The Shining Mantle

A previous article I wrote on the Sacred An contains this information on the ISIS EYE: The “Shamballah Gates” are the point in the center of the Isis Eye where all points of the Eye meet. It is here that the Gate lies to the Shamballah field…the path of Ascension for universal systems.

The upper and lower Triangles of the Isis Eye actually become conic rotational vortexes when the Shamballah is activated. This Gate has phases of operation.

Sending – sending a signal or tone of its Light and Perfection out to the many Star Trees in the universe.
Passive – the STILL POINT of collecting focus.
Receiving – Drawing through the Gate the Light codes and star matter, transferring into Light Quantum all decimals of the ONE.
AT THE CENTER OF EVERY BLACK HOLE IS A SHAMBALLAH GATE. However, there are lesser Shamballah Gates, depending upon the pattern formation of the Isis Eyes, as these Eyes are in motion and changing positioning among themselves. The size of the Isis Eyes varies from immense to microscopic.

Light Merkabah traveling through the universes and those often seen in Earth’s skies use the Isis Eyes for their transport fields…and the Shamballah Gates as that point where they move through inter-dimensionally.

The Sacred AN or Ark interfaces with the Shamballah Gates in order to create a energy mantle for recalibration of Earth’s entire energy field. This process is then transferred to the Mother ARK in the New Earth, as all “arks” as created as working crucibles for Divine Light Mathematical re-calibrations via the Strallilium.

Arc of Metatron 777

The Ark of AN (Ark of Grace)
as told by §ThothHorRa§

One of the Temple Houses in the Ark An’Sophur complex – art by Maia

In the Ancient of Days upon the Earth so there was established in the Land of Syn (Sinai) a Thresholding for the Most Sacred Fire – the Ark of AN. It had been brought from Tibet to Atlantis and now it came to be the Foundation for the Pillar of Light upon a mountain (Mount Moses /Sinai) in Syn.

The Ark of AN, like other arks was a device which emitted both extremely high and extremely low energy. It could be used for communion with Ultra Beings as well as for purposes of healing. All the arks had the power to temporarily shut off the electromagnetic field in a living thing – if it were touched by the life form or was within a pulsing…

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