The Black Pyramid



Recently the Black Pyramid was brought to my attention. Here is a portion of what I was able to find out about it on the web…

According to a Danish naval captain and explorer, there was a fourth BLACK PYRAMID at Giza. During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., All of which was published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

We all have been completely fascinated by the Ancient Egyptians and their extensive history and incredible architectural achievements thousands of years ago.

Whenever you talk about ancient Egypt, you cannot avoid thinking about the Pyramids located at the Giza plateau and the mysteries behind these fascinating ancient structures.

While today we know there are three main pyramids at the Giza plateau, the truth is that according to ancient texts there was a FOURTH pyramid located at Giza plateau, made of “…of a stone more black than the common granite, and at least as hard…”

During the 1700’s, Frederic Norden, a Danish naval captain, and explorer, made extensive notes, observations, and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., All of which was published in the posthumous Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie.

In this fascinating ancient book, the Danish explorer describes a FOURTH Giza main Pyramid, specifically drawing it on the map.

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On page 120 of his book Voyage d’Egypte et de Nubie (Travels in Egypt and Nubia) Norden describes the mysterious Pyramid:

“The principal pyramids are at the east, south-east of Giza. There are four of them; that deserve the greatest attention of the curious,; for tho we see seven or eight others in the neighborhood, they are nothing in comparison to the former. The two most northerly pyramids are the greatest and have five hundred feet perpendicular height. The two others are much less, but have some particularities, which occasion their being examined and admired.”

Researchers and Egyptologists, however, tend to dismiss the notion of a fourth BLACK Pyramids at Giza suggesting that he could have mistakenly taken one of the so-called ‘stallite’ pyramids of Menakure as a fourth Pyramid.

However, this is contradictory as Norden precisely describes the Pyramid being made of a stone BLACKER and HARDER than granite. The satellite pyramids are all made of sandstone.

Interestingly, the description and illustrations of Norden are of superb quality, and they position the fourth, black pyramid at some distance from the three pyramids of Giza.

In his book, Norden also describes and indicates the existence of seven (possibly even eight) lesser pyramids at the Giza plateau.

Source (on the website it says you can download the book, but the pdf just comes up blank for me)


I went to my inner planes mentor, ThothHorRa to inquire about the Black Pyramid. In the past, he had told me that there were more pyramids on the Giza plateau as well as other locations in Egypt – now all covered by the sands. Some of these were covered intentionally, like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey. Thoth confirmed that the Black Pyramid was covered intentionally, even though it was visible at the time  Frederic Norden discovered it. How could this be? Thoth pointed out to me that Crop Circles are created in a few minutes.

I asked him it’s builder and purpose…

Thoth: It was constructed originally by the Master Builders of the Sun Bow. When the Sun Lords were installed in Egypt, so they named it the KATAPH, meaning Bringer. Bearer and Coming Forth.

It was identified with Horus, and the Companions of Horus. It has within it a “Blacklight” chamber, for moving into the Inversion. This would help to sustain the Earth as a viable Light World. The chamber could only be entered from underground.

Note from Maia: Blacklight is something I received information on so long ago (1977 I think). I received the Blacklight information from the Ultra who first prepared me for working with Thoth. They were my guides and guardians since my birth up to 1977). I had just been introduced to Thoth a few months before. They still were communing with me at that time, as I was learning to receive from Thoth.

What I have on it, is hand-written in a notebook buried in a box somewhere, and I have no memory of all that was given. But it is a whole science of Light Inversion. Not a negative thing, merely a reversal of photonic energy which allows one to move into the zones of Inversion. Kind of the “other side” of Light, where the photons behave differently. It is the realm of anti-matter – the negatively charged universe of the three-fold Universe: Positive (where our awareness abides), Negative (anti-matter realm) and Nutra, which is the singularity that brings one into the Attasic or non-dualistic Universe. One one of my videos recently I stated that I believed the Nutra was the Attasic, but I was later corrected. the Nutra is a point of entry into the Attasic.

So I would say that the Kataph Black pyramid is very special indeed. I then asked Thoth if the Blacklight chamber within it was still operative. His reply…

Thoth: It is intact, but must have the Blacklight crystal inserted into the central element. These crystals were removed and stored elsewhere – not far from the Kataph.

Maia: So will this chamber/pyramid some day become active again?

Thoth: Yes, they all will – all those which operate within the Pyramidis Radius.

Maia: I conclude by saying AND SO IT IS!


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