The Glo’Rii’A



In 2009 I wrote…

In the early morning hours of November 8th, 2009 – which was the beginning of the 6th Day or 12 Heaven in the Mayan Calendar – I awoke to see in my mind an incredible sight. It was a series of circular platforms rotating with a “Seat” on the top platform. Light was moving through it from below and above. The whole platform system was made of gold, with marvelous golden lotus buds beaming rays of light upward. The seat was crafted of golden lotus petals. It was far grander than the one you see here (in the video included below), but this one which I have created in the virtual world of Second Life has the basic structure and movement of the object I witnessed. In my waking dream I heard the incredible tone coming from it: MAAAAA. It was like the chorus of a thousand angelic voices all blending together in perfection.

As I became more conscious the scene and harmonic dissipated and faded into oblivion. I longed for it to return! I had just been contemplating sitting in that SEAT when all of it left me.

I then “knew” that what I was seeing was the GLO’RII’A New Earth Ark of the Mother. It could change its outer form for different purposes but the basic schematic remained the same; and that is what you are seeing here…the basic pattern of it, with the rotating platforms.

It was revealed to me that it’s true dwelling place is within the “Golden City” of the human brain. Which is now being built within us, and as a visual counter-part being created also in the New Earth Star realm.

The Glo’Rii’A New Earth Ark is the key Ark of alignment for our energy systems in transporting us into the New Earth vibration. It offers us a path (in the genetic DNA) to true Presence. What I saw and is manifested in the New Earth realm is an outer expression of this inner world creation evolving in our brains and DNA.

I felt compelled to re-create at least the basic system visually in some way. Since the whole devise was rotating at two different levels I decided to build it in the virtual world of Second Life.


Now in September of 2016…

For Second Life, seven years ago was the Stone Age. The short video a friend took was jumpy and crude…not their fault, but the video interface with SL at the time. Not to mention the visuals of SL being far less than they are today. So I decided to re-shoot this dynamic with some of the same people who were with me in avatar form before, and a few newer friends (thanks all).

I have inserted these filmed snippets into a larger production, but still a short video. I created it to be activational, helping to attune one to their “Golden City.”

The music was created in 2009 especially for this experience, by dear SL friend Bruce Mitchell, who recently transitioned.


The Basic Process

The Glory Seat –  this is called the “Mercy Seat” in the Bible, describing the golden lid of the Ark of the Covenant (Sacred An and it’s duplicate) between the two angels. You will notice in the image above, that the Virgin (Divine Feminine) sits on the seat – here shown as a crescent moon, which is the symbol for the RESHEL – the basic information given to me in the 1980’s and developed through the years by William Buehler into a whole cosmic synergy format.

The GLO’RII’A Ark was used  first in MU to connect to the Divine Intelligence, much like the Pythia tripod of ancient Greece. Yet it was far more than that, for it created a merkabah that literally opened a space-time portal into higher dimensions of ecstatic reunion with the Angelic Realms of the Living Lights. The purpose was to raise the planetary sphere into a more refined ether streaming – as it had been before. This was a period when the LOTUS reality was descending more and more into the Primal.

Yet Thoth calls this GLO’RII’A  a “New Earth” Ark. This is because that is precisely where it “travels” when activated…into that dimensional realm. In the Ages of MU it was taking them back up the roots of the LOTUS into the Blossom State. NOW it takes us up the STEM to the Blossom of the New Earth. The LOTUS of the “past” is now the LOTUS NEW EARTH of the “future.”

The Glory Seat is within a three-pole helix dynamic which contains an arieopax column of quantumized itonic particles. The female who sits on this seat does not disappear through the portal it creates because the seat and thus her – are anchored to the rotating discs below and around the seat. This forms a kind of “gravity”.

The persons seated on the revolving disc create a balance for the whole dynamic. They must be four or multiples of four – in the one I created there are eight.

As the woman on the Glory Seat connects through the arieopax so the sound begins to generate – the harmonic of angelic splendor. This permeates all persons aboard, and their pineals are activated to produce the ELIXIR for transport.

Once in the ascended state, the planetary consciousness is effected and fed the Elixir.

This is obviously a part of the Elixis Mundi, and why Thoth gave that name for the Elixis Mundi Light Program of Osiris Arising.

The crystalline headpiece worn by the woman on the Glory Seat is not a decoration. It is a device that amplifies and balances her chakric Light geometry so that she is able to stay “together” during this process and not harmed by the intensity of it…as well as amplifying her pineal activity in order to expand and sustain the frequencies moving through her body.

A Personal Note

As I was preparing to re-make the video, I was window shopping in Second Life and found….the headpiece! Not something that would do, but THE headpiece! At least very, very close to what it should be. Then I found the RESHEL gown, with the crescent moons.

My avatar is not wearing much clothing (she IS dressed) – as in an actual process the woman in the center would be nude with only the headpiece. Clothing would conflict with the energy field she would be activating.


The tri-pole helix column around the Glory Seat is a re-creation of the three poles of the female heart. From my previous writings…

The Lunar Mysteries reveal to us what the ancient Lemurians (MU) and Atlanteans called the “sacred hollow” or “hallowed place”. It was represented by a cupped hand, with the hollow in the center of the hand radiating a golden flame. To hollow a place in the earth is to scoop out a little of the ground and leave it open and receptive for something new to be placed there…to be nurtured and grow out of it. The golden flame is the Christ Flame or Christ Child, being birthed from the “hallowed place” or womb of Light that has nested in the earth. In each of us there is the hollowed/hallowed ground, where, when we first entered this planetary realm, we made our mark in the earth–our special “hollow”. It is there that we return to gestate and birth our Solar Child in the Moonlight.

At the core of the Lunar Mysteries are the three poles of the feminine heart and their formation of a sacred ark with the “Holy of Holies” at its center. From the Heart Ark of the Divine Feminine so all life is connected and renewed. See Gathering of the Moon Tribe and Working with the Feminine Heart Poles PDF Booklet.


I created this video to be activational, so in watching, please relax first and prepare for the journey.



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  1. Maia, What a Talent you are, what a gift you are to Humanity. You have changed my share in the Glory and the Grace of the One.




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