her, bowed them both down to the ground. He was begging the priest to be merciful toward his eldest daughter.

I didn’t see any more, but knew I did meet my fate there in that life.

Then I was shown how I would return, almost immediately reincarnated as Temple Doors, coming with my next father in the starseed. My sister (of the infant me)  would be 26 then. She would know me and I her, for we both had the Far Sight. She would survive the bloody wave of sacrifice to come, and journey with me on the Great Migration.

Why was the infant sacrificed? Because the Seer of that time knew she would break the hold of the Elite, whose reign was one of death and terror upon the people. She so would return then, as Temple Doors.


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